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Delight Beyond

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Daphne sighed bored. It was one of those random days.

Harry sits in the living room couch, the files and notes spread on the table in front, checking them, reading them and signing them.

Her watching him while doing her daily chores, doing cooking and making coffee for both of them, from the kitchen which is attached to the living room facing the couch back side.

She looks at him again, the back side of his head, sitting in the couch like a robot his eyes focused on the documents.

Did he even remember he is married.....

She gets it, it's his job as a Head of the aurors, he have works, but sex is a necessity too, nowadays he won't attend her anymore. They do it only once or twice a month, that too if he's interested.

They are middle aged people now..... she is 34, can be called as a milf now, a sexy one at that, despite their three kids studying in Hogwarts, with Ron and Hermione's and other weasley kids.

She noticed how other men see her with lust filled eyes whenever she was in public or the muggle neighborhood teen boys flirt with her in parties and all.

She sighed again, thinking of her young age, where she got both boys in school and the time her cheating with ron.

Her wet dreams about how both of them would take her again and again untill she was filled with their seeds and use her as their cum slut. She shivered at the thought as an image of Ron and Hermione kissing in the wedding came to her mind and she how she felt her heartbreaking.

She was in her robe now, underneath she was wearing a night gown that reached only till her ass, she wears this every night for harry, which was just a waste of effort.

Suddenly as if breaking her thoughts someone rang the door bell "Honey, will you get the door, Please" Harry said not taking his eyes of the papers.

"Yeah, yeah...." Daphne waved and walked to the door, opening it and her heart quickened at the sight.

Ronald weasley was standing, with a file in his hands, red hair ruffled, face had a gorgeous stubble, which made her hands to caress his jaw, biceps bulging out of his shirt, yes he is old 35 but still strong as then, a little bulge in his stomach.

"Hello Daphne, is harry inside" he asked cheerfully, she nodded, not able to open her mouth. She watched him look at her up and down, if she isn't mistaken, his eyes become a hungry dark shade.

He walked past her "Hey mate" Ron said and sat near harry in the couch "Hey.... Did you have the file i ask" Harry asked still his eyes glued to the paper. Ron rolled his eyes before keeping the file on the table "Good to see you too" he said and smiled lightly.

She walked over to the kitchen counter and continued watching them from the back leaning on the counter, sipping her coffee.

She watched their conversation about the recent crime and investigation of some criminals, all the while Ron's dark blue glancing back at her.

She decided to gain his attention atleast once towards her "So Ron how was your second honeymoon with Hermione"

"Oh that was nice, she felt relaxed. You know with sending the kids to school and daily ministry work, it was good for me too"

"So can we expect another baby then" she smirked "No unless you guys, two is enough for us actually" He said looking straight at her.

She gulped at how intently he was looking at her.

"Do you have some coffee, i want some"

"Yeah. Sure, come here" she said, ron glanced at harry once before making his way over to the kitchen.

Her heart was beating madly in her chest as he was coming near her.

She deliberately unhooked the knot in her robe, letting her seductive night dress to get into his vision.

She slid his coffee mug near her, making him to stand near her, he took one sip and let it on the slab, his strong hands still holding it.

She brushed the knuckles of her hands to his and heard his breath caught in his throat, his ears getting the adoring red, making her feel more confident.

She cupped his cheeks and slowly turned his head towards her "No daph, harry...." He whispered.

"Shhh....He won't know, i promise, please ron...." She breathed on his lips.

He licked his lips, making her more desperate and nodded. The moment he gave his acceptance, she brought his lips to a bruising kiss, the passion of wanting to have him to herself, that had been suppressed for almost ten years inside, flowed out freely through her lips.

Lips parting and their tongues dancing, dominating each other, Daphne's hands slowly made it's way down, sliding down his chest and stomach, until she cupped his bulge through his pants, he gasped into her mouth, as his hands automatically one of his hands gripped her hips.

The other moved back and kneeded her arse, through her clothes, wanting to feel his hands more, she removed her robe slowly not wanting to give her husband any doubt of her activities in the kitchen with his best mate.

She freed his buckle and fly, making his pants pool around his foot on the floor. She found herself unable to stop staring at his monster length, the sheer unnatural size of his cock making both her mouth water and her groin ache, she could feel Ron’s eyes on her breasts.

He looked at harry who was engrossed in his files, then removed her the sleeve from her shoulder, releasing one of her breasts, his eyes gone wide at the large bust in front of her, it seemed as it doubled over in in size in the years.

He slowly squeezed her breasts and a small drop of milk leaked out of her nipple, she clapsed her mouth and moaned low, her eyes rolled back.

He gently massaged her breasts, rubbing his thumbs over her stiff nipples and pinched it.

She moaned and bit her lip, remembering her husband in the couch just few inches away from them "You like my boobs so much" Daphne asked silently to ron.

"Ever since Hermione got pregnant, i liked to play with her boobs and drink her milk, it was so tasty" he said and continued to pinch her nipple.

"Do you want to taste me" She moaned and he nodded his face flush "Go on then, milk me ron. Taste me.....".

He smiled excited and squeezed hard, the top of her gown becoming wet, he took a nipple into his mouth and both groaned. Ron squeezed and sucked so hard, that his mouth started to fill with her milk.

She took hold of his thick cock and squeezed "Such a hungry boy" her other hand clutching his hair, locking his head on her breasts, he took the gown altogether from her top releasing both her footballs.

She felt herself dripping down on to the floor, he pushed her large breasts together, causing more milk to leak out.

She pushed his head suddenly, making him whine in protest and kissed him, both of them tasting her milk and lapping at each other's tongue "How is it" She asked "Yummy" he replied, making her smile.

"How do you still have milk"

"I don't know, maybe the side effects of having three kids. It'll stop in a few months, until then it's all yours" She whispered seductively.

"Honey" harry called, Ron and Daphne's eyes become the size of saucers and she sat down behind the counter scared.

Harry turned and saw ron standing at the kitchen "Mate, where is Daph"

"Huh, she told me, she is going to the loo"

"Oh, okay...." Harry told and turned around, his focus back on the files.

Ron gasped suddenly feeling something wet and hot at the tip of his cock. He looked down and saw Daphne teasing him slowly with her tongue swirling his head and tasting his pre cum.

He had no time to appreciate her talent as she took hold of his firm ass and pushed him inside her throat all the way in, it was heaven.

Most of his cock went deep into her throat felt nice, tight and slippery, her tongue licking at his underside. He took hold of the counter for the balance as she took his full length, like a trained professional.

gobbling up the entirety of his thick cock without a hint of struggle. He bucked his hips fucking her head against the counter, when she rubbed her nose into his pubes swallowing around the cock in her throat.

He was so sure that the pleasure from her velvet throat is so high, that he was gonna cum in seconds, so he took his cock out from her wanton mouth forcefully.

He pushed her up and turned her, so that they she was leaning against the counter, facing her husband's back.

Ron reached to grab a handful of her big plump arse making her shudder and moan. She panted as Ron squeezed her ass harder, her legs starting to shake as her arousal soaked her inner thighs, her slickness trialing down here thighs, he took hold of her arse cheeks with both hands spreading her and sliding his cock on her pussy without sliding in her, her eyes rolled back and she whimpered as her soaked cunt make contact with the skin of his cock feeling that she was sitting on a hot steel rod.

She tightly took hold on the counter edge in the hope to not get explode by the pleasure he was giving her.

He roughly stroked his cock upon her pussy, which hit her sensitive points and her clit. She opened her mouth to scream, but ron closed her mouth with his hands, not allowing her sound to wake harry.

She bucked her back, trying to get him inside her, to end this torture, but he kept a firm hold on her, smirking he started to round his cock tip on her clit, making her tremble with desperate need.

She wanted to scream her pleasure to this world, to show her stupid husband what a real man would do to wife like her, but she couldn't. Tears started to roll down her cheeks, whimpering, she violently protested against him bucking and writhing to get some form of relief, but he would not stop his cruel and pleasurable torment on her.

Finally after what felt like hours, he took pity on her and decided to give it to her. Ron slowly sank his length into her found her shuffling back against him helping him push every inch into her welcoming cunt, making her tremble with pure pleasure, as he started to rock into her clamping her mouth shut to prevent any moans coming out.

The feeling of her tight little pussy clenching around his cock had Ron’s mind swimming as he rocked into her steadily getting harder and faster, her solid breasts and arse bouncing and shaking made him go mad with lust.

Not caring if harry heard it or not, he left her mouth and took hold of her hair pounding her hard against the counter, by keeping one of his legs on top of them.

Daphne closed her mouth herself with her hand, she felt like she died and gone into heaven, tears continuously pouring down as the pain and pleasure getting increased.

She turned her head around her shoulders and gave Ron a sloppy tongue filled kiss, her hands and knees bucking back wildly against Ron’s thrusts as he pushed her pink gown up to grip her hips letting her arse bounce and clap in time with his cock plundering her cunt, her thighs were soaked with arousal as she whipped her head and writhed against him wildly panting like a bitch in heat “R…Ron I’m going…going to cum!....fuck me harder!!" she hissed back harshly.

"Take it you bitch!!" he spat before pounding her even harder, spreading her arse more, his cock ploughing her in different angle, making her shudder violently in pleasure nearing to her orgasm.

She glanced at her husband, obliviously looking at the document with his bespectacled eyes, the taboo of her cheating just behind her Husband's back and Ron's powerful thrust, made her mind clouded, as she came harder than she had ever in her life, using her hands to close her mouth and letting out muffled moans.

Ron felt her pussy tightly clenching around his cock, he grunted low to not alert harry before unloading all of him inside her, making her pussy quiver in delight.

They quickly dressed after taking some deep breaths to relax and walked to the living room where harry sat looking at the documents.

"It's time, i have to go, bye mate" Ron waved and quickly walked to get out of their and get to the hiding spot down the street.

Before he reach the door "Ron..."

He froze and turned around "Um...Yeah"

"Where did you guys gone to that second honeymoon"......