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Your Favourite Tea (Ikuzono)

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I sighed, pushing open the door of the café and heading back outside. I should be getting home about now. I walked in there at three, and it's about four now. I'm currently sharing a house with a girl from school, Toko Fukawa, and her girlfriend. Thinking about that reminds me about earlier's rejection, as Toko's girlfriend is Makoto's sister.

I walk down the smoothly paved sidewalk, pulling my coat closer around me to fight the cold winter air. The café isn't far from our apartment building, so I don't have to walk far. I think back on the strange encounter with Mukuro. She was much more open and nice than she was back in high school, I suppose she's changed in that aspect.

But other than that and the hair, of course, she doesn't seem all that different. I remember thinking about how she would stare at me during lunchtime, but if I'm being honest, sometimes I stared back. I smile, remembering that her number is saved to my phone. I trudge up the concrete steps to my door, my heels making a harsh clicking sound against them.

I unlock the door and yell up the stairs to Toko and Komaru, "I'm home!" I hear a thumping sound from upstairs, probably one of them falling off the bed in surprise. "Don't come in our room!" Komaru yells, "We're busy!" I chuckle to myself, locking the door and hanging up my coat. I set my keys down on the table with a clank.

Luckily, there are two guest rooms in between my room and theirs, so I don't have to hear too much of their 'activities'. I kick off my heels by the door and practically collapse on the couch in the living room. Another sigh escapes my mouth. I should really get the rejection off my mind. I knew it was coming, for years, even.

Maybe texting Mukuro would make me feel a bit better. I hope she's not busy. I dig my phone out of my bag and open up my messages. I smile at the 'hey' she sent me earlier.

Mukuro ❤
4:14 PM

Sayaka: hey wyd ( *¯ ³¯*)♡

I couldn't stop a smile from crossing my face when she replied almost immediately.

Mukuro: nothing much

Mukuro: my sister tried to text me on someone else's phone. no doubt she stole it

Mukuro: i blocked the number though, so don't worry

Sayaka: couldn't u report her to the police for that?

Sayaka: u have a restraining order, right

Mukuro: yeah probably

Mukuro: i dont want her to get in too much trouble though, just to leave me alone

Sayaka: i get that

Sayaka: she sounds obsessive

Mukuro: yea

Mukuro: she tried to say that I shouldn't ignore her bcause she's 'better than me'

Sayaka: that's concerning

Sayaka: i don't wanna pry too much though

Mukuro: no it's fine

Mukuro: i'm kinda over it at this point

Sayaka: ok. let's talk abt something else tho (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

Mukuro: so are you still in contact with anyone from highschool?

Sayaka: yea actually (*´﹀'*)

Sayaka: im still friends with a lot of them

Mukuro: cool

Mukuro: ive only seen aoi at the café

Mukuro: haven't seen much of the rest besides you

Sayaka: well im living with toko and her gf

Mukuro: whos she dating?

Sayaka: makotos sister

Mukuro: makoto has a sister?!

Sayaka: yep

Sayaka: she's about the same age as him

Mukuro: i didn't know that

Mukuro: i guess I didn't know any of you guys very well

Mukuro: wouldn't be surprised if half the class forgot me

Sayaka: I didn't forget u! ( ̄へ  ̄ 凸

Mukuro: do you wanna meet up again tomorrow?

Mukuro: at the café? 3:00 pm?

Sayaka: sure! That sounds nice ┌(┌^o^)┐

Mukuro: k!

Sayaka: I'll see u tomorrow.

Mukuro: I have a job interview in a few so I have to get ready

Sayaka: Good luck with your interview! (≧▽≦)

Mukuro: :) your emoji things are cute

I giggled at her final message, closing the message app. I sat back on the couch and sighed again, though this time it was a sigh of happiness. I'm glad I ran into her at the café. Mukuro is the last thing I think of before I drift into unconscious.

"Yo, when I said don't come into our room I didn't mean you couldn't come upstairs," I heard Komaru's voice from above me. I opened my eyes, "Huh? Oh did I fall asleep?"

I heard Toko giggle from behind Komaru, "I b- bet you were tired because you were with a l- lover." I could see her raising her eyebrows and smirking at me, and I blushed at the insinuation. "Ah, hey that's not it!" I said, a bit embarrassed.

Komaru laughs, "Thats a bit inappropriate, don't you think, Toko?"  Toko smirks again, "I think what we were doing e- earlier was much more i- inappropriate, don't you think?" I laugh."I think I'm gonna go up to my room." Toko smirks yet again, and Komaru chuckles, slapping Toko lightly on the arm.

I walk up the wooden stairs, almost slipping in my socks. I get to my room and collapse onto my bed. Komaru and Toko are definitely a bit much, but you gotta love 'em.

I sigh, pushing myself up from the bed and walk over to the bathroom. I suppose a good shower could help to clear my mind. I undress and step into the shower, turning the knob and letting the water drip down my skin and warm me up.

My mind drifts back to Mukuro again. For some reason, I can't get her out of my head. It reminds me of back in highschool, when I would spend countless nights staring at my ceiling, just thinking about her.

I don't know why she was on my mind so often back then, but it seems that seeing her again has brought all these feelings back, and I'm not entirely sure how to feel about them. I wonder if Mukuro has ever felt this way about me, and the thought brings a rosy tint to my cheeks. I sigh, knowing deep down that these feelings aren't 'just friends' feelings.

The thing is, I don't know what to do with them. I definitely didn't know what to do with them back then, so I just ignored them until they went away. But I suppose, now that I think about it, they never went away, they were just lying dormant, waiting for me to meet her again.

I shake away the thoughts, knowing that at this point they'd just do me more harm than good. Mukuro is just a friend to me, and I honestly don't feel like entertaining any notion that my mind thinks of her as more. I know it's not wrong for a girl to love a girl, I live with Komaru and Toko for goodness sake. Who knows how many times I've causlght them making out in the kitchen or blasting Hayley Kiyoko at full volume.

I laugh, rubbing conditioner thoroughly throughout my hair and washing it out afterwards. The action makes me think of Mukuro's hair. Would it be soft?

I scold myself for thinking that way again as I step out of the shower, wrapping a fresh towel around myself and wringing out my hair. Water drips onto the floor as I wrap my hair up in a second towel.

I flop down on my bed again, grabbing the hairdryer on the nightstand that I had forgotten to unplug last time I used it. I sit there for maybe ten minutes, feeling the warm air of the hairdryer on my scalp and letting my thoughts take me over. I sigh as my thoughts drift to Mukuro again.

No matter how hard I try to distract myself, the image of her face comes back to me, a memory of her at the café, holding a cup up to her face, midlaugh. I laugh at the memory. For some reason, just thinking about her gives me a warm, fluttery feeling, like a child who was sad they couldn't go out in the rain realizing that the rainclouds have cleared.

I set down the hairdryer, unplugging it from the wall, and stand up to get redressed. I'm not going out again today, so I choose something rather casual, a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, a stark contrast to the button up, slacks, and winter coat I was wearing earlier.

The t-shirt is a basic light blue, and says something along the lines of 'Girls Rule!', and the sweatpants are plain grey. I sit back down on my bed, putting my hair into a high bun with a scruchie. I'd rather it be out of my face right now, to avoid myself from thinking about how soft Mukuro's black locks would be...

I sigh. There I go again, thinking about her like we're friends, or even something more. We're barely even acquaintances at this point, and even if that wasn't the case, I'm straight. I like Makoto. Maybe Komaru could help me. She always seemed more in touch with her feelings, whereas Toko is mostly lewd jokes and sexual innuendos.

Perhaps Komaru could help me figure out what exactly it is I'm feeling, because it definitely isn't anything like what she has for Toko.


I trudge anxiously downstairs, finding Komaru alone on the sofa, watching some anime with a green-haired guy. Wow, I don't think breaking that many bones is good for your health.

"Hey. Where's Toko?" I ask. Komaru pauses her show, turning to face me, "Oh, she's taking a nap. Tired, if you know what I mean." She winks at me. I laugh a bit, "Well, I was hoping to talk to you about something." She smiles, patting the empty bit of sofa next to her, "Over here."

I sit down, feeling more anxious by the minute. I take a deep breath. "Well, you know how I like Makoto?" I start off. She giggles a bit, "Well duh. So what, did you finally confess your undying love for my brother?"

I blush, "No- Well yeah, but he said no." Komaru gasps in mock surprise, "How dare he break your poor heart!" I laugh, "It's fine, really. But that's not what this is about. You see, I've been starting to feel things, around another person. And they make me feel fluttery and hopeful when I'm near them."

Komaru raises an eyebrow, "So go after them! You said Makoto rejected you, and you'd mentioned that you had already known he was gonna say no, so why not?" I sigh, "Well, they're a girl, a- and I already know I'm straight because I like Makoto! So can't be with a girl!" I was slightly starting to panic.

Komaru, on the other hand, looked at me like I was out of my mind. "What? What is it?" I asked, unable to bear the silence. "Honey, bisexuality exists," she finally said, sighing at me like my brain was going the slowest she's ever seen. I look at her in confusion, "Huh? What does that mean?"

"You... You've never heard of being bisexual?" she asked in surprise. Upon my blank expression, she continued, "It means you're attracted to more than one gender." My eyes widen, "I... I can do that?"

She chuckles, "You look like a kid who's just been told they get to go to mars. Yeah. There's lots of labels. For example, pansexual means you don't care about the gender of the person. Omnisexual is like pan, but you have preferences between genders, and, like I said, bisexual is attraction to more than one gender. Now, if that's all, I'd like to go back to watching Deku break all his bones. Go get your girl."

She winked at me, before smiling and turning back to my show. I sit there for a while, in sort of a daze. Eventually, I end up making my way to the kitchen to make something to eat. I settle on Mac n' Cheese from the box, and sit down, pondering this new information that is probably totally common knowledge among normal human beings.