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December Days

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Ichie watches the girl passionately acting out lines without a script on her hand. She is raring to just stand up from her spot and join in with her adlibs, but she refrains from doing that as she is just mesmerized by the way the blond is using her expressions, even her body moves along with her lines.

Her face lights up the moment the blonde stops on her spot and takes some breaths in, sweat clearly glistening in the light. This is the time that Ichie makes her presence known to the blonde who was clearly preoccupied with her self-practice.

"You're acting is wonderful!" Ichie steps towards the blonde with a bottle of water ready. "It's like what Tamao had said yesterday didn't get through your head, Fumi."

"I know what she said. Yuyuko's script is too good to pass up a day for rest." Fumi wipes her sweat with a face towel and then accepts the water from Ichie's hand. She doesn't gulp down the whole drink and left half in. "Thanks."

"I know how good the script is. I even read it in one sitting and slept a little later than usual. But still, what Tamao says is absolute. So that's enough practicing for today." Ichie takes back the water bottle and the used face towel from the grasps of Fumi. She was ready to wipe down the sweat on her back as Fumi takes a few steps away from the lilac haired.

"Just a few more minutes and I'll quietly follow you right after." Fumi doesn't plead, she just shows her determined eyes that are sure to also light up a fire on Ichie's spirit.

"Okay." Fumi brightens up, though it is not clear as day, it does speak through her eyes. "If you don't mind me joining in. Seeing you happily act those lines earlier, made me also want to do my best for Yuyuko's script!"

"I guess that's fine. It'd be more dynamic that way. Just don't do any sudden adlibs." Ichie only snickers as she promises to do exactly that. Fumi contemplates if Ichie will actually hold herself back on the adlibing.

Even when they agreed on doing a short rehearsal, they went and actually did all their parts on their script.

They let out deep breaths as they slowly sink onto the wooden floor, their backs on each other. There are satisfied smiles on their lips and exchanged glances, silently telling each other that they were great.

The thought of Tamao stumbling upon them on chance didn't even occur to them as they enjoyed themselves playing the character.

"I'm just glad that Tamao didn't see us practicing. I'm sure she would have dragged us out of this room if we insisted on staying." Ichie picks up her own towel and wiped her own face and neck. Fumi does the same.

"Don't say that. I can't believe I just imagined that scenario." Fumi reaches for the bottle of water and finishes it, completely forgetting that Ichie would have also wanted to have a drink.

Fumi only looks at the relaxed back of Ichie and the empty bottle. She quietly puts the bottle down and stays silent for a short while, not knowing that just saying nothing would just confuse Ichie.

"Fumi? Is something the matter? You're eerily quiet." Ichie turns to face the blond and her eyes land on the empty bottle near the blonde's side. "Are you worried for not leaving me some water?"

Fumi admittedly nods and this makes Ichie giggle. She pulls out another bottle of water from her bag.

"You worried for nothing, Fumi. I brought my own. Besides, I bought that for you." Ichie's grin couldn't be much wider as it already is but, seeing Fumi's speechless face was a sight to see. Ichie couldn't hold herself back.

"Geez Ichie-"

The bell rings, taking away the attention of the students of the school. Ichie pays the sound no mind and just drinks the much needed water, immediately quenching her thirst.

"Lunch break is over. Let's hurry and change, then go back to the classroom." Fumi props herself up and helps Ichie up.

"Sure let's do that."



"Why is it so cold now? It wasn't this cold in the morning..." Ichie pulls her scarf higher so that her neck would become warmer.

"We were sweating a lot earlier. So that would explain some things." Fumi doesn't seem to be the least bit faze of the cold.

"If that's what you say Fumi. Still it doesn't get me any warmer hearing you say that." Ichie now hugs herself as she shivers from the gust of wind that passed by.

"What are you trying to make me do?" Fumi mumbles under her breath, walking closer towards the complaining lilac haired and putting an arm around her.

"This is warm." It seems like Ichie had been satisfied and Fumi isn't keen on giving any other response. She doesn't even want to entertain anyone of questions and just want to succumb to this warmth.


"What could Fumi-senpai mean by they we're sweating a lot earlier?" Rui asks her shorter friend.

Rui and Yuyuko just happened to pass by them and the aforementioned two didn't even seem to have noticed that they passed by. Having not known anything as to why they said what they said, Rui couldn't help herself but question it.

"I think it's better if we don't get the answer to that Rui." Yuyuko firmly pulls Rui away from them and towards their classroom.