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The Ailment Stalemate

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Claudine felt the dull ache in the front of her head scatter, invading the rest of her skull like a wave.

She winced, biting down a groan whilst keeping her eyes closed, her hand rubbing at the temple though it did little to alleviate the discomfort.

The girl was in the living area, laying on the couch and facing upwards whilst waiting for sleep to consume her, or death.

As long as she got some sleep, she wasn't being picky. 

It was quiet since it was the weekend and everyone had gone ahead with their plans. She had her own with Mahiru but those were swiftly cancelled as her headache had decided to culminate throughout the morning so she gave it a miss, telling the others to head out anyway.

She had managed to remain her usual jovial self and hid her anguish quite well before returning to the couch, slumping down and taking in the stillness of the room.

Rather than worrying anyone, Claudine kept silent, hoping the throbbing sensation would fade by the time they returned. She sighed out and rested her hand over her stomach as the other lay by her side. That was as comfy as she would get but it was enough since the pillow behind her head provided support.

Enough for her to drift in and out of sleep, missing the sound of the door opening.

By the time Claudine woke up, her tired eyes looked to the table to check her phone when she noticed a glass of water and a box of painkillers near it.

"Where did those come from?" she mused, unable to open her eyes fully.

The harrowing discomfort circulating in her head was still present much to her dismay, grimacing as a particularly sharp burst of pain took over when she attempted to open an eye but that was too much to ask.

The girl attempted to sit up but the sensation of something cold gently being placed on her forehead startled her.

Her instinct to panic was lessened by the welcoming feeling of the intruding object offering her respite. She shuddered when familiar fingers brushed her fringe back to place the cold item on properly.

Claudine knew who it was, smiling softly as she endured the harsh light to see her, "Mahiru".

Indeed, the girl was there with a solicitous expression, "I had a feeling you were not feeling well, Kuro-chan. Why didn't you tell me?".

"It wasn't as bad before, really" the blonde insisted, "You deserve to relax too so I knew you'd stay if I said anything".

Having Mahiru's presence nearby was already working wonders, aiding the cold compress but it was exactly as Claudine had said, not wanting to keep her girlfriend from enjoying herself during the sparse free time they had.

Though given the slight pout on Mahiru's lips, Claudine knew it wasn't the ideal way to have gone about this.

"Of course I would" Mahiru said and brushed her fingertips over Claudine's cheekbones, "Just like you have done for me. What if it turned for the worse or something happened? I know how horrible your migraines are" she added, voice pinched.


As much as Mahiru was discomposed by Claudine's unwillingness to ask for help, the last thing she wanted was to escalate the blonde's pain so she sighed when Claudine moved her face further into her palm.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-".

Claudine grinned and used her other hand to rest it on Mahiru's shoulder, gently tugging her down till they were face to face.

"Thank you for coming back for me" she said, hand sliding to the nape of her girlfriend's neck, "I appreciate it".

Mahiru smiled brightly, feeling the cold from the compress reaching her, "I'm here for you, okay?".

The blonde answered by kissing Mahiru softly, as much as her brain induced malaise would allow. She could feel it dispersing, Mahiru's fingers on her cheek soothing her further and she was all too pliable to Mahiru's actions.

Though Claudine couldn't admit it, she was appreciative that Mahiru returned, thankful for the girl's intuition and innate ability in being cognizant of those around her.

Claudine could not denounce the warmth which settled over her heart at how well Mahiru had assimilated with her.

They pulled away as Mahiru spoke up, “Take the medicine and I'll fix you something to eat".


Mahiru chuckled, adjusting the compress as it had slipped down,  "Go on?".

"I'll take the medicine and Mahiru has to stay here with me and relax".

"That's not fair, Kuro-chan" Mahiru complained half heartedly, especially since Claudine had already maneuvered her down to the couch.

"It is fair since you should be out with the others and enjoying your day, not looking after me" she reasoned, "So, this is a compromise, no?".

"No, not at all" Mahiru replied, unable to stop herself from going along with Claudine's jocular mood.

She couldn't halt the blonde's determined goal, nor did she want to when she observed the way Claudine seemed to be appearing more like herself.

Mahiru had kept an eye on Claudine when she was asleep while quickly running around the dorm to clean a few stray items and prep something for the girl.

She had tossed and turned, the furrow between her brows deepened as she tried to attain a level of reprieve and to witness her in such agony made Mahiru feel impuissant. As much as she wanted to wake her and provide her with the medication, the fact that Claudine could sleep at all was miraculous, hence why she let her be.

So to view the tell-tale flicker of mischief and allure was enough of a reason for Mahiru to accede to the blonde.

Claudine wrapped her arms around Mahiru's waist, pulling her in so that she could tuck her up against her chest with her chin on her head. She smiled at Mahiru getting comfortable, gently running her hand up and down her back, holding her close.

"I'm sure you can forgive me this time?".

Mahiru would forgive her for anything, this much the girl knew as she exhaled against her girlfriend's neck, both drifting off into a restful slumber.

"Only if you promise to tell me when you're not feeling well next time".