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The Prince of Christmas

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Yachiyo had never exactly been a fan of holidays. She liked giving handmade gifts, but the process was always so thoroughly exhausting. And this year was especially important, since it was her first christmas with Mei Fan since they moved in together. And that had led her here, to the mall, with an incredibly heavy bag of coins. This particular capsule machine had been vexing her girlfriend for months, and Yachiyo was determined to get her the top prize. She’d been turning the crank on the machine for almost an hour at that point, to little avail.

“Excuse me, miss?”

A mall employee in a fake Santa costume tapped Yachiyo on the shoulder.

“Um… I appreciate your enthusiasm, but some of the kids here would like to use the machine.”

The mall employee gestured to a group of pouting children. Yachiyo scowled. She wasn’t about to let these imbecilic kids take away her romantic christmas.

“Well, Mr. Employee… personally I would like to rip your tongue out and shove it down your throat. But I’m not going to do that, because we all don’t get to do things just because we want to. Now shoo.”

Yachiyo turned back around to continue her work with the crank, causing the mall employee to get more aggressive.

“Ma’am, step away from the machine or I’m going to have security remove you.”

“I feel like there’s something you’re failing to understand. I’m a paying customer, I’m going to use this machine until I get the prize I want.”

“Alright that’s it, miss. Come with me”

The mall employee grabbed Yachiyo by the wrist. In a response to the action she yanked hard and sent him careening into the capsule machine. As he hit the machine, a capsule fell from it. The grand prize. In a desperate movement, she grabbed the capsule and stuck it in her boot, before 3 mall security officers quickly surrounded her.


“Yachiyo, what did you do?!” Mei Fan looked deeply concerned at her girlfriend, who was sitting here handcuffed, bleeding from her head, in the back office of the mall.

“Your girlfriend here instigated a physical conflict with several security officers. She had to be physically restrained. We won’t press charges, so long as she doesn’t return to this mall again.”
Mei Fan sighed and nodded. The security guards unlocked Yachiyo and pushed her gently towards Mei Fan. As the two walked towards the mall’s exit, Mei Fan seemed flabbergasted.

“Yachiyo, what were you even doing here?”

Yachiyo grinned. A little blood that had trickled from the wound on her head accentuated her smile. She pulled the capsule toy from her boot.

“Merry Christmas!”