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I followed Nicki Minaj to a party (ends up going home with Dracula)

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“Why . . .” Yongsun blinked, and then swallowed, and blinked again just to make sure she’s seeing what she’s seeing. “Why are you dressed up like a drag queen?”

Wheein lets out an exaggerated gasp, her eyes widening outrageously that it took Yongsun's whole being to stifle a laugh because it’s horrifying, which was understandable since it’s Halloween, and that’s the whole point. Maybe that was it? A zombie drag queen? Or is it Madonna?

“You dare say thet te de Nicki Mineh?” There was a lot of ‘e' in that sentence, also a lot of accent that sounded like a strangled horse. It’s honestly a lot for Yongsun to take in.

“You’re Nicki Minaj?” she asks, dumbfounded.

“Nicki Mineh.”





At that, Yongsun shuts up. It’s not her fault English is a fucked up language, kids these days basically makes up a lot of slangs and words, so what if she makes her own too? No one in Korea would know whatever the fuck she’s talking about anyway.

“Okay, but . . . are you seriously going as . . . Nicki Minaj?” she asks again, making sure, deciding to leave Wheein the moment they step inside this Hyejin's house. Whatever weird shit Nicki Mineh is up to, she wants none of it.

Wheein squeals, twirling her blonde wig using her fingers with pink, long-ass nails that can possibly impale someone to death, and fluttering her fake eyelashes excessively.

“I'm the queen of rap,” she declares.

“You can’t even ra—”

“This is the real me, Yongsun. This is who I am. Nicki Mineth is basically my reflection,” Wheein deadpans.

They stare at each other for a moment until Yongsun physically got tired of her friend's antics. She sighs in exasperation.

They’re still in Wheein's apartment and just finished getting ready for a Halloween party across town. Wheein begged her to come with as she’s frightened and said she needed moral support because Hyejin personally invited her and maybe, just maybe, she’d finally do something about her stupid crush.

“What are you? Some kind of pornstar roleplaying a nun?” Wheein queries when she notices Yongsun's costume. Giving it a once over and . . . it's too . . . normal.

“I’m just a nun, a human being with a semblance of normalcy and morality. A decent nun,” Yongsun says, hands clasped together against her chest, smiling warmly at Wheein.

“You’re shitting me, that’s too normal, or are you wearing some kind of fishnet inside that thing . . . or a vibrator stuck up your butt? Wait . . . or are you going commando?” Wheein narrowed her eyes, walking around her as if she’s a statue that needs to be observed thoroughly.

“Wheein, let’s just go. Please.”

And Wheein doesn’t push her anymore even though it’s suspicious that Yongsun is acting weirdly normal.

Or not.

“You’re a pornun, aren’t you?”





“Are you sure this is the right address?” Yongsun nervously asks, biting on her nails giddily. The location itself isn’t haunting, it’s just that, she remembered running around buck naked in this neighborhood before, and no, don’t judge, she can explain.

It was one expedition when she was high on drugs. LSD is free in college dorms, mostly if you’re one of those nerdy idiot students with weird kinks. Unfortunately, Yongsun was a victim.

“Yong, there’s literally a rave in that house. Besides—” Wheein, pulling down the window, inhales deeply. “—hmm, smells like weed and depression, my favorite.”

Yongsun didn’t say anything and waited for Wheein to park, which was a bad idea because she just remembered: Wheein sucks at parking. It’s a miracle how they didn’t even get into an accident, coming to this party.

Yongsun then decides to get inside someone’s pants and leave with them so that she won’t die with Wheein. She still has dreams, one that involved a harem, or just a lover that will worship her religiously and fuck her brains out.

That’s not so farfetched, right?

She was snapped out of her reverie when she heard—and felt—their rear bumping with another car. Not too hard that can leave permanent damage; to both cars, and Yongsun's sanity.

Yongsun gasped and glared at Wheein who just shrugged and said: “oops, Nicki Mineh is blinded by the lights.”

When Yongsun just shut her eyes close in frustration, Wheein continued. “I’m kind of a star, you know. I shine bright like a diamond, and all these bitches . . . smells like almond.”

She clicked her tongue in satisfaction, putting her right hand at the back of her ear like she just hit a high note. “Ugh, my rhymes are sick, ‘cause I'm the illest in these streets.”

“Wheein,” Yongsun pleaded, eyes close to tears. “I can’t do these rap battles today, I'm a nun. Let’s go trick or treating in your crush's house okay? I hope they have vodka or else I'm gonna die and regret your whole existence.”

“Jeez, you’re so uptight, why didn’t you dress up as the Grinch so you can play the part. You’re perfect.” Wheein rolls her eyes, unlocking their doors and stepping out.

“I'll do that on Christmas,” Yongsun mumbled, walking beside Wheein and approaching Hyejin's front porch.

The house was big for a family of one, Yongsun likes it, and was already apologetic to Hyejin's parents because one of these people would definitely break something, she just hopes it isn’t Wheein.

Inside the house—the rave—it looked more like a bar than an estate, Yongsun would've been amazed if it wasn’t for the fact that Nicki Mineh barrelled past through her and the bodies deep inside the house to scold the DJ. They were playing Cardi B. Wheein hates Cardi.

So now, Yongsun, a nun, is alone. Pouting and trudging towards the kitchen counter where the drinks are. Sure, she said she’d leave Wheein the second they stepped foot inside but that’s only applicable if she’s the one leaving. If Wheein left her already, how the hell is she supposed to do that?

Yongsun is stupid as fuck.

So she finds a stupid drink to accommodate her stupid tastes. Alas! There was vodka, and tequila, and other poison Yongsun would gladly take if it meant drowning in her sorrows of being lonely.

In the midst of her drunk twerking in the counter she suddenly feels eyes boring into her ass, like someone's been staring at her, so she whips her head to look; and there, standing across the living room overlooking the kitchen aisle, the sexiest, handsomest, Dracula she has ever seen. Silver hair like moonlight, shining and reflecting different colors of the rave lights, framing her small face that held those brown orbs staring hungrily at her, that sharp nose and jaw that can cut through her skin like a knife. She’s simply gorgeous.

And boy, does she know it.

Yongsun stops twerking, gazes back at the dangerous stranger. Throwing away her nerves and dignity, she chances a coy glance and a wink which elicited a smirk from the vampire. They proceed eye fucking, with Yongsun sexily grinding on the counter, pushing off stoner boys who wanted to talk to her. She wants that vampire. And only that vampire.

And so Dracula gives in, walks toward her in swift, long strides that exudes gracefulness befitting of her title: a Count.

When she was finally in front of her, Yongsun's brain malfunctioned.

What should I say? What’s the sexiest language? Spanish? I need to make an impression—if her twerking and grinding didn’t already make that for her—should I just use French for my dumb pick up lines?

Tu es une belle vache,” she blurts out.

You are a beautiful cow.

Pleasantly surprised and amused, the vampire chuckles. “tu parles français?

You speak french?

oui et j’ai un buffle d’eau au sabre laser.

Yes and I have a lightsaber water buffalo.

And Dracula was laughing out loud. Right then and there, Yongsun decides that it was the most beautiful sound she has ever heard in her entire life.

She didn’t know what the fuck she just said but as long as it’s making Dracula entertained, hey, she can pull any kind of foreign language in her system.

“I'm Byul. Moon Byulyi.” And wow, her normal speaking Korean voice is so deep and low and husky that Yongsun felt herself getting weak in the knees.

“Yongsun, Kim Yongsun.” She smiles widely.

And they stare at each other like that for a while. Not moving, just . . . staring. That’s what Wheein witnessed when she went to the kitchen to find Yongsun and a drink, her head tilted to the side, confused as to why these bitches are just standing there like statues and most importantly they’re blocking the brownies!

“Sons, Nicki Minetd needs her brown sugar so hurry the fuck up and kiss before I convert you to my bitch,” she says, rolling her eyes and flicking her nails lazily.

Yongsun glares at her, brows raising.

“Oh, the bitch is back,” Yongsun sneers. “Where’s your crush? Hyejin, was it?”

Wheein visibly deflates at that but still keeps her attitude as if challenging Yongsun: what about it?

“Hyejin?” Byul questions curiously. Then her face lights up in understanding and amusement. “Oh, you’re Wheein, aren’t you?”

Wheein raises a brow. “I’m Nicki Minesky,” she drawls, placing a hand on her hip. “But what’s it to you?”

Byul smirks. “Hyejin’s my best friend, she doesn’t shut up about this cute little puppy named Wheein.”

Wheein lights up like a Christmas tree, forgetting she’s Nicki Minej for a second. “She does?!”


“But she’s with Loco . . . I bet he has bad music taste,” Wheein grumbled, playing with a lock of her blonde wig.

“Loco’s actually nice—” when Byul sees Wheein's crestfallen face, she clears her throat and makes amends. “—but he’s not Hyejin's type. Besides, he can’t dance to Nicki Minaj.” Byulyi winked and Yongsun was entranced.

Rolling her eyes at Yongsun, Wheein gives Byul a grateful look and dashes off to find Hyejin, but not before warning Byulyi to take care of her friend.

“She thinks I'm a child, I can’t be. I'm older than her and I watch 3D porn,” Yongsun says, snorting.

Byulyi laughs again, totally charmed by this bold and eccentric girl who smells like four seasons cocktail.

Leaning closer to Yongsun whose eyes fluttered bashfully at her, with a smirk, she whispers in her ear, “Do you . . . maybe want to get out of here?”

“Where are we going? Because I'm drunk and I’m not straight—I mean I can’t think—huh, is it because I'm gay?” Yongsun blubbers, confused.

And Byulyi just think it’s cute. The girl might be a bit drunk, but she has a feeling that this is how she normally is even when she’s not drunk.

So she takes Yongsun's hand in hers, interlaces it and gives her a look, asking for her permission to go.

Of course Yongsun would nod and say yes.

But before they could leave, she saw Wheein and a girl who’s dressed up as a slutty Pocahontas—maybe Hyejin—making out in a couch in the living room while everyone else is dancing to Doja Cat's ‘Say So'. Good for Wheein, at least they’ll both be getting laid tonight.




Stumbling through the hallways of Dracula's apartment complex, Yongsun let’s out a giggle as Byulyi nibbles on her lower lip. They haven’t even made it inside Byulyi's door when they had the urge to make out in front of it.

With half a mind, drunk on Byulyi's eyes and lips, Yongsun sighs in the taller girl's mouth and whispers that they should probably go inside before they continue. Byulyi didn’t say anything and just pushed the door open, and then pinning Yongsun against it when they stepped in.

“Byul . . . “ Yongsun moaned and oh, it was beautiful. Music to Byulyi's ears.

How long has Byulyi felt like this again? A year? Three years? But even then no one has beguiled Byulyi quite like Kim Yongsun. Her past conquests weren’t this exciting and thrilling or just straight up enchanting. They were all forward, sex and no more, but with this deranged Nun between her arms, she felt like she wanted more, to know her more, to see more.

There was something about this silly girl that captivated her, whatever it was, Byulyi doesn’t know yet.

Yongsun knows though, it might just be the alcohol and weed talking but Yongsun believes it’s love at first sight.

“Take me to church—I meant to bed,” Yongsun splutters, and Byulyi's laugh vibrated in her mouth and it resonated deliciously down to her core. “God, that songs a banger. . . “

“I know, right?” Byulyi easily agrees, greatly pleased finding something in common between them no matter how insignificant it is.

In one swift movement, she sweeps Yongsun off her feet, letting the girl straddle her and takes her slowly to her room, staring at each other and giggling, it's funny, a Nun and a Vampire, objectively it’s a weird sight, but between them it was something beautiful.

Strangers for a night, would be lovers for a lifetime.

Funny how life works.

You follow Nicki Minaj to a party and you end up going home with Dracula.

Byulyi ends up tripping on the foot of her bed because Yongsun was obstructing her view and the light was turned off, except for the lamp on Byulyi's side table, they collided on the mattress, with Byulyi on top of a giggling Yongsun.

“Falling for me?” Yongsun says with a smirk and Byulyi chuckled lightheartedly.

“Careful, sister. I might just bite you.” Byulyi flashes her fake fangs with a smirk, leaning down on Yongsun's neck and grazes it lightly. Yongsun whimpers.

Byulyi's hands hike up the Nun's costume, her fingers touch something unexpected. Yongsun turned red, but thank the Gods, it’s dark and Byulyi won’t see it. Wheein may or may not have been correct that she’s wearing something immoral underneath the whole Nun costume. It’s like the first layer, first you see something holy but then the Nun was a actually a slut.

Byulyi stifled a giggle when she sees some kind of bondage, fishnet stockings and just . . . a sexy see through pair of lace underwear. Kim Yongsun is wild. WILD.

But she couldn’t help but stare, even though this should probably concern her, Yongsun, is a very beautiful woman.

She can pull off anything, be it a Nun or this . . . whatever the fuck this is. It’s hot.

Byulyi runs a hand on Yongsun's thigh up to her breasts, this outfit certainly leaves very little to imagination. As if in a trance, Byulyi asks her, “what do you want me to do, Yongsun?”

Yongsun smiles, despite Byulyi's mysterious and dangerous demeanor, she can see the girl is gentle and soft inside, the duality tickles something inside her.

“Undress me, darling,” she answers and Byulyi quickly obliges.

The bondage isn’t too hard to take off, to Byulyi's surprise, she thought it too elaborate but apparently Yongsun was an expert when it comes to contraptions like that. She even thought about being the one tied up in all that harness. She flushed in embarrassment, never had she thought about women tying her down but with Yongsun, it might be possible.

Finally free from all the layers of costumes, Yongsun lay flush in Byul's soft bed, her lightly-tanned skin glowing in what little light there is from Byulyi’s nightstand, looking so hot and bothered, heaving and whimpering from Byulyi's little touches.

Pretty, Byul thought as she watches Yongsun bite her lower lip when Byul pinches her erect bud a little harder.

“This is . . . unfair.” Yongsun swallows, looking at Byulyi’s hooded, dark orbs.

Understanding what the girl meant, Byulyi gives her a peck and a sheepish smile. She stands up and takes her clothes off, deliberately and slowly, catching Yongsun's gaze to make sure she’s watching.

And of course she is. Taking a gulp, Yongsun can’t believe this is happening. The hottest Vampire in Korea, looking so ethereal with her silver hair and curves to die for, is undressing in front of her. Was she really about to do this? With Moon Byulyi? WITH DRACULA?

Oh boy, I'm gonna kiss Wheein in the mouth tomorrow.

Yongsun bites her lower lip when Byulyi crawled lazily on top of her, hungrily staring her down as if she’s a prey to be feasted upon, maybe she is. Her fangs flashes briefly when she smirks and Yongsun thanks God for insane Halloween costumes.

And they were kissing again, fiery, the kind of kiss that will set your whole body on fire. Passionate and agonizing. They battle for dominance, one that is easily won by Byulyi, and Yongsun doesn’t fight anymore. She lets Byulyi swipe a tongue on her lower lip, asking for entrance and she willingly gives it. Because who is she to reject something so tasteful and hot? She’s only human and God forbid she takes it.

“You taste like Hyejin's home made cocktail,” Byulyi mutters against her lips.

“I don’t remember whatever I drank.”

“They taste like sanitizers.”

“So that’s why the guy behind the counter was crying.”

Byulyi shakes in silent laughter. This girl would be the death of her. She can’t win! She continued devouring Yongsun's mouth, nibbling her lower lip until it swells and touching everywhere her skin has to offer.

She pulls away a little when Yongsun's moans sounded a little odd. “Are you—are you moaning Hailee Steinfield's ‘Starving'?”

Yongsun pouted. A little too cute for Byulyi's liking. Okay it was super cute and Byulyi's dying. “I didn’t know that I was starving ‘til I tasted you.”

“Yong, please, I'm trying to do something here.” Byul rolls her eyes playfully. “God, you’re such a Yeba.”

Yongsun snorted, mirth dancing around her eyes. “Into pet names now, are we?”

“You’ll let me collar you then?” Byulyi retorts and Yongsun groaned but she felt her flush under her.

She leans down and takes a pink nipple to her mouth, tugs and bites, licks and breathe against it, until Yongsun was writhing underneath her. Her hips grinding on Byulyi's thigh to find some kind of release. And Byul wasn’t about to give it to her that easy.

She teases the other one, while the other was held captive by her hand. She plays with it, squeezes it, pulls it harder, drawing long moans and whimpers from Yongsun. It’s a symphony, the kind of music Byulyi wants to hear over and over again.

The thought didn’t scare her more than she thought it will. If Yongsun was physically or sexually compatible with her like this, what more if she’s compatible with Byulyi personality-wise too? Besides, she’s already having so much fun just hearing Yongsun talk nonsense. Now she wants to hear everything else. Her sadness, her loneliness, her everything.

And Byulyi liked the idea. More than she will ever admit.

She likes this girl, likes Yongsun. How can she make her stay?

“Byul, please,” Yongsun begs, and Byulyi smirks. She trails down, leaving marks starting from her neck to her breasts, to her oh-so-flat abdomen, down to her thighs, and she kisses the skin near her glistening core.

“Is this all for me?” she teases when she sees how wet Yongsun is.

“You talk to much,” Yongsun breathes out, making Byulyi laugh.

The taller girl wets her lips, and parts Yongsun's legs with her hands. She glances one last look at Yongsun, asking for permission and Yongsun nods at her, giving her a small smile of encouragement that she wants this too.

So she dived in. Tentatively kissing her outer lips, eagerly finding the small nub of pleasure in the bundle of nerves. That earned a gasp from Yongsun, her back arching from Byul's actions, making the younger girl‘s chest swell with pride.

This wasn’t their first time, they both knew that. It’s obvious. But it might as well be it because this is the first time that mattered. They were perfect for each other. Their bodies slots together like missing puzzle pieces and Yongsun doesn’t think of anything. Not when Byulyi's ardent tongue keeps on pushing her to the edge.

But then Byulyi's sucking her clit with wanton cruelty and suddenly pushes two fingers inside her and Yongsun can’t help but scream her lover's name. She's deliriously holding on to the sheets for her sanity, her other hand gripping Byulyi's hair and she doesn’t care anymore if she loses her golden voice because it’s so worth it to be mute when it’s because of the girl eating her out.

“Byul! I'm gonna—ah,” she manages to croak out. And Byulyi knows what to do considering her fingers inside Yongsun makes a ‘come hither' gesture, pressing on a sweet spot that makes Yongsun tighten her walls and convulses, coming undone, screaming.

But Byulyi doesn’t stop and she finds herself climbing up again and falling apart for the second time.

It continues for a long time, with Yongsun barely reciprocating because Byulyi's stamina is something she never took account for.

She passes out in the middle of an intense orgasm hours later. Byulyi kisses her softly and tucks her under her chin, arms wrapped around her possessively.




Yongsun wakes up with a shiver and an earth-splitting headache, it wasn’t necessarily cold considering Byulyi's tangled around her, under the sheets their limbs intertwined and she’s not sure where one began and the other ends. But what woke her up is a sinister feeling that some evil being is staring down on her so she opens her eyes, expecting to see something that will scare her to death.

But she sees Wheein, on the foot of Byulyi’s bed, holding something that looked like her fishnets and bondage. She gapes, her heart almost leaping out of her throat but she doesn’t move lest she wakes Byulyi up. Suddenly her hangover disappeared.

“Good morning, slut,” Wheein greets, her wig no longer intact, letting her blue hair cascade down her shoulders. She’s wearing clothes that aren’t hers too. Why is she here?

At the sound of her voice, Byulyi wakes up, blinking slowly until she makes out Yongsun beside her, she smiles a little too widely and snuggles close, burying her face on the Nun's neck.

Yongsun cleared her throat. “Wheein, how did you get in here?”

Byulyi's eyes shot open in alarm, looking at the foot of her bed, a cute little gremlin stands with that annoying smirk. “How the hell—did Hyejin let you enter?”

Wheein snorted, stretching the fabrics of Yongsun's stockings in her hands. “Hyejin can’t remember your passcode so I picked the lock.”


“It’s no big deal.” She blew raspberries at them, making her unnies, still naked, shuffle underneath the sheets and gripping it tighter.

“You broke inside someone’s house, Wheein! That sounds like a big deal to me!” Yongsun screeches, her voice hoarse from their intense fucking to her chagrin.

Byulyi's proud of her work though. She bets Yongsun feels as sore as she sounds.

“Relax, Yong. I just went here to make sure you’re still alive . . . and well . . .” she threw the fishnets towards Yongsun. “I knew I was correct you pretentious fuck! I knew something was hidden underneath that laughable costume! It was much too normal and Yongsun you’re not normal!”

At that, Yongsun was done being embarrassed so she just shrugged and turned to Byulyi who’s silently shaking in laughter beside her.

“What do you have to say about that?” she inquires.

Byulyi grins eagerly. “It was hot.”

And Yongsun smugly raises an eyebrow at Wheein. “I guess there’s some good following Nicki Mineral to some party, huh?”

“Bitch, you owe me your life, get dressed. We’re going home.” Wheein glances at the two lovebirds eye fucking each other again before walking out the door to give them a little time to say their goodbyes.

Byulyi scratches her nape, hesitating. “Can I have your number? I want to see you again—not just for hook ups, though I'm not saying I don’t want that too, but uh, I want to know you more.”

This bashful look, a messy hair, bare faced and full of marks Byulyi is more gorgeous than the one she flirted with back at the party and Yongsun couldn’t help but lean in and take Byulyi's lips between hers, they sigh against each other’s touch, melting.

After a while, Yongsun pulls away a little. “Way ahead of you, Count,” she says, standing up and pulling a card from her Nun costume and handing it to Byulyi who laughed at her silliness.

“Desperate to get laid much?” Byulyi teases, marveling at Yongsun's naked glory standing at the side of her bed.

“Yep,” Yongsun admits, popping the letter ‘p'. “Uhm, can I borrow some clothes? I promise to bring them back after I wash them. And uh, it can also be an excuse to see you again.”

Byulyi smiles warmly at her, motioning at her wardrobe and telling Yongsun to just take her pick.

They share another quick kiss before Yongsun leaves.

Byulyi keeps the fishnets and bondage.

Yongsun doesn’t give Byul's clothes back.

And Nicki Mineh is better than Cardi B.