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Ten steps to heaven

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A pleasant Saturday morning, and Moonbyul was leisurely observing the quiet neighborhood. She was currently staying at her small cabin in the countryside that she bought last year for a short break from work. Riding her bike had always been her favorite pastime, especially during early mornings when people hadn’t left their houses yet and the air was still fresh. This area was rather sparse; what she could mostly see was the vast wheat field on both side of the road.

As she prepared to turn around, Moonbyul only caught a glimpse of a truck travelling in the opposite direction over the speed limit heading towards her and before she had time to process anything, she was knocked away from the bike and hit something hard.

A while later, she opened her eyes.

She was sitting beside her heavily damaged bike, which was weird. Moonbyul stumbled as she got up and – to her surprise – realized that her body weight was two-thirds lighter than usual. She looked down and saw no wounds or dirt on her clothes. She widened her eyes; she clearly recalled being thrown up a few meters before falling on the ground. Was there any miracle? And speaking of wounds, how come she couldn’t feel any pain?

The truck had run away from the scene.

Great. Just, great.

Moonbyul took a look around and saw a figure lying still in front of a street lamp. A pool of red liquid surrounding them made her heart drop. She approached the body, hoping that wasn’t-

It was her.

Her bleeding hadn’t stopped yet. Moonbyul couldn’t help but stare at herself being unconscious – more precisely, dead – on the street.

Miracle her ass. She was dead. She was dead. She, was, fucking, dead.

It would take more than thrice a repeat for Moonbyul to process this information.

It was undeniable that she was an overthinker, and had countless times thought about ending her life. But never had she expected her death would be this… fast. She sighed exasperatedly; here were still so many things she should accomplish. But what was the point crying over spilt milk?

She flinched at the coldness from the metal material of the bike. Really? Ghosts could touch and feel things too? How interesting, Moonbyul chuckled.

She couldn’t hide her surprise at the fact that she could carry her lifeless body and did it easily, but there was no time left for absorbing information. People could go out from their homes anytime soon and she would prefer leaving a pool of blood and a broken bike than a dead body on the street. At least there was a possibility of them thinking the injured had been taken to the hospital.

Moonbyul sat dumbfounded in her bedroom, staring at the countdown wristwatch engraved in her left wrist. Long story short, since the Death visited her so abruptly, she would have approximately ten days to be a wandering soul. What was special about this was that she could be seen – though not by everyone, live like a normal person until she had to reincarnate into a new life.

After many efforts she successfully calmed herself down, and she spent the rest of the days outlining a plan to settle her things before leaving this world and to spend her time properly.

9 days 8 hours.


Death. It should probably be the worst thing that can happen to any living thing.

She could still find some “fortune” in it though.

She found it lucky, that her younger sister, Wheein, was on a trip to an international art exhibition and wouldn’t be home in a week.

That Yongsun – her best friend since childhood, didn’t go with her to the cabin. That she just finished a tour, which meant Moonbyul could stick to her side for the next nine days.

And it was what she did for the whole week; hanging out with the singer.

“Why don’t you go to your company and just taking me outside everyday?”

It made sense; Moonbyul was the CEO of such a grand pharmaceutical corporation, how could she not give any attention to it in person?

At this, Moonbyul just forced a smile before changing topic.

Did she try? Yes. But as mentioned, not everyone could see her, and the day she appeared at the company, it had stirred not so small a chaos among the employees. It was also a convenience that she had knew that hospital long enough that she could trust them in secretly keeping her in the mortuary. She couldn’t afford to have the news of her having died due to traffic accident gone viral on media.

She knew Yongsun was completely unaware of the fact that the person teasing her everyday was now no longer alive. She believed so. She hoped so.


//Yongsun's POV//

That Moonbyul cooked in the kitchen was a rare sight. It was reasonable since she often worked overtime and even the time she had for a quick dinner was limited. However, that was what she had been able to witness for the past five days at home and no signs of stopping was found. Not to mention how her best friend practically begged her to hang out with her everyday.

It wasn’t like Yongsun disliked it.

Those place Moonbyul took her to were those they had gone to before and really wanted to go back again. The dishes she made were all at the top of her list of favorite food. And above all, the singer was delighted to spend more time with the soulmate she always cherished.

But she could sense something was off.

Moonbyul shouldn’t look at her with so much affection and melancholy when they sat at the café or the bench park or when they went out purely for a walk and she thought the older woman didn’t notice. She shouldn’t have tears streaming down her face staring at the framed picture of her, Yongsun and Wheein like what she saw that one time the singer came home earlier than usual. Her hands shouldn’t be that cold every time they held hands at the amusement park or the shopping mall, especially because the businesswoman was usually a very warm person. Intuition told Yongsun there was something very terrible happening in the near future; she didn’t know whether her best friend, her or both of them were affected.


4 days and a half.


//Wheein's POV//

How Wheein hated when she was interrupted during her flow of creativity. She was less grumpy though upon realizing it was the ringtone she specifically set for her favorite contacts, which consisted of only two phone numbers. Neatly placing her brushes on the palette, she delightedly answered the call knowing who this caller should be.

"Wheein-ah, can you hear my voice?”


A video call request popped on the screen. “Can you see me?”

“Of course, you’re doing video call! Why do you ask these questions?”

“Nothing, I’m just checking my phone, it has been lagging recently. Have you come back from the exhibition? Why didn’t you come home yesterday?”

“How can I answer your phone if I’m still overseas? And my flight was delayed so I arrived at Seoul rather late. I didn’t want to disturb your sleep so I stayed overnight at my studio.”

“How thoughtful~ not like the other time when I had to kick the heels for a certain person at the airport, huh?” The evident sarcasm in her older sister’s voice made her giggle. That was such a Moonbyul behavior, masking her warm personality with a cold composure and teasing remarks.

"Anyways, is there a specific reason you want to call me or you just miss your girlie too much?”

“You bet,” Moonbyul pretended to roll her eyes. “Come to the café opposite to your studio, I have something to tell you.”

“Mamamoo café? Cool, ‘cause I’m hungry anyway. See you in a minute.”

A strange sense of nervousness crept inside her as she put away her tools and left the studio. For some reason she couldn’t help imagining what her sister possibly wanted to tell her. Trying to shake it off, the artist smiled a little at the sight of the woman she hadn’t seen for the past week in a table at the corner of the diner.

Moonbyul didn’t smile back. Instead her eyes looked puffy, as if she was about to cry. Panicked, Wheein immediately quickened her pace and hugged her sister. The other woman returned her embrace, wrapping her arms tightly around her younger sister as if not wanting to pull away.

Chills ran down Wheein’s spine. She was so thin and the contact felt foreign to her, like she was almost hugging air. Her hands and face were cold, too cold for a living person.

“What happened?” Wheein tried to hide the tremble in her voice.

“Just… sit down first, will you?” Moonbyul murmured. The artist reluctantly agreed and sat opposite to her sister. The older woman reached inside her bag and placed in front of her a tabloid that somehow got her news on first page. Fortunately, it was a newly-built newspaper and practically unknown, so the rumor hadn’t spread out yet.

“Why are you showing me this?” Wheein furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

“If I told you this is true, will you believe me?”

“Of course not! You’re literally sitting right there talking to me!” Now Wheein was completely bewildered. What nonsense was her sister talking about?

“I know it sounds very bizarre, but I really need you to listen to me.” The businesswoman was almost begging her, and Wheein had no choice but to nod and try to process any information coming next.

"I was in a traffic accident a week ago near the cabin. I have about ten days to live almost like a normal person and can be seen by almost everyone before officially leaving this world.” Moonbyul tried her best to maintain a monotonous voice, but Wheein didn’t miss how it subtly trembled.

“This is ridiculous.” Was all Wheein could say as the lump in her throat prevent anything else to be blurted out. As an atheist, she definitely didn’t believe in any kind of superstition. But there couldn’t be any logical explanation for her older sister’s near-freezing body temperature or the thinness of her body. Or at least her mind couldn’t think of one.

Before she even knew it, tears started to stain her round cheeks. She didn’t want to acknowledge that information, but her heart already began to throb in pain.

“Isn’t it? Ah, how I wish it weren’t true.” Moonbyul smiled bitterly and reached out to wipe her tears. “Wheein-ah, don’t cry.”

“All of a sudden you told me you died without me knowing for a fucking week and now you want me to not bawl my eyes out?” The artist glared painfully at her and cried even harder. Her heart wanted to break into millions of pieces at the definite loss in the very near future. She felt immensely guilty; her sister must have been in extreme agony while she was having fun an ocean away from home, completely unaware.

“Everything at the company has been settled. They won’t need to know why I suddenly evaporate from this world. My most trusted vice director of the company, Ahn Hyejin will be promoted to my position, but I’m going to need you to assist and monitor her for a while, can you? Can I believe in what I have taught you and your ability all this time?” Moonbyul softly sighed and she held the younger woman’s hand and looked into her eyes as she left some words for her.

Wheein weakly nodded. She felt like she was going to faint any time. Everything just came so sudden at the same time, it made her head dizzy. Her heart on the other seemed to start grieving her technically-dead beloved and as Moonbyul’s words sank in her minds, the wound was cut even more deeply inwards.

“You’re not going soon, are you?” She choked out as her grasp of her older sister’s hands tightened. Suddenly she was scared, scared that the businesswoman was going to disappear right in front of her eyes.

“No, I’m not, dear. I still have more than three days.” Moonbyul smiled, a complicate one. “Y-you have to take good care of yourself, you hear me? Remember to take your meds regularly and adequately, especially your asthma inhalers and anti-depressants. And Yongsun-unnie… Now that you only have each other, please take care of her for me… Both of you can be ill easily so don’t forget to check the AC temperature at night and keep warm when winter comes.” It was becoming harder for Moonbyul to stay calm. “I know you two are financially independent but all my savings are going to be yours, do whatever you want with it, okay? I-I just want you to be safe and happy…”

Wheein didn’t dare to think out loud that living happily without her sister’s presence was highly likely to be impossible.

“Does she know about this?” asked the sorrowful artist.

Moonbyul shook her head. She hadn’t had enough courage yet. She was afraid Yongsun couldn’t handle it.

“Can I stay home with you this weekend then?” Wheein asked almost pleadingly. If their time together was limited, she might as well make the most out of it with her only family member, whom she dearly loved.

The older woman immediately agreed. They looked at each other as they smiled tearfully.

2 days 18 hours.


//Yongsun’s POV//

Yongsun was home right before dawn. She opened Moonbyul’s room door to find a soundly sleeping Wheepup on the queen-sized bed. The singer smiled; she could already guess where her best friend was.

She knew it.

Moonbyul laid her head on the desk with light still on; must have been too tired to drag herself on the bed. As if done so many times, she carried her to her bed, startling to see how light the younger woman was. Not wanting to overthink, she fixed her position before going back to rearrange the scattering documents. Believe her when she said she didn’t mean to read anything, but what caught her eyes made her panic.

On the laptop screen highlighted the title “Notice of Change of CEO” and on top of the paper pile was an all too familiar document that she got to see years ago when Moonbyul and Wheein’s parents passed away: “Will and Testament”. The only difference was that the testator was Moonbyul, while she and the artist’s names were written as beneficiaries. Writing a will since young was no longer uncommon, she was absolutely aware. It was just that the fuming sense of insecurity and nervousness inside her spiked and mentally suffocated her in worry and bewilderment.

Because until now, she had absolutely no idea what on earth Moon Byulyi was planning to do.

Then she glanced at the right of the laptop.


2 days 3 hours.


Weekend came. Moonbyul didn’t go back to the cabin. She took Wheein and Yongsun out to the beach, regarding it as a congratulatory gift for the artist and singer who had worked hard for the past weeks.

"Hey pup, I thought you like beaches the most among us, why do you look so grumpy like that?” Moonbyul asked with a smile, despite knowing too well the reason she stayed silent during the whole trip, but she was asking on behalf of Yongsun because she was aware Yongsun was confused at her behavior.

"Nothing, I will share when I feel like it, you two don’t have to worry about me.” Wheein veiled her face with a forced smile. Yongsun nodded knowingly and let the artist lean on her shoulder. Moonbyul held her hand for a while. Wheein flinched at its coldness, but she didn’t want to let go either. Her action made it harder for the youngest woman to hold back her tears in front of others.

That evening, the trio quietly sat on the beach, observing the serene scenery. The crescent moon shone brightly, and two nearby stars made them look like a smiley face. The summer breeze tingled their skins, embracing them in a reassuring hug. The atmosphere was peaceful. Too peaceful to last long.


1 day 6 hours.


Moonbyul sighed. Here comes the hardest part of the journey.

She found Yongsun leaning on the bed side as she looked out the balcony, to the blazing sun setting on the horizon.

“Unnie? Can I sit with you?” She called. Yongsun turned around and looked at her so intensely she suddenly felt a little vulnerable. The older woman slightly nodded and Moonbyul sat down beside her, noticing how her best friend was curling up and hugging her legs.

“I have something to tell you-“

“I know.” Yongsun cut her off but didn’t say anything further. Her voice was emotionless.

“You know?” Moonbyul widened her eyes. How could she-

“I know you want to say something to me. Go ahead, I’m all ears.”

Her mind went blank; words she had been practicing all day to spit out suddenly disappeared without a trace on her tongue. Taking a deep breath, she told her what she said to Wheein two days ago. Yongsun’s eerie quietness was the last reaction she expected, and in all honesty, it was making her nervous. The older woman softly chuckled, startling Moonbyul. She opened her legs and threw the newspaper she had been keeping away. It hit the balcony door and landed right in front of the businesswoman, to her surprise – or more precisely, terror.

“Isn’t it funny how I can easily believe it even when you are literally sitting right beside me and talking like a normal fucking person?”

The singer turned to her and increased her volume by every word. Moonbyul’s ears hurt and so did her heart. No wonder she couldn’t find it the past two days. Her best friend must have seen it when she passed out on the desk while finishing the last details. 

Yongsun, in contrast to Wheein, was more open-minded to the idea of superstition (she was actually a Buddhist). To be honest, however, the information she just absorbed was more like a confirmation to her theories than a completely bizarre phenomenon that she never thought would happen. Yongsun didn’t know whether to regret or be grateful that she got to look at it beside the laptop that night. If she hadn’t she wouldn’t have had to read the breaking headline “CEO of Moonstar Corp. dies in a tragic accident” and stay on edges all this time. But if so, she might not understand what Moonbyul just said at all.

“You have been so not yourself the past days.” Yongsun shook her head, her voice trembling hard. “The daily meals, the hanging outs, everything you’ve done for me, it was so unexpected. At first, I was so happy, but then I just couldn’t ignore how cold your hands were and how you looked so thin and so light a breeze can still blow you away. I have been reading a lot about this phenomenon, but never will I expect you to be one of them.” She started to cry. Everything made sense now, including the harsh truth she wasn’t sure if she was ready yet to admit: she would have to say a forever farewell to her soulmate very soon. And it hurt.

Wordlessly, Moonbyul wrapped her arms around her sobbing best friend. Yongsun shuddered a little but didn’t push her away; this might be the last chance she could hold her in her embrace.

“Byul-ah… Byul-ah…” The older woman clutched onto her arms like she was her lifeline.

“I’m here, Yong. I’m right here.” Yongsun’s shoulder was also stained with Moonbyul’s tears.

“I’m so scared Byul-ah. What will I do when you’re no longer here with me? How about Wheein? What will we do without you?”

“I…” The younger woman felt guilty again. She didn’t want to leave abruptly like this either. “I’m scared too. I don’t know what is waiting ahead of me when I have to leave this world. But I will be with you in your mind and heart. I never let you go, so don’t worry. I’ll be just fine and I know you will too.”

Her best friend’s words still had a strong effect on her like usual. Yongsun suddenly felt a great sense of reassurance.

“Really?” Yongsun tried to look at her through her fogged vision.

“Yes!” Moonbyul smiled, her eyes forming crescents. It reminded her of a day many years ago, when they were just two little girls and the younger had promised her the exact same thing. That she would be with her in her mind and heart for as long as she wanted.

“It’s getting late, Yong. I will cook something good for us three. You take a shower, I’ll tell Wheein to do the same.”

“Did she…?”

“Yes, I told her a few days ago.”

“Ah…” Yongsun’s shoulders deflated, but Moonbyul believed she would understand for her.

The singer stood up, but not before staring at her with so evident a fear in her eyes that the other woman wanted nothing but to comfort her.

“How much time do you have left?”

“Definitely not now, so don’t worry about me evaporating while you clean yourself. I have about… more than 24 hours left, so plenty for a bath, I think.” The businesswoman joked. Only until now did Yongsun really get up to grab her clothes and head to the bathroom.

“Prepare some champagnes too then.”

Moonbyul’s smile faded right when she heard the bathroom door click. She stayed motionless and she observed her last sunset. A few more tears rolled down her cheeks as she couldn’t help thinking how much she resembled the disappearing sun outside.

“I’m so sorry Yongsun unnie and Wheeinie. You will understand for my last time lying to you, right?”

She glanced at her wrist.

11 hours 45 minutes.


In their house that night, Wheein, Yongsun and Moonbyul were getting wasted. They recalled past memories, exposing each other and breaking in laughter. People might think they were celebrating something or a reunion between three friends that hadn’t met for a long time; even the trio couldn’t bring themselves to call this a goodbye party, layered with indescribable pain at an inevitable loss.

Wheein slept on Moonbyul’s lap, barely managed to send her an “I love you” before passing out. Despite having almost the same alcohol tolerance as her older sister, she just wasn’t able to handle the exhaustion after the overseas trip and the weight of agony inside her at the same time. Moonbyul could only chuckled sadly, gently caressing her hair. Yongsun was still blabbering, clinging to her like a koala refusing to get off its tree.

“Byul-yahhhh... Do you really have to go? I still want to see you, to have you as my part-time manager, to be teased by your *hiccup* annoying ass, to cuddle with you as we pull all-nighters for movies, to be photographed by you and you only~~~ I only have you two as my family, how will Wheein and *hiccup* I move on when you go away?” The singer totally lost control, incomprehensible sounds soon turning into heart-wrenching sobs. She continuously hit her best friend’s chest, so lightly like feather to her skin, yet so heavy like a hammer to her heart. “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! I hate that I already *hiccup* miss you!”

To be honest, she wasn’t even sure if Yongsun was completely drunk or not; her words were too coherent for one. What she did know was that she felt like breaking down any time at them.

“Remember me, will you? You are my family, my everything, so you two better not forget my existence, yeah?” She was being greedy, she knew that. It was her deepest fear though, fear of being completely forgotten about and left behind.

“Of course I won’t, how can I forget such a lovely Byulyi? Don’t cry, dear.” Done with crying, Yongsun smiled a little as she wiped her cheeks. Only until did Moonbyul knew she had been crying. “I won’t allow you to forget us either. If you do I will chase you to the afterlife, mark my words.”

“Oh, please don’t,” Moonbyul let out a tearful laugh. She didn’t have the right to promise such a thing; like she said, she had no idea what was waiting her ahead.

They stayed silent for a while, staring at the silver moon hanging outside their window.

“The moon is beautiful, isn’t it? So is my Byulyi. My star, my star~ I love you so much, so so much…” The older woman singsonged before leaning her weight on her best friend’s lap, falling in the deep slumber. Usually, in cases like these, the most effective way to wake her up is a certain someone crawling onto her and tickling her hard until she had to get up to shake that annoying feeling.

Yongsun’s words were her last straw. Moonbyul gulped down her emotions in form of expensive champagne that she opened to deliberately get the other two drunk. Alcohol burned her throat, but couldn’t overwhelm the salty taste of tears swallowed back inside. Some insisted on escaping her bloodshot eyes, soaking her shirt. She soundlessly sobbed, blaming her misery on whoever up there for separating them so cruelly. But then she looked up again, this time thanking them for giving her the last ten days to say goodbye to this world, to the women she loved so much and make the last happy memories with them.


5 hours 50 minutes.


Moonbyul carried each of them into Yongsun’s big bedroom, gently covering the sound sleepers with a thin blanket and turned on the AC. She changed herself to her favorite set of clothes; it didn’t really matter now that she was leaving soon, but she wanted herself to be as comfortable as possible. The businesswoman opened her laptop to do a final check on important documents for everyone. The executor and her own signature on the will, visible. Notice of change, complete. Insurance, bank accounts… done. She sighed almost contently. She didn’t want any of her beloved to have difficulties after she was gone.

She didn’t want to sleep through her final moments, so she read some books, waiting for the coming dawn and wrote a letter for the two.


"My dearest Angel Line!

As I’m reflecting on my life, I’m glad to have spent so much time with you and made happy memories that I will surely treasure until my last moment. No one wants to be a life away from their beloved, but after all it’s fate who has arranged this for me, for you. No matter what happens, I just want you to remember that I will be with you and watching every step that Yong and Wheeinie takes. I promise to never let go, and you don’t have to let me go either. If you don’t want to move on, you don’t have to. Let’s all move forward, with me in your memories and you in mine as a lucky charm as we go our own ways.

Now that I’m gone, I hope you two can take care of yourself and each other well. Wheein-ah, to me you are still a child, but one with so much potential and talent, and I trust you with your art career as well as your ability to assist Hyejin in her future journey in my former company. Help me preserve and develop from my achievements there, will you? Oh, I almost forgot: your favorite watercolor paint set that you said was used up before the exhibition, it’s in my red suitcase. That’s my late birthday present for my baby^^ And Yongsun-ah, I’m so sorry that I no longer can tease you, can be seen by you, can take you to different places or cuddle with you through the night. Your image (and Wheeinie’s) is engraved in every cell of mine, and I know it’s the same to you too. Be the most passionate, most successful and most delighted singer, that’s all I need from you.

Believe me when I say I’m now happier than ever, so don’t be sad too much at my absence. I go with a light heart, don’t worry about me.

I’m not good with words, but from the bottom of my heart, I really want to tell you two that I’m sorry, thank you so much, and love you to the moon and back.


Moon Byulyi.

P/s: My body is at the X Medical Center in the countryside, about ten kilometers away from the cabin. I left a note there, telling them to give it back to you when you come to identify it. Wheein, please don’t take Yongsun unnie with you. A celebrity spotted at a mortuary can bring a ton of problems, believe me on that. And the cabin, don’t hesitate to visit it sometimes. It’s now yours, my loves, and don’t pull some excuses like I used to be there or things like that. It was one of the most beautiful places ever, where we have created so many fun and happy memories together, I don’t see why you should avoid it like a haunted house. I won’t haunt you, ever, if that’s what crossed your mind. Take care of the plants there for me, and have unnie go with you when she has time too.

Love you two 3000."


1 hour 15 minutes.


Moonbyul could feel her body lighter as seconds went by; her sense of touch on her fingertips was slowly disappearing. For the past hour after concluding the letter, she had sat between the sleeping women, feeling every feature, every hair strand, every finger… everything belonging to them. They looked so serene, which was all she wished for them. She looked at the ceiling, swallowing back her last tears. The time was coming, she should probably smile to the afterlife, right?

She looked down on her wrist. 30 minutes.

The sun was rising. Her last sunrise. She stared at the gradually blistering light over the horizon.

The day she got into the accident, she also observed the sunrise on the bike, bathing herself in the soft breeze tingling on her skin. That was actually the first time she saw the sunrise; her work usually left her sleeping right before dawn until she had to wake up grudgingly again and finish whatever she was doing. Wow, she chuckled as she thought, the only two beginning-of-days she was able to see turned out to mark her death, both the official and unofficial one.

A voice spoke up startling her. “Are you ready? Do you wish to depart early?” She turned to look at Wheein and Yongsun one last time, then walked to the open window, staring at the horizon as she nodded ever so slightly. Did she plan to do so? No. But she was afraid that if she stayed by their side just a little longer, she might be greedy and having second thought. So she nodded.

Immediately, a blinding light appeared, but she was too shocked to even blink. (Also, she was a CEO of a big company, it had been a norm to face hundreds of flashlights at various parties and press conferences from the media.) A transparent ladder emerged from the brightening sky. She climbed on the window sill and placed her feet on the first step.

Thank you Wheein, for having been my younger sister.

Second step.

Thank you Yongsun, for having moved to the neighbor house that winter afternoon on my fourth birthday.

Third step.

Thank you Wheein for having been so thoughtful and caring.

Fourth step.

Thank you Yongsun for giving colors to my dull life with your warm heart and innocent personality.

Fifth step.

Thank you for supporting me ever since I had nothing but my bare hands.

Sixth step.

Thank you for bearing with my swinging moods, taking good care of me and always helping me wholeheartedly.

Seventh step.

Thank you for being there during my thick and thin, in my worst and best moments and letting me do the same to you two.

Eighth step.

Sorry for being unable to stay with you longer and have any more memories with you.

Ninth step.

I love you Moon Wheein. I love you, Kim Yongsun.

Tenth step.

Goodbye. Please live a happy and healthy life!


In that moment, Moonbyul closed her eyes, and she no longer felt anything else.