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How to successfully kidnap the love of your Life (?)

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It had been 3 years since Wakasa Imaushi had seen Baji Keisuke and Kazutora Hanemiya dragged away from his boyfriend's motorcycle shop in cuffs. 3 years since he had seen his love wheeled out with frantic paramedics rushing him into a hospital not knowing if he'd survive.


It would be the 2 and a half years of the anniversary of Shinichiro coming home to the Sano household, all his siblings and Wakasa treating him like he was impossibly fragile, a single harsh shove and he would leave them again.


He wouldn't let him leave. Luckily all the Sano siblings had caught on, always monopolizing his time when Wakasa was busy. Shinichiro didn't need to leave the house. He didn't need to see the outside and it certainly didn't deserve to see him.


"You're suffocating me Waka. I'm all healed up from the hospital, I need to go back to work and your constant excuses and possessiveness isn't cute. Maybe we should take a break."


A break. From Shinichiro. Who had almost died not even 6 months ago. Wakasa had felt his lollipop stick snap beneath his teeth, and his eyes had darkened.


Shinichiro had stumbled back, and Wakasa grabbed his arm to pull him closer.

"You can't leave me Shin. I can't survive without you, sunshine."


Shinichiro's cheeks turned scarlet at the nickname, and Wakasa smiled softly. All these years together and he still got flushed at the smallest affections.


Now to deal with the problem at hand.


His sunshine thought he had the option to leave him, and that certainly wouldn't do.


Obviously to keep him safe, he would have to remove that idea from his head.


His siblings had shared similar sentiments of not wanting Shin to ever leave, and Wakasa had been slipping to them his heavier thoughts of what love should be. Never let your partner go once you find them, and destroy anyone who gets in your way. It's what he had done as his younger self as the White Leopard, and as Shinichiro's special attack unit captain in the Black Dragons.


Shinichiro was starting to panic as Wakasa's hold didn't let up, and his breathing increased to a frantic pace. Wakasa brushed his hair back in a soothing motion and hummed softly.


Wakasa tilted up his head to press a light kiss on the corner of Shin's mouth, drawing a shudder from Shinichiro that he frowned at. Shinichiro wasn't supposed to shudder at him like he was some kind of creep, he was his boyfriend.


This had gone on long enough, Wakasa decided. Shin's room in the basement of the dojo was already furnished, and all he would need to do was up the security a bit so his Sunshine couldn't run.


With the plan decided, Wakasa pressed his sleeve over Shinichiro's mouth and nose. He just needed him to take a little nap while he got everything ready.


Shinichiro thrashed around under Wakasa's steel grip, quickly losing his energy as his ability to breathe was withheld from him. As soon as he went limp, Wakasa released him. He had no plans to seriously harm or kill his darling after all. He loved Shinichiro.


Wakasa tucked him into his bed, locked the door from the outside, and stepped out with an uncharacteristic smile on his face. Elation had flooded his veins, finally, finally, he would have Shinichiro to himself.


3 years had passed since then, and after successfully getting an upgraded space for Shin with a new furnished basement with his connections, he had noticed an emptiness that he lacked at the Sano dojo. Maybe he should look into some roommates to keep the place livelier.


Manjiro and Izana kept prodding him on how he got Shinichiro to stay with him. Emma was more subtle about it, but she looked at pictures of a girl on her phone daily, and often went on rants about how her Hina-chan was mistreated by a Takemitchy.


Whenever Mikey would overhear they got into heated arguments that kept them ignoring each other for days until Izana got so annoyed at being the mediator that he forced them to apologize.


Something was up with that but Wakasa didn't care for the fine details of their weird teenage love lives.


That did give him an idea though.


Offering them space to house their darlings was an easy sell. They had seen Wakasa keep Shinichiro captive since they were young as well, and the warped ideals were deeply ingrained in them.


Mikey of course being the impulsive brat he was, insisted on having the room next to Shinichiro, causing a fight to break out between him and Izana. Emma had happily skipped ahead a few doors down to place her choice, and started mumbling about designs and what Hinata would like. Wakasa separated the two fighting boys, and pointed out the room across the hall to Izana. Kids were idiots at times.


Still, the goal of livening the place up a bit for Shin seemed just ahead, he just had to help the brats get their targets and he would be all done.


He was not looking forward to the headache this would cause him, but his sweet Sunshine would probably be happier with more playmates.


He hoped so. After all, it was all for him.

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Shinichiro knew Wakasa had always been an overprotective, possessive boyfriend.

It wasn't too bad being that way either, Shin always knew he was loved, and it gave him butterflies in his stomach every time Wakasa displayed just how much he cared about him.

His boyfriend was typically unemotive with others, so it was extra special to see him break that with him. The joy it gave him was worth ignoring the bruises on his wrists, and the concerned looks directed at him from Keizo and Takeomi.

He knew they didn't approve of Wakasa's worse behaviors, but surely it was fine. Wakasa just loved him. Shinichiro had been rejected so many times in his life, he wasn't about to turn away the one boy who loved him despite everything.

As they grew up into adults, they settled into a comfortable domesticity, and Wakasa eventually won over his siblings with his shows of strength and dedication to Shinichiro.

Mikey had even performed a mock knighting ceremony the kids had read about in one of Emma's storybooks, and embarrassingly Shin took the role of the princess. It was adorable to see the kid's excitement and final acceptance of Wakasa as a Sano, so he sat there in one of Emma's too small chairs, watching the love of his life interact with his rascals.

Mikey and Izana had fought over who got to hold the toy sword, and in a move of little kid clumsiness, hit Emma over the head with it. His little sister's eyes watered and her mouth opened as she prepared to cry, but Wakasa had wrapped his arms around her, shushing her softly until she melted into him.

That was Imaushi Wakasa to Shinichiro. The man he fell in love with, who led his special attack unit in his gang and put hello kitty bandaids on all of his siblings when they played doctor in the yard.

They had stayed in domestic bliss, Shinichiro working at his motorcycle shop and Wakasa opening up a gym close by.

On August 13, 2003, everything changed. Two of Mikey's little friends, Keisuke and Kazutora, had broken into his shop. He felt a blinding pain on the back of his head, and everything had gone black.

The doctors told him it was a miracle he even survived. There was still a chance of lasting brain damage, and he was set to take more tests to determine his situation.

Wakasa and his siblings burst into the room as soon as the doctor finished speaking, and crowded around his bed.

The long and tearful reunion was exhausting, and eventually Wakasa pushed the Sano siblings out of his hospital room so they could talk alone.

The time spent in that tiny hospital room was the only time he had ever seen Wakasa cry.

When they finally returned to the Sano dojo, something was off. His siblings and Waka took any opportunity to distract him from getting back to work, and were hesitant to be even slightly rough with him.

Fine, reasonable. He just gave them a major scare and had just almost died, so being treated a little fragile was okay enough.

What was not fine was finding out the locks on his doors had been changed, and could only be locked from the outside now. It was not fine to see Wakasa sending messages to Keizo and Takeomi saying he just wanted family time and wasn't in the mood to see them on his phone. It was certainly not fine to hear just how crazy Wakasa and his family were behind closed doors.

Shinichiro was always said to be a charismatic brave person, too brave for his own good sometimes. He never gave up. So in his infinite wisdom as the head of the original black dragons and delinquent king, he decided to confront Wakasa about his behavior.

That did not go well.

At least 2 years had passed since that day, Shinichiro didn't know the exact dates. His siblings kept him updated enough when it was relevant to their stories but he didn't exactly have a calendar in his room. At least Wakasa had removed the chain around his neck after while for "good behavior"

He had begged everyday for them to let him go. Hoping eventually maybe they would see how wrong this was. Unfortunately, his siblings had romanticized his situation into "Waka-nii is just keeping Shin-nii safe" and dreaming about getting their own lover to treat the same.

God, he wished with all his heart whoever his siblings targeted wouldn't ignore the signs like he had.

His door is slammed open by an overexcited Mikey, who promptly hops into his bed to snuggle with him. Izana and Emma file in after him, and settle on the foot of his bed. They all gave him matching excited looks, the glint in their eyes unsettling him.

"Guess what big bro? We're getting to keep our partners here too, just like you! You'll get to meet my Takemitchy." Mikey looked up at him from his spot nestled against Shin's side, obviously looking for approval or praise from his big brother.

"My Kakucho is moving in too of course, I'm sure he'll be more behaved than whatever street rat Mikey drags in."
Izana had crawled onto his other side, looking up to him as well with his wide violet eyes.

Ah, Kakucho Hitto. Shinichiro remembered him from before Shinichiro picked him up from the orphanage so they could all live together. The poor boy was sweet, clinging to Izana as they said their promises of the future and how they'd build a kingdom together.

He hoped the poor boy would escape Izana before being trapped across the hall, but knowing his siblings and especially Izana's senses? He doubted he'd get far.

Emma was determined to share her excitement too, and Shinichiro braced himself to hear his sweet little sister say something absolutely insane.

"Do you wanna see the colors I picked out for Hina's room Shin-nii?" She shoved paint swatches in his face, too close to even see them. "This pink one is the same as her pretty fluffy rug, but this one is the same mint green as her favorite sundress. So whatcha think Shin-nii? Which one's cuter?"

Shinichiro wasn't even good at picking colors and aesthetics normally, and the frantic waving of the swatches was not helping. Izana had shot out an arm to steady her, and nodded to Shinichiro to just pick a color already.

He sighed, hoping this wasn't one of those choices Emma asked him that really had only one answer. "Pink."

Emma grinned, and leaned up to peck his cheek. "Thanks Shin-nii! I hope Hina-chan loves her new room, it'd be really unfortunate to have a bland room you can never leave."

Ah right. His siblings were insane.

His little brothers had shared an uneasy glance, and as much as he wished it was concern for this clearly unstable behavior, it was more likely concern for if the rooms they prepared were good enough.

He heard the basement door open, and Wakasa soon stepped through, shooing his siblings away as they chattered about ideas.

"I assume the kids told you?" Wakasa unwrapped a new lollipop and stuck it in his mouth as he waited for Shinichiro to respond, his trademark tired expression on his delicate face.

"Why would you let them do this? You have to know what we have isn't healthy, why would you let my siblings trap people in that?"

Shinichiro didn't often let himself get angry at Wakasa, it wasn't worth the potential punishment if it went too far. This was worth it though, he would take any punishment to keep these kids safe. They were barely 17 at the oldest, and he wouldn't let their lives be ruined before they had even begun.

"You can't save them, Sunshine. This is good for em anyway, they won't have to worry about their lil crushes out there with all the gang violence, potentially getting hurt at any time and leaving them, just like you almost did."

Of course Wakasa saw it like that.

"Won't it be nice to get some livelier energy in here anyway, I know you get lonely without us, and now you'll have plenty of people who understand you that you can talk to."

Of course he was lonely. Who wouldn't be? Being trapped in one room 24/7 does some fucked up things to your psyche.

Wakasa was done talking, and Shinichiro felt himself float away as a sharp pain came from his forearm.

"I think you should nap for a while Sunshine. I know you'll enjoy your new playmates when they get here, so just relax until then."

He fell into a restless sleep, plagued by nightmares of the tragedy he couldn't stop.

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If you asked Mikey if he was a good friend, the answer would undoubtedly be yes. He looked out for his pals always, and had their backs in the toughest situations. He would die for his loved ones in a heartbeat.

His kingdom was Toman, and everyone and everything in it was his. This especially included one Takemichi Hanagaki, who was somehow unaware they were dating even after Mikey gave him his last dorayaki.

His love was oblivious, and that was fine. Mikey was willing to watch through the trees and windows of his school, and drag his Takemitchy out of the classroom when he got too bored. The Japanese educational system has absolutely no right to interfere with Mikey's whims.

He was fine taking it slow, and waiting until Takemitchy recognized him for the superior choice. Why wouldn't he? Mikey was strong, powerful, and he could get rid of anyone who got in the way of their love.

Or at least he had thought so until Tachibana Hinata. His Takemitchy's girlfriend.

His Takemitchy was cheating on him.

Emma had caught him raving about future murder plans for that boyfriend stealing bitch, and apparently, Hinata Tachibana was off limits. Whatever. As long as she stayed out of his way from now on.

Murdering the girl Takemitchy cheated with was off the table, so lovingly stealing Takemitchy away would have to do. He couldn't have Hinata stealing Takemitchy's first kiss, or any more couple-y stuff.

That was Mikey's to take and experience. He could already imagine the blush that would cover Takemitchy's face as he confessed. Takemitchy would say yes of course, and then Mikey would kiss him under the fireworks. They would be perfect.

Mikey was the commander of Toman, with men loyal to him and ready to assist him in all sorts of endeavors, and he might as well put a trusted few to use.

Assembling a group was easy. His fellow members weren't as slick with their stalking and surveillance, and the look Hakkai shot him after he gripped Mitsuya's arm too tight in a meeting certainly confirmed it. They were just as bad as he was, just for different targets.

Baji and Kazutora were brushing away anyone from interacting with their new member, Hifuyu Machiro or something? Hakkai, his overgrown beanpole vice captain of the 2nd division was obviously down bad for Mitsuya. Eh, whatever. Hakkai will treat him well enough, they'll be happy together.

Calling for Hakkai and the first division certainly looked suspicious, but it wasn't like anyone could question him. Ken-chin had sent him a look, but he gave the best innocent smile he could, and the taller boy stalked off down to his motorcycle.

"So." His eyes darted around to his different admins, lips curling up in amusement. "You all aren't hiding your behavior very well."

"You ain't either commander. Everyone knows besides the boy himself that you worship the ground he walks under. You share yer food with the boy. You don't do that with Draken and ya sure as hell haven't done it with me." Baji snarled back, Kazutora placing a steadying hand on his arm to try and calm him.

Hakkai continued to fidget, looking like he was gonna run off at the first sign of distraction from Mikey, his long legs bending slightly in anticipation.

A chase would be fun right now, but Mikey needed allies for his plan. He hardened his face as he began, needing to sound less like their friend Mikey and more like Sano Manjiro, commander of Toman.

"I called you all back to offer you something special. You're going to help me secure my Mitchy, and in exchange, you'll have access to a house where you can keep your own lovers safe. You'll never have to worry about them leaving you ever again, and you'll have all the resources you want to make that happen.'

Kazutora and Hakkai both blinked in shock, and he's not quite sure Baji got the point of the speech yet, but he'll get there.

"So? What'd ya say? You can pick out a room tomorrow if you want."

Baji's gaze locked onto his as he gripped Kazutora's hand tightly and stepped forward. "You'll really help us?" His voice was softer than usual.

"We wanted to keep Matsuno away from all of this for weeks now. He shouldn't be here, he's too soft. Couldn't exactly kick him out, we need him now, can't imagine a life without him at this point. He completes us." Kazutora's voice was dreamier than it normally was, and his eyes reflected his manic happiness.

He had secured two of them, so he turned to Hakkai.

"..Take-chan was the first person who saved me. He gives so much to others and I just wish he would be selfish enough for himself."

Mikey hummed and played along, sitting down on the stone stairs of the shrine so he could look at the sky, and when he looked back, Hakkai seemed sure of himself once more.

"I'll help you Commander." Hakkai answered simply and succinctly, and Mikey was reminded of the reason he liked the second division vice.

Dismissing them with a promise to contact them with the final details of the plan, he set off to see what Takemitchy was up to. He spent a few hours away from him already, and knowing his Mitchy's luck, he probably walked into someone's fist by now.

Mikey would save him from whatever waste of oxygen attempted to harm him, and then kick the pathetic worm's teeth out.

Mitchy would be so grateful for him being such a good boyfriend, and he would forget about Hinata Tachibana (who he still cannot maim or kill, annoyingly) and jump into Mikey's waiting arms.

Was it too early to plan their wedding? Wakasa and Shinichiro weren't married yet so maybe he should have to wait. 12 years seemed appropriate. Alright, he would get married to Takemichi Hanagaki in 12 years.

Sure, Takemitchy seemed oblivious that they were even dating. It wasn't Mikey's fault his darling was dumb. Silly Takemitchy.

Oh. This was interesting.

Takemitchy, Mitsuya, and Chifuyu were walking down the street together, looking in awe at the festival preparations.
He didn't know they were friends. It made sense though, and it would help them all adjust. Cute, they made good companions.

He caught a flash of yellow highlights in the crowd and giggled, Kazutora was lucky that their darlings seemed to be in a world of their own.

He tailed Mitchy all the way back to his apartment, and gave him a few minutes to get changed before he knocked on the door.

3 minutes.

7 minutes.

10 minutes.

Takemitchy sure was taking his time answering the door.


Mikey forced open the entrance as quietly as he could manage, stepping into Takemitchy's bedroom to see a sprawled out Takemitchy under the covers. His soft blond hair haloed around his head, and his chest rose softly in slumber.

He climbed into the bed with him, grateful that his love was a heavy sleeper and wouldn't wake up at the sudden weight increase on his side.

Takemitchy had stopped gelling his hair, and it had made the texture smooth and soft as he combed his fingers through it.

He pressed a soft kiss to Takemitchy's lips, and closed his eyes to revel in the moment, until a cute unconscious noise of discomfort escaped Takemitchy. He disconnected them, no need to leave Mitchy breathless when he couldn't even appreciate it.

He'd have plenty of time with Takemitchy when they were kept together forever. If he scared his lover before everything was ready, he might escape

Mikey may have been an impulsive child, but Manjiro Sano was calculating, and he refused to let the manic joy of temporarily being able to hold Takemichi as he pleased interfere with the cold satisfaction of always knowing he'd be near, unable to escape him.

Hinata Tachibana was never going to touch him again. If Emma insisted on keeping her, Mikey wouldn't get in her way because he was the best big brother, but the moment she got bored? The spring fling could be over, and Mikey would get rid of the bitch.

As tempted as he was to lie down with his Takemitchy and spend the night with his beloved, he knew Takemitchy was far too shy to share a bed yet. Too bad.

He would have to figure out when to take him. He couldn't exactly drag him down 7 stories of apartment building stairs without potentially garnering witnesses. Wakasa had a car though. Hmm, that would work.

Not now though, his baby can have a few more weeks of freedom.

He'll be generous like a good lover.

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Emma Sano had met the love of her life in the most cliche way possible. She had been stranded in the rain waiting for one of her stupid brothers to finish up their overdramatic gang meetings and pick her up, and a pretty peachy haired girl had dragged her by the hand into a cafe, yelling about the cold she was gonna catch if she stayed out there.

The girl she would soon find out was named Hinata Tachibana, and Emma couldn't get over how well her soft hands fit into Emma's rougher ones. Her nails were painted a pretty soft pink, and they contrasted the calluses Emma had from her martial arts training.

Hina had held her hands while they talked about everything in their lives, commiserating over their hardships with brothers, and how hard school had gotten. Hinata was a grade up apparently, and went to a cram school to stay ahead in her classes. Beautiful and studious apparently.

Emma couldn't stop staring at the mole on her chin, and how it accentuated the cute cherry gloss coating her lips. Hinata was expressive, and every little thing she said was punctuated by a wave of her hands, or a widening of her smile. It was adorable, just like everything else.

Hinata went to Mizo Middle, and had a little brother named Naoto, and wanted to be a nurse when she grew up. She loved hot cocoa, and had already gotten 3 cups of it in the cafe that was apparently owned by her family. She hated coffee, and she could play the piano fairly well.

When Emma had finished telling her story of that time Mikey and Izana had done her bidding for an entire day and accidentally started a turf war in Yokohama, the sun was beginning to rise from behind the rain clouds, casting a glow over Hinata. She was radiant.

Oh. This was it. Love.

Emma Sano was in love with Tachibana Hinata, and she was determined to get her number and start the romance shoujo manga wishes it had.

Miraculously, Hina-chan gave it to her first, and made Emma promise to text when she got home.

The Toman meeting had finally wrapped up, and Emma knew she'd have to leave before Mikey burst into the cafe and embarrassed her in front of Hina-chan.

So she left, a skip in her step and shine in her eyes that went entirely unnoticed by her oblivious brother as they walked home together, him making entirely unreasonable demands for what dinner they would have tonight. Taiyaki was a dessert, and she was certainly not making him a giant one just so he could devour it.

She made her family oyakodon instead, and set her phone next to her as she went to sleep, so that any new messages from Hinata would wake her up.

Hina texted her the next day!

She asked if Emma was available to go shopping with her that Saturday, since her boyfriend canceled on her.


Emma knew almost everything about Hina-chan. Her future career, her family, her favorite flavors. Everything Emma would need to know to be a good lover.

A boyfriend was unthinkable, but now it made sense. Of course the most perfect girl in the world was taken by someone else.

It made Emma want to scream, or break something, or break the useless bastard who even dared look at her Hina in two- but no. Emma would stay calm. Maybe she could use this. Hinata was alone at the café after all, taking in cold girls from the rain, so obviously "Takemichi Hanagaki" wasn't that big of a deal.

She would just replace him in Hinata's life, starting with that shopping trip, and then with everything else.

That didn't mean it didn't make Emma want to shake in rage when Hinata dragged her over to a window display, excitedly pointing out her dream wedding dress, and how well Takemichi would look next to her in a suit.

If Hinata wanted her to wear a suit, Emma was down, but she had always pictured her wedding day in a white gown, walked down the isle by Shinichiro and Wakasa.

Whatever her beloved wanted though, she could have.

Emma tugged her away to grab a smoothie instead of hearing about how adorable Takemichi's marine blue eyes were, and watched her eyes sparkle with excitement over the assortment of flavors.

"I want you to choose for me Emma-chan!"

Okay, Emma could work with that.

She'd pick mango for Hina, and peach for herself, and offered to pay for them. She needed to show she could provide for Hinata after all.

They settled into their booth, and Hinata buzzed around to different topics, animated as always in her portrayals of the woes of middle school and how annoying her cram school instructors could be.

Emma made sure to listen carefully to each story, making sure to nod along to the beats.

She couldn't help it though, her mind still enraged by the thoughts of Takemitchy Hanagaki.

There was no way he deserved someone as special as Hinata, and she needed to get rid of him. Emma wasn't very good at getting her hands dirty though, and she was not gonna tell Izana why she needed him to murder a middle schooler, so it was up to her mildly refined manipulation techniques to split them up.

Luckily, Takemichi Hanagaki was not a very good boyfriend from her observation. He disappeared on Hinata to hang out with his gang, never initiated a kiss, and Hinata had to invite him on their dates!

All she needed was a few opportunities to dig her claws into Hinata's insecurities, she didn't wanna hurt her Raindrop, but it was for the greater good. Their love would be born out of pain, but would last even longer for it.

A few weeks down the line in Emma's attempts to break down their crumbling relationship, Takemichi Hanagaki had given Hina a clover necklace that she cherished, and they were as close as ever.

What would she have to do? Nothing was working and Hinata wasn't responding to her advances and Takemichi Hanagaki would not go away.

Emma felt herself crumble, deteriorating away with each "Sorry, me and Takemichi are out on a date right now. Maybe later? Okay, Emma-chan?" Hinata directed towards her.

Hanagaki didn't deserve her. No one did. Her Raindrop was Emma's soulmate, and she refused to let anyone else have her.

A week after that, Wakasa had allowed them to keep their own darlings in the basement with Shin-nii.

The next day, one of the members of Toman's 5th division handed her a bag of powder with hastily scribbled instructions on dosage and effects.

Emma waited for the next week, consistently sending Hina messages to meet her for a lunch date at her house.

On the 5th day of messages, Hinata agreed and apologized for being busy and ditching their hang out sessions. Emma accepted easily, it wasn't like Hinata would ever be able to avoid her again.

Emma made them both curry and rice, the curry on top shaped into a heart of course. The chocolate cake she had prepared for dessert was the most important piece, so she hoped Hina-chan wouldn't skip dessert or things would get messy. She had Wakasa waiting upstairs if anything went wrong.

Emma watched every bite of the curry taken, pleased when Hinata finished it off.

Hinata had adorably insisted that she was full, but changed her mind quickly when she saw the dessert Emma made. Good.

Emma wiped off the crumbs from the edge of Hinata's lips and smiled as she saw Hinata begin to shake slightly, unsteady.

Some romantic part of her hoped it was Emma herself that swept Hina off her feet, but the more logical part told her it was probably the roofies.

"E-emma? I don't feel great anymore. Did you p-put something in this?" Hinata mumbled, clearly out of it already.

"Don't worry about it Raindrop, you'll be all better when you wake up tomorrow." Emma reassured with a gentle smile, reaching to pull Hinata over her shoulder to drag her downstairs.

It wouldn't be the most gentle considering they were almost the same size, but Emma could do this by herself. She didn't need anyone else to handle her darling for her.

It was exhausting, but Emma managed to get her back to her designated room. The walls were coated a light cherry pink, and her mint green area rug was so fluffy, and she was sure Hinata would love it.

She clipped the ugly chain Waka-nii had made her get for "safety" onto the headboard, and connected it to the sturdy leather collar around Hina-chan's neck.

She didn't wanna collar her love, but Waka-nii said they get unruly without it.

Well, he was the expert, and he and Shin were so happy!

She wanted to be just like them.

Well, she had her own darling now. Her very own Hina-chan, and once she got rid of the thoughts of Takemichi Hanagaki, she was going to have the perfect life.

A few weeks down the line, Emma was going to strangle her brother for not telling her exactly who the "Mitchy" he wanted to put in the basement was.

Chapter Text

Izana Kurokawa was destined for greatness. He would rule a kingdom, with his family at his side. The empire he would create would be immense, and he would make Shinichiro proud, and keep Emma and Mikey safe. His younger siblings didn't like to acknowledge it, but he had to look out for them. Even if they didn't understand.

Love was the motto of the Sano household, and especially as Wakasa had enacted extensive procedures to keep Shinichiro safe from himself, he knew he may have to someday take those measures himself for his lover.

Emma and Mikey were impulsive and hot-blooded, quick to claim something as theirs and rip the poor thing away from its original position, but Izana had always known who would join him.

Family was the most important thing to Izana, and in his time in the orphanage after being separated from Emma, he found solace in a boy.

Kakucho Hitto was the only one worthy of ruling by his side, the boy who gave him his dreams for the future. They promised they would never be separated, but they were ultimately ripped away from each other. Izana has never felt whole since.

Tenjiku was formed in the memory of the boy he lost when he gained his family, and he needed it to be fully realized for Kakucho. His fellow King would have to see their kingdom at its best, the shining halls of their palace hadn't been constructed yet.

He stayed up each night, dreaming of the boy with a scar covering his face.

Izana handcrafted Tenjiku's first uniform, dyeing the cloth red with the blood of some upstarts that dared challenge their king. He recruited Yasuhiro Muto, and won over the Haitaini brothers of Roppongi, setting up his executives.

Tenjiku had amassed hundreds of members under Izana's ironclad rule, but he had yet to fulfill his secondary goal. Izana knew his kingdom would not be complete until he had his other half, his heavenly king.

Kakucho had stopped sending him letters years ago, and the orphanage where they had stayed was too busy to help him locate him. Izana had hundreds of members under him now, and ordering his underlings to do his bidding was simple. Find Kakucho Hitto, and if it isn't the right boy, you'll be lucky to escape with your face intact.

Wakasa had bought a new house for him and Shinichiro-nii and offered him a spot to collar his wayward king. It was sweet to offer, and saved him the trouble of asking Kokonoi to divert the funds for his own place to house Kakucho.

Not that more problems didn't always pop up.

Ran and Rindou had been strange lately, always sneaking off to Toman territory to get into fights with the fourth division. The Haitanis had always been wildcards looking out for themselves primarily, but it was curious for them to find something that held their attention.

When he went to follow them, they were already in a brawl with the fourth division captains, Mikey's pastel puffball ones. The blue one was being held against a wall by Rindou, and the orange one was making his way over to rescue his brother when he was intercepted by Ran. A crack over the head with a baton and he was out.

Hmm, he hoped this wouldn't be a murder scene, but his fears were dissuaded by the tenderness Ran held in his gaze at the smaller boy. Seems he can care about someone other than Rindou.

Rindou himself was stroking the hair of the blue puffball as he pressed a cloth over his mouth for a few seconds until he slumped over.

Izana's earrings rang as he walked over to the brothers, his sandals making soft thuds on the pavement. Their heads shot up quickly, eyes quickly diverting down when they realized it was their king approaching them. Good.

"So did you have any plans after the sudden kidnapping? Or are they staying in the alley? You two aren't very good at this." Izana giggled, his violet eyes taking on a strange glint.

The brothers tensed, waiting for Izana to initiate a fight, and he did their best to waive their concerns.

"Calm down, you're both important to my organization currently, and I can't exactly get mad at you for just wanting to secure your love."

Ran's manic smile faltered in confusion, and the furrow in Rindou's brows deepened.

"In fact, I'll even make you a special offer. My Kakucho will need a court to surround him as my King, so your puffballs can even join that."

The brothers had agreed after a glance to each other, mimicking their joining of Tenjiku. Memories were truly precious things.

He called a car for them to transport the boys to the basement and got onto his bike to get back to base. He had a meeting with Kokonoi tonight, and it was always so boring.

Kokonoi was apparently preoccupied, his hair disheveled and his chest shaking.

The usually neatly stacked documents on the desk were equally messed up, and Izana waited in the door for Koko to compose himself.

A picture of a blond boy with a scar was on the floor, a younger Koko with him. Oh, he recognized that face. Inui Seishu. If he remembered correctly, Inui had a puppy crush on Shinichiro-nii. Cute.

He held the picture out to Kokonoi, and gratefulness flashed across the other boy's face before quickly freezing into his usual casual smirk.

He tried to drag the conversation to pure financials, but Izana's curiosity was piqued now, and he needed to know why one picture could unravel the usually unflappable boy.

Kokonoi deflected each of his attempts.


He directed Muto to keep an eye on Kokonoi. He couldn't have a problem because of one of Mikey's rats.

He got his answer in the form of a report from Muto. Kokonoi Hajime was paying informants to document Inui Seishu's every move.

How very quaint, as expected for someone under Izana, but it was pathetic. Kokonoi was not a weak executive, and anyone in the ranks of Izana's upper circle had the strength to keep anyone they wanted under lock and key. So this? This needed to stop.

Offering something to Kokonoi was dangerous, the boy always knew how to drag something more out of you, and lo and behold somehow Inui Seishu got the biggest room besides Shinichiro himself.

He demanded a tour of the basement, ignoring Shinichiro's questions and the angry screeches of the girl Emma had trapped, and went around the room like a demented home inspector.

Apparently the light switches would have to be replaced, and doors hadn't been installed properly.

To this day, Izana has no idea how he managed to get contractors who didn't care about installing designer furniture in what was very obviously a space where people were being kept against their will, but he did employ the same ones for Kakucho's room of course.

A call from Madarame came through, and Izana picked up.

"Boss, guess who we caught?" Madarame's manic voice was grating over his phone's speakers, and Izana was ready to kick his head clean off his shoulders if this was an unnecessary call.

He hummed in response, and Madarame took it as his go ahead.

"We caught the Kakucho guy! Apparently he works at a bakery near Toman territory, so we scooped him up after Mikey sent one of his messenger boys to let us know."

Izana's heart raced. Finally! Finally after all these years they would be reunited. Him and his King.

He told Madarame to stay put, and quickly hung up.

Kakucho was still out cold, and Izana couldn't resist placing a playful kiss on his forehead.

What a chase he had been on for all these years, his King would have to make it up to him like a good lover.

Settling him into bed, he locked the golden chain around his neck, and tucked his red satin covers up around him. He looked so peaceful, and Izana couldn't wait to see him panic at the unfamiliar situation.

He had hidden himself from his lover after all, and the punishment fit the crime.

He'd still lick away his tears after Kakucho finished crying, he's not cruel after all.

He locked the door behind him, and looked to the remaining empty rooms. He hoped Mikey's addition wasn't too rambunctious, his little brother tended to have the strangest tastes.

Chapter Text

Takemichi Hanagaki was not neglected. His parents left him enough food money every month and paid the utilities on time so they wouldn't shut off on him, so he was doing better than plenty of others his age.

He had always been a rambunctious child, and with no one to scold him, he kept going out later and later, pretending he was a hero and saving cats and neighborhood kids from getting beaten up from bullies. He always ended the fights with more bruises than the ones he saved, but it was all worth it to see their smiles.

He had met his childhood friend Kaku-chan like that, rushing in with his tattered cape to save him from a group of older preteens, only to get his shit rocked and be left with the concerned boy who gently scolded him, telling him not to risk himself like that.

Takemichi wanted to be a hero to save others, because no one was ever going to save him. It was easier to stay out fending off evil than it was to walk into a dark apartment, no one there to hear his greetings.

Kaku-chan had moved away a few weeks later, and Takemichi was alone again. He wanted his friend again, but he knew nothing ever lasted for him.

He was alone until middle school, when he met Takuya, and then Akkun, and Yamagishi and Makoto and became a group. He loved his friends, and would take a million punches for them as long as they could still smile at the end.

Hinata Tachibana had been his girlfriend ever since he had managed to ramble out a confession at her apartment, and she had promised to protect him and his heart as her crybaby boyfriend.

Her and little Naoto had been cemented as part of his life, and he thanked the stars every night as he thought of how life had improved as he got older. He had the sound of friends filling his cold apartment now, and called Hina every night to fall asleep to her voice.

His circle had widened even more as he met the heads of Toman after volunteering to fight in Kiyomasa's fighting ring, and the head commander himself gripped his chin and called him his bitch. Takemichi still doesn't know how to feel about that moment but he had found amazing friends in Mikey and Draken!

They were a little scary, Mikey especially, but they had always been nice to him in their own way. Mikey was kinda weird, and he kept trying to get him to sit on his lap and finish bits of dessert that Mikey had left, but Takemichi always narrowed it down to him having strange boundaries.

He constantly hung off of Draken too.

Meeting Toman and Mikey had led to Takemichi being, er, placed in the 2nd division. He didn't exactly join the gang, but Mikey kept giving him strange looks. He found he didn't mind though! Mitsuya was so nice to him, and he always made sure Takemichi always had all loose threads snipped off his clothes, and even offered to teach Takemichi how to knit so he could make a little doll for Hina.

He had met Chifuyu Matsuno through Toman and found a partner for his school assignments that he slacked on, and eventually a partner for everything. They went everywhere together now, grabbing popsicles at the convenience store and grabbing more treats for Chifuyu's very, very large cat.

Peke J was probably overfed, but Chifuyu threatened to feed Takemichi to him the last time he brought it up.

Chifuyu and Mitsuya were great friends, but it was hard to ignore the shadows behind them.

Hakkai who shot him poisonous glares every time he strayed too close to Mitsuya, and made his skin crawl when he looked at Mitsuya wrong. He tried to bring up Hakkai's weird behavior to Mitsuya but the older boy just gave him a reassuring shoulder pat and told him Hakkai was shy with new people. Sure.

Chifuyu belonged to the 1st division of Toman, and Baji Keisuke and Kazutora Hanemiya seemed to hold his time with an iron fist. Every minute he wasn't spending with Takemichi, he was bringing Baji leftover yakisoba, or checking out the local pet shop with Kazutora.

They monopolized all of his attention. The worst was when Chifuyu wanted them all to hang out together, his friend never aware of how much Kazutora and Baji's feral grins scared Takemichi. They looked at Takemichi like he was lucky that Chifuyu was there, or they would've torn him to shreds.

From what Takemichi had heard from Yamagishi about their brief stint in juvie, they might've if his amazing best friend wasn't there. Still, he never wanted to be there at the same time with them ever again.

Shaking his head to shake the thoughts of Chifuyu's division captains, he reminded himself of his plans for today.

Takemichi was supposed to go out with Mikey and a few other Toman members to one of the local festivals to play games and eat food and hopefully not get kicked out before they did those things. Takemichi always underestimated just how rowdy their gatherings could get.

He got his red hoodie on, and shook a hand through his hair, knowing Mikey would be there to pick him up despite Takemichi saying he could go himself.

A loud knock echoed through the house, and Takemichi sighed.

At least Mikey had knocked this time.

"Yooo! Takemitchy! I'm here, come out or I'll drag you out! Or maybe you want your commander to drag you out in your pajamas? How lazy Takemitchy." Mikey's playful voice was slightly muffled through his door, but he was clearly impatient.


"Oh, hello Mikey. I'm ready to go to the festival." Takemichi tried to give a placating smile, but he had a sneaking suspicion that it had warped into a grimace.

They both hopped on Mikey's bike, Takemichi's arms wrapped tightly around Mikey's waist as the engine purred beneath them.

The night went by quickly, the boys all going around to different stalls. Chifuyu and he had shared an ice cream Mikey had bought Takemichi. Mikey was honestly buying him too many snacks. How was he supposed to eat them all?

It was rather sweet of him to do so, and rather out of character for the commander, so he accepted each one. Mikey's grin had widened with each snack he handed to Takemichi.

Baji and Kazutora were both teasing Chifuyu as he struggled at the rigged festival game, and Mitsuya and Hakkai were both admiring the kimonos on sale. Mitsuya was at least, Hakkai seemed to be taking pictures of an unaware Mitsuya instead. He hoped Mitsuya sorts out his fellow 2nd division member soon.

The night was nearing its end, and Takemichi felt sated and was waiting for Mikey to announce that he was ready to head home at any time.

Mikey had instead dragged them to the top of the shrine to watch the fireworks.

Colors streaked across the sky in brilliant patterns, shaking the sky and earth as they cracked. It was awe-inducing, and oddly inspiring. He would have to take Hinata to a festival soon, a kiss under the fireworks would be so romantic.

They sat there watching, the finale of gold fireworks having been so huge that his ears were now aching and ringing. Still, it was exhilarating and he was glad to have seen it.

Pitch black eyes pinned him to his spot as Mikey walked towards him, a carefree smile contrasting his sharp glare.

"Now that we've all had a fantastic date, I think we should head home, don't you think Takemitchy?"

Mikey grabbed his wrist to tug him closer, and Takemichi felt himself panic. The look in Mikey's eyes triggered something in his mind, and he did his best to rip himself out of the grip. Miraculously, he succeeded in doing so, and made a break for it down the stairs. Maybe he could blend into the crowd.

He didn't get that far.

Mikey tackled him onto the pavement, and Takemichi yelped in pain. Mikey had merely laughed at the expression of pain, and helped himself up as he looked down at Takemichi.

" much as I love playing hide and seek, we should go home now, ne?" Mikey blinked owlishly at him, like he was unaware of why Takemichi was panicking.

He couldn't help but let out the tears that were building in his eyes, getting a pitying look from Mikey, and a quick pat on his head. As if that could comfort him while he was being chased down by a person he thought was his friend.

Takemichi let out another sob as he felt himself be lifted into strong arms, linked across him like an unbreakable chain. Mikey gave him a childish grin as Takemichi looked up, and leaned down to press a kiss against his cheek.

Takemichi could only stare up in a mix of shock and horror. The pieces finally all clicked together. Mikey loved him in some sick, twisted way and he planned on never letting him go. He pushed at the arms holding him, earning nothing more than a chuckle and slight readjustment.

They reached the top of the shrine quickly, and Takemichi could only stare in horror at the states of his friends.

Chifuyu was sandwiched between Baji and Kazutora, both grinning madly as they grabbed his partner's limbs, thoroughly restraining him. Hakkai held a struggling Mitsuya, whispering into his ears with a sickly sweet voice that Takemichi could hear fragments of.

Chifuyu had managed to wiggle out of Kazutoras grip, only for Baji to slam him onto the concrete floor of the shrine. Chifuyu let out a strangled scream, and Takemichi started struggling anew, determined to save his friend.

"Please Mikey! Please let us go! They're hurting him!" Takemichi pleaded, if Mikey cared at all about him, he would know this wasn't what he wanted at all.

"Shush Mitchy. It's not our place to get involved in their marital problems."

Marital? He thought they were married? Oh god, did he think they were married? He had a loving relationship with Hina! He definitely did not love Mikey like that.

Expressing that only got him a dead eyed Mikey, seemingly ready to slam him into the concrete like Baji had done.

The lights seemed to flip on in Mikey at the last minute, and he laughed instead.

"Oh Mitchy, like you have a choice. You accepted me as your commander, and now I want more. As a good husband, you should grant that to me, shouldn't you?"

He heard Baji growl at Chifuyu in the distance, as Kazutora cooed in a condescending voice.

"Boys, it seems they won't come quietly. Just remember to be gentle. It helps the adjustment process." Mikey ordered, and the grins from all of the gathered psychos turned feral.

Takemichi saw Hakkai shove something in Mitsuya's mouth and cover it with his large palm and was thoroughly distracted when a bitter taste invaded his own mouth.

He unconsciously swallowed, and felt a wave of dread wash over him.

Mikey was going to be able to drag him to wherever he was planning to take him, and Takemichi would be powerless to stop him.

He felt himself drift away into darkness, and hoped he wouldn't wake up to whatever horrible nightmare awaited him.

Chapter Text

Shinichiro had been dealing with groups of his family and their friends rushing all over his basement, and he was tired.

Why, pray tell, in the basement he was taken to in an attempt to keep him out of the world was the world coming to him?

It wasn't people who would help him, so their presence was entirely unwelcome as they peered into his room and welcomed him as "Shin-nii" and look, he was used to surprise siblings with his deadbeat dad but he was pretty sure Keisuke had a mom.

It was hard to sleep with all the construction near him too, and the shrill screams of the poor girl Emma had dragged in.

He felt bad, but surely she could keep it down. She'd learn screaming like that was inevitable soon enough. Shinichiro had lost his voice multiple times in his earlier days, and had given up entirely on that method.

More people had been brought in, and Shinichiro felt his stomach sink deeper with every new captive. He may have given up, but surely he couldn't resign them to the same fate? They were just kids after all.

The worst changes happened as Wakasa and Izana filled part of his room with pillows and chairs, and told him to expect company that day.

Oh god.

He would be meeting the kids.

10 pillows and chairs were nearly arranged near his bed, forming a nest that the kids could sink comfortably in, but the metal loops with chains attached that were welded into the floor were hard to miss. Shin shivered, he hadn't had to wear his chains in years.

His door was gently pried open by his little sister, and he was prepared to give her a gentle smile until he saw the struggling girl in her arms. The peachy haired girl had scratches up and down her arms, and Emma herself wasn't looking unscathed either.

"Oh big bro! This is Hina-chan! Hina, say hi!" Emma forced the girl to look at him, and he saw the struggling girl pause, unsure of if he was a friend or not. He tried to smile reassuringly, but he'd have to explain to her later.

Emma had gripped Hina's chin hard enough to leave bruises, and the girl gave him a meek hello before having the chain around her neck anchored to one of the chairs and shoved in it.

Izana had shown up with the boy with braids and his brother, and Kokonoi Hajime. They all carried their own struggling boys, and Shinichiro had to restrain his shock at seeing Kakucho and Inui again. They were still so small, their cheeks hadn't even fully lost their baby fat and there they were, in a perfect copy of his situation.

He had to restrain himself as Kazutora and Keisuke had brought a blonde boy in, each gripping an arm. They had started everything and ruined his life, but Mikey had forgiven them and Wakasa had grown to appreciate them over time, so the punishment would be brutal.

Wakasa had threatened to leave him isolated for days in the dark if he ever tried something like that again. It was a common punishment, since Waka knew breaking bones meant nothing to Shinichiro.

A tall boy dragged in a slumped figure that Shinichiro could vaguely make out as Mitsuya Takashi, one of Mikey's little friends.

Speak of the devil himself, his little brother had of course gotten his own victim. Why not. The blond boy had dark bruises all over his face and Shinichiro shot him a glare. Mikey had sent his own dark look at Hina-chan, and the boy Mikey was carrying turned to look at her, and started struggling anew.

He heard a sickening crack as Mikey grabbed one of the boy's fingers, and snapped it.

"-only look at me Takemitchy. She's not important anymore. Just me. Play nice with Shinichiro, but if you talk to her, I'm breaking your whole hand baby."

Shinichiro couldn't cope with this. His sweet little brother had just broken a boy's finger just for looking at Hina. But he was the adult, and he needed to talk to them, they'd need all the information they could get.

"I'm sure you're all terrified and wondering why we're all here, and I wish I could give you a satisfying answer." Shin sighed heavily, before continuing.

"We're currently in a basement in the mansion Wakasa owns. Don't ask me how to get out, and if I know how to break the chains, they're listening and even if you're new here, I doubt you'll get away with that."

"You just need to follow 3 rules for survival here. Never ask about the outside, Never ask for other people, and never tell them you don't love them."

Shinichiro concluded with a grim look, he knew they weren't likely to accept the new status easily, but he hoped they would at least try. Survival was important here.

"Fuck that!" The orange puffball spat, gaining a scared look from his blue counterpart on the other side of the room.

"Nahoya..." The scared twin had reached out in the air to try and reach his brother, but couldn't get to him.

"No, Sou. We need to get out of here, why can't we just kill them for doing this to us? Why should we have to be stuck here like him?" Nahoya had turned to look at him with a mocking grin.

"Enough! Aren't you guys paying attention? He's possibly the only one who knows what's going on here that doesn't want us to be trapped here for the rest of our lives?"

He had to thank Chifuyu Matsuno for speaking up, and getting the others to do proper introductions and describe their situations.

The puffballs were Nahoya and Souya Kawata also known as Smiley and Angry, and the Haitani brothers had captured them after an alley brawl gone wrong. They were sharing a room, and "those bitchass brothers made sure Sou and he couldn't reach each other and made Sou panic" according to Smiley.

Kakucho was captured after his shift at work had ended, and Inui had been fixing up motorbikes with his boyfriend when a group of men in black had swarmed him and knocked him out with a wrench.

Takemichi, Chifuyu and Mitsuya had attended a festival with Mikey and the others until they were force fed pills and dragged into a car to wake up here. A small, jealous part of Shin wishes he had gotten to see fireworks before he lost the rest of his life.

Emma had drugged Hinata Tachibana's food, and she had woken up in an eerie replication of her room at home.

They had mostly all known each other, with the exception of Kakucho who only recognized Hanagaki since they were childhood friends. Hmm, not sure Izana would like that.

Inui was dating Mikey's best friend, and yet ended up here. Perhaps most terrifyingly, Tachibana and Hanagaki were dating.

He knew how possessive his siblings were, and this was not going to end well. If they didn't stop being affectionate, they were going to get hurt worse than a broken finger.

Stressing this seemed to get both kids to pale and listen, but there was a set to Hanagaki's jaw that he didn't like. He knew stubbornness was hard to shake, but this was not a game, Mikey had already hurt him and there was little Shin could actually do to shield him.

One by one, they were all collected from his room, Tachibana ripped off of her spot cuddling Hanagaki by force by Mikey, and picked up gently by Emma, who gave her brother a harsh look.

"See you later Shin-nii! Thanks for keeping an eye on them!" Emma blew him a kiss and gently closed the door, leaving him in darkness once more.

This was just all so wrong.

He needed to help them escape, but how? He had struggled for years, and now there was so many more variables to balance.

Hmm, that did reflect on the other side. With so many inexperienced captors, surely he could find an opportunity? He would have to find a way to talk without the listening ears of Wakasa and the others.

They would do it though, they would get out. Even if he was still stuck here, these kids have a future. They had dreams.

His hope had long since withered, but maybe, just maybe, he had the will to see this through.

Maybe he could buy another bike shop in Manila when he got out, get Inui to help him out.

It was a nice dream, and he let the darkness lull him to sleep.

Tomorrow, he would start finding a way to get them free.

Chapter Text

Kokonoi Hajime's love had been pure with Akane. He had been in awe of his friend's sister, and admiration had turned into affection. He had even tried to kiss her, and instead of turning him away, said she wanted to wait.

Koko would've waited all those years clinging to Akane, but he never got the chance. The Inui household had gone up in flames, and his love perished with the embers. Akane wasn't dead, not yet, but the family didn't have the 40 million yen to pay to maintain her.

It wasn't fair.

Why did he have to pull Seishu out?

Rapidly learning how to make money didn't save Akane, but it did do something. Kokonoi was taught that he could use others, and use them well.

Align the pieces, give the orders, and he would create and destroy empires. He didn't care about who he aligned under, as long as he could get his goals done.

Gain more money, and keep Inui Seishu with him, forever preferably.

Izana Kurokawa had given him both opportunities hand in hand, and Koko could only respect his efficiency. Wakasa Imaushi offering him a place to keep Seishu was intriguing.

He wasn't seriously considering it until one of his paid informants had given him something infuriating.

Seishu was dating the Toman vice commander. They were going on dates, and on motorcycle rides together, and-

It didn't matter what they were doing, Seishu was not going to ever be with Ken Ryuguji ever, ever again.

He would not give up Akane and Seishu, he had resources now and he would be damnedif he didn't use them.

Koko had saved him all those years ago, and that meant Seishu's life was his. His price for not being Akane.

It wasn't like there wasn't a resemblance, and Seishu had always been soft. He could become Akane easily enough.

Yeah, he could be Akane.

And if he couldn't...well maybe Seishu himself wasn't too horrific. He could learn to love him eventually.

Inui Seishu had been fixing bikes with his boyfriend when their shop had been broken into. The intruders had fought dirty, and held a gun to Ken's head, threatening to shoot.

Inui didn't want to lose another person close to him. Akane, his parents and Koko had all left him, and if he had to walk into hell to spare Ken from the same fate, he'd do so.

He didn't have to spend the ride wondering where he was going, because as soon as he had slunk into the car seat, he felt a sharp pain in his arm.

Waking up was difficult. He was still groggy from whatever they injected, and couldn't raise his head.

As his head cleared from the fog, he saw that no, it wasn't just the drugs. Some psycho had chained him up like a dog, collar and all.

The bed he was on was soft and covered in rich red satin, but it felt like it was crawling on him as he examined his surroundings further.

Designer clothing hung in an open closet, and art from galleries Inui had admired was prominently displayed on the walls.

Oh. Was that? Surely not.

But it was. His Black Dragons uniform displayed in a shrine, with a pair of Akane's charred heels, and a picture of him and Koko.

The door was starting to open, and Seishu tried to school his features into stoicism, but couldn't hide the tremble in his hands.

The lights were flipped on with an eerily familiar hum, and he felt his heart jump when they illuminated the figure.


"Yes, Seishu? Anything you need, princess?"

Inui rolled his eyes, of course his best friend would be like this upon finding where he was being stashed.

"Not funny. Get me out of here already, before someone calls for reinforcements."

He tried to get off the bed, but he was held back to the headboard, there was almost no slack in the chain.

Koko approached him, steps quick and catlike as always.

"Oh Seishu. You aren't leaving. You already betrayed me with Ryuguji, and I won't give you another chance."

Blood freezing in his veins, Inui could only stare at his former friend.

"..what? I didn't betray anything Hajime! You're the one who left me. Ken has been nothing but good to me and made sure I was always okay, and you just-"

Lips brushed over his as Hajime kissed him. Inui gasped in shock and his momentary vulnerability was used to deepen the kiss, Hajime's fingers tangling in his hair as he did his best to melt into Inui.

They disentangled with flushed faces, and Inui was hit with a burst of shame at cheating on his boyfriend, and then a wildfire of anger directed at Hajime.

How dare he.

All attempts at using his satin duvet to strangle his smug friend were unfruitful, and Inui collapsed back in bed, letting the collar regain some slack.

"I do love you Seishu. I'll show you later, but you should get your rest now."

Hajime had left the room with a skip in his step, the bastard, and Inui was left in his thoughts once more.

He shifted, trying to get comfortable but the chain wasn't exactly long, and he ended up slightly strangling himself at most angles.

He would have to ask Koko to loosen it, and he didn't know what he would have to sacrifice in exchange.

He gave up on sleep, and began to map out his escape, only to come up with nothing.

He heard a muffled scream, and flinched. Where was he being kept by Koko? Did he have allies?

His questions got answered days later, when he reunited with his hero Shinichiro Sano, and was fully introduced to his new hell.

Chapter Text

Wakasa knew adjusting wouldn't be easy for the young and inexperienced, but he was all too willing to see it through. He had thoroughly prepared for this after all.

Getting the house was easy, his parents had a sizable inheritance set up upon their death, and killing his absentee parents for the money was easy. Shinichiro's comfort was much more valuable than his genetic donors after all.

Modifying the basement to fit the layout he wanted was just as simple, he just had the contractors building rooms for his family to sleep in, and adjust the plumbing for the small bathrooms to be added on, as well as make sure the heating and cooling
were perfect.

Installation of the more peculiar furniture was mostly a DIY process, considering chains and locks on the exterior of doors isn't exactly standard. Still, Wakasa managed it. He hadn't bothered soundproofing, but the solid reinforced doors would prevent them from losing their privacy, or escaping.

He gathered his family around him, and let them drag their loved ones near him. Everything to grow the happy family he wanted with Shinichiro. He would get to take care of them, let Shinichiro teach them about the woes of young love and what not to do, and Wakasa would handle everything else.

He had to stop Emma and Mikey from getting into a foolish fight over their lovers being too close in the past, and managed to convince them to just punish Takemichi and Hinata during every instance of them attempting romance. They weren't dating anymore after all, and if they failed to move on? He'd help firsthand with the punishment.

Mikey and Emma had both hugged him tightly for his reassurance, and thanked him for being such a good big brother. It warmed his heart.

His kid's friends weren't bad either, Baji and Tora had long since earned his forgiveness and helped him clean his gym for years, and had thoroughly cemented their position. Hakkai was polite, if a little shy.

Izana's Tenjiku members were certainly something, the Haitanis' penchant for violence reminding him of his younger days, but also warming his heart with their casual caretaking of each other. Kokonoi was a weird child, but he grew to appreciate him too, his sharp sense of humor was just like Waka's, and he deeply cared for his Inui kid.

Wakasa extended his home and family to these kids because he would be their new one, he would house their darlings, and they would stay with him and Shinichiro to mentor and raise.

He and Shinichiro hadn't planned their wedding yet, Shinichiro having told him he didn't want one when they were young and Wakasa listening, but they were older now, and Wakasa was sure he would've changed his mind. They weren't in puppy love anymore after all.

He'd have to plan it soon, can't have Mikey getting married to Takemichi before he marries Shinichiro after all, and his littlest brother seemed keen on it.




Turns out, planning a wedding while taking care of your little siblings lovers is hard. Chifuyu was on a hunger strike, and he had to teach Kazutora how to properly intubate him. Takemichi just kept crying, and it was beginning to get on Wakasa's nerves, especially when Mikey's comforting only made it worse. Shouldn't he be grateful Mikey cared about him? Takemichi's parents certainly didn't from his surveillance.

The twin's repeated violent outbursts on the Haitanis just got their joints snapped and sloppily patched up, so Wakasa had to redo it each time. Next time, he'd let it heal wrong, show them the permanent effects of being rude to your lover. Souya had scratched up Rindou bad, and Wakasa had to stop Ran from ripping off the nails that did it.

Mitsuya was mostly quiet, the silent treatment apparently for Hakkai, except for when "Taka-chan wanted to hear about his little sisters", and Hakkai forced him to engage in pleasant conversation. Hakkai was soft, maybe too soft, but from what he heard of Taiju Shiba's "love"? He'd want to be the opposite too. Maybe he should look into acquiring Mana and Luna too, but maybe later. He'll talk to Hakkai about using them as a possible reward.

Inui was being a brat for Koko, dating other men and ignoring their shared past. Wakasa took the initiative to threaten Ken Ryuguji's life, and that seemed to do the trick to get him to hug back at the very least. Good.

They were all exhausting, and Wakasa felt like he ran into a new roadblock every day, but he knew they were making progress.

Soon they'd have a complete family, and maybe more later. They'll break their stubborn streak like Shin did and after that? They'll be primed to accept everything that came with this life.

He was proud when Emma skipped out of Hina's room, telling him they had their first kiss, and shushing her when she tried to tell him the sordid details. He didn't wanna hear about her love life like that.

It had been a peaceful afternoon, Wakasa cooking upstairs with Ran, the older Haitani brother tying his hair up in a ponytail instead of his usual braids to help. It was adorably domestic, and warmed Wakasa's heart, so of course it had to be interrupted.

The doorbell had sounded off its chime, alerting them to an unwanted visitor at the door, and Wakasa gritted his teeth before grabbing a lemon lollipop from the bowl in the kitchen and resuming his work. He'd let Emma handle the door, he was busy.

If she couldn't turn them away, he would just have to get rid of them himself.

Chapter Text

Emma's life was perfect now. Her girlfriend, her adorable little raindrop was with her, and had even offered to kiss her instead of seeing Emma slice Takemitchy up a bit.

She wouldn't kill him of course, honestly she wasn't sure if she would even cut him, he was her future brother-in-law, and that'd be so awkward to deal with in the future. Besides! The threat worked, and she got to touch her Hina-chan without her squirming away. Not that it wasn't adorable, but sometimes a girl just wants to cuddle with her girlfriend, y'know?

Waka-nii and Ran were making breakfast upstairs, giving Emma a break from her usual chore so she could spend time with Hina, but the doorbell rang, and now she'd have to leave anyway.

Emma scowled, how dare someone interrupt her time with her future wifey.

She walked past the other rooms in the hallway, and begrudgingly climbed the stairs.

The doorbell rang again, and Emma was hit with another pang of annoyance.

"I'm coming! Sheesh, give me a second." She called out, smoothing out her hair before opening the door a crack to see who it was.


It was just Draken-kun. She smiled softly, although her puppy crush was entirely gone now, it was always nice to see her brother's best friend. He was a good influence on Mikey, and had always stuck with him.

"Hey Emma. Is Mikey here, I just finished the repairs on his bike and the gremlin needs to come collect it." Draken's gruff phrasing made her giggle, and she nodded.

"Sure! I'll go grab him. He's just downstairs with Baji and Tora." Emma hummed and walked off, leaving Draken at the door.




Something was seriously wrong in the gang world. Toman captains and vices were disappearing, and it was having a ripple across the delinquent world.

His own boyfriend had been kidnapped, and Draken was terrified.

Mikey either hadn't noticed or was too wrapped up in his own world, but it was Draken's job as Mikey's right hand to make sure he knew about shit like this. He'd definitely get Inui back with Mikey's help, even if those bastards had guns.

While Draken waited in the foyer of Wakasa's ridiculously large house, he looked around. He had never really been inside, the older man was always so standoffish and Draken hadn't wanted to invade.

Was that a fucking Haitani brother in the kitchen?

Draken did not have time to unpack that thought, because Mikey was skipping up the stairs, Baji and Kazutora following him at a much slower pace. They looked exhausted, guess Mikey must have done something to wear em out.

"So? What'd ya need Ken-chin?"

What did he need? He needs Mikey to take the multiple disappearances of Toman members seriously. What kind of fucking question.

He expressed exactly that, and Mikey's face darkened.

"Do you think I don't care Ken-chin? Takemitchy and the others are gone, that's why we're here. We were talking with Wakasa about using his older connections to find them." Mikey snapped back, and ran his hand through his sandy hair, messing up his ponytail.

"Inui's missing Mikey. Group of fuckers came into our shop and threatened to shoot if he didn't come with, and now he's fucking gone." Draken felt tears build up in his eyes, and quickly wiped them away. Even if Mikey was his best friend, he hated the feeling of vulnerability.

Mikey gently, or more accurately, as gentle as the monster could do, punched his shoulder, and Draken felt the world realign under his feet.

"We'll find him Ken-chin, and Takemitchy and Chifuyu and all of the people missing. We'll crush the people who tried to hurt them."

A wave of admiration surged through Draken, this was the commander he'd chosen to follow, his best friend. He'd help him get Inui back and kill the fuckers who took him.

"Thanks Mikey."

"Anytime Ken-chin."

Heart light again knowing his commander would fight with him to get their loved ones back, he left Wakasa's house.

The 5th division was in charge of information gathering, mostly to find traitors, but this was important enough to reach out. Toman members were getting targeted, and he needed all the help he could get.

He fired off a text to Mucho, and continued his walk back to the brothel.

"Welcome back Kenny!" He ignored the girls cajoling and teasing as he went back to his room, finally letting the tears fall as he sunk into his mattress.

He'd rescue Inui from those fuckers and make them goddamn pay for kidnapping him.

Still, he couldn't shake the uneasy feelings he had.

Inui had to be safe, they'd both gone through too much not to be.

Draken wasn't one to pray, he grew up in a brothel after all, but he swore to whatever god that let him find his boyfriend, he'd follow them to the end of his existence.

Chapter Text


That was all Ryuguji Ken was to Sanzu, and although he couldn't understand his King's plan to capture and kidnap Takemichi Hanagaki and other Toman members, he doesn't wouldn't dare question his king.

His king would deal with Ryuguji on his own time, but while he waited to swat that pest and take his rightful place at his king's side as his most loyal dog, he would have to deal with more problems.

Mucho was a problem, as were Kisaki and the other connected members of Toman who remained, and Sanzu would take care of them at once.

His captain's disappearance may have been important in normal operating procedures, but with the 2nd division, 4th division, and multiple vice captains missing? Toman was already tearing itself down, and he couldn't wait to see his King's response to the self-inflicted injury.

He sharpened his katana and slipped on his masks, checking in the mirror to make sure his eyes could still crinkle up sweetly when he smiled instead of showing the cruel coldness in them.

He would kill anyone who got in his King's way, even if he didn't understand the goal.

Meeting Mucho at the port was simple, a call about a lead and wanting to talk in private was all he needed, he was Mucho's "little brother" after all. He felt no need to drag out his death, as his last act of mercy towards his former captain.

He slashed a deep line across his captain's throat, and watched him choke on his own blood.

"S-sanzu? W-why?"

"I must always protect the king."

He let his mask slip off, watching with delight as the corpse breathed his last. He tied the cinder blocks around his feet, and dragged the lumbering dead man to the edge of the water, and dropped him in, stepping back to avoid the bloody water splashing over him.

He needed to get back now.

Sanzu brushed away the water that had gathered at his eyes, irritated that the splash had managed to reach him.

He pretended not to notice that the rest of his body was dry.

It was all for his king after all, personal feelings couldn't interfere. For Mikey, he would do anything.




Toman was crumbling and Kisaki didn't get to control any of it. Hinata Tachibana and Hanagaki Takemichi were missing, and most irritatingly of all? He didn't plan any of it.

No, for once Kisaki Tetta had to organize himself around another's plan, and it was driving him fucking crazy.

The Sano siblings had been almost impossible to infiltrate, and every attempt at getting rid of one led to them growing increasingly suspicious, so Kisaki was forced to run another gang in the shadows.

Valhalla had been defeated easily, and while he and Hanma were now in Toman, they were isolated from any planning of the main captains, and especially Mikey.

Now? Now every single piece of his plan was either unresponsive, or missing, and it was infuriating for the young prodigy.

Hanma was an idiot, to be fair most people were, but he brought up an interesting point when they were sitting together in Kisaki's room, pretending to study.

"Hanagaki, Chifuyu and Mitsuya were last with Mikey and the gang before mysteriously-" Hanma cooed out the mysteriously, cackling when Kisaki shot him a glare- "disappeared." He finished, still laughing.

"I don't care about them. They can rot, but Tachibana is gone too, and she must have been caught by the same captors."

He tuned out Hanma's taunts, choosing to delve deeper into his own mind.

He had to figure this out, for his future with Hinata, for everything he had worked for to rise to the top of the delinquent world. He didn't care that Hanagaki was gone, but he knew unless he was fully out of the way, Hinata would never accept his affections.

He'd forever be the lonely boy from cram school to her, unable to do anything but pine. He refused that future, he'd rescue Hinata and she would marry him. She'd be too grateful to reject him.

They'd start their own future, and he would be her hero this time.

Chapter Text

Chifuyu Matsuno had wanted to be a pilot.

He got monthly issues of his favorite aviation magazine to fawn over, and his mom had even saved up for months to get him a pilot's jacket for his birthday, to encourage his dream. She had embroidered a cat on it's lapel, to remind him of his family waiting for him on the ground while he was exploring the skies.

Now trapped below the ground by his former friends, he dreamed of flying away to the skies, away from the horrors facing him here. Baji Keisuke and Kazutora Hanemiya were demons wearing his friend's faces and demanding he fall like they had.

Chifuyu stared at his beloved jacket pinned on the wall across from his bed, and mourned for a heartbeat.

He had to get out of here and see the skies again, Baji and Tora be damned.



The calls of his name snapped him out of daze, and his eyes sharpened again to look at his captors. They were standing together at the foot of "his" bed, making sure to leer at him in a way that sent shivers down his back.

He rolled over in the covers after sparing them a quick glance, unwilling to give them the benefit of his attention. Baji stomped over and wrestled the covers from his grip, throwing them off the bed.

Chifuyu felt a pang of sadness at the loss of his protection.

"That's not nice sweetheart. We just wanted to say hi to our boyfriend. Don't we deserve to see you after you keep ignoring us and refusing our care?" Tora- no not Tora, Kazutora didn't deserve his affection in the least- scolded.

"Don't care."

"Don't be a brat Matsuno." Baji snapped back, reaching out towards him to grab his shoulder tightly. Chifuyu let out a hiss, his former captains grip was harsh and ironclad as usual.

Chifuyu felt his jaw snap shut anyway, still so stupidly loyal to his loved ones that he'd do whatever they wanted after they hurt him, and maybe, just maybe, terrified at what they'd do if he resisted more.

Baji and Kazutora shared a pleased look, and stalked towards him.

He scrambled back against the headboard, wishing there was more space to get away from the predators moving towards him, but felt none. The collar on his throat was all the proof he needed that escape was improbable at this stage.

"We have to leave you alone today, and since you've been so good with Takemitchy in the past, Mikey wanted you to spend time with him while we're at our Toman meeting."

Takemitchy. His partner. He would be able to see how he was doing.

"I told you he'd be excited Tora."

Chifuyu tried his best to school his features, he couldn't be vulnerable in the emotions he showed them. Not when they were looking at him like any positive response was a reason to jump him.

Still, he'd get to see someone who wasn't completely insane, and that was a win in this hell.

Kazutora took out the key to the collar, and Chifuyu resisted attacking him for it, knowing something was different this time.

His collar was disconnected from the bed and quickly reattached, locked back faster than he could react to. Chifuyu scowled as Baji connected a leash to it, and tugged him forward, causing him to trip harshly on the carpeted floor, scraping his already bruised knees.

Tears welled up in his eyes, and he flinched away as Kazutora wiped them away with a gentle grin, and grabbed Chifuyu's hands to bring him back to his feet, holding him steady.

Itchy tulle was forced over his arms as he was dressed in their demented outfit of the day. Baji's choices were always dark colored and revealing, but Kazutora got to pick today, and dressed him in a layered blue dress with more lace than normal fabric.

He held back a growl as white tights were forced over his legs. Was their goal to completely embarrass him until he gave in to their delusions?

Chifuyu was stood up at the mirror now, forced to look at himself. His cheeks flushed hotly with humiliation as Baji slipped a pair of cat ears on his head.

He'd do it though, for Takemichi.

And find a way home.




Chifuyu hated this. He was dressed up like a doll, stuck in an itchy dress, and forced to play nice with the people who had done it so he could see his friend. At least Takemichi was in the same boat. His friend was dressed in a white version of his dress and had a bunny ear headband, looking equally miserable. It was messed up, but at least Chifuyu wasn't alone.

Baji had hugged him tightly while Kazutora strapped his hand to the table. There wasn't any give in the fabric, and the edges hurt when he pushed against them. Once more, thoroughly trapped by his former friends. Lovely. They had left soon after, promising him they'd be back and not to worry.

Mikey had snapped a picture of them together, and laughed when Chifuyu attempted to kill him with his glare. Sick fucker deserved worse than death for the things they had done.

A whimper of pain attracted his attention to Takemichi, and he glanced over to his friend.

Takemichi's injured hand had been the one strapped tightly to the table, and was obviously causing him pain, his finger twisting awkwardly against the restraint and filling with blood. Mikey didn't seem to care, walking out after blowing Takemichi a kiss.

"Oi! You strapped Takemichi's injured hand! It's gonna get worse!" He hollered after him, if they weren't going to help Takemichi better than a simple bandage and splint, they at least shouldn't aggravate his wound.

"I'm okay Chifuyu. Really." His friend gave him a shaky smile. Typical Takemichi, willing to get himself hurt worse so that others would be okay.

"You aren't okay Partner. Mikey hurt you and he hurt you again now, and we need to figure out how to get out of here before it gets even worse, and we both die here."

Chifuyu felt bad for how rattled that made his partner look, but he needed his help.

Takemichi took a deep breath in, and steadied his gaze. Chifuyu was always caught off guard by how intense his partner could be when he focused.

"We can't talk here."


"They'll have cameras or something Chifuyu. Do you think they just left us completely alone for no reason? This is obviously some kind of test."

Oh. A test. That was certainly plausible.

"Okay partner. If they're listening, we could at least go over what we know. No plans, just talking."

They couldn't do anything to them for just evaluating the situation together, surely?

Chifuyu took a deep breath.

"I'm pretty sure we're close to the main entrance. If we could slip out of our rooms, we could see. I know you're my neighbor at night, because I can hear you."

This information may not have been the most valuable, but he needed his partner on board for his next step.

"There's a crack in my wall, I think it leads over to yours. We can communicate through there, learn schedules and get a real plan. Maybe Shinichiro-san knows something."

He saw a slight determined smile on his partner's face, and felt his own heart grow lighter.

They would get out of here.

Chifuyu needed to see the sky again.

Chapter Text

Mikey couldn't be happier. His Takemitchy was right there, able to be kept safe in his room, away from husband stealing leeches like Tachibana Hinata and accessible to Mikey's whims at all times, like he should be.

His Mitchy was so adorable curled up in his bed, clutching the corgi plush Mikey had gotten for him on their first date tightly.
Mikey had wrapped his precious towel over him for his nap earlier, and it was starting to slide off, only covering half of his body.

He tucked the towel back over him and made to leave before a small voice caught his attention.

"..nnn.hina-chan.marry me?"

His Takemitchy whispered out with a dopey grin on his face, clearly lost in slumber.

Mikey didn't care.

How dare Takemitchy care about that girl still. He was Mikey's. They were married, and he wanted to fucking cheat on him with Emma's girlfriend?

"Ne, Takemitchy. You shouldn't be unfaithful to your lover. It's not fair." He whispered back to his lover's prone body, he'd punish him as soon as he woke.

For now he could get his sleep, and when Mikey returned from his Toman meeting…

Mitchy would regret ever meeting Tachibana, and take his rightful place as Sano Takemichi, his loving husband.

It was fine if the lesson didn't stick right away. Wakasa had told him that relationships have their ups and downs, and he should be a fair lover.

What should he do to Takemichi then?

His poor stubborn love didn't seem to realize that snapping his fingers hurt Mikey more than him, so maybe he should try something more...permanent.

He would make sure he was all Takemichi could think about, awake or asleep.




The Toman Meeting wasn't pretty.

Draken was absolutely exhausted trying to calm down their members enough to get a moment of silence for Mikey to talk, and the panic of the situation was overwhelming the fear of retaliation from their captains for disrespect. Insolent fuckers.

On the topic of captains..that was a whole different mess. Mikey and Draken were both present of course, as were the 1st and 3rd divisions, but the others were complicated. Mitsuya had gone missing, as well as both Kawata twins and Mucho, crippling administration in Toman.

The 1st division were angry over the loss of Chifuyu, and Hakkai was left to deal with the entire second division alone. The 4th division was missing from the meeting, out searching for their captains against orders. Sanzu was standing alone in his solitary position as the de facto head of the 5th, surveying his surroundings with his usual dead eyes, before settling on Mikey.

It was a complete shit-show, and it was up to Draken to calm down their forces so Mikey could make his announcement.

Whatever his best friend had planned to deal with this wasn't privy to Draken himself, and it was driving him up the wall. Mikey better have an actual plan to find their missing members, or shit was gonna get so much worse.

"Everyone, shut the hell up! Your commander is here to announce his plans, so listen to Mikey." He roared into the crowd, finally getting the silence they needed.

Mikey nodded his thanks to him, and Draken stepped back to his usual spot.

"Our members and captains have been taken. This is at the very least a targeted attack on Toman, and unreasonable for us to take lying down. Our enemy is unknown, and that forced me to make a decision."

Draken waited with bated breath for his commander to continue.

"Toman will be merging forces with Tenjiku."

What. Mikey had been avoiding that for years. What fucking gives?

"Toman and Tenjiku are vulnerable currently, combining is the best option to stay #1 in our regions, and Kurokawa Izana is my brother. We'd be combining without potential bloodshed, and both of us knew it was an inevitability in our goals."

That was news to Draken, but whatever. Mikey was right anyway, Toman was in an unprecedented state of vulnerability, three divisions reduced.

Izana was unstable, but Mikey was his brother, and maybe the merger would help them find their missing members.

He'd trust in Mikey, like always.

The uncertainty in the eyes of the lower ranks was understandable, but not allowed.

"Hah? You questioning Mikey's decisions?" He leered down to the crowd, making the ones at the front drop into low bows.

Kisaki was looking at Mikey intensely, the slimy weasel was always up to something. His partner Hanma was looming behind him with his usual manic grin, looking like the same psycho as always.

They may be in the same gang now, but Draken would never forget the blatant disrespect he had shown him and Mikey, and the sadistic way he acted in fights.

The third division was still a wild card, but one they couldn't afford to lose, especially with the current state of Toman.

"Meeting dismissed."

The lower ranks dispersed, and Draken was left with just the captains.

"Are you sure about this Mikey?"

"Huh? You worried, Ken-chin? Izana-niisan and I just have to work together for a bit, and then we'll have everyone back."

Mikey's eyes crinkled closed as he gave him a reassuring smile, and Draken tried to let himself be comforted by the words.

"What about Inui?"

He dug his nails into his palms. Inui had been missing for almost a week now, and who knows if he was even alive.

"We'll find him Ken-chin."

Draken let the drive back to the brothel immerse him in his thoughts, shaking away the worry to start planning.

He would find Inui, and Takemitchy and Chifuyu and the others. They would be safe from whoever was holding them captive, and would live their happy lives.

Draken trusted his gut, and as much as he loved Mikey, he had a bad feeling about the merger.

He would have to find alternative help away from Toman to find his friends, and he knew just where to start.

Chapter Text

Love was always supposed to be painful.

Taiju made sure he was taught that young, beating and bruising his siblings until they couldn't walk just for the smallest offenses.

Hakkai knew differently now, thanks to Taka-chan. Mitsuya Takashi was a beautiful soul, taking care of everyone and everything precious to him, using his violence to protect rather than hurt.

He made Hakkai's heart beat faster in his chest, and it was exciting. He knew this was a proper love, and it made him feel cherished when Mitsuya chose him, time and time again.

Taka-chan defended him more on Christmas, against his abusive brother, to keep him and Yuzuha safe, and he fell further. He was amazing, his eyes blazed in determination as he took hit after hit, unafraid of Taiju even as he was beaten down by his brother.

Hakkai fell deeper, and it was exhilarating.

He soon found out that he was selfish. He couldn't stand the way his love treated those around him, speaking fondly of his mother who abandoned him to take care of young kids, and constantly pampering the second division with his attention.

They didn't deserve it; not with their ignorance to Taka-chan's exhaustion after taking care of them all, sewing up tears in their uniforms and forcing them to behave like proper delinquents.

He couldn't stop himself from glaring at his other members, and using his height and looks to scare away the leeches. He still didn't feel too bad, they were using up all of Taka-chan's energy.

Hakkai was helping after all, less people vying for attention meant Mitsuya could finally relax.

If he could make sure that Mitsuya didn't have to deal with people like that ever again, he'd take it in a heartbeat.

It was messy to clean up all the blood from the clingy ones, and Hakkai was desperate for another solution.

A stroke of luck did occur, and his commander shared similar plans to capture his love! Takemitchy would be happy with Mikey, he was sure. His friend would be in caring hands, just like his.

Getting the drugs to use for transportation was easy, but inviting Taka-chan to the festival was admittedly less so.

He kept worrying about Mana and Luna, but Yuzuha, his amazing older sister, offered to babysit. He was going to get her the best birthday present.

Still, he got Taka-chan home safe and sound eventually, where he wouldn't have to exhaust himself taking care of insects anymore, and could just be happy with Hakkai.

Truly the best outcome for them, so why was Mitsuya refusing to pay attention to him?

It wasn't fair.

He just wanted them to be happy.

Look at him.





"Taka-chan." Hakkai called out, tucking his hands behind his back to conceal the present he had for Mitsuya.

He had talked to Wakasa, and since it should be okay now to give him sewing supplies to get him more acclimated to his new environment, he bought him a simple kit. He hoped Taka-chan wouldn't do something foolish like try and hurt him with a needle, he'd have to punish him then.

Handing over the supplies didn't get him the reaction he wanted, Taka-chan just looked blankly at him.

Taka-chan was always overjoyed to receive new supplies for the club and himself in the past, so what gives?

"Do you not like them?" Hakkai inquired, a pout on his face. He hoped he didn't do something wrong.

"Hakkai. You kidnapped me. Some needles and scraps of fabric doesn't change that."

No, wrong. He saved him.

"Just let us go, and we can go back to how it used to be." Taka-chan's voice was calm and even as he tried to reason with him, but he didn't realize that he was the one wrong here. He would be happy here, finally getting to relax.

He wasn't going to let Mitsuya go back to the way it was, and he certainly wasn't going to risk Mikey and the other's wrath for freeing their darlings.

They would slaughter him for even thinking about it, and Hakkai had no intention of ever putting himself in that position.

Taka-chan really had to stop caring about others so much, it would tear him apart. Hakkai was always there to stitch him back together though, his lover would always have his affection.

"You aren't leaving. None of you are."

"Hakkai please-"

He cut Taka-chan off with a finger to his lips, stunning him.

"Just stop, it hurts to hear you say how much you don't want to be with me."

"Maybe if you let me out, we could've tried a normal relationship!"

Silly. This was perfectly normal.

Love was hard though, and he knew Taka-chan had trouble understanding that he should be loved unconditionally, and kept where the person who loved him could see.

So he'd forgive the rudeness from his love, and let it slide.

He'd protect Taka-chan, always.

Leaving the room was always difficult, he never wanted to abandon Mitsuya like so many had, but he had a meeting to attend, so he'd make sure to keep the second division strong for his captain.

Even if some didn't understand the love he had, it was fine. He had Taka-chan with him forever now, and that was more than perfect.

He'd make sure to keep it that way, even if his love didn't understand why.

Teaching Taka-chan about the ways of his love would be beautiful, and they'd finally understand each other, and maybe someday they could start a family of their own.

He'd model all of Taka-chan's designs, and they'd move into a house together without the protections.

A perfect idyllic future for them, and Hakkai couldn't wait to make his dreams come true.

Chapter Text

Shinichiro Sano's disappearance after his retirement from the Black Dragons was a surprise to the delinquent world, but none has felt it harder than his former executives, Takeomi Akashi and Arashi Keizo.

Being cut off from your friend by his jealous boyfriend was difficult, and after all these years, still stung. Shinichiro still had not made the effort to contact them, and they suspected the worst from Wakasa.

Imaushi Wakasa was a possessive, jealous unfeeling son of a bitch, and if Takeomi ever saw him again, he'd punch his fucking lights out. Even if he couldn't prove it, the fucker kidnapped their friend.

After a few months of demanding their leader back and getting nothing but hostility and increased security measures, and a few minor jail sentences for trespassing, they reluctantly stopped. Wakasa could win, for now.

They had left the gang life, getting normal enough jobs, and stayed that way. Shinichiro would leave the fucker eventually, and they'd be there to pick up their friend's pieces.

Seeing Ryuguji Ken at the door of their shared apartment was about the furthest thing they expected, and Kisaki Tetta standing next to him was even weirder.

"We need your help to save our friends, and you're possibly the only other people who can understand. Help us save Shinichiro."

Well that was unexpected.

Still, he invited them inside, sharing a look with Keizo. They'd help them, especially if it meant saving their friend.

They owed Shinichiro that, after leaving him in that monster's clutches for so long.

A few hours earlier…

It would be a stretch to say Kisaki Tetta did not care what happened to Takemichi Hanagaki. After all, the boy was his rival in Hina's affections, and Kisaki needed him to see Kisaki take away everything that made his pitiful life worth living.

That being said, the bastard was part of the serial kidnappings around the delinquent world, and unlike Hina, had a last confirmed location.

A summer festival in Shibuya that he attended with Mitsuya and Chifuyu, other victims. Not important to his plans, but he knew of them as top Toman admins and important members.

Hanma had looked at him like he was crazy when he explained his plan to hack the street cameras near the venue, but fuck him, Kisaki was talented enough to do this. Even if he had never done it before.

Several energy drinks and a severe drop in patience at Hanma's continued snark later, he managed to crack the security.

Several weeks worth of rewinding, a quick lunch, and several bruises from his impromptu wrestling match with Hanma for insulting his competence, he managed to get to the night of the festival.


Hooded figures spotted gently carrying boys through an alley to a waiting car. You could almost mistake them for being different from his targets, but a quick peek of badly dyed blond hair confirmed it.

He was watching Manjiro Sano and company kidnap Takemichi and the others.


In retrospect, completely understandable. Mikey had been clingy and obsessive for a good while, and finding an opportunity must have been exciting for him.

Having something to control Mikey with would lead to him having the Toman of his dreams, and this certainly counted.

But Hina was still missing, and he would need to figure out if Mikey was behind it.

Kisaki Tetta would not be able to take Mikey in a fight, but if he brought Hanma to hit to question Draken about involvement, they could potentially kill a potential pest or gain an ally. Either worked for his plans, but he would need more.

Kisaki may be powerful now, and Hanma was an infamous figure, but they would still need more manpower to get to the bottom of this.

So there they were, outside of the seedy brothel that Ryuguji Ken called a home, pushing prostitutes out of the way on their warpath to reach him.

"Do we really need him?" Hanma grumbled under his breath, earning a glare from Kisaki.

"Yes, you absolute nitwit. We need Draken to get to the house with less alarm from the occupants and rescue Hinata."

"What if he doesn't believe you? It's a hard sell, man's stubborn and loyal to a fault."

"He will." Kisaki left it at that, Draken would have to believe him if he ever wanted Inui to get free.

That, and Kisaki needed a pawn to use.

He knocked harshly on the door, letting the bangs echo through the halls before an irritated Draken peeked his eye through a crack in the door.

"The fuck do you want, Kisaki?" He spat out his name like it pained him to even say it.

"Mikey and others are responsible for the kidnapping of Inui Seishu."

The door was wrenched open, and Kisaki was dragged into the room by his shirt collar. Draken, still holding him in a stranglehold, stared him down.

"Talk, fucker."

Kisaki explained everything, Draken's eyes growing darker by the word.

"And you expect me to believe that?" Barking out a humorless laugh, Kisaki's attention was brought back to the hold Draken still had on him.

"You're lucky I don't kill you right here."

Kisaki tugged himself out of the grip, Draken weaker with the shock and denial. He smirked at him, the vulnerability appealing to Kisaki's more sadistic tendencies.

"Denial is fine, but if you want to save your boyfriend? You'll have to work with me. Help us stop Mikey from killing him, or worse."

Handing Draken a slip of paper with an address, he stalked out of the room.

He hoped his words would sway him, he truly did need Draken for his plan.

Saving Hinata, leaving Takemichi, and making sure Manjiro Sano and Kurokawa Izana did whatever he wanted?

He'd get everything he wanted, and more. The genius delinquent king would rise, and they could enjoy their pets to their heart's content.

Hanagaki Takemichi would not get in the way of his happy ending.


Chapter Text

If there was anything Souya was thankful for in the world, it was having his brother.

Nahoya always protected him, making sure his little brother wouldn't have a reason to cry. Still, staring down their current fate was hard to stomach.

He couldn't even touch his brother for comfort, instead being forced into cuddles by Rindou that made his skin crawl. The blond boy always stared at him like he was going to eat him, and Souya was frightened that one day he would.

The Haitanis weren't afraid to hurt Nahoya for resisting, and every new day gave his older brother a different injury. Bruises from Ran's baton decorated his skin, with small cuts from a scalpel in the shapes of small hearts carved into his skin.

Rindou merely held him gently while Ran brutalized his older brother, carding his fingers through his hair and whispering words of affection.

Souya tried to struggle out of the embrace, but Rindou gripped his shoulder in warning, and Souya stilled. One wrong move would leave his shoulder dislocated from this psycho.

"Good job Doll. You're finally learning."

His lips curved down in an angry snarl like his namesake, he resumed his struggles. Who cared if he got his shoulder dislocated? It was better than being a pathetic bitch to the psycho.

A blinding pain shot through him as Rindou wrenched the joint out of its socket with a sickening pop.

Motherfucker, that hurt like a bitch.

Ran had redirected his attention towards them instead of his older brother, raising an eyebrow at the sudden move from his usually calmer brother.

Rindou shrugged back in response, not caring at all that he had hurt his "love". The Haitanis were sadistic monsters, and Souya regretted not running when they had first appeared on their turf years ago.

The Twin Devils gang and Haitanis had been in scraps for years, even as they joined up with Toman and Tenjiku respectively. The fights were always ugly, Nahoya having to protect himself as well as Souya, but he couldn't deny their excitement. In a weird way, he had started to look forward to seeing the brothers, and he knew Nahoya had too.

Rindou was a unique opponent, and his specialization in targeting joints was an interesting approach, his teamwork with his brother couldn't be overstated either. They were an amazing team, and fighting side by side with Nahoya against them was exhilarating.

Their dynamic has changed over the years, their increased familiarity leading to friendlier dialogue and a more relaxed atmosphere. They were closer to friendly sparring partners at the end, but that had obviously changed.

Fighting had changed from a team activity, Rindou abandoning his brother to corner Souya against walls and grin when Souya flipped out of his holds to slam him against walls. He rarely got his bones broken anymore, learning some of the other boy's tells. Landing blows was still a pain, Rindou was fast as fuck and he hit hard when he got the chance. Souya couldn't help the flips in heart when Rindou complimented him on his dodges.

Still, that one fight had gone miserably wrong, and now he was forced here. Whatever was developing would be dead now, Rindou didn't deserve anything from him but hatred, and he would receive it in abundance.




Rindou had a weakness for cute things, and Kawata Souya certainly qualified. His poofy blue hair and constant growl and gruff mannerisms were adorable, reminiscent of an angry small animal.

He didn't want to let him go.

The Kawata twins were thoroughly entertaining, and charming in their mannerisms. Brotherly intuition already confirmed that Ran was toying with the idea of keeping Nahoya, and Rindou couldn't deny how much the idea of having Souya to himself appealed.

As talented as they were at fighting, they really didn't care much for planning, always following figures that would do logistics. The Haitanis were weapons to wield, and they would leave it to their leaders to figure out where to use them. Still, a quick purchase of chloroform was made for Rindou, and Ran decided to use his baton again.

They fought dirtier than normal, throwing jabs into kidneys and the backs of knees, aiming to disable their targets as fast as possible before they realized what was happening.

Izana offering them a space to house their darlings was a much better alternative to their own rat infested apartment in Roppongi, and they took it in a heartbeat.

And now they were here, keeping their boys in their room. Keeping them away from another may be cruel, but it was all a part of the process. If they couldn't hold another, they would have to appreciate their touches.

Unfortunately, this wasn't working, and it was driving both Haitanis insane.

Nahoya kept biting and scratching Ran when he was just trying to bathe and feed him, and spat curses at them constantly, even when gagged. Souya tried to mimick his brother's behavior, but was more easily scared with the threats of bodily harm, and even let Rindou cuddle him when he was restrained enough.

Rindou was winning, take that big brother.

Something would still need to be done about this behavior, and he and Ran both knew it. Izana and Hakkai had both approached them as the noise had been alarming their captives. If they couldn't quell this, they'd have to find an alternative place to keep them, and that was not an option.

Souya had struggled as much as he could when Rindou had slipped the blindfold over his eyes, and tensed in shock when the earplugs were popped in. If they wouldn't behave, they would suffer in silence.

They would check on them of course, they weren't heartless. Both twins would be told that they were separated from their other half while kept in the same room, and hopefully the loneliness from not being able to communicate and comfort each other would break them.

Once they shattered, they would pick up the pieces and mold them into the perfect lovers.

Rindou couldn't wait to have Souya love him back, it would be worth all the pain he'd put his lover through.

He'd accept his love eventually.

He had no choice.

Chapter Text

Nahoya had to put on a brave face, bare his teeth and growl at the world that hurt him, but even this was too much.

He was an older brother, it was his responsibility to protect his vulnerable twin, but he couldn't, and he knew the bastards outside wanted to use that for all they could.

His seams were coming undone, ripping apart to reveal the viscera underneath, and he could only scream at the feeling of loneliness he could feel. He had never been truly alone, never without his other half. Smiley and Angry, the demon twins, the Sugoaku.

He shielded Souya from the worst hits, making sure his bruises were treated while ignoring his own. If he has to be the only one keeping his brother alive with their neglectful gambling parents, he'd do a damn good job.

They could only afford cheap bland ramen on the best days, but Souya always found some way to make it taste better.

"The best spice is love Nii-chan!" His little bro would chirp, kneeling next to him at their rickety table, and diving into their meal.

Souya was talented, and he would get him the recognition he deserved, pummeling any fucker who dared heckle their restaurant. They'd get one of those fancy stars on their restaurant, and Nahoya would make sure their specials would be extra spicy. It'd be amazing.

Souya would still get his restaurant, even if Nahoya had to splatter his hands with the blood of all these motherfuckers.

The sensory deprivation was an ugly trick to make them even more dependent, and like hell he would fall for it.

He wouldn't cry and break down. He had no intention of being Ran Haitani's anything, and the fucker could choke on his goddamn delusions of being boyfriends or something.

Light was invading his eyes as the asshole of the hour decided to lift his blindfold after hours? Minutes? Nahoya couldn't tell time here, and it was driving him slightly crazy.

His ears were luckily still plugged so he couldn't hear Ran as the tall boy ranted about something, occasionally pausing to look intensely at him. In an act of spite, Nahoya closed his eyes.

Sound burst back into his world as Ran gripped the earplugs and pulled hard, disorienting him.

"I knew something was wrong there. You never ignore me for that long Clementine."

Another goddamn nickname.

Noticing his grimace, the menace continued. Bastard.

"You don't like that one? You're so picky with your nicknames. You've hated honey, darling, sweetpea, cupcake...I'm beginning to think you enjoy challenging my attempts for finding the perfect one."

'Or maybe I just hate you asshole', Nahoya thought, still unable to spit the vitriol he wanted.

"Oh no little lion, you don't get to bite my head off just yet. We've barely started our honeymoon and you're already giving me so much trouble."

Drop dead.

Ran's laugh was almost the worst sound in the world, only behind Souya's tears. It was light and airy, almost melodic. It could trick you into thinking he wasn't a threat, and that was not an option.

His new vision allowed him to see Souya wrapped in Rindou's embrace, unaware of the world but very uncomfortable. He could see tears darkening his blindfold, and sweat beading on his forehead.

"Now that's naughty. Should we get a curtain to separate you more? You shouldn't be looking at him when I'm right here. Don't be so dependent."

Nahoya tried to turn his head back as Ran gripped his chin tightly, and forced him to face him.

Ran smiled in victory at the forced eye contact, and starting to lean in.

No. Not today. Never, ever fucking ever would he kiss Ran Haitani, his psycho kidnapper tormenting him and his brother.

He closed his eyes and leaned forward slightly, before quickly thrusting his head up to headbutt Ran harshly, leaving a mark that he was sure would leave a hell of a bruise. Good.

He received an angry hiss for his actions, and Rindou left Souya to check in on his brother.

"If I didn't find the stubborn streak so cute, I'd be angrier. Still, you hurt me. So now you have to be punished."

He couldn't say anything still, so he hoped the glare he gave summed up the amount of "go fuck yourself" he was feeling.

"You don't care what happens to you, typical big brother sacrifices and all. I can understand that." Ran gave a charming smile to punctuate his point, and Nahoya's blood was chilling.

"So I'll give you a choice. Promise to love me back, or never see Angry again."

"We can put you in different rooms for years. Take you or him back to our apartment and just keep you there. You wouldn't get to check on him, but don't worry, Rindou will take great care of him."

"That doesn't need to happen though. Just nod your head yes, and I'll make sure we start treating you both gently. We'll even get you longer chains so you can cuddle like little bunnies again."


He closed his eyes, and nodded. He'd live with a monster if it meant his brother could have a better life, and they could still see each other.

He needed his twin, but it still hurt to give in.

Ran leaned in again, and he could only accept it this time, waiting impatiently for the bastard to finish. His luck wasn't there, and he started peppering kisses all over his face, determined to leave no part of him "unloved".

His need to scratch the skin off his face was unfulfilled, and he despaired.

Still, for Souya.

To make his little brother feel better, he'd put himself through neglectful parents, gang wars, and now this.

If he could stop his brother from crying, all would be worth it.

Souya would give him the brightest smile when they escaped, too much teeth and maybe some happy tear tracks. Wide and joyful and real.

He couldn't wait to see that smile, and to burn this place to the fucking ground.

He'd kill Ran and Rindou himself and smile.

Chapter Text

Surviving was all Inui Seishu knew. Picking himself up from crisis after crisis, keeping his bearings together so he could analyze the situation.

Grief hadn't helped him before, and he doubted that would change now.

Being trapped in a bed unable to help himself wasn't as foreign to him as the others, with his extended stay at the hospital after the fire, but it didn't make it less claustrophobic.

Koko kept candles lit in his room, and the smoke was dizzying.

His head spun 24/7, and Inui felt like floating away. If he got to leave, he would hold Ken as tight as he could.

Oh, Ken. Seishu hoped he could move on, just so he wouldn't be hurt.

He could learn to love a monster, if only his true lover could be safe.

Seishu knew life was not fair, and it was not kind. Still, he hoped it would spare him.

Sinking into sleep was easy these days, melting away into a realm where the monster couldn't reach.

The scent of daisies and smoke invaded, acrid and bitter even if it tried to disguise itself.

A burning meadow, perfect for him to rest.

According to Koko, Seishu had been good, and he got to eat with Shinichiro.

He wished he could've eaten with Hanagaki, but Shinichiro was his childhood hero and knew the most about their situation.

"Honestly? Just agree, swallow your pride and don't give them anything to hurt you with."

Some fucking advice.

"I literally cannot do that Shinichiro-san. My boyfriend is still out there, going on a suicide mission to save us."

Panic overtook Shinichiro's expression, and his head swiveled in all directions, checking if anyone had heard that.

"Fucking hell! What did I tell you kids! You can't talk like that in the open." He hissed at him, eyes wide in fear.

"I can't just forget! I have a life outside of here, and I'm not just going to play house like you!"

He spat out the word you, hoping it struck deep. It may have been unfair, but he couldn't be accused of rationality when his loved ones were insulted.

Shinichiro ran a hand through his unruly hair, sighing like he had gone through an unmeasurable tragedy.

Shinichiro-san squared his shoulders, directing his glare towards Seishu, and Seishu felt paralyzed.

His heart raced, maybe Shinichiro was just like them. There was no emotion behind that gaze, just darkness like the rest of his kin.

As if he could sense his thoughts, Shinichiro sent him a calming smile.

"Listen Seishu, I know it's difficult. Believe me, no one knows that better than I do. But you have to get out of here to see the world again, so for now, play house."

He continued, the same carefree tone carrying through his voice.

"You were already good enough to visit me, so keep it up and together we'll find a weak spot. We'll get out of here."

Seishu had never had a big brother to encourage him, but he envied those who did greatly as Shinichiro gently ruffled his hair.

This was nice…

So when was it going to turn?




Hajime was very pleased with how Seishu was settling.

He hadn't cursed violently at him like the Kawatas, or ignored him like Mitsuya, or burst into tears on sight like Takemichi.

Overall, an easier adjustment.

Hajime still wasn't dumb, far from it. And he knew what was consuming his lover's thoughts.

Ryuguji Ken was still a problem, and one that had gotten worse than ever.

The bastard was sniffing around where he didn't belong, teaming up with Kisaki of all people.

Mikey still wouldn't put out the elimination order, sentiments were such a hassle.

Going over his head would be a death sentence though, so Hajime simply seethed in silence.

He'd get to kill the fucker soon enough.

Today was good though, a new weapons supply had come in, and Hajime was going to sell them for thrice their value. He had killed his competition, so the delinquents of Japan could only turn to one source now; him.

Toman combining with Tenjiku had turned his hands dirtier than ever, and it was thrilling. Bloody money flowed through, and Hajime got to revel in the stream.

It was almost beautiful enough to make him forget his biggest problem on hand.

See, Seishu didn't love him. And that was..okay for now. He wasn't like Mikey or Baji or any of the more simple allies he had made, he knew this would take time.

But he could push him in the right direction.

Addiction was a tricky thing to control, he didn't want to harm his love, but if he did it for a short amount of time he was sure he could make this work.

He'd start small, candles maybe.

But soon, Seishu would be a shaky mess, and Hajime could mold him back into the shape of who he was always meant to be.

The drugs would be sure to build his dependence, after all, if he didn't love Hajime? Who would give him his latest fix?

They'd have a normal love life soon, white picket fence and all that shit, but for now...Hajime would enjoy building his perfect Seishu.

One who couldn't leave him without becoming a mess, forever waiting for Hajime to bring him everything he could want.

Seishu was his everything, his light to head towards when he was lost.

And now he would be Seishu's god.

Chapter Text

Kakucho had fought his foster parents when he was taken out of the orphanage.

They were taking him away from his friend, the one person who had given him hope after the crash that had annihilated almost his entire family, and he didn't want to lose another person important to him.

Still, as many times as he'd run away, he couldn't find Izana or the orphanage again.

It had been years, but Kakucho could still remember the dizzying smile Izana had given him as he promised they'd rule a kingdom together one day.

Being forced to move to Yokohama was a nightmare at first, but it gave him another perspective on life away from his past.

He still can't get in a car without feeling like they'll crash and burn to death like his family had, but his therapist said that was perfectly okay.

Kakucho had been in counseling for years, recommended to him by his new family. They had been loving and motivating, and Kakucho was sure he wouldn't be as adjusted as he was without them.

Getting a job at a bakery was the highlight of his life so far. The owner was a past delinquent who had run the Scarlet Blossoms, a fierce girl gang that had disbanded in the 90s. Himiko-san hadn't judged him for the jagged scar on his face, and occasionally let him snag a strawberry mochi from the display.

He wished Izana could've been part of this life, sharing daifuku under the sunset and chatting about whatever crossed their minds.

Izana Kurokawa was back in Shibuya, with his parent's graves, and he had no way of seeing him again without a miracle.

It took a black car, a strong arm choking him out as he struggled for air, and waking up in different clothes to find his miracle.

Seeing Izana again took the air out of his lungs again.

"I-Izana? Is that you?"

His friend closed his eyes and gave the smile he remembered, and Kakucho's heart jumped in his chest.

He surged up and out of the bed, almost tackling Izana in a tight hug, tears springing to his eyes.

Izana's eyes widened in shock but quickly reciprocated. The tears were freely flowing now, and he felt like Takemichi. Stupid crybaby was rubbing off on him.

"How did you get here? Are you hurt? How did you escape?" Questions poured from his mouth, each one more frantic than the last.

"Easy servant. You're going to fry your little brain at this rate."

Ah, yes. Izana's irritating habit of referring to anyone who wasn't himself as a servant.

He took the advice in mind, wiping the tears from his eyes as he straightened his back to look around.

The chain that connected him to the bed was deceptively thin, but Kakucho's attempts to snap it had failed. The room itself was fancy, red silk lining almost every surface with gold threads sewn in for extra flair. It reminded him of the royalty he had talked about with Izana in their childhood.

"Confused still?" Izana had stepped closer, almost nose to nose now.

Kakucho took a step back to maintain some distance, backing up against the foot of the bed.

Izana's eyes narrowed, and Kakucho felt a pit of dread open up in his stomach.

"Did you do this?"


"Fucking answer me Izana, did you seriously kidnap me?"

Izana tilted his head, looking at him with those wide vacant eyes.

"You wanted to see me. You hugged me. Why are you so mad now, servant?"

Quick as a snake, he pinned Kakucho down onto the bed.

Kakucho felt like a rabbit trapped under a fox, like Izana was going to devour him at any moment.

"You left me once, you let the peasants drag us apart. So now you'll be here, where I can make sure you'll never leave."


"I'm sure you'll adjust in time. I'll be gentle after all. You should really thank me for putting so much energy into you."


Izana came closer, and their lips finally connected.

He could feel Izana smiling into the kiss, but Kakucho only felt horror.

Izana leaned back finally, licking his lips.

"I'll see you later for dinner, servant. Waste it and I'll make sure you regret it."

With that, he left through the door, and Kakucho's hope of Izana snapping to his senses vanished.

It was hard to hate his first love, so instead Kakucho directed his ire to the man who had twisted him.

Wakasa Imaushi ran the hell they lived in, directing their captors to care for the people they held in whatever way seemed fit.

He heard the man took the Sanos under his wing from a young age, and had raised Izana with Shinichiro-san.

Wakasa had occasionally stepped in when Izana was about to give him a new object, stopping him from giving gifts that could be "dangerous".

A petty part of Kakucho that didn't want to acknowledge the true severity of the situation thought Wakasa just wanted him to be bored.

He definitely had an easier time pretending to appreciate what Izana was doing, unlike some of the others.

He hadn't heard from the Kawata twins in days, his neighbors eerily silent. At least the Haitani brothers talked loudly about them in the halls and their "progress". He knew they were alive that way.

He wished he could help them, but weren't they also being stupid? They were just getting themselves hurt more.

If he didn't provoke Izana, escaping would be easier, and he didn't understand why no one else was getting that lesson.

Oh no. He had thought that on his own.

He truly was going crazy.

Escape was his priority, and he couldn't let the thoughts Izana had planted take hold.

This wasn't healthy, and it wasn't real love.

So then why did his heart break when he thought of leaving?

Chapter Text

"N-no! Stay away from me you psycho!"

Not the words Emma expected when she finally attempted to take things to the next level.

She knew their relationship was er, unorthodox to some people, but surely her Raindrop could've understood that she was just letting her live the best life.

It wasn't fair that Kakucho and Big Bro seemed to just accept everything with no fuss. Emma worked so hard to get Hina!

Argh. It made her want to scream.

Seduction was a no then. It didn't make sense personally to Emma, she had worn her best lacey white lingerie, the ones that cupped her just right, and she made sure her makeup was flawless.

She knew Hina-chan was into girls, it was one of the first questions she had asked when she started to fall in love.

So why was she backing away?

Emma pouted, why wasn't she attractive to her Hinata?

"Why won't you just let me love you?" She asked.

"Are you kidding me Emma? You kidnapped me! To play some sort of sick fantasy with you! Why on earth would I "love" you after that?!"

Emma felt her heart slowly crack apart, and then shatter.

Hinata didn't love her.

She refused her.

If Hina didn't want to play nice, so be it.

Love was tricky, she knew it was difficult to form. And she hadn't exactly been the fairest to that development, kidnapping her raindrop before Hina could feel the spark too.

Still, it was too late to regret anything, and why should she? She had Hinata now.

And if she didn't want to love her? Emma would make her.

Hinata's permission would have been nice, but she didn't need it.

Her lover was still misguided after all, and she would have to guide her to the correct path.

Emma felt her lips split open into a wide grin, taking pleasure in the way Hina's eyes widened.

"Aw, don't be scared Raindrop."

Hina's petite hands curled into fists, and angry snarl forming on her delicate face.

"Don't touch me. You aren't my girlfriend and you sure as hell aren't my friend anymore."

There she goes again, saying nasty things to her lover.

"Don't be mean Hina-chan. I'm not scared to punish you or your precious Takemichi."

She couldn't do anything to Takemichi without Mikey's permission, but Hina didn't need to know that.

"I. Don't. Love. You"

Well, that was unpleasant to hear.

Now how to deal with that?

Emma's eyes lit up as she came up with her idea, and quickly hurried out of the room.

The sewing kit was innocuous enough, and when she reentered, Hina seemed only mildly wary.

"I'll ask you once Raindrop. Do you love me?"

Emma hoped Hinata would pick the correct choice, but a quick denial of her rightful affection angered her again, reaffirming her decision.

"You're so cruel Hina-chan. But that's okay, I'll forgive you. Still though, don't you think you deserve a punishment for being so mean?"

Emma made her eyes wide, and stalked forward towards the bed.

"Hey, Hinata? Do you know what happens to naughty darlings who can't stop saying mean things?"

A quick shout of Wakasa's name had the man rushing into the room, and she quickly instructed him to hold her Raindrop down.

Threading needles was always such a pain, but Emma got it through finally.

"Ne, Hina-chan. If you haven't figured it out yet, bad girls don't get to talk anymore. I'm a pretty good seamstress so don't worry, I'll make this quick."

"Unfortunately I can't give you anything to numb the pain, this is a punishment after all."

Emma smirked wickedly, and leaned over the thrashing girl.


Hina had never experienced worse pain, her injuries before were relegated to a scrape or bruise from martial arts.

The feeling of the needle entering the delicate pain was fire. Intense, unending burning as the thread passed through her flesh.

She could feel the blood running down her chin in trickles, and felt bile rise in her throat.

Each demented stitch that Emma had made was accompanied with a satisfied hum, and Hina felt dizzy.

There was only so much pain you could feel before your body went numb, and just fear the inevitable.

Her wrists and ankles were cuffed to the bed, Wakasa and Emma leaning over her to hold her down.

She tried to jerk hard, and at least kick the man off of her, but his grip was rock solid, and she was trapped in her torture.

Hina screamed again as Emma dragged the needle through with extra force.

"Oh don't be a baby. I'll take the stitches out when you prove you can be a nice Raindrop, so try your best, okay darling?"

Hina didn't respond, she couldn't anymore.

Emma had succeeded at sewing lines through her mouth, stopping her from making any noise besides muffled screams.

The monstrous girl skipped over to the vanity placed in the corner of her room, picking up an ornate hand mirror.

"Look Raindrop! Didn't I space them nice and evenly? I'll make sure the scars are nice and faint, but I don't mind if they show through! It'll just be another reminder you belong to me."

A tear rolled down her cheek as she looked at her mutilated appearance.

Emma had stolen her freedom, and now this.

If Hina could go back in time, she'd kill the bitch before she ever glanced at her in the cafe.

It was the least she deserved.

Chapter Text

Pain was not a unique concept to Takemichi. You get hit, bruised and bloody, but get back up to fight back again. Pain was a necessary thing, and a frequent visitor.

But he wasn't the one hurt.

Hinata's screams echoed through the basement, growing more and more muffled until they stopped suddenly.

He chose to not think about what that could mean.

Hinata couldn't be dead. She couldn't be.

Takemichi scratched at his arms, digging bluntly at the delicate skin until jagged lines of pink appeared.

Some of the lines had small spots of red beading in them, and Takemichi was entranced by them.


Mikey had entered his room without a moment's hesitation, eyes gleaming as the smaller boy hopped onto the bed.

He had his hands full of snacks as always, daifuku and dorayaki and several kinds of potato chips. Mikey would pout at him until he tried at least one.

"Hey Takemitchy…"

Mikey's hand shot out to grab his arm, turning it out to show the marks his nails had left.

"Did you hurt yourself?"

He didn't want to look at Mikey but the dimmed black eyes found his own blue ones easily.

Deciding to deflect, he directed his own question.

"Is Hina hurt?"

Mikey blew a piece of his pale hair out of his face as he sighed.

"Yes. Emma went a little crazy when she wouldn't stop mentioning you."

Takemichi felt his hands shake in rage at their spot demurely in his lap.

"What the hell! Why didn't you stop her?!"

He was pushed back onto the bed, no pillow barriers to protect himself from Mikey this time.

"Takemitchy. My sister loves Hinata. So I don't get in her way. You aren't together, so you don't have to care about her love problems."

That asshole.

"Mikey, Emma hurt her! Is that really love to you? Why can't I just see her to make sure she's okay?" Takemichi pleaded.

"Please Mikey...I'll do anything."


Mikey's head tilted in curiosity, and Takemichi steeled himself for whatever demented ask the boy would have.

"Marry me."

Takemichi took a shaky breath in, and faced Mikey.

"I'll do it. If you let me see Hina, and make Emma get her proper medical attention."

Mikey's eye twitched at the mention of Hina, but his grin grew wider by the word.

He enveloped Takemichi in a hug, but for once it wasn't bruising. If Takemichi closed his eyes, he could imagine it was someone else.

"Erm, Mikey. We are a bit young to get married now."

Mikey groaned, flopping back on the bed.

He shot back up suddenly, eyes shining in excitement.

"Takemitchy! Marry me in 12 years!"

He nodded his assent, satisfying the monster at the foot of his bed.

Takemichi gestured to the collar around his neck, trying to get Mikey's attention.

"Can you take this off? So we can go see Hinata?"

Mikey threw a bag of chips at his face, giggling when Takemichi's face dropped into a state of annoyance.

"Snacks first husband!"

He grumbled, but opened the bag. Oni Consommé Punch flavor was always what Mikey grabbed, ever since learning it was his favorite.

He flushed red, remembering what Mikey had said.

"We aren't married yet Mikey!"

and if Takemichi had his way, they never would be.

He needed to see Hina, so he would play along. Choke down whatever snacks Mikey gave him, laugh at his jokes, and plot to escape with his girlfriend and friends.

He would be strong, and face whatever came next. For Hina, for everyone.




Oh god, her mouth…

His beautiful, perfect Hina had her mouth sewn over with ghastly threads.

The skin pulled taut on them, and he could see the pain clouded in her eyes from the mutilation. Blood was dried in some of the stitches, but some were clearly starting to scab and heal over.

"Hina.." He sniffled, eyes starting to flood.

No, this was no time to cry.

"Mikey, we have to help her! Before they get infected or heal over into her skin."

"Say pretty please."

"Really Mikey? She needs help. Fucking fine, pretty please will you help me save her?"

He hoped that would convince the boy, Mikey hated Hina and wouldn't do it otherwise.

The other boy hummed and pretended to think about it, and Takemichi wanted nothing more than to strangle him with the chains around his wrists.

"Fine, but I'm not letting you do it. Big bro has taken lotsa first aid classes, he'll get girlie here all patches up."

A hospital would've been preferable, but Takemichi would take anything.

Mikey left them alone to grab Shinichiro, and Takemichi took the moment alone to their advantage.

He grasped Hina's soft hand tightly, stroking his fingers over her knuckles gently.

"We'll get out of here Hina. I promise I'll save you. I'm your hero after all."

He gave her a watery grin, and the squeeze back on his hand reminded him that they were here together. They were alive and they loved each other, no matter how bad it got.

They wouldn't let themselves break while they could still see the loves of their lives in front of them, pushing them through the pain.

Shinichiro walked through the door, followed by a skipping Mikey, who quickly re-attached himself to Takemichi's side like a clingy barnacle.

"Sorry about this Hina-chan, but I'll need to disinfect before we start." He wiped a cotton ball soaked in iodine across her mouth, and the people in the room recoiled from the muffled scream.

"We don't have anything to numb this with, so you'll have to be brave. Be strong Hina."

He carefully snipped the threads connecting her lips, pulling them out one by one until just the bloody holes remained.

"It's done now Hina, just rest now. The hard parts are over."

The peachy haired girl finally let herself relax into sleep, the pain exhausting her.

"I'll tell Emma to disinfect them often, and check in on her as much as I can."

Mikey gave his big brother a disinterested thumbs up, and walked out of the room, Takemichi in tow.

He was pulled back onto his bed, Mikey reconnecting the collar and settling in next to him as the little spoon.

He contemplated strangling him. It wouldn't be so hard would it? To kill the vulnerable boy? But then where would he be? Chained to a bed with a dead Mikey, waiting for his sadistic pissed off siblings to arrive. It would be a fate worse than death.

Would his life be exactly the way Mikey planned then? Stay in here until they get married at 26? And then raise kids in this hell? Die together?

The questions were making his head hurt, but he knew one thing.

He would leave this hellhole long before they were married.

Chapter Text

Meeting with Kisaki and Hanma was aggravating, but always informative. The other boys knew exactly where to find leads, and Draken believed them more and more each time.

Grocery needs had increased to the size of a small army, past street recordings had shown Wakasa's car being unloaded with suspiciously human shaped objects. And the kicker? The same black van that Inui had been forced into when they kidnapped him was just casually parked on the side of the street whenever Kokonoi Hajime came to visit.

They were keeping people down there, and it was time to free them.

Keizou and Takeomi had agreed quickly to help stake out the place, finding evidence of their own.

So now here they were, days ahead of schedule for the break in, making sure they had everything ready.

Knives were dirty in delinquent fights, and made Draken cringe, but it was a necessary addition to his backpack. He slid the blade into a sheath on his thigh, and checked out the plans again.

Kisaki had been able to contact the construction company for copies of the blueprints of the mansion.

There was a cellar hatch in the corner of the estate that would lead them closer to the rooms, and they'd use that.

Takeomi and Keizo would be in charge of transportation of all the captives, and Kisaki, Hanma and Draken would bring their bikes.

After everyone was out, they'd call the police, but they didn't want the psychos to panic and start hurting their captives.

Inui had already gotten hurt and kidnapped on his watch, and he wasn't going to give that greasy money obsessed snake another chance to hurt him.

Tomorrow they'd rescue them, and those sick fucks could be behind bars.

They could start a new life in Yokohama.

Please, let everything go smoothly.





2 souls joined in holy matrimony, never to part once they said the two words locking them together.

Shinichiro had been doing his best to dodge the question for as long as Wakasa had held him captive. Every talk of joining families had been gently pushed away with a smile, but he knew Wakasa was running out of patience.

Now, Wakasa had plenty of hostages to use against him. Takemichi, Chifuyu, Inui? The Kawatas? They were all fair game if he said no. Wakasa would say something and they would be hurt.

He just got to patch up Hinata after Emma had been given a gentle suggestion about relationships.

His siblings were being twisted worse and worse, and he could barely recognize Manjiro or Izana anymore.

He was tired of fighting about the wedding. Maybe they could be normal if they had that in their lives. Wakasa could stop worrying about the outside when they had rings proving their devotion.

That was a sweet, shallow thought, but it comforted him as Wakasa Imaushi got down on one knee and confessed his undying affection during their dinner date.

Wakasa had made his favorite tonkatsu, and poured champagne in glasses. It would have been amazingly romantic if Shinichiro hadn't stopped loving him years ago.

Purple eyes swirled with possession and a twisted hope as Wakasa looked up at him.

"Shinichiro Sano, I love you more than anything in this world. Will you do me the honor of becoming the only man you'll ever love?"

Does he really have a choice? No, never.

"You already know my answer."

He crashed his face into Wakasa's shoulder as they hugged, hoping they could come off as happy tears.

There wouldn't be an escape for him.

"Do you want the kids at our wedding?"

"I was thinking of doing the ceremony in the gathering room upstairs."

"I preordered the cake already."

Details of the wedding he was just a decoration of swirled through his mind.

He gave Wakasa's shoulder a gentle shake, distracting the man from giving yet more useless information out.

"Baby..I'm sure it's perfect. You don't do bad planning. But could we pretend this is a normal wedding please? No chains, no sedatives, just the kids sitting down to watch us get married like normal people."

Wakasa tilted his head and gave him an indecipherable look.

"Sunshine...if this is a plot…"

Shinichiro surged up and landed a kiss on Wakasa's lips, looking at his fiance's eyes widen in shock.

Shin hadn't initiated a kiss in years, just taking everything Wakasa gave him passively like a doll.

Waka's eyes lit up in genuine joy, awestruck by the action.

He chuckled, shaking his head.

"Well. That was new. Still, you must be really gunning for this. You win Shin, you can get the kiddos unchained at the wedding."

Wakasa kissed him again and he melted into it, going deeper with his tongue to taste his lover's mouth. It was always sweet with the amount of lollipops the man ate, but with uniquely Wakasa that Shinichiro couldn't name. Somewhat bitter, and it balanced out the sugar nicely.

The green lollipop Wakasa had set down carefully on it's wrapper this time was green apple, and Shinichiro could taste the sour tang of it.

Shinichiro leaned back, breathless and red in his cheeks. No matter how many times they kissed, Shinichiro got flustered when it went deeper.

Love was not part of their equation. But maybe it could be.

His boyfriend had been a romantic person who drove him absolutely crazy with his actions sometimes, but maybe it could change.

They could send off their kids to school in their little preschool uniforms, making sure to carefully pack their randoserus the night before. Manjiro and Emma had always needed to triple check the night before.

It was a sweet daydream.


Kids and a future would never work here.

What kind of person would he be if he had a child in this situation. Never able to see another child, never seeing the sun? It would be unimaginably cruel.

He would get his own teenagers out of here, even if he had to agree to sell his soul first.

There was an unlocked door in the kitchen that led to the garage with Wakasa's car.

The kids could drive away while Shinichiro distracted everyone else.

He'd raze this place to the fucking ground before it could hurt more people.

Chapter Text

The crack of the chain giving to the bolt cutters was deafening.

Draken's head swiveled around, paranoia flashing through him. He breathed a sigh of relief at no immediate sirens or blades pulled on him, and Hanma had the nerve to snicker at him for being "high-strung."

Arashi gave him a comforting gaze, the large man was a reassuring presence. They had grown closer throughout the planning, and he knew he could trust the guy to have his back.

Omi walked through the cellar first, dust collecting in the corners. Draken's foot nudged a piece of cloth on the ground and he turned it over.

That was a Toman uniform, and definitely not Mikey's. It had the 4th division's insignia, this jacket was one of the twin's.
The small amount of blood on the inner lining was concerning, but a fatal injury woulda been a fuck ton worse for the amount of blood. They were probably okay.

He set the jacket down and continued forward. He couldn't afford to waste time playing with random things he saw, they had a mission.

Fuck, all these hallways looped.

They had to get to the captives before their presence got detected.

He tried to open the door to his right, but it was locked.

The next door was locked.

The door they came through was locked.

"Motherfucker. They know we're here. Doors are all locked." He hissed.

A flicker of red caught his attention, and he looked up. A camera.

Hanma groaned, and cracked his knuckles with a sly grin.

"Guess we aren't doing this quite so simply."

Omi nodded at Arashi, and the large man started ramming the door. Splinters shot out from the hinges, and it fell with a crash.

"What an entrance. What do you think of their performance, little brother?"

Shit. The Haitanis.

"We can take a couple of young punks. Go ahead."

Draken nodded his thanks to the older men, and rushed forwards as Omi got his arm caught in a lock by Rindou.

He couldn't afford to be caught up with the smallfrys.

Older bones ached as he landed a hit on the tall braided monster who kept evading his hits.

Oof. That was a solid gut punch.

Keizo felt acid build in his throat, and he spat it out on the ground, wiping his mouth with his bruised fist.

His lips curled up in a snarl, and he lunged for the fucker. He grabbed the braid at the base and twisted the head, ripping out pieces of hair.

The boy's eyes darkened, and Keizo saw stars as the brat whacked him across the head with a baton.

The baton gave him extra range away from Keizo, and it hurt like a bitch every time he tried to close the distance.

A pained scream from Takeomi drew his attention, and he looked at his friend in horror.

His limbs were mangled, twisted in the wrong directions and snapped more at the joints. He had tried to bring out his knife to deal with his attacker, but it had just been pushed deeply in his own torso.

Dark, sticky blood was pooling around his best friend, and Keizo was powerless to stop it.

"Are you not done, big brother? Does this mean I win?"

The other boy had simply given his little brother a dazzling smile, congratulating him and telling him to go ahead.

"He'd follow soon", he said.

Blood boiling in his veins, Keizo reached in to his pocket for his knife.

A sharp cold pressure on his own neck loosened his grip. The knife that killed his friend was now pointed at his own neck, poised to murder him too.

The sensation of knowing you were going to die is terrifying. No matter the amount of preparation. You never want to feel your own body shutting down, or see the lights dim. Keizo wanted to fight another day. Please.

"What's your name?"

That almost took the other boy off guard, his eyes widening in confusion.

"I'm Ran Haitani." He answered simply.

His blood raced in his ears, and he could barely hear Ran's singsong goodbye as the fucker sliced through his throat.

Keizo thought of his mother during his last moments. The woman and he didn't have the best relationship, but the small konbini owner tried her best to raise him. He wondered if she would be sad.

He often thought when he was young, he'd die from one of Shinichiro's stupid stunts.

Bleeding out was cold.

He wanted to live more.

It's unfair. He didn't even get to punch Shin for making him worry so much.

He choked out a laugh, spraying blood out of the gash in his throat.

Goodbye, Benkei.




Wakasa was pissed, that much Mikey knew. The cameras placed in the mansion were detecting intruders, and a quick look on the cams confirmed it.

Kisaki, Hanma, and oh, that was Ken-chin.

Mikey knew his best friend was stubborn, but to break into their house? That was going to get him hurt.

Ugh. Such a mess.

If he let's Ken-chin any closer, he'll ruin the wedding and everyone will kill him…

Why couldn't he just move on. Kokonoi knew him first and got him, so now Ken-chin was getting in the way of their love.

He hates the idea of killing him. But better Mikey than anyone else. Ken-chin was his friend, and Mikey is the only one allowed to get rid of him.

One quick kick to sever his spinal cord, and this whole mess will be over. Mikey can cuddle Takemichi, and eat the dorayakis at the reception.

Mikey sighed in dejection, why did Ken-chin have to be so foolish.

He could've been Mikey's best man, and now that was impossible.

Takemichi will make him feel better after this, and he and Emma can cry when they find quiet moments away from Wakasa's cameras.

Chapter Text


"-mitchy. Wake up. C'mon...wake up. It's Christmas."

Takemichi was fucking tired, and he would like to stay asleep actually, thank you Mikey. His family didn't even celebrate Christmas.

Was that a plant being dragged across his face?

He cracked open an eye to look at Mikey, who was grinning as he theatrically lifted the plant above them.

"Mitchy! You're awake. You seem to be under the mistletoe, so…"

Mistletoe. A western plant that people kissed under. Yamagishi had gone on a rant one holiday season about it's poisonous qualities, and how unromantic that was.

Takemichi grimaced, this was not the wakeup call he wanted, but he might as well humor his fiance. He leaned up to press a soft kiss to Mikey's cheek, and the blond man pouted.

"Not on the cheek, Takemitchy." Mikey whined.

"Too bad." He mouthed back, wincing at his morning breath.

He scooted towards the end of the bed, shifting to his feet and feeling the bones protest. They had been healed for years now, but they still didn't take cold weather well, or sudden shifts of weight.

Mikey wrapped an arm around him to support him, and he leaned into it.

"Go take care of what you need, baby. We'll be opening presents in the living room."

He stumbled into the bathroom, looking at his longer black hair, the blonde damaged hair was long since cut from his scalp. It was due for a cut soon. Mitsuya would probably do it if he asked, but Mitsuya was so shaky around sharp objects these days.
Maybe he could ask Emma or Souya.

Takemichi splashed cool water on his face, trying to prepare himself for the family gathering. They were always stressful, and he didn't look forward to any time he had to see Hinata. It wasn't as bad as when they were young, but somehow both of them would find some minor way to get hurt. They had long since agreed avoidance was the best method to keep them both safe.

Presents. He hoped Mikey didn't get anything embarrassing.

Matsuno Chifuyu had been forced in a stupid reindeer headband for the last 2 hours, and he was reminded why Baji and Kazutora couldn't be trusted with the holidays.

His partners were obnoxious about the ways they celebrated, and Chifuyu just wanted to do things the way he did with his mom. Matcha kitkats and light presents in the morning, and a fun celebration meal in the afternoon. Simple, sweet.

Baji and Kazutora loved teasing him as the smallest of their bunch, and Matsuno hated it.

Waking up to Mariah Carey blasting in his room would be enough to make him kill a man, and that was probably why they had put his collar on for the first time in years.

Matsuno wasn't horribly behaved… He just had a bit of a temper that his boyfriends drag out of him for fun.

Still, being sandwiched between them as they argued about who's present he should open was annoying as hell, so he snatched the silver wrapped box out of Baji's hands, ripping into it like a child.

A picture?

Was that-

His mom, with a man. And was that a kid?

She was radiant at the festival where the picture was taken, her and her new family smiling ear to ear.

His mom replaced him. His eyes welled up with tears, and he collapsed into Kazutora's arms.

It had been years since she had carded her hands through his hair, or given him a bandaid after a fight.

She had finally moved on. That was his gift. She wouldn't worry about him, or search for him and get hurt like so many had.

This was the best Christmas gift.

Across the city, a woman sobbed over a picture of a boy as her daughter sat on her lap, still heartbroken over another Christmas without her little boy.

Rindou was a horrid cook, Souya had decided during their first Christmas together.

He had not improved in any of the years they spent together, and Souya enjoyed his game of berating his husband's new attempts.

It was cathartic to be angry, to snark out his feelings to Rindou.

Rindou couldn't get angry, couldn't punish him for this. So he would mock his burned excuse for Christmas cookies all he wanted.

You would be reasonable if you assumed the cookies were raisin, or chocolate chip with the dark spots, but no. Rindou always got small burned chunks on his sugar cookies, and the current batch of them smelled salty, somehow.

Souya had put himself in charge of decorating, if he made the cookies pretty enough, maybe Ran would take a bite and Souya could relish in his disgusted reaction.

He and Nahoya lived to terrorize the other set of brothers, and Wakasa let them as long as it was mild pranks.

Speaking of Nahoya, his orange counterpart had wandered in to grab an orange, and sliced it neatly before handing him a piece.

Souya felt his stomach grumble and flushed with embarrassment, he forgot about eating. Shyly, he took the orange into his mouth, letting the tart citrus dance across his taste buds.

Nahoya gave him a pat on his head, and walked out.

He would decorate actually good cookies with Emma later and give his brother the prettiest one, if he could wrestle it from Emma.

The scent of burned sugar caught his attention, and he swiveled his head.

"Why are you even trying to melt sugar? That was nowhere in the recipe!"

Nahoya just wanted to go feral.

He was stuck in a house, and there was snow outside that he wanted to play in. Don't judge him, snow is fun and he rarely feels the outside.

Ran had caught him pacing by the door, and shot him a disapproving look. Fuck, no snow today.

He padded his way into the kitchen, cutting up an orange for Souya and him before walking back to the living room.

Emma had made Ran and Hakkai carry in the tree, poor bastards. The thing was huge, it scraped the ceiling and left pine needles on the floor that Mitsuya swept up neurotically.

Having a piece of nature was nice, but it was cut down and brought in. It would never be able to feel the sun, or connect to it's roots. It would rot away slowly in the house, just like all of them.

Nahoya hoped it would be faster for the tree than him.

Hinata hummed softly as she knitted a small blanket, speckled in pink and blue. She and Emma didn't know the gender of their baby yet and she wanted it to be perfect.

Emma had lost the rock paper scissors to carry the baby, and Hina was so excited.

She hadn't been around a baby in so long, Naoto was all grown up now. He worked in the police force now, so strong.

Naoto should see their baby. Emma let them call after her second year, and they even visited her family home sometimes, after Hina showed she was trustworthy.

Setting the blanket down, she turned her attention to the envelope Emma had left her that morning.

"You are cordially invited to bake real Christmas cookies with Emma Sano and Kawata Souya."

Hinata giggled, her wife could be so goofy sometimes. Who needed an invitation to go to their own kitchen?

She pressed a kiss on the letter, letting her red lipstick mark serve as her RSVP.

Baking with her family would be fun.

Mitsuya Takashi didn't get to celebrate Christmas the way he wanted to.

He didn't give Mana and Luna their dresses, or cook a hearty breakfast they'd eat while their mother stayed hungover in her room.

Hakkai still tried to make the holidays special, but it wasn't anything he cared about.

There was a hole in his heart, and Hakkai kept trying to cheer him up with different traditions. Cider, Gift exchanges, Sitting by the fire. Mitsuya hated it all now, and if Hakkai tried to get him to be cheerful another time, Mitsuya was taking the other eye.

Fuck Christmas, fuck this household, and especially fuck Hakkai Shiba.

It may have been years, and all of his physical escape attempts may have failed. His friends hope had been crushed, but Mitsuya still had his.

Bonten had grown all the more powerful over the years though, and they were nigh untouchable. The most recent toast Wakasa had given was congratulating them for infiltrating the police force in their numbers.

It was a taunt, to crush any more thoughts of escape from this lifestyle.

Christmas was supposed to make your heart feel light and happy, but Takashi's just swirled with hate.

"What the fuck is that." Seishu deadpanned, looking at the expensive garbage Koko had bought him.

"They're earrings and they'll look lovely." Koko hummed, ignoring Inui's groans.

"And why do they have the kanji for your name engraved?"

"Because you're mine, my Inupi. My Seishu. Why wouldn't I put marks everywhere to prove that?"

Seishui's face flushed, and he pushed Koko lightly on the chest.

His husband, rat bastard that he is, pretended to fall from the light shove and laid there on the floor, like an overdramatic slug.

"I'm going to the kitchen for breakfast, and you can just die on the floor."

When they were 20, Koko had moved them out to a luxury penthouse with the money he had made with whatever organization he was affiliated with.

The private chef had made them a traditional breakfast, and laid it out on the counter before taking her leave. She wasn't allowed in the penthouse for a significant amount of time, but Seishu never thought to escape while she was there.

What was the point? Nothing was left for him anymore.

Thinking about that made food lose its taste, and made the setting in front of him not look real. Flashes of blood appeared on pristine white couches, and Seishu quickly blinked them away.

Thinking about the past would be bad for him. He didn't have to, he had Koko again, and Kolo would never, ever leave.

His hands shook. He wanted something to smoke.

A cigarette was passed into his hand by Hajime, and he nodded his gratitude.

He was so lucky to have a husband who took care of him.

What a great Christmas gift.

Kakucho got sick on Christmas.

Sniffles, coughs, and his fever was slow roasting him over an open flame.

Luckily Izana was there, giving him some of the cream stew Emma had prepared for later that night, and making sure Kakucho drunk plenty of fluids.

Kakucho felt bleary and gross, but Izana still tried to kiss his forehead and lips to cheer him up.

"Noooooo. Stop Izana. You're gonna get yourself sick.." Kakucho whined, trying to stop the invading lips before they touched his.

"Are you trying to question your king? I'll kiss and hug my own husband all I want. Sanos don't get sick."

Kakucho giggled in delirium.

"That's silly. Emma got sick last week."

Izana sniffed, offended Kakucho had found a hole in his terrible argument.

He lunged back over the sick man, pressing kisses all over his face, making sure to cover every last inch.

Kakucho's hand went up to boop Izana's nose, but ended up slapping his face, hard. Izana retaliated quickly, and shoved a spoonful of soup in his husband's mouth.

"Get better soon servant. Or your king will make you."

Kakucho blearily waved bye to Izana, who strolled out of the room with his empty water cup.

Izana got to the kitchen, and turned on the sink to refill the glass, making sure it hit the top line of the cup, before ripping open a packet of powder to drop into the liquid.

Kakucho could get better when Izana felt like it, right now he could use some more sick Kakucho. He was just so cute when he was fevered.

The powder was his secret santa gift from Hakkai, and he would have to get the boy something nice next year.

Christmas music echoed faintly from the living room, irritating Shin's ears as he sat down for their holiday meal.

Wakasa insisted on doing this every year, gathering the whole "family" to eat fried chicken as they gave the last of their gifts.

Emma and Hina were expecting their first kid, and Mikey and Takemichi were due to be married next year.

Hina and Michi seemed happy enough now, and Emma and Mikey had majorly cooled down as they grew older.

They had gang doctors now too, and Shin didn't have to play paramedic for abused teenagers.

Things were better now, but infinitely worse. There was no hope of escaping, and as the kids grew up, Shinichiro saw them less and less.

They had their own houses now for Izana and Kokonoi, and Shinichiro couldn't check on Kakucho or Inui very often at all.

Neither could Takemichi, or Chifuyu.

It was troubling, but Izana brushed him off as a clingy older brother when he asked.

He zoned back in to see everyone eating like normal, Nahoya and Ran seemingly having a competition of who could eat the fastest.

Shin tried to imagine his life as just a normal holiday home.

He really did.

But the glints in evil eyes, and the pallor of skin pulled him out of the fantasy. The rope burns on Souya's wrists, and the name carved into Takemichi's collarbone stared him in his soul.

He couldn't help anyone, and his friends died, over and over, and over and over-


Wakasa stared at him, and everything was fine again.

His life was okay.

He had his family.


Chapter Text

The pit of dread in his stomach was threatening to swallow him up, but Draken kept walking forward.

Kisaki and Hanma flanking him. Kisaki clutched the blueprints to the basement in a death grip, guiding them around the twists and dead ends. Someone had designed this place to be a maze, and they had done a decent job.

Every door they opened was a risk now that they knew Wakasa had cameras, so their best bet was to get to the large room in the center, and hope they could deal with whatever trap it would be.

Kisaki's knuckles were white as he held his gun in a deathgrip, eyes flickering down as he messed with the safety periodically, making sure it was off. Hanma was acting as carefree as ever, opening each door with a flourish that implied he was having fun. Draken could still see his hands shaking on each handle.

They had left Benkei and Takeomi to fight off their ambush, and he hoped they were still kicking. He didn't want to explain to Senju that her big brother didn't make it. She was starting her first year of middle school this year, and Takeomi was so excited.

"We're almost there, just one more hallway. If this goes south," Kisaki turned to him, placing a hand on his shoulder, "You need to run ahead and get them out."

"You insufferable fuckers better not die on me." Draken said, smirking when Hanma barked out a laugh.

Kisaki pushed up his glasses.

"I don't plan on it."

Draken pushed open the door.




Shinichiro wasn't quite sure what to make of his fiance's actions. Wakasa kept checking in on him, and ordered they all stay in one room, with Kazutora and Baji guarding the doors.

Everyone seemed to be on edge, and it scared him. What could be rattling them? He leaned back against the wall, closing his eyes.

The wedding was supposed to start soon, and Wakasa was nowhere to be seen. Only appearing to bark orders occasionally, and heading back to wherever.

Oh god. The Haitanis had blood on their knuckles and clothes.

Souya and Nahoya were pressed against another on a couch, staring pensively at the frightening sight.

"...who's blood is that?"

Ran and Rindou glanced at one another, seeming to speak telepathically. It wasn't a sibling ability the Sanos had, but maybe they were just built differently.

"Aniki and I had to deal with pest disposal. Don't worry about it." Not reassuring at all.

"Who's? How could a pest get in here?"

Ran stalked over to him, long legs clearing the distance quickly. "Didn't Rindou tell you not to worry?" He leered.

"It's your wedding day. Leave the stressful things to us." Rindou added on, steering his brother away.

He heard a bang in the distance, and shot up in alarm.

Was that a gunshot?




"You really fucked up, didn't you. Ki-sa-ki?"

Izana smiled wide, letting his eyes grow wide and manic. He'd make the fucker regret ever walking into their home.

Gun smoking and discarded, he looked over to his sister, Emma looking dazed and pale. Asshole had grazed her shoulder, and she was definitely going to need stitches.

It wasn't horribly deep, but Emma needed medical attention.

Manjiro's eyes had darkened even further than their usual charcoal, looking as black as night as he drove his fist into Hanma Shuji's face.

Baby brother could handle a measly rat like Shuji, so it was time to make the main target suffer.

"You shot my sister in her shoulder, so I think I'll return the favor."

He picked it up slowly, making sure he could see the boy's fearful eyes behind his glasses.

Izana pulled the trigger, only to hear and unsatisfying click.

Jammed then.

He let out a dramatic sigh. What a boring outcome.

Kisaki's wrist flicked up, and Izana felt the bullet enter his torso.

Oh. That was a new sensation.

His ears rang.

"-you didn't think I would carry just 1 gun did you?"

Smug bastard.

He heard a sickening snap, and gently smiled. Manjiro had managed to snap Hanma's neck with the last kick. His baby brother would be so happy with that accomplishment.

Manjiro walked towards them, and grabbed Kisaki by his neck, throwing him into the wall.

He felt a gentle pressure on his wound, Emma's smaller soft hands pressing down as hard as they could.

He wouldn't die here, he couldn't. He wouldn't do that to his family.

There was still the one that had gotten away. Ryuguji Ken had slipped out before Izana could stop him. He would ruin everything.

He reached into his pocket, fumbling his password for his phone until he unlocked it.

Izana had Wakasa's number favorited, and he hit the button fast.

"We have a problem."

Chapter Text

"You look beautiful."

The blue flower crown Emma had fashioned the night before was pushing down his hair, the flowing veil draping out of it pooling at his feet. It was gorgeous, but heavy as hell, and the bobby pins and various sprays Emma had secured it with felt like they were hanging on with hope alone.

His midnight blue tux and corsage were equally decadent, and as he slipped the diamond ring onto his finger, he felt a bit like he was adding another shackle to his prison.

Shinichiro himself wasn't quite a blushing bride, but he was sure Wakasa and he would make a lovely sight as a couple.


Ah. Mitsuya was pinning everything down.

He should probably respond.

"Y-yes. Sorry, was lost in thought."

Mitsuya's eyes were pitying and as desperate as it was to seek comfort in a kid much younger than him, he still let the younger boy envelop him in a hug.

"It'll be okay Shinichiro-san. We won't be stuck here forever. There'll be an opportunity."

He just closed his eyes and sunk deeper in the affection. His siblings and Wakasa had been the only ones to touch him in so long.

A deafening bang echoed through the house, startling the two from their embrace.

Shinichiro clapped his hands over his ears, eyes going wide. Was he in trouble, was this his fault? Please no, please, please, please, please-

He hadn't realized he said that out loud until Mitsuya gently rocked his shoulders, the motion repetitive and relaxing until he could finally breathe normally.

Now that he could finally process the world, his vision sharpened. There was a gunshot, it couldn't have been fireworks or a heavy piece of furniture falling. Gunshots have a very specific sound, one that he was unfortunately familiar with as a gang leader.

How on earth was a gun here. Wakasa didn't use the things, and the rest of the kids used melee weapons at worst. Kazutora's pocket knife and Ran's baton came to mind.

Crazy fuckers probably killed one another.

"Mitsuya. That was a gunshot. That was probably fatal, and that'll be chaos. Get the others, and get them to the corner of the living room, near the kitchen entrance. You need to run out the front door, its the hallway to the left of the kitchen."

He held Mitsuya's face close to his own, memorizing the youngers face. His lilac eyebrows were beginning to lose their gapped appearance from earlier on, and his mouth set in a near permanent frown.

"Go. We'll run when the time is right, just let me get some things ready."

Now he had to go somewhere he hated.

But where else would have the supplies he needed, other than the dreaded punishment room?

He ripped off the heavy crown, and stripped off his suit jacket, stomping on the discarded fabrics.

It was time to file his divorce papers.




Draken's heartbeat pounded in his ears as he crossed another doorway, no enemies in sight yet.

His gun felt heavy in his hands, steel weighing him down. He could take a life here. He might have to take a life.

They hadn't called the police, they were breaking and entering for the rescue. Still, Draken's phone was a presence in his pocket, and he had his text to 119 preplanned. As soon as he found them, he would get help.

But he didn't trust the police not to be oblivious to the true nature of the mansion, or for Wakasa to sweet talk his way out of trouble with his money.

The air felt different in this hallway.

Were those decorations? Streamers intertwined the tops of the walls in blue and white, with doves.

A trail of rose petals led him to a blue door, slightly ajar. He checked his gun's safety, and walked in, ducking his head into the entrance.

"You really fell for that Ken-chin? I guess I am the smart one."

Oh no. Mikey.

"You know, I was thinking about what a betrayal this is. You're trying to take away Takemitchy, and steal my happiness. But you are my best friend."

Steps, one by one catching up. He couldn't stop to fight, he'd waste time. He just needed to go.

Mikey was fast, boy was always one of the fastest, barely edging out Chifuyu, and it really showed as the tiny menace hunted him. The blueprint said straight to the living room, he'd find them there.

There! It was just that door, just a few more seconds.

One. Two. Three.

Before he could get to four, a blade impaled his shoulder, hot blood running cold against his heated skin.

Adrenaline dulled the pain, and he yanked open the door to a pair of frightened emerald eyes.

"Seishu?" He asked in disbelief.

He wrapped his arms around his smaller boyfriend, heart lighter with their reunion.

Seishu's chest heaved a sob as they melted into another, finally reunited.

Loud bangs could be heard from the other side of the door, wood splintering at the hinges. It wasn't going to last.

Mikey wouldn't let the lock stop him for long, and they'd be sitting ducks.

Takemichi, Hinata, Chifuyu, Mitsuya, Seishu, Angry, Smiley, and some guy Draken didn't know were all leaned against the back wall of the room, looking petrified at his entrance.

"Takashi! Can we get out from here?"

His partner nodded his head.

"Yes, but they'll be guarding it. They just moved us here a few minutes ago, and the Haitanis are still prowling around. Emma and Izana are the only injured ones but they aren't dead."

"Fuck. Where should we go?" He pulled at the hair tie of his braid, gritting his teeth.

Now was as good a time as any. They won't be able to hide this mess anymore.

Quickly, he typed in the information for 119 in his cell, pressing send without caring for the operator's response. Now they just had to outlast this mess.

A tall man with a messily disassembled suit rushed up the door, arms full of assorted items. Were those match boxes clutched in his hands?

Wait. Shinichiro?

He got a shaky smile and salute.

"Shinichiro Sano, at your service. Now, who wants to burn this bitch to the ground?"

Draken's lips curled up into a smile. That was a plan he could get behind.

Shinichiro snatched the gun off his hip, ignoring his offended yelp.

"Kids like you don't need blood on your hands. Let me take care of this, okay."

Draken hadn't had his hair ruffled in years, and the braid definitely complicated things, but Shinichiro tried to give him brotherly affection via the gesture.

Mitsuya tucked a knitting needle in his suit sleeve, folding his cuff so it wouldn't fall out. The twins grabbed onto another like they had never touched before, clinging together. Hinata and Takemichi kissed chastely in the corner, knuckles white as they gripped the scalpels that Shinichiro passed to them.

He grabbed Seishu's rough hand, loving the way Seishu's smaller fit perfectly with his own. Seishu laced their fingers together, squeezing his hand for encouragement.

His boyfriend was the strongest fucker in the world. And Ryuguji Ken was the luckiest son of bitch in the world for not losing him the moment he walked into a brothel to pick him up for their first date.

He didn't scare the love of his life off then, and he would walk through hell with him to make sure their future would be safe and happy.

Seishu deserved it.

And honestly? So did he. Draken never had a family, never had a mom or dad. All he had was the Sanos, and that betrayal screamed in his face now.

All he had left was this piece of happiness, and he'd rather die than lose it.

Chapter Text

The wood of the door was splintering around the hinges, and it was only a matter of time.

He would have the intruder gone, and Takemitchy back safely in his arms, where he belonged. Mikey knew Takemitchy wouldn't have tried to run away on such an important day, so clearly this was all Ken-chin's fault.

How dare he spark rebellion in his Takemitchy when their relationship was just blossoming into something beautiful.

Mikey grinned in victory as the door fell inward, crashing down loudly. He heard a yelp from inside the room. Was it Takemitchy's? It was cute.

He locked eyes with Ken-chin, the taller boy pointing a gun at his forehead. Mikey narrowed his eyes in a glare.

"You wouldn't shoot me." Mikey sneered, and Ken-chin had to know he was right. Ken-chin was always been more stern, less playful but he had a major weakness; he wouldn't hurt the ones he loved, and Mikey probably still counted on that list.

"Then get out of my way, Manjiro."

He peered behind the taller boy, spying Mitchy's ocean eyes. They were wide, his poor wifey was probably scared out of his mind. He was so fragile after all.

He grit his teeth at the sight of Tachibana Hinata holding Mitchy's hand. Where the hell did she get off breaking the rules? He would have to tell Emma to punish her.

"We both know I can't do that Ken-chin."

He could take Draken, he knew that. They had sparred enough to know who would come out on top. Mikey would have to disarm him, but even if they fought seriously, it might take a while.

A security camera swiveled in the corner of the room, and he heard hurried footsteps.

Reinforcements would be here, and they would get rid of the disturbance with him so Big Bro and Waka could get married.

He wouldn't let anything ruin that for his family.

The presence at the back was overwhelming, and he knew everyone was behind him. Baji tied his hair up with deft flicks of his hands, a feral grin on his face.

"Give it up. He dies here, and we all go back to how it was, how it always will be. It'll hurt more if you don't." Koko was always blunt, even if he layered it with playfulness.

"Fuck you! Get away from my boyfriend." Inui's yell was shocking, most of them had never heard him that heated.

He shoved past the other darlings to stand behind Draken, looking straight at them with no fear in his eyes.

Big Bro was ushering Chifuyu and Mitsuya behind him, whispering in hushed tones before throwing something hard in their direction.

The bottle of the Molotov cocktail shattered loudly, and Mikey dove backwards to avoid the fireball.

Where the fuck did they get that?

Oh. The alcohol was left out on a party preparation table. Smart.

His jacket was singed, and his skin felt slightly charred. Mikey was able to avoid the most damage, Big Bro had thrown it in the center of the hallway instead of directly at them.

Stupid Shinichiro. If he hated us so bad, he should've killed us when he had the chance.

The smoke make the space around him hazy, and he could make out figures pushing back Hakkai and Rindou on the left.

They were heading to the kitchen, and then probably the front door.

He'll let Takemitchy get a headstart.

After all, he'll need it if he wants to get out in one piece, otherwise he'll just fall right back into Mikey's arms.

Where he belongs.