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Greta's Glorious Gift Giving and Greetings Season

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The chilled air of the apartment decorated his entire body in goose flesh. The silken ties that kept his hands stationed above his head were but a slight distraction to what was happening down below. Trevor felt himself reaching his peak again for…what was it now? The fourth, or was it the fifth time now?


No matter, she could do whatever she pleased and he’d gladly let her. Looming above him, wiping the essence from him off her lips in one swift motion, Greta smirked down at the man that laid helpless before her.


Looking up at her, seeing the winter’s snow fall on the sunroof that decorated their apartment ceiling, Trevor felt powerless. Vulnerable. He wouldn’t have it any other way tonight, just being here in this moment with her. She must have detected the desperate, passionate look in his eyes because Greta’s lips soon captured his, with her soft breasts pressing against him.


“Aren’t you glad we left that party earlier tonight? We finally have each other to ourselves, love.”

Trevor felt himself shiver at the husky tone in her voice, swallowing thickly before responding. “How could I not, especially when you looked so ravishing in that silken red dress?”


Greta let out a teasing giggle as she left her dripping core hover above his erect member.

“Are you ready again? Do you want me to go hard or slow this time?”

Trevor eagerly propped himself up to face her.

“Fast. Hard. I…I want to cum inside you this time.” Greta caressed the breathless man’s face before slowly tracing her fingers down his chest.


Both lovers gasped at the sensation as they joined together again for the night. The sway of her hips, how their bodies moved in tangent with each other, and Trevor’s gasps; it was all the making of a perfect ending for their Christmas night. A fire of a thousand desires were set ablaze throughout Trevor’s body.


It felt so right to have Greta in his arms earlier in the night when they glided across the ballroom floors, and it felt just as natural to feel her wet clench that tethered him to the world. Even though his eyes had been shut, Trevor did not regret the peek he managed before feeling his next peak arriving.


Greta’s hips that straddled him so effortlessly, her finger massaging the bundle of nerves that rubbed against his cock. It was all so overwhelming, but he wanted to just dive into the unknown. Throw caution away for the night and just indulge in their lovemaking.


“Yes….oh yes! F-f-fuck! So…so..feels so good!”


Trevor could feel himself coming undone with each passing second, and his hips desperately lifted above the mattress to meet hers. Greta sensed his urgency and picked up her pace even more, rubbing faster at her clit. “I’m…I’m close! Come with me.” The bed rocked for the last minute of the night as an enraptured man and woman both chased each other’s pleasure.


As she came down from her peak, Greta slowly let herself collapse against her man’s body, lazily pressing kisses across his chest before facing him. The lustful, yet lovelorn, look that swam in his blue eyes made her heart skip a beat. Pressing forward, Trevor held her gaze as their foreheads touched before placing a chaste kiss on her lips.


“I love you, too.”