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Rain to Sea

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He's become quite accustomed to the rustle of her long gown near the kitchen counter, once he used to like the sound of it very much but now it only gets on his nerves. 

Swallowing the bitterness coiling near his throat, he bites a piece from the toast of a bread she has prepared for him and takes a sip from the coffee. Why does this coffee taste so bitter? He wonders for a while. 

"Jane'' Gun calls her from the table. She doesn't as much as turn to face him, like she used to do every time he called her before. To greet him with her brightest smile that makes everyone shiver and fall into their knees. What a gorgeous woman she used to be? He wonders if he happened to be the reason that Jane lost her smile. By God, he definitely doesn't want that on his conscience. 

"Jane I need to talk with you.'' He tries his luck once again. 

This time the bowl slips from her hand falling into the floor, shattering into uncountable pieces. 

"Gun, lets break up.'' She says with an air of finality that Gun feels half-relieved and half-grateful towards her resolve. After all she has only voiced his own thoughts. 

It's better than hurting each other anyway.