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Make it right

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He has been part of his life since he has memory, he still remeber the day they met, he was practically a kid, baby fat still in his cheeks, plump and cherry lips, a plushie around one arm, grabbing his moms hand, hidden behind his father legs pocking out just his round face.
-Jinnie...- said his mom in a delicate voice, her usual when she talks whit her kids -Come baby...- added streching her hand -Say hi to Namjoon...-
The boy in front of him showed a giant smile that evidenced his dimples, waved his hand and ruffled his hair "Ow, he is so cute". That’s the first thing he said to him.

Kim Namjoon was almost 11 years old when he met Kim Seokjin, who was only 4, he was new in the city after studied in Seoul, Jins parents invited the family to his ville to introduce him to Taehyung, their elder son.

And it’s how started it. Namjoon was always around Tae or Tae around him.

-Where is hyung?- asked Jin days after
"At Namjoon-ah's" answered his mom peeling some carrots -Help me out honey, put all the vegetables on the bowl-
-Im bored... is he coming soon?- the woman lifted her gazed smiling at the little boy.
-Well they have a pijama party so…-
"Without me" said Jin pouting, his mom laughted a bit.
-We can have one too, we could watch some movies, I'm even letting you eat some cake...-
Jin's eyes sparkled a little and forgot about his brother for that moment.

At theirs twenties Namjoon and Tae were inseparables, years were passing by and his friendship growing, it’s was good for the boys, for the families and for the enterprise, the next two CEOs being that close.

-Why can’t I go?-
-Jin-ah it’s a study visit- answered Tae still packing some stuff.
-To Costa Rica?- the elder rolled his eyes
-Well the school picked the place not me-
-Why is Namjoonie hyung going? He doesn’t go to any of your classes-
Tae puckered his lips, and scratched his nose.
-Actually… Dad told me not to tell you Seokjin-ah, but you can’t go because you are only 14….-
Jin felt left out, he wasn’t spending time with Tae and Namjoon anymore.
A week after he started high school and made friends.

"Your brother it's super handsome Jin" said Sarge spying on Tae, who was in the other side at the pool, smile on his face, drink in his hand.
Seokjin looked over, but his gaze never made it to his brother. His eyes stayed in the “man” of tanned skin, incredibly tall, huge arms, six pack, a ‘suave’ smile and dragon eyes. Namjoon blinked his right eye and Jin blushed.
They were at Namjoon's, his parents were at some conference in Korea and had the trust to leave his son alone at their house. Jin and his friends werent supposed to be there, but that day Tae had to check on Jin, so...
-I need another drink… - said Jin moments later leaving Jungkook and Sarge at the pool.
He didn’t know a thing about alcohol, so he just poured some pomegranate juice and vodka.
"Oh" spoke the raspy voice behind him -That's too much Jin-ah- added removing the bottle off of his hand -Noona doesn’t supposed to know that you were drinking ... -
-I… I can handle it… - the older smiled, Jin bitted his lip.
-I’m sure Jinnie, but if our parents… .-
-They don't gonna know ... -
-Seokjin… - Namjoon smiled and took his hand, showed his teeth and played with his fingers, Jin couldn't stop looking at the older face, his structure was so different than before. Was always Namjoon this 'atractive'?, he wanted to hold his jaw, feel him -You are such a cutie Jin- ah- mentioned Joon grabbing his fingers one by one, despite his shamefulness Jin kept his eyes on Namjoon's
-JOON ?! What’s wrong man? - asked Yoongi, another of their friends, at the kitchen door- We are leaving, go and put a shirt… and Jin-ah stop drinking Tae its gonna get mad-
Jin stood there, head in the clouds, hand holding a drink and he could not move his body, it was like Namjoon has took it.

-Had you ever find someone out of this world?- back at his house, the two friends were sharing sodas, pop corn and a Mario car game.
"Oh... like stranger things of so- Jin rolled his eyes
-Not Kookie, like.... I don't know, like had you ever seen someone different of the rest?
-What do you mean?- asked Jungkook still focused in the game.
-I don’t know Kook... forget it-
-Oh…- Jungkook paused the game -Do you like Sarge?-
-Yah!- yelled Jin -Serge it’s like my sister-
-That’s why it’s so weird…-
-It was just a question Kookie it’s not like I can do something about it..-
-Oh so do you like someone?-
Jin laughed. He liked someone?

-No means no Seokjin-ah-
-But Mom…-
-You are only 17, what are you going to do there?-
They were at the dining room, Mr. Kim still in his office so his place was empty.
-I don’t know, dance?- begged Jin -Hyung help me out-
-I don’t even want you there Jinnie- replied Tae
“Ow! Don’t be mean”
-I can go, right Namjoonie hyung?- all the eyes were suddenly on Joon “Well a club isn’t a place I would like to you to be…”
The Kim’s mom smiled.
-Well matter resolved, you can invite Kookie and he can spend the night-

“Is not that bad”
-You crazy? This is amazing Jin!- exclaimed Kook moving his hips at he rhythm of the music, beer in his hands and some eyes on him too -You finally came with a good idea- added before a gulp of the bottle in his hands.
Jin wasn’t paying that much attention to Kook, his eyes were scanning the whole place. But he couldn’t find Na… his brother. The club was nice, big and crowded, just as he imagined from some movies.
After some minutes Seokjin started to lose up. Jin was enjoying the music, had some drinks, flirted with some girls, now was between Jungkook and some blonde who was grabbing his waist and neck.
“Fun” he thought and keep dancing.
-You okay?- asked the girl
-I think, I think I need another drink…-
“Ok let’s go” said the beauty in his hands, walked to the bar and order some drinks. Seokjin closed his eyes, he could feel the alcohol clouding his mind, and it felt good, he was relaxed, a pair of arms circled his neck again and the boy smiled, bited his bottom lip and closed the distance between them. His hands were still on her sides, it wasn’t his first kiss, but the girl was experienced compared to him.
-Jin?!- he left her lips -SEOKJIN-AH?!-
The boy put a perfect smile after heard the known voice.
“Hi” he said, cleaned his lips and waved his hand.
-God, you are totally wasted….- The man took Jin by his waist -Come on…-
“He is with me”
-And you are?
”A friend obviously…”
-I’m with Kookie- said Jin in his ear. The blond man looked around trying to find the other kid.
Walked with Jin to the vip area. The club was even more amazing at the private zone, the lights were red, leather couches, candles in the center of the bar and tables, less people and more mirrors on the walls.
-Where were you Yoongs?- asked Namjoon.
“WHAT THE HELL?” screamed Tae when he looked at Jin -MIN YOONGI WHAT THE HELL?-
Said man put Jin in one of the couches, grabbed a beer, opened and had a big gulp -I don’t know man, he was there making out with some girl…- Namjoon and Tae looked over Jin, who had his eyes closed, and a little smile on his face.
-I’m good, where is Kookie?-
-Ah yeah…- another drink for Yoongi -he said he was with Jungkook, couldn’t find him...-
“Mom it’s going to kill me… Joon… can you?…”
-Yeah let me find Kook, meet you at the car…-
“I mean Joon help me with Jin, Yoongi and I are going to pay and go for Kook…-

“You are so tall” said Jin in his ear. Namjoon was holding him by his waist, they were waiting outside of the club, at the parking lot.
“And you are so drunk” replied Joon, Jin smiled a bit and searched for his hand. “You okay? Who was the girl?”
“I’m okay” muffled the younger “You look good Namjoonie”
-Do I?- Jin asserted with his head. His drunk state helped a little, Jin was brave enough to take his hand, Joon looked at his eyes, Jin wasn’t a kid anymore, but still it was so innocent and this was wrong on so many levels -Jinnie…- said the older when Seokjin was holding his face.
Jin was so close, he could smell the sweet alcohol, but at the same time his cologne. He grabbed his waist and muffled a weird noise when his hands almost encircled his body completely. He walked against Jin, holding, taking him, and supported both bodies at some car.
“Jin-ah” he adverted.
And that was the las thing he did.
The kiss was strong, Jin wrapped his hands on his neck, and Namjoon was taking him by his waist with force. His lips were plump, soft and he swear tasted fruity. One of his hands caressed Jin’s cheeks, and his tongue was trying to appear in the scene.
Jin was dying, literally he was dying there, he couldn’t stop the moans, his stomach was stiff and his blood rushed hot in his veins. His hands locked Namjoon, and his lips started to peck Joons cheeks. The boy started attacking his neck with kisses, Joon thrusted his hips, felt both hardeness and his brain woke up.
“Jin-ah” said trying to endure his composure.
-No- whispered Jin when Namjoon started to move away.
”Yeah…. yeah I know baby, but we can’t…” said Joon bringing their foreheads together.
-Joonie…- Jin begged
“Jin you are just drunk and I’m being irresponsible” Jin denied with his head “Jin.. we need to…”
-Everything alright?- asked Yoongi out of nowhere, Jungkook behind him “The boy was good all this time he was dancing, how is Jin?-
-I’m okay- said Jin releasing Joons hands.
And that was how it started.