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I Love You Inside And Out

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Mikey has never felt this exhausted waking up before. There was pressure constantly pressing him on his back and he knows for a fact that he doesn't sleep beside anyone or had Takemichi stay the night. He pushed at the pressure of his chest only to feel pain when he pushed at it roughly.

He groaned and sat up, blanket falling into a heap on his lap. He grabbed the somewhat heavy...... balls? Was that it? He squeezed them, ignoring the weird rush of arousal that creeped up his spine and down to his groin.

The first thought Mikey had when he squeezed them was-


It was soft and somehow made him wet when he rubbed at the protruding things on the balls.

Something doesn't feel right.

He thought as he continued rubbing at them, his half opened eyes closing and mouth hanging open. He pinched and flicked and rubbed for seconds to minutes until-

"Ngh~ Ah~!"

He threw his head back against the pillow (when had he lied down?), his hips raising to meet nothing but air, and toes curling in pleasure as he moaned loudly in a high-pitched voice.

His eyes shot open and he quickly removed his hands from whatever it was that he was holding. He could feel the wetness between his legs and the lack of his manhood's presence.

He looked down and noticed his very naked form but that didn't faze him. No. But the lumps on his chest did and if the disappearance of his family jewels were anything to go by, that would be that he either turned into a girl, got transported to another world where he was a girl or his whole life was a lie and he was a girl all along.

For the first time in his teenage life, Mikey shrieked and wailed for the world to hear.

Series of footsteps could be heard from outside of his room. Well, her room. The sound of the door making contact with the wall was dull to her ears. She just kept on wailing for her loss.

"Mikey, baby, what's wrong?"

Mikey felt a pair of warm arms pull him back, seating him on their lap with his back pressed to a warm, firm chest. Belatedly registering the warmth covering his body, Mikey turned to face the person behind his.

Immediately, his vision was flooded with the face of his (not really) brother ーwhite hair, purple eyes, and beautifully tanned skin that can't be mistaken for another. Lo-and-behold, Kurokawa Izana. His most-of-the-time shitty but still good "brother" was now hugging his very naked female form while muttering awkward words of comfort. A sudden sense of shame rose from deep inside of him and without a second's thought, he punched the man to near unconsciousness.

Yanking the covers off of the bed, Mikey covered his body in record time as Izana gathered his bearings after the deadly punch dealt to his cheek. Mikey tucks the end of the blanket near his armpit. It covers him like a dress and he readies his stance to attack as soon as he sees the tiniest move towards him.

Izana groaned as he sat up from the ground, rubbing his sore and most definitely bruising cheek. Izana blinked away the spots appearing in his sight, eyebrows furrowing as he stared at Mikey in slight disbelief.

"Shit. What the fuck, Mikey?"

Mikey stared back nervously, inching away from Izana in case he wanted to fight. Mikey still wasn't used to his new body and he wasn't about to fuck himself up while wrapped in a blanket.

"How do you want to die, Izana?"

Mikey asked in all seriousness, voice low and dangerous.

Izana sighed, hand leaving his bruising cheek as he stood up running his hand through his hair. Exasperation bled in his expression as he stared straight at Mikey.

"Look babe, if this is about Micchan leaving, it's not my fault that she had class yesterday and her shift was well into the night."

Mikey raised an eyebrow at him.

Micchan? Who the fuck is that?

"If it's about the number of times we did it last night, it wasn't me who was begging for comfort and more because 'Takemitchy left me for that bitchy professor'. I gave in to you and gave it to you raw. I also pulled out on time so do tell me why I deserved that punch."

Izana observed his little girlfriend's frequent expression changes. She's been nothing but aggressive ever since she woke up and the tan albino was worried for her health.

Did I fuck her brain dead?

Mikey looked at the man he called a brother. Raw? Pulling out? Begging? His face contorted to a look of horror as he stared at Izana wide eyed.

"We're fucking?"

Mikey asked in horror, his face pale and repulsed. Izana was genuinely offended.


She enjoyed it last night, how come she hates me now?

"Shit, Izana we fucked?"

Mikey's face turned even more disgusted and horrified.

Izana has never been this offended in his life than now and he wants nothing more than to beat his girlfriend up. But he won't because he doesn't raise hands on girls, only insecure wimps do that and he isn't one.

"I think you're tired, Mikey. You're usually clingy after sex so I'll leave you here to sleep. Micchan will be back later, if that helps."

Izana turned around and was about to leave when he heard something.


Facing his cute and usually shitty Mikey, Izana raised an eyebrow.

"Did you say something?"

Izana looked at his cute, aggressive, and innocent-looking girlfriend. She seemed more docile now than earlier, a good sign if he must say. Of course, the next thing he hears from her definitely won't be pretty. The clench in his gut says so.

"Who's Micchan?"