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Madoka Attacks North Korea Side Story: Asuka Emblem

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It's been 4 years since Mami had given birth to her daughter, Mami Jr. Nagisa who had started dating her while she was pregnant went on a break from being the leader of a mafia of child and left the magical girl mafia in charge to her right hand woman, Asuka Otori. Asuka sat in her office waiting for something, anything, to happen. She looked outside and saw a young woman taking her dog out for a walk. It barked at a squirrel that was on the ground. Asuka froze in fear, she had a flashback to 5 years ago when her and 11 of her friends tried to kill a red haired magical girl known as Kyoko Sakura. Kyoko was trying to kill all of the jews but Asuka and her friends tried to stop her. She had never seen such a feral girl before or after that day, and neither did 6 of her friends because Kyoko killed them.
"Asuka, wake up! Pay attention to me!" It was Kurumi Mugen, Asuka's best friend, and the only one of Asuka's surviving friend who had joined the magical girl mafia with her.
"Kurumi, I was just thinking of something, I'm sorry that I wasn't paying attention to you."
"Apology accepted, Asuka." Kurumi said while she hugged her friend.
Suddenly someone was knocking on the door to Asuka's office.
"Who is it?"
"It's me, Nagisa."
"HOLY SHIT! I'M SORRY FOR NOT OPENING THE DOOR IMMEDIATELY!" Asuka ran over and opened the door for her leader.
"Asuka, there's been a blonde magical girl who's been killing random people in downtown Mitakihara. I want you to stop her."
"I don't wanna stop her, if I did want to stop something like this then I would've joined the police or the military. Also why don't you wanna do it? You're way stronger than both Kurumi and I combined? I don't even know what my magic is even though I've been a magical girl for 6 years."
"You're an orphan right?"
"Then you know how it's like to live without a parent or two. I don't want Mami Jr to go through that while she's still a child. That's why I haven't been leading this mafia since she was born."
"That still doesn't explain why you want me to stop her, members of the magical girl mafia aren't quite known for being heroic and doing the right thing."
"I very well know that, however this girl is fairly strong, she would make a great asset to the magical girl mafia."
"You seem dead set on me fighting her so I guess i'll go. Kurumi, do you wanna come along?"
"Sure, Asuka." Kurumi said as she tried to hide her blush. Just being able to help Asuka made her feel good enough to almost orgasm.
"How are we gonna get there anyways? I don't think a bus or a train would bring us to where a magical girl has been causing destruction, and I doubt she'll wait for us to walk there." Asuka asked Nagisa.
"Just steal a car or something."
"Good idea, Nagisa." Asuka opened up a window, jumped out of it, then ran over to a car that was about to drive off, and pushed the driver out of his seat with Kurumi getting in one of the backseats.
"You ready, Kurumi?"
"Yes ma'am!"
"Then let's go!" Asuka tried to get out of her parking spot but she hit the cars that were infront and behind her in the process. Once she was finally out of her parking spot it was mostly a smooth ride.