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Enemies with Benefits

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Enemies with Benefits


Staring at Korn’s stupidly handsome face was precisely what landed him in this mess, Wai thought as he lay in bed curled up on top of the other boy who slept peacefully under his weight. His mind flashed back to the night before when he lay next to Korn staring at his perfect eyebrows and smooth, straight nose. Wai blushed when he thought back to the moment where Korn’s eyes opened and gazed warmly into his own. 

Korn leaned forward almost in slow motion pressing a finger to Wai’s lips to silence the protests that were sure to come pouring out any other time. The shock of Korn’s touch was short lived as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to the slightly smaller man. The press of Korn’s lips awakened feelings in him that Wai never thought possible. Sure he had kissed girls before, had a girlfriend throughout his senior year of high school even, but nothing had felt as good as when Korn kissed him in that moment. 

Now, in the daylight, with Korn asleep under him, Wai wasn’t sure if kissing Korn had been the best idea or not. Yet as he lay in bed the next morning thinking about it, he couldn’t regret it for a minute. This stupidly arrogant engineering boy had stolen his heart and Wai wasn’t even entirely sure when it happened.

The longer he lay there, the more Wai wanted to stare at Korn in all his sleeping glory. Shifting slightly in hopes of not awakening the other boy, Wai leaned up gazing almost adoringly at Korn. Shit! How can he be so heartbreakingly attractive and such a complete asshole at the same time. How is a normal person even supposed to deal with this?

It was three weeks since the first time they fell into bed together and things, in Wai’s opinion, were getting ridiculous. When he had gotten home from dropping off Pran and fighting with Pat, Korn had been waiting for him in front of his door and Wai had simply walked up, unlocked the door, and headed inside without a backwards glance. Korn smirked devilishly and followed him inside where he proceeded to make Wai forget his own name.


—One Week Earlier—


Wai parked his scooter in his usual space in the parking garage under his dorm stowing his helmet under the seat and slinging his bag over his shoulder. It had been another long day at school followed by several miserable hours at the club leaving Wai thoroughly exhausted. He couldn’t wait to take a shower and collapse in his bed. He could worry about the projects he had due at the end of the week another time, he just wanted to sleep and sleep hard. Not paying attention to his surroundings, Wai never noticed the other boy stumbling around the corner slightly tipsy and focused on his phone.

Korn collided with Wai and jerked back as if burned.

“Watch where the hell you’re going, architecture boy,” Korn snarled.

“How about you mind your own damn business, engineering bitch,” Wai shot back without missing a beat. 

Korn reaches for him grabbing Wai by the shirt and shoving him up against the wall, “How about I show you who the bitch is,” He growls against Wai’s ear while pressing their bodies together. 

“Why are you such an asshole?” Wai yelled pushing Korn away. “Who the hell do you think you—“

Korn silenced Wai’s tirade in a flurry of movement by pulling the architect forward and sealing his lips over Wai’s. From one moment to the next, Korn went from slinging insults to kissing him like their lives depended on sharing the same breath. Wai would never admit it, but the moment Korn pressed him against he wall of the parking garage his body flashed scalding hot. In a flurry of movement that Wai will never acknowledge in the light of day, Wai comes to life against Korn and climbs him like a tree arching against him and wrapping his legs around Korn’s waist before winding his fist in the other boys ponytail and kissing back with a mixture of rage and pent up lust that leaves a metallic tang in both their mouths.

In a tipsy haze of disbelief and hunger, Korn glories in the press of their mouths together. What the hell did he think kissing was, Korn wonders as one hand clutches at Wai’s waist and the other slides around the curve of his incredibly sexy ass to hold him a little bit closer. Never has he kissed someone with such intensity. Sure Korn’s kissed dozens of girls, he’s hot after all. He’s had sexy kisses, cute flirty kisses, a few of what he would consider pretty filthy kisses from girls at parties; but this—Korn has never kissed someone like this before. 

Wai’s kisses, his sleek little body, the shivers that are heating up Korn’s hands, holy shit, kissing Wai is a revelation.

Wai is squirming closer, squeezing tighter, clutching at his hair with a mixture of rage and lust that sets Korn’s blood on fire. Korn would be lying if he didn’t admit that the whole experience was almost instantaneously sobering which terrified him because his lust for Wai intensified the more sober he became.  Wai, however, was becoming enraged as thy continued to devour one another lip to lip. The hand not wrapped in Korn’s hair scored down his back leaving what he was sure would be pretty impressive scratches tomorrow. Wai kissed, clutched, bit, and whimpered against Korn to the point where he pulls back to look into Wai’s face almost concerned.

Arching against him Wai snarls, “Don't you fucking dare stop!”


“Fucking kiss me, asshole,” Wai gasps before pulling Korn back and sealing their lips together once more. 

“Wai—“ Korn moans against his wet, kiss swollen lips. Wai actually growls and Korn feels his groin tighten. In that moment, Korn understands something about him and the other boy simultaneously that floors him. Wai is as passionate right here and now as he is when they are fighting. It’s like fighting is foreplay for them and he never knew it. How did he not realize what it was about the architecture boy that made his blood boil. Lust. Korn couldn’t resist messing with him, fighting with him, maybe even fucking him if the opportunity presented it self--and wasn’t that a revelation. He had never looked at another boy like that, but once the thought entered his mind it took root in the most intense way possible. 

Korn would always wonder what might have happened against the wall in the dimly light parking garage if someone’s car alarm hadn’t gone off and scared them away from one another. Wai’s eyes were wide as saucers and dark with lust, his chest heaving as the boy panted to get breath back into his body. Unable to articulate words and unwilling to look Korn in the eyes, Wai grabs his bag which had at some point fallen from his shoulder while he was busy trying to get to third base with his mortal enemy in the parking garage before running toward the stairs and out of Korn’s sight. Korn is left speechless, panting, and overwhelmed with feelings he doesn’t know how to process. Suddenly the reality of the situation kicked in. The smells of exhaust, someone's takeaway that's obviously been left forgotten on the roof of a near by car, the sound of the outside world filtering in around him serves to remind Korn that he had been on the way to getting into the architecture geeks pants practically in public for all the world to see.  

The next day, Wai slinks down in his seat during their calculus lecture, one of the only classes that he shares with Engineering, and ties his hardest not to look at where Korn is sitting and fooling around on his phone or whispering to Pat. If he had been paying closer attention he might have noticed the way Pran kept looking over at Pat nervously or the way he blushed when Pat caught him looking. Wai couldn’t remember a single thing their professor said and hoped that Pran had taken good notes and recorded the lecture so that he could borrow them later. 

When the class finally dismissed, Wai shoved his notebook into his bag and tried to sneak out of the lyceum without attracting Korn’s attention. In his haste he failed to notice that Korn was watching his every move and followed.

“Pran, I have to go grab something from the library, I’ll—” he never finished as Pran focused on his phone simply waived him off and walked the opposite direction. Normally, Wai would have been pissed off that Pran all but ignored him, but under the current circumstance, he didn’t even notice just turned and fled down the opposite corridor toward the back of the Engineering and Architecture faculties where the loading docs were. He just needed a little bit of time to get his pounding heart under control. 

Under normal circumstances, Wai was shy. Sure, he was best friends with Pran who stood out to everyone for his good looks, stunning academic achievements, wealth, talent, charming personality, but Wai tended to stand off to the side. He was outgoing by association not by practice. With his small circle of friends, Wai was expressive, but under normal circumstances, he tended to keep to himself except when he was angry. Angry Wai was almost a different person. Never would he have believed, though, that angry Wai so quickly turned in to lustful, passionate, horny as hell Wai. 

Who would have known that all it took was the most fucking annoying asshole on the planet kissing him brainless to bring out a completely different side of Wai. Normally, Wai uses his anger to focus in on sports or projects. Anger channels his energy. Anger turns Wai into a completely different person. He’s like a honey badger when he’s angry; he doesn’t care about anything but letting the fury burn through him. 

Wai is so focused on managing his stress level, he doesn’t notice that he is being followed. When he turns the corner toward the loading docks, Wai is pulled into a dark alcove and pressed up against a wall just like the night before. The only difference is that right now both he and Korn are completely sober and completely aware that if they do this right now, there is nothing and no one to blame but themselves.

“What the hell, asshole!” Wai gasp despite the fact that body just reacted on instinct heating up and flushing with arousal. What the hell? All he has to do is touch me and I want to climb all over him!

“Cool down, kitten,” Korn snaps as he presses in close.

“Who are you calling kitten, you stupid buffalo,” Wai hisses.

“Well, I’m not the one hissing and clawing like an angry cat,” Korn replies. “You left fucking welts down my back.”

Wai smirked, “And don’t you fucking forget either.”

“Believe me,” Korn grinned, “your scratches are the least of what happened last night that I won’t forget.” His voice dripped with smug satisfaction and innuendo. 

Opening his mouth to reply, Wai was caught off guard as Korn closed the distance between and took his mouth in a searing kiss.


That’s what Wai felt last night; that’s what Wai was feeling right now. His body felt like a night sky on New Years—lit up with a thousand burning sparks. He body was alight with a pleasure that bordered on pain and Wai couldn’t process it. 

Pushing Korn back he clutched at his shoulders to keep himself upright.

“Don’t fucking touch me in public,” Wai snarled. “If you try this again, I’ll fucking end you; I don’t care what the professors do.”

Korn froze in place and Wai could see the wheels turning, “So, if I drag you back to my dorm and spread you out over my bed—”

“What the hell are you talking about?” 

Korn rolled his eyes, “You’re mad that I’m fucking with you where someone from our faculties could see us; but if I fuck you where no one else can see us—”

Wai pushed the other boy away from him and snatched his bag off the ground for the second time thanks to the stupid fucking buffalo glaring daggers at him. 

Turning on his heel and stalking down the hall away from the loading dock and toward the parking lot, Wai stopped short and looked at Korn, “Well, what the hell are you waiting for?”

“Huh—” Korn’s brain feels like it just short circuited.

Unsure where all this confidence was coming from, but unwilling to stop long enough to think about it, Wai almost purred, “I thought you said you were going to spread me out across your bed.”

Korn, “What?” Suddenly his brain caught up with Wai’s insinuation and he was following him without a second thought.


The drive back to Wai’s apartment is less than ten minutes and before he knows it they are locked in his room and he’s sprawled across his bed with Korn crouched over him. Wai barely has time think about whether he even bothered to make his bed before all thought is wiped away by the feel of Korn’s lips and the sweep of his tongue. 

If asked, Wai would swear that it was absolutely not him making such shameless sounds, but the gasping whine that seeps out when Korn pulls away to breathe is quickly swallowed up by the other’s boys lips when he dives in for more while his hands skid over Wai’s chest and down to his waist. Both boys fumble to pulls shirts from waist bands and get their hands on skin.

“Shit, you feel so—” Wai moaned against Korn’s panting mouth before arching against the leg wedge between his knees and whimpering at the pleasure of feeling his dick rub against that firm thigh. The shiver that moved through his body was almost embarrassing in its intensity.

“Yeah—” Korn responded with a heady kiss and a moan of his own. 

“Why does this feel so good when I hate you so fucking much?” Wai panted as Korn fumbled with the buttons on their jeans before pulling Wai’s down and off.

“You don’t hate me,” Korn told him between kisses as he shimmied out of his own jeans before pulling off their shirts, “You hate engineering students.”

Wai slid trembling fingers up Korn’s waist and across his abs before meeting this other boy’s eyes. 

“Pretty sure I fucking hate you,” he said before pulling Korn down and kissing him. 

Korn shrugs it off and tries to concentrate of kissing the sexiest most frustrating person he has ever met. Fuck, why is it so good? He tastes like—tastes like—I don’t even know! Pulling away from those silky soft lips, Korn kisses his way across one downy soft cheek to his neck and nearly looses it as his lips make contact with the thrumming pulse at the juncture of Wai’s neck. If the filthy moan that pours from the other boy’s mouth is any indication, Wai isn’t in any shape to complain. 

“I’ve gotta—” Korn gasps against Wai’s throat, “I’ve gotta touch you, kitten.”

Wai doesn’t dignify the pet name with a response, he simply grabs Korn’s wrist and pulls it between his legs to press against Wai’s straining erection. 

In that moment everything else fades into the background. The warring faculties, the competition over everything, whatever the fuck is going on with Pat and Pran—all of it is like the lull of voices underwater compared to what Wai is feeling when Korn slides them both free of the last remaining barrier separating them and he feels the other boys naked cock against his own for the first time. Nothing could have prepared him for this. Even the frenzied rumblings with his one serious girlfriend that Wai would have sworn were the best moments of his life were less than nothing when pitted agains the inferno of feelings and emotions that were taking over every square millimeter of his body. 

“Let me,” Wai whines against Korn’s mouth before he pushes the other boy onto his back and slips between his knees. Not willing to wait another moment in case he lost his nerve, Wai grasps the smooth, solid length of Korn’s erection in his slender hand and presses his lips to the tip. The silky texture is warm against his lips and Wai loves it immediately. He feels so—in that moment—so—vital—like for the first time in life he has filled every inch of his skin completely. Not wasting a second, Wai engulfs the length of his brand-new lover and moans at the feel of Korn on his tongue filling his mouth and stretching his lips wide. 

Korn was in heaven. He’d been blown before, sure, but nothing felt as good as Wai. Maybe it was the fact that it was Wai, maybe it was the way Wai moaned around his dick in genuine pleasure—Korn didn’t know. He just knew that if the other boy stopped sucking him he might actually die.

Pressed up against the pile of pillows on Wai’s bed staring down at a vision so sexy it would forever be burned into Korn’s retinas. Every pale, smooth inch of Wai was bare to his gaze and flushed so perfectly with pleasure as he bent over Korn lap and quite literally blew the engineer’s mind. 

“Shit, baby—” Korn almost wailed in pleasure. Wai would never admit that he fairly preened at being called baby. Wai pulls back to the tip of Korn’s dick and teases it with the point of his tongue. Taking short sweeps and soft kittenish licks that make the other boy arch and gasp with pleasure. When Wai thinks Korn might come out of his skin, he pressed forward and takes him deep humming in satisfaction and the other boy comes apart. 

“Wai,” he almost shouts, “Pull off—I can’t—”

No. This is one of the most incredible experiences of his life and Wai wants it all. He’s not pulling back’ he’s going the distance for this one. Korn’s hips come off the bed and his hands slip into Wai’s hair as his orgasm completely overwhelms his senses. Wai crawls up Korn’s body on trembling arms and legs and before he can think in through he presses his lips to Korn’s. They kiss lazily and Korn reaches down to return the favor only to realize that Wai is half hard and his hand comes back wet.

“Did you not—“ Korn doesn’t know if wants to know the answer, “Did you not enjoy it, you’re going soft.” The thought of wai not liking what they had just done sent a frisson of panic through the engineers body.

Wai actually giggles, “Look at your hand,” Korn does, “I came without even touching myself. I think it’s safe to say that I more than liked it, stupid buffalo.”

Korn feels such incredible relief he almost goes boneless before pulling Wai against him and snuggling close. Wai reached past him to grab the chenille throw that Pran always mocks him. The blanket had been a gift from his little sister for his dorm and Wai didn’t have the heart to turn it down even though it was covered with rainbows and rainclouds. Pulling the blanket over them, Wai closes his eyes and succumbs to the exhaustion from an almost sleepless night and way to many endorphins flooding his system. Just a few minutes, Wai tells himself before his eyes close and he’s out cold.


Three hours, Wai wakes up to find himself alone in his bed. He pulls back the blanket and notices that he’s been wiped clean. Looking around, he notices that Korn’s clothes are missing. It’s as if the other boy had never been there at all. Wai picks up his phone and notices that there are several texts and two missed calls from Pran. 

Unwilling to think about the fact that Korn left without saying a word to him, Wai decided to read through the texts from Pran and call him back. While he waits for Pran to pick up the phone his panic starts to set in. 

“Hello,” Pran greets and Wai is filled with a sense of calm momentarily. 

“How did you know you that—you liked—that you liked boys?” Wai asked in a small almost fearful voice.

Pran make an unrecognizable sound and Wai was pretty sure that he dropped his phone. After a fumble and what Wai was sure was a round of cursing, Pran returned.

“I—that is—” Pran stammered, “Why are you asking me that?”

Wai was silent for a moment, “I think I’m gay.”

“Holy shit!” Pran shouted. “When—what—how?”

“I hooked up with that engineering asshole with the pony tail and the eyebrows,” Wai told him.

Thud. A string of curses. “You did what!”

“Are you mad?” Wai asked his voice small.

Pran back tracked immediately, “What, no. I’m not mad at you. So you hooked up with Korn; but you hate Korn.”

“Yea, I fucking hate that douche bag,” Wai agreed, “But I might also like it a lot when he makes me forget my own name.”

Pran choked out a gasp, “Okay—so—that’s a thing you just said.”

Wai can’t believe he just said that out loud, but it was Pran. If there was anyone he could trust completely it was Pran. They told each other everything. 

“Hey, P’—” Pran finally said when the silence became to much, “so, we need to practice for the Freshy Music Competition. Do you want to come over to mine or go to one of the practice rooms at school?”

“Practice room is fine,” Wai mumbled.

“Calm down,” Pran told his friend, “What you’re feeling is nothing new. Let’s go practice and maybe then you can process your feelings easier. I think I know what song we’re going to play.”


One Week Later—

Pran ran from the rooftop with tears streaming down his face. What was he going to do? Pat wasn’t supposed to have feelings for him. This was supposed to be an unrequited love. Pran was supposed to carry this torch on his own and fly under the radar so that his mother didn’t find out. He truthfully didn’t think he could survive the heartbreak if his mother transferred him again. But, how could he go back now. Before, it was this maelstrom of feelings that he keep locked behind a carefully crafted door in his heart. Truth be told, compartmentalizing his feelings for Pat were what drew him to architecture in the beginning. Pran had spent years carefully building magnificent walls to protect himself from Pat who was no better than a juggernaut. Yet, every time he built a bigger, stronger, more magnificent wall in his mind to hid his feelings for Pat the other boy scaled it, burst through it, burrowed under it. Truthfully, no one knew him better than Pat, not even his parents for all their controlling, invasive behavior. 

In a dormitory not too far away, Korn has Wai spread out on his back whimpering in ecstasy as he thrust deeply into him one final time before they both spend in near perfect synchronicity. Uncharacteristically, tender, Korn presses a kiss to Wai’s sweaty temple before rolling off him and laying sprawled across Wai’s bed as if he owned it. Normally, Korn leaves not long after they are finished, but Wai—for some strange reason—can’t stand the thought of him being gone when he wakes up.

Reaching a hand out for Korn, he clutches at the other boy before whispering, “Please don’t leave,” his voice drops to an almost whisper, “stay with me.” He would worry about the consequences tomorrow.