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Waiting Out the Storm

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Weathermen were fucking liars.

You cursed whatever asshole had graced your television that morning, proclaiming clear weather for days while you lifted your jacket higher over your head, rain dripping invasively down your shirt collar.

You hoped he got fired.

You had been out shopping for a birthday present for your younger brother, not having much luck perusing the shops solo. You tsked at the reminder that your mother had gotten too caught up in work to help you find the perfect present for him that day.

Originally, she had planned the afternoon off to accompany you on your little shopping spree, but work called her in instead and you were left on your own. Your shift at the club didn't start until 11, so you had plenty of time to go out and explore downtown for the perfect birthday present. However, you were absolutely clueless on what to get him.

Your mom had sent you out with a budget and barely any ideas on what to get the mini hero-in-training as he finished up his first semester at UA. So you weren't all too surprised when two hours in, you came out empty handed and incredibly frustrated.

You knew your brother very well, so you had an inkling as to what to get him, but with his new career starting high school, he had been changing into a different person. You were becoming unsure, feeling like he wouldn't like some of the old hero-centric merch you wanted to get him. This whole trip felt was bumming you out. You wished your mom had just stuck to her guns and shown up to help you out.

Right when you had pulled out your phone to call said mother and give her a piece of your mind, that's when the torrential downpour manifested out of thin air.

It had gone from sunny and beautiful to flash flooding in moments and you were stuck cursing the day the weatherman was born while you sprinted down a nearby alley to try to find a dry patch to hide under until it passed. Unfortunately for you, the alley you'd sprinted down lacked any awnings or juttings of brick to help shield you from the continuous rainfall.

You rounded another corner and paused, glancing around for any sign of life and let out a sigh of relief at the blurry neon sign glowing in the near distance.

You would easily take a drink at this point to pass the time and dry off. So, with no other realistic option nearby, and the rain only continuing to pound the pavement harder, you shuffled off towards the door a ways down the alley, marked ' bar'.

You pulled the handle and bristled when you realized in a flurry of disappointment that it was locked.

Well, shit.

There goes that idea.

You spun around, eyes searching for another option for waiting out the storm and finding nothing within walking distance. You let out an annoyed huff and nearly jumped as the door you had just attempted to pass through swung open to reveal a tall, shadowy figure.

Or, his whole figure was a shadow...

Was this man just one giant ball of black mist? You mentally shrugged. Must be his quirk.

" May I assist you?" His voice was polite but confused, looking around behind you as if he was expecting someone to jump out and attack him.

That's not sketchy at all.

You contemplated just telling him you had the wrong address for a moment, not wanting to be a bother, but you felt like you owed the man (shadow?) an apology for nearly barging in.

"Oh, uh, you don't have to by any means, I just saw the sign and figured I could wait out the rain in this bar. I didn't realize you were closed, my apologies." You bowed slightly and when you rose you had a slight blush to your cheeks, realizing when you had bent over your soaked through shirt had given this stranger a full view of your chest. Your hand shot up to press your revealing shirt back against your chest, trying to cover your modesty in earnest.

" I apologize --"

" Come in, don't be rude Kurogiri." Whatever that man (shadow?), Kurogiri, had been gearing up to say was forgotten as a second figure popped into view, one pale hand braced on the door, holding it open further to motion for you to enter.

You hesitated, feeling like you were probably somewhere you shouldn't have been. You shifted back a step and noted the way the new man's bloody eyes followed your every move. That wasn't creepy at all.

" I really don't mean to impose, are you sure this is alright?" You asked the new man, attempting to take in his strange demeanor and the somewhat disturbing aura he was giving off.

You weren't too sure you wanted to get out of the rain anymore as the uncomfortable twisting continued to form in your stomach, your nerves trying to warn you to turn around and run.

" Of course it is, come in!" He reached forward with a manic smile, grabbing your arm, yanking you in and slamming the door shut behind you, excusing the abruptness to not wanting any rain to get in. Four pale fingers remained wrapped around your bicep as he pulled you further down the dark hallway and into the warm light of what you could only describe as a dingy bar.

" Thank you, sir. It won't be for long." You murmur, giving him a soft smile to display your gratitude. You felt your gaze lingering on the prominent scarring adorning his neck in thin scratch marks and noticed the dry skin peppering his facial features. The man needed some fucking moisturizer, but there was something oddly alluring about his unconventional beauty.

His red eyes burned into yours and you shifted your attention to the bar stool he had led you over to, finally letting go of your arm as you slid into the empty seat. The shadowy man, Kurogiri, stood behind the bar and set a glass of water in front of you, only to earn a scoff from the seat beside you. You cocked your head, shooting the strange man a questioning look.

" Get her a real drink Kurogiri. What do you like?" The man with the shaggy, ashy blue hair asked, tilting his head in faux interest.

Well, after the day you've had, a drink wouldn't kill you.

" Could I just get some rum? No chaser or mixer please." You requested.

" What, no frilly drinks? I thought girls liked fruity colorful drinks." The stranger piped up next to you, brows furrowed. You shook your head, resisting the urge to correct the blatant sexism.

" Nope. I just like my liquor straight up." You replied, giving him a sardonic smile.

Kurogiri swiftly swapped out your water for the alcoholic beverage of your choice and you hummed out a thanks as you took a big sip from the crystal glass.

" So, what's your name?" The mystery man next to you spoke up after a few minutes of silence, his focused attention on you giving you goosebumps.

" Oh, you can just call me Rin." You replied, giving him the nickname you used at the club to avoid giving him any actual personal information. He was a stranger, after all.

" No last name?" He seemed irritated by this and you noticed his fingers twitch and shift up to rub his neck.

" I'm sorry, I don't usually give out personal information like that." You blushed, feeling that unsettling knot in your stomach yet again.

Was it done raining yet?

" Whatever." He turned his attention to a tv at the end of the bar, seemingly losing interest in your presence. Your eyes drifted over to see what he was watching.

Your eyebrows shot up when you recognized the replays from the UA sports festival that your brother had fought in a few weeks back. He injured the hell out of himself and worried you and your mother to no end. Though, he had done decently well and he even got a pretty interesting internship out of it with an old mentor of All Might's.

Just as you were recalling his participation in the sports festival you recognized his familiar head of green curls as they popped onto the screen and you couldn't help the smile that tugged on the corner of your lips. It was a replay of his intense battle with Todoroki Shoto, the younger brother of your friend Natsuo. You'd been hanging out with the white-haired Todoroki and a few other friends during the actual event, tossing back drinks and placing bets on which younger sibling would win.

You still owed Natsuo a drink.

" Do you know him?" The man's attention was back on you and you jumped, forgetting for a second that he was in your company. Your eyes darted back to the tv again and your brother was still center screen.

" Oh, yeah." You paused, unsure why you felt the need to share that detail but the need to be polite won over and you continued anyways, " he's my younger brother."

A glass broke.

You jumped, the shock of the sound jolting you violently. Your heart hammered in your chest.

" I apologize, my hand slipped." Kurogiri bent over to pick up the broken shards of glass from the floor and you shot up from your seat. This was starting to make you too nervous. Fuck the rain.

" It's quite alright, I actually think the rain has stopped so I must get going." You stammered, in truth you just wanted to create as much distance as you could between you and the absolute death glare you were suddenly receiving from the red-eyed man.

" Is that so? Well allow me to see you out." He held his arm out, stepping aside to let you exit to the back door. You paused a step behind the door and turned to him. His eye was twitching and his fingers were scratching eerily at the expanse of his scarred neck.

" You never told me your name, sir." You wanted to know who the hell to avoid in the future.

" Did I not? It's Shigaraki Tomura."

Your head made sharp contact with the edge of the wall and you collapsed to the floor, consciousness slipping from your grasp.


Darkness seeped from your vision as your eyes cracked open slowly. A bed creaked beneath you and a groan escaped your dry lips. Why were you on a bed? Hadn't you been out shopping?

You woke up with the harsh realization that you were sleeping in someone else's bed, in a place you didn't recognize.

You forced yourself into a seated position as soon as your brain clicked the groggy pieces together and your eyes widened at the sight of the man from the bar sitting in a gaming chair next to the bed you were passed out on.

You tried to scramble up to your feet as his name floated through your memory, matching up with the same name Izuku had told you about after the villain attack at USJ. That turned out to be a fruitless effort when you recognized the feeling of tape twisting your wrists tightly together all the way up to your elbows.

" About time, I didn't hit you that hard." Shigaraki scoffed, seemingly irritated that he had knocked you out for too long. How inconvenient for him that you didn't wake up from being knocked out on his schedule. You rolled your eyes.

" Why am I here?" Your throat was dry and you felt the beginnings of a headache coming on. How hard did he hit you? Fuck.

" Well. At first I just thought you would be fun to mess with while you waited out the rain. I mean you were practically flashing your tits at Kurogiri like a whore. But you were dodgy of my questions and then I realized who you are and you became a lot more useful to me."

This was bad. Also, you hadn't been flashing your tits, what an asshole. Why did he care that you were Izuku's sister anyways? Did he have beef with your brother or something? You met his manic gaze and felt a chill run over you.

" But why, my brother's a fucking kid! Why does he matter to you?" You thrashed against your bindings, feeling them begin to loosen and fray around your wrists a bit. They remained horridly tight around your elbows and forearms.

Maybe you could get out of this and somehow get out of here. Wherever here was. If only you could break these bindings.

" He doesn't matter." Oh, he sounded mad. His hands shot out suddenly, gripping the tape around your wrists and you stumbled back as your arms were freed and a pile of dust gathered on your lap.

" He's just a nuisance. But he's a nuisance that pissed me off and I think he deserves something in return for that." He was climbing on top of you before you could really register what was going on. He pushed his hand against your chest, forcing you to lay flat on your back in fear of his destructive quirk.

" What are you going to do to me?" You had been dreading that question but you needed to know how afraid you should be. You had a gut feeling that him straddling you in this moment was a good indication of what he wanted and you felt a sob build up at the back of your throat.

" I haven't decided yet." He muttered, pinning your hands above your head as he leered over you.

You could feel his hot breath tickle against your cheeks as he observed you up close. You kept your gaze off to the side until he gave you a harsh shake.

" I have some questions for you first." You blinked up at him. Was he not going to assault you? You weren't questioning his motive for remaining talkative but you were grateful that it seemed he wasn't interested in some of the more foul thoughts plaguing your mind.

" ...okay." You whispered, meeting his blood red gaze. He was still so close to you.

" Why haven't you used your quirk on me yet?"

Oh, you weren't expecting that line of questioning. Shit.

" I, uh, don't have a quirk." You winced as another manic smile inched across his features.

" Who knows where you are right now?"

You took back your earlier thought that the questioning was better. You had a bad feeling about the type of questions he was asking. It was almost like he was plotting to kidnap you. Well, he already had you supposed.

" My mom. She knows where I am." You lied.

" Open your phone then and prove it." He slipped your device from his back pocket and held it up in front of your face, grinning when the facial recognition opened the phone up to him. Oh no, he was going to know you were lying.

You felt an icy fear wash over you as he undoubtedly was searching through your message app.

" ' Did you find a present for him yet?' Who is this 'him'? Sounds to me like she thinks you're still out and about. You lied to me." His eyes burned into you and you began to thrash beneath him, terrified of what he would do once he realized no one would be able to find you because no one would know where you went.

" It's my brother's birthday soon. I was out getting him a present." You clarified, shrinking as Shigaraki leaned in close to look you in the eyes. You couldn't help but notice the twitch of his lips as he watched the panic spur your mind.

" His birthday, huh?" You didn't like the malicious glee in his eyes as he spoke that.

" Why don't we send him a little present then, hmm?" He sat back from you, phone hovering in front of his face again as he began shuffling through it.

He seemed to have found what he was looking for and pulled off of you completely, instead opting to sit at the head of the bed and wrap his arm around your middle, yanking you up so you were settled between his legs. He shifted the arm from your waist to your neck and he lightly gripped it, one finger remaining up at all times.

He flipped the phone around so you could see the selfie he was preparing to take and you began to shake. He leaned forward, brushing his lips against your ear as he whispered for you to smile. The threat in his voice had you shivering.

The hand on your neck tightened when you didn't immediately comply and the way his final finger danced at your pulse point had you smiling to appease him in seconds.

He took a couple of pictures and removed his hand from your neck, holding the phone with two hands as he pulled up your brother's contact. He typed out a message containing only a single smiley face and sent it. You figured you could shift away from him now that he had his fun but his legs lifted and locked you in place, wrapping around your own and pulling them apart.

You tried to yank them closed but his hand clamping onto your thigh had you frozen, heart beating erratically in your chest.

" You must really want to get dusted if you keep thrashing around like that." He muttered casually, his hand pulling you back to rub your ass against his upsettingly hard crotch.

" Please stop." You knew he wouldn't but you couldn't just accept what was happening to you. You couldn't accept his touch, as much as it was beginning to bring a heat to your core.

" You're being pretty rude to someone who took you in during this storm." He growled, continuing to rut up against you.

You couldn't help but push your ass back after the fourth time he rubbed you. Your body was beginning to respond almost naturally and you flushed, mentally conflicted. His hand snaked further down your thigh and his fifth finger dropped down. You prepared to stop existing but were surprised to see just your pants turning to dust, elimatinating one of two things covering you from his relentless grinding.

A cold finger prodded at your entrance through the fabric of your underwear, another pressing against your clit and you let out a shameful moan. Why did he have to make you feel so good?

When he shifted the fabric aside to slide a finger inside you, a familiar buzz caught your attention. The screen of your phone lit up and your eyes darted down to it.

Shigaraki smirked, reaching over to pluck up the device with the hand that wasn't toying with you, trying to get you off.

" 'Answer your phone' oh look, he's called 10 times already, I didn't even notice with how good you felt beneath my hands." You groaned as his finger pushed deeper, curling up and pressing against the spongey spot deep inside you. Your head fell back at this motion and you could practically feel the smirk that spread across his features.

Your phone began to buzz again and this time Shigaraki was quick to answer it. Your eyes widened as he clicked on the speaker option, your brother's worried voice flooding the room.

" Where are you? What's going on? Are you okay? Why. What, I don't understand what's happening--"

" Your sister sure was a nice little surprise to find out about. She's quite the entertainment, just what I needed." Shigaraki stated with a menacing tone lacing his words. His raspy voice sent shivers down your spine and you wiggled in his grasp, trying to get away from the building pressure.

" Shigaraki. Let her go. She has nothing to do with any of this. Whatever issue you have with me, with All Might, leave her out of it." You bit your lip to hold back a moan as Shigaraki's fingers continued to play with you.

" I'm not so sure she wants to leave, but I suppose she can tell you what she wants herself." He inserted two more fingers in with the first and you jolted, not prepared to be stretched out like that.

" Stop, please." You hissed out, but Shigaraki had been leaning forward and he had noticed the way you mouthed the word before that. ' Don't ' was silently preceding your last statement. He smiled, increasing his pace as he felt you tighten around him.

" I'm coming to find you, I'll find you I promise. I'll save you." Your brother was nearly hysterical on the other end and you felt terrible and conflicted at that statement, not sure if you wanted him to find you so soon when Shigaraki was making you feel so good like this.

" Don't worry, I'll keep her company in the meantime. See you soon, Izuku Midoriya." Shigaraki gripped your phone with all 5 fingers and it blew away in a cloud of dust at the same moment that the heat in your core overflowed and you came on his eager fingers. You leaned your head back into his shoulder and were breathing hard.

" I'm not so sure I'm going to let you go if he finds us, I think I'm starting to like you."

As you tried to regain your train of thought, you couldn't help but recognize the flutter in the pit of your stomach.

From fear or excitement, you weren't sure.

You were sure you'd find out soon enough though.