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“So, Spider-Man, are there any romances heating up at the Avengers Compound?”

“Well, I don’t know if I’m supposed to say,” Peter scratched his neck sheepishly. The interviewer smiled in a way that made him slightly uncomfortable, “well I mean I guess,” he stopped himself before he could reveal any more.

He was done for. The interviewer smiled wolfishly: she had him now. Peter fidgeted in his seat, a cold sweat covering his face underneath the suit. His breath picked up and the interviewer waited, feigning concern. She was about to get a promotion.

“And which one do you ship the most?”

“Um, I guess I have to say Miss Roma--shoot wait, forget I said anything.”

Pepper paused the video and set her tablet on the table. Peter gulped under the withering stares of Maria and Pepper.

“We need to work on your interview skills, Peter.”

Pepper was calm, too calm for Peter’s liking, and Maria’s smile was anything but friendly,

“Your interrogation skills too, can’t have HYDRA torturing information out of you. We should practice,” 

“I’m so sorry Ms. Hill. I swear, I didn’t mean to, please don’t hurt me,” Peter managed to stutter out.

Maria merely sighed and sat down, burying her head in her hands. 

“I’ll take care of it, schedule a press release,” Pepper placed a hand on her shoulder, and Peter had never felt more guilty,

“Let me talk to Nat first,” Maria waved Pepper off as she stood. She walked out of the room, but not before turning another glare at Peter,

“I’m watching you, Parker.”



avengers stan @hulksm4shm3pls

i hope @blckwdw ‘s boyfriend appreciates how lucky he is.


Natasha Romanoff ✔ @blckwdw 

Replying to @hulksm4shm3pls

bold of you to assume i’m dating a man


sam (not wilson) @gay4women


      Natasha Romanoff ✔ @blckwdw 

      Replying to @hulksm4shm3pls

      bold of you to assume i’m dating a man



“Remind me why I love you again?” Maria glared, no real malice in her voice.

“Because I’m the best girlfriend ever?”

“You’re an idiot,”

“I’m your idiot.”

Was her reply to some random Twitter account an impulsive decision? Yes. Had Maria approved? Kind of. Did Natasha have fucks to give? 


“When I said you could run interference I didn’t mean this, Nat,” Maria ran a hand through her hair,

“I’m sorry, Mia” Nat was worried she overstepped,

“It’s okay, Tasha. Just let our PR team know the next time you want to drop news like that via Twitter, alright?”

“You’re the best,” Nat moved to kiss Maria on the cheek,

“I know I am,” Maria smirked before pulling Natasha into a real kiss.

To say the internet exploded was an understatement. Within five minutes, Nat’s tweet was trending with over five thousand retweets. The news that not only was Black Widow dating, but allegedly not dating a man, had sent every news outlet, and seemingly every Avengers fan, into a frenzy.

“The Black Widow tag is trending on TikTok,” Sam showed Nat his phone screen,

“I’m pretty sure Tumblr is having a meltdown,” Clint scrolled on his laptop, shaking his head at the sheer volume of new posts.

“If you think that’s a lot, you clearly haven’t seen gay Tumblr,” Wanda smirked, holding up her phone.

“The Twitter memes are just,” Tony mimicked a chef’s kiss. Nat smirked at the meme he was showing her.



“You, my friends,” Tony swung his arms around Natasha and Maria, “have just broken the internet. Congrats.”

“I guess we did,” Maria smiled shyly. 

It was the first time she had smiled, genuinely at least, since this whole thing began.

“You’re not mad?” Nat was still worried,

“It is what it is,” Maria shrugged, “we may as well make the most of it.”



A week later, Wanda and Clint did WIRED’s Autocomplete Interview. Everything was going well: they had both answered all the questions, even if they had to be intentionally vague about someone. A staff member handed Clint a new board.

“Who is,” he paused to rip off the paper covering the rest of the question, “Wanda Maximoff’s best friend?”

“Well, I mean, I think of all of the Avengers as family, but,” Wanda looked at Clint, a knowing gleam in his eye, “I think I’m probably closest to Nat and her partner,”

“What about me?” Clint exclaimed, exaggerated shock painting his face,

“You know I love you, old man,” she patted his arm sympathetically.

Clint laughed good naturedly before moving on to the next question. When they had finished, Clint turned to Wanda,

“Do you think people are going to notice?”

“Is the sky blue, Clint?”

Their interview was number one on YouTube’s trending page when it came out the next week. The Avengers scrolled through the comments. The most liked one, with over 24,000 likes was a comment with the quote “Nat and her partner.”

Twitter had a field day.



Ketchup is a smoothie @sweet_caroline17

Her PaRtNeR AAAHHHHHHH #blackwidow #bw’s partner


This is my comfort account @t4lkn3rdy2me

i’m too gay for this shit, @blckwdw is killing me here #bw’s partner


Natasha Romanoff ✔ @blckwdw

Replying to @t4lkn3rdy2me

in a fun way hopefully ;)


black widow’s gf @gay4women

@weirdwanda referring to whoever BW’s dating as her “partner” gives me life


Not Sabrina ✔ @weirdwanda

Replying to @gay4women

literally the internet rn

#bw’s partner


The fact that Wanda knew how to make memes probably should not have surprised Peter, the age gap between them wasn’t that big, but he nearly spit out his cereal when he saw her tweet. 


Baby Spider ✔ @realspiderman

@weirdwanda, why didn’t u tell me u know memes :((((


Not Sabrina ✔ @weirdwanda

Replying to @realspiderman

I’m sorry :(((((( 

Let’s make some together laterrrr :))



The Avengers were happier than Natasha had ever seen them. The pure joy they got out of teasing the public about her relationship was overwhelming. Since Wanda and Clint’s interview, literally any time an Avenger talked to the press, they mentioned Nat and her “partner.”

“Mr. Wilson, who would you say is the biggest secret softie on the team?”

“Well, I don’t know if they count, but Romanoff’s partner is actually really sweet,”

“You think I’m soft, Wilson?” Maria crossed her arms,

“Romanoff’s literally sitting in your lap,” Sam smirked, quirking an eyebrow.

Maria flipped him off as Natasha buried her head into her girlfriend. Steve flipped through various videos and articles with press the Avengers had done in the past two months. Almost all of them had done some kind of interview, which wasn’t unusual for them, but the number of views each piece was getting was.

“Not only are the Avengers trending, but our approval rate has increased by five percent,” Pepper flicked her screen, projecting it to the team, “additionally, Stark Industries stock has risen by 3.2 points. PR is loving the press surrounding the mystery of who Nat’s dating,”

“I’d say the best move we can make would be to add fuel to the fire,” Maria said as authoritatively as she could with the world’s best assassin cuddled into her side.

The room erupted into chaos as Avengers threw out ideas left and right. Suggestions ranging from “just have a press conference” to “post a picture of Natasha and Maria making out” and “make more memes” (courtesy of Peter and Wanda). Pepper rubbed her temples, trying (in vain) to get the Avengers in line. Earth’s mightiest heroes? Earth's loudest children was a better description.

“Wait wait wait, I have an idea,” Tony stood, palm raised, “so you know how Underoos exposed the fact that Romanoff was dating in the first place?” 

Peter had the decency to look ashamed as everyone else nodded and Maria’s eyes bore into his head.

“What if,” Tony paused for dramatic effect, “we have him “accidentally” leak pictures with Nat and her secret partner in the background?”

“Seriously, Tony?” Bruce gave Tony an incredulous look at the same time as Sam rubbed his palms together and said,

“Oh, I can’t wait to see this.”



The picture was not too far off from what Spider-Man usually posted on Instagram. He was doing parkour in one of the Compound’s common areas, leaping over a coffee table. The unusual part, the part that was currently being examined and analyzed by the world, was that on the couch, in a dark corner, Natasha Romanoff appeared to be snuggled into someone’s lap.


Wanda maximoff is bae @tacosaretasty

Keep zooming in on @realspiderman ‘s pic trying to see who @blckwdw is cuddling

#bw’s partner


Black Widow stan @hulksm4shm3pls

I’ve tried every photo editing trick i know and I still can’t see who it issssss

#bw’s partner


black widow’s gf @gay4women

asdf;klajdg;akh this is going to be the death of me 


This is my comfort account @t4lkn3rdy2me

I wish @blckwdw was sitting on my lap 👀


You Know Who I Am ✔ @tonysnark

@realspiderman pls stop revealing things about @blckwdw ‘s relationship via the internet


What You Are Is Beautiful @AvaSilva19

Replying to @tonysnark

@realspiderman pls don’t. I need the teaaaaaaa


Not Sabrina ✔ @weirdwanda

@realspiderman @blckwdw

Wanda maximoff is bae @tacosaretasty

i’m LIVING for these memes from Wanda !!!!

on a separate note, she could step on me and i’d say thank you


Ketchup is a smoothie @sweet_caroline17

Everyone’s talking about Black Widow’s partner, but what about the fact that @realspiderman and @weirdwanda are making memes together?

True friendship, right there.

#bw’s partner #spiderwitchbffsupremacy


Baby Spider ✔ @realspiderman

Replying to @weirdwanda



Mama Spider ✔ @blckwdw

Replying to @weirdwanda




Natasha was forced to turn off her Twitter notifications; there were simply too many of them. The other Avengers were bombarded with notifications as well, and soon FRIDAY was managing everyone’s social media accounts.

“Agent Romanoff, there is a new article about you,”

“Thanks for the update, FRIDAY,” Nat didn’t even take her eyes off her tablet,

“You’re not even going to see what it says?” Maria ran her fingers through Nat’s hair and gently massaged her scalp. 

Natasha lifted her head from Maria’s lap and sighed,

“FRIDAY, show me the headline, please.”


Black Widow, Please Stop Teasing Us and Reveal Who You Are Dating

If I don’t get to have you, at least show me the lucky person who does. 


“Autostraddle’s talking about you, you must be pretty famous,” Maria quipped. She laughed when Nat punched her shoulder, “you know I’m right,”

“You’re the famous one, Mia. The whole world wants to know who you are.”



The next time they broke the internet, it was Wanda’s idea.

“We’ve shown Nat cuddling with someone, why not take it to the next level, you know?”

“And what exactly is the ‘next level’?” Maria showed no more reservations about participating in these plans. It was surprisingly fun watching people lose their minds over her relationship.

“The two of you kissing,” Wanda’s face broke into a wide grin.

“Twitter’s going to eat that shit up,” Sam cackled over Steve’s “Language!”

“And Peter will “leak” this picture, correct?” Maria raised an eyebrow as Nat entered the room, immediately going to sit in her girlfriend’s lap.

“What pictures?” A concerned frown pulled on Natasha’s lips,

“Pictures that will break society as we know it,” Sam smiled like a maniac. He sobered when Natasha glared at him, “a picture of Pete with you kissing Maria in the background,”

“Oh,” Natasha’s tone was thoughtful. She turned to Maria with a sultry grin and tilted her chin with a single finger, “I’ll take any chance to make out with you, detka.”

Maria blushed as Sam gagged and Wanda “awwwed.” Steve flushed in embarrassment and turned away.

“No fucking in communal spaces,” Tony yelled as he walked past. He paused, then pointed at them with a playful smirk, “unless I get to watch, of course,”

“You’re disgusting,” Natasha threw a pillow at him as Steve spluttered something about “respect” and “boundaries.”

“You still love me,” Tony called over his shoulder,

“That’s debatable,” Maria yelled at his back.

“We’re still going through with that picture idea, though, right, Masha?”

“I thought the answer was obvious,” Maria smirked.



Baby Spider ✔ @realspiderman

Have a Webtastic Wednesday everybody!

See attached file


black widow’s gf @gay4women

Replying to @realspiderman



This is my comfort account @t4lkn3rdy2me



Black Widow stan @hulksm4shm3pls

why am i jealous of someone i dont even knowwwww???? #bw’s partner


Not Sabrina ✔ @weirdwanda

Replying to @realspiderman

bestie, i love you, but u really need to look at ur photos BEFORE u post them 


You Know Who I Am ✔ @tonysnark

Replying to @realspiderman

ReAlLy KiD?



Spider-Man Accidentally Revealing Things About Natasha Romanoff’s Relationship is My New Religion, Here’s the Latest Update 


“We’re on Buzzfeed, babe,”

“Oh yes, only the finest news sources for us, malyshka,” Nat rested her head on Maria’s shoulder, “wait, why’d you scroll past that one?”

Natasha grabbed Maria’s tablet from her hand and scrolled back, immediately regretting her decision.


Black Widow Seemingly Confirmed Queer as Picture Kissing Woman Leaked. Is She Still A Good Role Model for Our Kids?


“Fox is just a bunch of bigots,” Maria leaned her head to sit on top of Natasha’s,

“I know, but it still doesn’t feel great.”

Maria hummed in reply before scrolling through some more articles about the two of them.

“Natasha,” Pepper brought them out of their moment, “the New York Times wants an interview,”

“Seriously? They care about this stuff?”

“It is pretty significant news,” Pepper shrugged, “I’ll tell them no if you want, but it might be nice to make an official statement instead of tweeting about it,’

“There’s no pressure, Tash,” Maria looked into Natasha’s eyes, trying to gauge her emotions,

“I’ll do it,”

“I’ll call them right now,” fingers tapped furiously on Pepper’s phone and her heels clacked on the floor as she rushed away.

“Am I going to regret this?” Nat buried her face into Maria’s chest,

“There’s only one way to find out.”



The interview seemed perfectly normal. A little too normal not to be suspicious, in Natasha’s opinion. The questions had been straightforward, mostly about recent missions and various social issues,

“So,” the interviewer licked his lips.

Oh god. He was about to ask the question. At least this interview wouldn’t be boring anymore.

“The whole world has been talking about your previously very private relationship. How has your partner reacted to all the press you have been getting?”

“My girlfriend wasn’t super happy at first,” Natasha controlled the grin threatening to take over when the interviewer perked up. It was the first time she’d ever revealed anything about Maria’s identity, “but now she enjoys watching the internet try to figure out who she is.”

After that bombshell, the questions return to normal. Before long, the interviewer is shaking her hand, thanking her for her time, and Natasha is smiling and (insincerely) saying she had a great time. It did feel nice to have a little direct control over the narrative, but speaking to the press was exhausting.

“Hey,” was all Maria said when Nat entered their room and immediately pressed up against her side.

Nat didn’t say anything, savoring the peacefulness of being alone with Maria. 

“How was the interview?”

Natasha sighed and buried her head into Maria’s shoulder. Maria’s arm moved to simultaneously hold her girlfriend and work on her paperwork.

“So, not bad, then?”

“Could’ve been worse,” Natasha’s words were muffled by Maria’s dress shirt,

“Should PR be expecting thousands of calls tomorrow?” Maria chuckled, already knowing the answer.

“They need to earn their keep.”

Silence settled over the two of them as Maria worked, Natasha staying at her side. 

“Want cuddles?” It was a rhetorical question: Nat was practically in Maria’s lap already.

Maria wrapped Nat’s limbs around her torso before standing and walking over to their bed. Natasha clung to Maria like a koala even as they lay down. The warmth of Nat’s skin seeped through Maria’s clothes as they held each other. This was nice. Moments like this, just the two of them focusing solely on each other, were rare. There was always some global threat looming, an Avenger in crisis, or some paperwork that needed doing. 

“Thank you,” Natasha whispered, ghosting Maria’s lips with her own,

“You’re welcome,” Maria kissed Nat’s forehead.

“I think I’m falling ‘sleep,” Natasha moved closer to Maria, a nearly impossible feat, considering how close they already were.

“It’s okay, Tasha, just relax.”

Natasha mumbled incoherently, eyes fluttering shut, and Maria’s heart sang. It was hard for Nat to fall asleep around others. She still couldn’t sleep if Tony was around. But with Maria? She was liable to sink into dreamland at any moment. This act of trust, of love, made Maria weak.

A yawn escaped Maria’s mouth. She hadn’t realized how tired she was. A few sleepless nights across a couple weeks would do that, she supposed. Maria let herself sink into the sheets, a foggy haze taking over her consciousness as she joined Natasha in sleep.



Natasha was pretty sure there had never been a faster turnaround time on a New York Times article ever. She definitely had not expected her interview to make the front page the day after. But there she was, in a picture they’d taken yesterday, the headline of the print and online copies of the paper.


Natasha Romanoff Is More Than Her Relationship 



Natasha Romanoff has been in the news lately for her romantic relationship. But, the Black Widow is more focused on making Earth a safer place than gossiping about her love life.


Idly scrolling through the article, Natasha finally found the portion she was looking for.



Of course, as an Avenger, Ms. Romanoff is used to public chatter about her. Her partner though? Not so much. Overnight, a very private relationship became one carefully scrutinized by thousands online. I asked Ms. Romanoff about her partner’s reaction to all of the media attention, and she laughed.

“My girlfriend,” she didn’t hesitate to use the word, “wasn’t very happy at first.”

I don’t know anyone who would be happy, but Ms. Romanoff explained that it was something of a joke between the two now, and that her girlfriend “enjoys” seeing what people think about her.


The interviewer had done a good job. Natasha wasn’t sure how many of her fans read the news, but she was sure that they were going to be excited once they found out about the article.



The New York Times @nyt

We sat down with @blckwdw to talk about her experience as an Avenger.


Uncrustables are ravioli @sweet_caroline17

Replying to @nyt



Faith is my business @ur_ignorance_isa_downer

Replying to @nyt

We got confirmed she/her pronouns for #bw’s partner !!!


Wanda maximoff is bae @tacosaretasty

The question now is WHO @blckwdw is dating

#bw’s gf


mY gIrLfRiEnD @hulksm4shm3pls

Black widow reveal who you’re dating challenge

#bw’s gf


This is my comfort account @t4lkn3rdy2me

Okay, but did we just get confirmation that @blckwdw is gay???? 

#bw’s gf


Mama sBIder ✔ @blckwdw

Replying to @t4lkn3rdy2me

Bi actually


black widow’s (imaginary) gf @gay4women


      Mama sBIder ✔ @blckwdw

      Replying to @t4lkn3rdy2me

      Bi actually


What You Are Is Beautiful @AvaSilva19

It is an absolutely beautiful day to be bisexual

#bw’s gf


chicks dig scars @waves

I wish I had a role model like @blckwdw growing up



Bicon: Natasha Romanoff Came Out as Bisexual in the Most Casual Way and We Love Her For It


Black Widow Just Confirmed She’s Bi and The Internet Is A Mess


“Who’s writing about us now?” Natasha sank into the couch and looked at the tablet in Maria’s hands.

“Teen Vogue and Buzzfeed at the moment. All very flattering, of course,” Maria subconsciously moved closer to Natasha.

“I’m surprised the homophobes haven’t started attacking yet,” it was only a half-joking remark. While the internet was an amazing place, Natasha had seen first-hand how nasty people could be behind the anonymity of a screen.

“Be careful what you wish for, Nat,” Pepper walked in, trailed by the rest of the Avengers.

Pepper’s screen showed a slew of hate tweets and headlines.



liberal tears @gunsandbeer

@blckwdw “bisexuality” doesnt exist


Sigma Male @gveniceguysachance

@blckwdw just say you want to have threesomes


JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING @preacherteacher

Homosexuality is a sin and @blckwdw WILL BURN IN HELL

(Genesis 9:20–27, Genesis 19:1–11, Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, 1 Corinthians 6:9–10, 1 Timothy 1:10, Romans 1:26–27)


All Lives @brenthawley

Replying to @preacherteacher

Amen. No one can escape His word


Natasha Romanoff is the Most Recent Celebrity to Hop On the “Bisexual” Bandwagon

By: Newsmax Staff



“Why are people so mean?” 

Wanda couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The thought that anybody, especially random strangers, would be so terrible to Natasha made her stomach turn. Nobody deserved to be treated like this.

“We have to do something about this,” Tony’s fingers pinched in between his eyebrows, “I refuse to let Nat, or any of you, get bullied by these idiots.”

Everyone began bouncing ideas off of each other. The Avengers stood there for over an hour, fueled by their protectiveness over Natasha and Maria, trying to figure out the best way to shut down their haters. Finally, Peter spoke up with an idea that made them speechless in sheer awe of its brilliance.

“Okay, so hear me out.”



You Know Who I Am  ✔ @tonysnark

joke’s on you @newsmax i’m bisexual too


Steven Grant Rogers ✔ @cptamerica

Replying to @tonysnark



Baby Spider ✔ @realspiderman

Replying to @tonysnark

Same, and trans too


Not Sabrina ✔ @weirdwanda

Replying to @tonysnark

the same sentiment, except i’m pan :)


Bucky Barnes ✔ @onearmedoldguy

oof, i’m gay lmao. also, im dating @cptamerica


Dr. Bruce Banner ✔ @brucebannerPhDs

I’m asexual and proud


THOR ✔ @godofthunder



THOR ✔ @godofthunder

Replying to @godofthunder



Falcon ✔ @samwilson

we don’t tolerate homophobes/transphobes in this house


Clint Barton ✔ @hawkguy

If you attack my best friend, I can’t promise I won’t shoot you 😎


The Avengers ✔ @avengers

Hate has no place on Earth. We stand with and fully support @blckwdw and the rest of the LGBTQ+ community.


This is my comfort account @t4lkn3rdy2me

All the @avengers coming out to support @blckwdw is true queer solidarity

#bw’s partner #queervengers


mY gIrLfRiEnD @hulksm4shm3pls

I try to leave Twitter for ONE GODDAMN DAY and this happens 



Uncrustables are ravioli @sweet_caroline17

If you’re sad, remember that today a homophobe found out @cptamerica is bi 



Wanda maximoff is bae @tacosaretasty

#queervengers cleared my pores and instantly hydrated me



A month later, the internet was still trying to identify Natasha’s girlfriend. The Avengers had a sort of bet going about it. Each Avenger had written down names of people they thought the internet might guess Natasha was dating, and they got points for each one they got correct. Pepper was currently winning with Hope van Dyne, Darcy Lewis, and Quake. Reading through the top tweets of the day had become somewhat of a tradition, and today was no exception.

“Okay, anyone have any names to put into the pool?” Steve asked, ever the dad of the team,

“Nope. I’m good, old man,” with two correct guesses, Sam was pretty confident about his other choices.

“Do you ever feel bad about leaving them hanging about who Ms. Romanoff’s dating?” Peter asked half an hour later, when they had finished for the day,

“I honestly wouldn’t mind telling them,” Maria shrugged as best as she could with Natasha wrapped around her,

“Do it, you won’t.”

She did.



chicks dig scars @waves

Do I spend too much time trying to figure out who #bw’s partner is?


Do I care?



Not Sabrina ✔ @weirdwanda

@realspiderman made this one btw


Uncrustables are ravioli @sweet_caroline17

Replying to @weirdwanda

Yet another amazing meme by the dream team 



black widow’s (imaginary) gf @gay4women

rt if you wish you were dating Natasha Romanoff


Maria Hill ✔ @mhill

Replying to @gay4women

I don’t have to


black widow’s (imaginary) gf @gay4women


      Maria Hill ✔ @mhill

      Replying to @gay4women

      I don’t have to


mY gIrLfRiEnD @hulksm4shm3pls

Does anybody know if this is real?!!??? #bw’s partner

      Maria Hill ✔ @mhill

      Replying to @gay4women

      I don’t have


This is my comfort account @t4lkn3rdy2me

Ok ok ok, who is @mhill? She’s verified, but WHO IS SHE?


You Know Who I Am ✔ @tonysnark

Replying to @t4lkn3rdy2me

Wouldn’t you like to know?


Maria Hill ✔ @mhill

@blckwdw @tonysnark


Really Stable @AvaSilva19

Can @blckwdw please confirm?? My bisexual heart needs to knowwwwwww


Maria’s GF ✔ @blckwdw

Replying to @mhill

That’s a nice one, детка


Baby Spider ✔ @realspiderman

Replying to @mhill

Ms. Hill, you told me and @weirdwanda you didn’t know how to make memes :((((((((


Natasha's GF ✔ @mhill

I didn't know at the time @realspiderman. I learned.


Not Sabrina ✔ @weirdwanda

Replying to @mhill

Maria’s my new favorite old person @hawkguy


Natasha's GF ✔ @mhill

You're my favorite too @weirdwanda

      Replying to @mhill

      Maria’s my new favorite old person @hawkguy


Uncrustables are ravioli @sweet_caroline17

WE FINALLY KNOW #bw’s partner


This is my comfort account @t4lkn3rdy2me



chicks dig scars @waves

Replying to @mhill

@tacosaretasty if we don’t have this in the future, i don’t want it


Faith is my business @ur_ignorance_isa_downer



“Wow,” Nat threaded her legs between Maria’s as they lay in bed together, “I think we broke them,”

“We really did,” it was impossible for Maria not to smile a little,

“And you don’t mind the world knowing about us?”

“Not really. Besides I get to kiss you in public now,”

“Not like this, though.”

Natasha rolled on top of Maria and kissed her. The familiar smell that was uniquely Maria filled her lungs as Nat deepened the kiss. God, her kisses were like heroin. Natasha grinned as Maria flipped them over and her back hit the mattress. 

“I love you,” a breathless laugh passed Maria’s lips,

“I love you too,” Natasha smiled as she caught her breath,

“We should tweet about this,”

“Oh god. I really don’t think the world could handle that right now,”

“You could distract me with kisses?”

“You don’t even have to ask.”