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This love won't ever be convenient

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     Lance hissed as Keith pressed the bag of ice to his eye. It was without warning, and pretty fucking cold. His boyfriend sat and had a distinct lack of sympathy on his face as he held the ice to Lance's eye. He sighed as they sat on Keith's bed and laughed a little.

"I wasn't expecting that at all," he said. Keith raised a brow.

"You literally kissed me right after everyone tossed up their caps. You were practically begging for that guy to come up and punch you," Keith told him.

"I thought that would be the perfect time! Everyone would be distracted by the hats and whatever and graduation whatever, but I guess I was wrong," Lance said. Keith chuckled and shook his head.

"That was really stupid of you."

"Yeah, but it was worth it," Lance smiled.

"What could've possibly made getting punched in the face by an aggressive homophobic teenager worth it?" Keith challenged.

"Kissing you makes anything worth it," Lance murmured leaning closer. Keith allowed his boyfriend's lips to brush against his own while he kept the ice pack firmly on the bruise.

"Besides. It's not the first time I've gotten punched," Lance hummed and pulled Keith closer by his waist. The pale boy blushed and tilted his head back slightly in an attempt to resist his only weakness that was Lance.

"T-that's just because you don't know how to throw one back," Keith muttered. Lance laughed.

"I'll never forget the day you straight up punched some kid for asking a little too aggressively if we were dating," Lance grinned. Keith tried to hold back his own smile at the memory, but ended up failing and resting his forehead on Lance's.

"I haven't had to punch anyone since then. He was too scared to report it later," Keith replied.

"They probably figured I was the one who didn't know how to fight, and decided to attack me instead."

"You should've let me punch him back. He deserved it," Keith grumbled.

"He doesn't matter. We literally never have to see him ever again," Lance reminded him. Keith smiled a little. He reached up and cradled the unmarked side of Lance's face. Navy met blue and he tilted his head back up.

"Yeah…never again," he murmured.

     Lance smiled and Keith kissed him gently. Before he knew it he was shoved on his back with Keith straddling his hips. Tan hands instinctively found their way over bony hips as Keith leaned down and kissed him again. The ice pack was forgotten next to Lance's head as the ebbing pain faded even more with each second of Contact between their lips. Keith's smile eventually interrupted the kiss as he looked down at his boyfriend. His pale forearms framing his freckled face and those blue eyes filled with adoration and desire.

"I love you," Keith murmured. Lance teasingly circled his thumb over Keith's hipbone and smiled.

"I love you too…more than anything," he replied and stretched his neck to reach Keith's mouth.

"Mm…I'm gonna miss you," Keith mumbled. Lance pulled back and frowned.


"Sorry…I just…" Keith sighed and nuzzled against Lance's neck. "…I can't stop thinking about it," he whispered.

"We have the entire summer together. You're not leaving any time soon," Lance reassured him. Keith leaned back and looked down at his boyfriend.

"Are you gonna miss me too?" He asked quietly.

"What kind of a question is that? Of course I'm gonna miss you. I'll miss you like crazy," Lance replied. Keith smiled a little. He sighed and closed his eyes as he enjoyed the feeling of being close to Lance.

"I don't want to go to California," he said.

"Well, from what you've told me it's either a free ride to California from your grandparents or busting your ass working a couple jobs to get you through college here. Either way, we won't have time to see each other on a daily basis," Lance reminded him. Keith looked down at his hands.

"I know…but still if I go here then at least I'm close to you. If I go to California…Lance, it's so far," he said. The tan boy hesitated for a moment and bit his lip.

"I know…I know, but it's only for like what? Four years? That's not too long. Plus you'll be up here for summers, and if you get your address to me I can come down for winter break and New Years. It won't be that bad," Lance tried to assure him. What he said sounded good, but his voice trembled and Keith could tell he was holding back tears.

"Lance…" Keith trailed off as he noticed the shimmering drops threatening to fall over that beautiful freckled face.

"I-it'll be okay," Lance stuttered weakly and looked up at the ceiling.

     He tried to blink the impending tears away, but that only prompted them to crawl over his temples and in to his hair. A short growl escaped his throat and he quickly wiped the wetness away as he sat up. Keith held Lance and rubbed his back affectionately.

"I-I'm gonna miss you…so much," Lance said.

"Hey, It'll be okay. You were just talking about how we'll visit each other and see each other," Keith assured him. Lance wrapped his arms around Keith's waist and squeezed affectionately.

"I don't want you to go," Lance murmured. Keith took a shaky inhale and held him just as tightly.

"I-I don't wanna go either…" he confessed.

"Fuck…Keith," Lance sighed.

"I wish I could take you with me, or make it work here but…my mom really wants me to accept my grandparents offer," he said.

"Dammit Keith. I'm gonna be so worried about you. Who's gonna do your injections? Who's gonna make sure you take off your binder when you get home? Who's gonna be your roommate? Who's-"
"Lance, don't worry about that," Keith said.

"Who's gonna make sure you don't forget me?" Lance asked quietly. Keith's breath hitched and he shook his head furiously.

"Lance! Are you kidding me?" He snapped. Lance held Keith tighter and so the pale boy grabbed Lance's face to make eye contact.

"I love you. There's no way I could ever forget about you. You're all I want," he whispered. Lance sighed and surged forward to kiss Keith.

     The two boys eliminated all and any space between them. Lance could feel every inch of Keith's torso up against his own, and those pale hands had found their way in Lance's hair again where they fucking belonged. Their lips moved with such fever and passion that they gasped for air every second or so before going back in. It was a mess of teeth and tongues and the neediness they fed off of from each other. Keith pulled back slightly with lidded eyes before instantly smashing back in.

"I…I love…you," Keith managed between Lance's lips.

"I love you," Lance breathed as a matter of fact and shoved his hands up and under his shirt. Keith shifted at the feeling of warm hands over his torso, and arched his back with the pressure Lance put against his spine.

"My dad is in the office…mom won't get back until later," Keith said.

"Door's closed?" Lance mumbled against Keith's neck. The pale boy eyed his shut bedroom door and bit back a smile.

"Closed," he confirmed.

     With that said Lance instantly tugged off Keith's shirt. His own shirt was quick to follow, but that was on Keith's accord. Lance's first priority was getting those damn jeans and boxers off of Keith and undoing his own. Supple hands ran down his naked chest and he sighed against Keith's lips. He lifted his pelvis so Lance could tug at the tough denim, and then allowed his boyfriend to strip him. His back returned to the mattress as Keith crawled over him.

     Once Keith found out the testosterone could possibly make him sterile he wasn't sure how to feel about it. Now he was one hundred percent on board with it since he would never need purchased condoms. Then again he was very lost in the moment of warmth and skin and Lance. He took off the rest of his pants and underwear and instantly started tugging down Lance's pants. The tan boy groaned at the sight of Keith desperately pulling off his clothes and pulled him closer.

"Do you really wanna do this?" Lance asked. Keith looked him in the eyes as he panted and nodded.

"Yes," he rasped.

     He then leaned down and pelted Lance's neck with kisses. Lance took in the beauty of his boyfriend in nothing but a pair of socks and a binder and ran his hands all over Keith's pale skin. He sighed at how smooth it was, and moaned when he felt how wet Keith was on his abs. Then they both decided Lance's pants were less than a necessity. 

     It wasn't long before his jeans were in a pile with the rest of their clothes, and Keith was panting and staring down at him. Lance kept his hands on his bare hips and savored every moment he could get looking at Keith's creamy pale skin. He eyed the tan fabric covering Keith's chest and the boy noticed. Without evening being asked, Keith wiggled and wriggled out of the compressing fabric and let it fall to the side.

"Fucking Christ," Lance breathed. His eyes widened as he registered Keith's fully naked body and had to stop himself from worshiping every inch of it.

"I…I don't want you to forget about me either," Keith said.

"As if I ever could," Lance sighed and touched the indent in Keith's skin that the binder left. He shivered.

"I want you…and I wanna make sure that, no matter what the future holds for us, I'll at least remember this," Keith continued. He moved back and then pressed his warmth against Lance. The tan boy inhaled sharply at the heat currently touching his length, and bit his lip when Keith nudged his hips.


     Just the sound of his boyfriend's husky voice saying his name made Keith's face twist with pleasure. He guided Lance's fingers between his wet folds and sighed at how quickly the first digit sunk in to him. With his free hand, Lance allowed himself to explore the gorgeous planes of Keith's body. He took his time memorizing the exact angle of the jut of his hips, the crease between his thigh and his calf, and the softness of his skin. It was almost distracting hadn't Keith's soft moans and gasps recaptured his attention. He then focused on the warmth his fingers were engulfed in and gently pushed in a second digit.

     Keith's body never ceased to amaze Lance. Everything from how warm to how loose he was every time gave Lance a kind of high no previous sexual encounter ever gave him. No one has ever opened up so fucking easily for him, and it filled him with a sense of satisfaction knowing that he was the only one to experience the privilege of Keith's body. Keith panting and moaning his name. Keith pushing his hips down against Lance's fingers. Keith biting his lip and desperately rutting against the length situated in front of him. In fact it was his undulating hips that snapped Lance back to reality and add a third finger.

"Fuck, Lance!" Keith gasped and hunched over his hips. Lance was stuck staring at his boyfriend in awe and rubbed circles against his hip. Then his fingers were pulled out of that comfortable warmth and Lance must've forgotten how to move as Keith raised his hips and positioned himself over his length.

"W-wait, are you-"

"Lance, don't worry," Keith said. Lance gripped his boyfriends hips and tried to stop him.

"Seriously, wait! A-are you sure you're okay with this?" Lance asked.

"Yes. I'm certain. I want you," Keith assured him.

"Yeah, but…are you sure like this?" Lance asked quietly. Keith glared down at Lance and pushed himself down past the head. Lance gasped and Keith bit his lip. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"Yes…yes, I'm sure," Keith managed. Lance was panting at how hot and tight Keith was. Despite how loose he felt around his fingers, there was a bit of tightness around his girth.

"Fuck…fuck," Lance wheezed. Keith sunk down lower and dug his nails in to Lance's sides.

"Lance…" he huffed. He knit his brows at the mixture of pain and pleasure, and steadily continued easing down on Lance's dick.

"Fuuck…you feel so good," Lance groaned and didn't dare to look away for a second. Keith leaned forward on Lance's waist and readjusted his hips, pulling up and pushing back down. Lance cursed again and gripped those sinuous hips. "Jesus…fuck…"

"I…" Keith was cut off by his own moan when he suck deeper. "I-I don't think o-our lord and saviors name was…Jesus fuck," Keith managed. Lance stopped as Keith finally settled all the way on him, and panted for a bit to catch his breath. He furrowed his brows and looked up at Keith.

"Did you just fucking sass me in the middle of being penetrated for the first time?" Lance asked. Keith tried to bite back a smile and failed at stopping the giggle slipping from his throat. He then nodded.

"Yeah…I did," he admitted. Lance tried not to smile. He honest to god tried not to smile…but it was Keith, and he couldn't resist Keith no matter what. So he ended up smiling and chuckling as he shook his head.

"You…are such a little shit," he grinned. Keith grinned back and laughed.

"Unless I read the bible wrong and it's been 'Jesus Fuck' the whole time," Keith continued. Lance shook his head.

"You're unbelievable."

"At least I believe in our lord and savior, Jesus Fuck."

"I'm gonna leave. Right now. I'll physically push you off of my dick."

"Oh no. Jesus Fuck would never forgive you for that sin."

"Keith, I swear to God."

"Swear to Jesus Fuck instead."

     Lance clenched his jaw and bucked his hips up against his boyfriend. Keith shouted at the sudden shift and grasped Lance's sides again. The tan boy then rolled up against Keith and he moaned as he struggled to get a grip on his sanity. As he predicted Lance felt so incredibly good inside of him, and it was too hard to ignore it and continue his silly teasing. Instead he panted and gasped for breath as Lance rocked up inside him and gripped his boney hips.

"Jesus fuck," Keith breathed.

"You look so good," Lance said drinking in Keith's expression and his body. 

     The dark-haired boy blushed and glared down at Lance. He then pulled up his hips and slammed them down in retaliation. Lance nearly choked on his inhale and his head automatically flung back against the sheets. His grip tightened and Keith bit his lip at the feeling of Lance's nails digging in to his skin. He smirked and did it again. A loud moan oozed it's way from Keith's throat and he drew it out nice and long for Lance to enjoy. A third smack and Lance's chest was heaving. He rolled his hips again and Keith moaned again. Except this time his moan was decorate in such a delicious way that Lance couldn't resist looking up at his boyfriend's face.

"Lance," Keith moaned. Blue eyes snapped up at that pinched flushed face and Lance knew he was a puddle of hopelessness.

"Fuck," Lance cursed.

"Lance," Keith sighed again.

     He started up a shallow pace. It wasn't as earth-shattering as his first few thrusts, but it built up the pressure that made Keith's mouth run dry from breathing so hard. Lance had a similar situation with his chest heaving with each breath, but he did anything and everything to make it less strenuous for Keith. He lifted Keith's hips with him, and rocked up his hips, and pushed Keith back down with more force. 

     Soon it was just mindless slapping of skin as Keith groaned and growled with pleasure. Lance was moaning Keith's name over and over just because he liked the way it sounded leaving his lips. The other boy liked the sound as well, but liked the feeling of Lance's lips much better. It was a messy kiss they shared. The jerky movement made it difficult not to smash their teeth together, and when they did they ended up settling for watching.

     Keith's hands were all over Lance. They ran up and down his tan chest as his hips moved with more fever and desire. He bit his lip as his fingers dragged against Lance's arms and down to his hands.

"God…Keith," Lance sighed and interlocked their fingers. Keith grinned and guided Lance's hands over his body.

"Are you gonna miss this? Are you gonna miss every inch of this?" Keith whispered. Lance nodded and felt Keith's body. His waist. His hips. His thighs. His ass. "How badly are you gonna miss me? Tell me how much you're gonna miss me," Keith continued in a sultry voice. Lance's breath hitched a little and he bit down on his lip. His hands settled back on Keith's hips and he took a shaky breath.

"I'm gonna miss you a lot," Lance said with tears prickling at his eyes again. Keith stopped his attempt at dirty talk and slowed down to a stop.

"Lance…fuck. I-I didn't mean-"

"Sorry…I just…" he trailed off and wiped away his tears again. Keith frowned and sniffled as he pulled Lance back up. The two boys embraced once again as they slowly dissolved in a puddle of pleasure, pain, and tears.

"I can't imagine a day without you," Lance breathed. Keith hugged Lance so tight he could hear Lance struggle to breath a little. He barely loosened it, and Lance only tightened his arms around Keith's pale waist.

"Shut up," Keith whined.

"You're gonna get so many new friends in college…and you pass so well they'll never know. I won't see you at school everyday or be able to eat lunch with you in the cafeteria-"

"S-shut up, Lance," Keith interrupted crying himself.

"I'm s-sorry but…I can't stop thinking about it either," Lance muttered.

"Fuck…just…" Keith hiccuped and then sobbed against Lance's shoulder. "Are you sure you're going to Lewis and Clark?"

"Yeah…I am," Lance confirmed. Keith nuzzled against his brown skin.

"Why is this so fucking hard?" He muttered. Hot tears rubbed against Lance's neck and he kissed Keith's shoulder.

"Because we fell in love," Lance whispered. Keith clenched his jaw and tried to hold back another sob.

"I don't know what I'd do without you," he whispered back.

"Keith, d-don't say stuff like that-"

"I'm…sorry," Keith mumbled. He sniffled and ran his hand through Lance's hair for the millionth time.

"Don't be," Lance replied.

"Please…don't let me go," Keith said. Lance kissed Keith's shoulder again, and then his neck, his jaw, and eventually his lips. He smoothed his thumb against Keith's soft bottom lip and looked up at him with tears in his eyes.





     It was a busy day in the office. Keith was almost done with the article manuscript one of his writers turned in to him late last week, and so far it looked like it wouldn't make the cut. He furrowed his brows as he read and reread the sentence in front of him and ended up cutting it completely. At this rate the originally seven page manuscript would be seven paragraphs. He sighed and flipped to the next page. There was a knock on his office door and he silently thanked God for the interruption.

"Come in," he allowed and set the manuscript to the side. His assistant stepped in with a smile on her face and two mugs in her hands.

"Thought you could use a pick-me-up after how late you stayed in last night," Barbra announced. Keith sighed with relief and reached out for the usual black mug he kept in the break room.

"Thank you, Barb," he smiled as the ceramic handle met his fingers.

"No problem," she replied. "Did you make any progress?"

"Mmm…Smith is gonna have to try harder next time. I tried to go easy on him since it was his first article, but there's barely even two pages of usable material here. Even if he added to it, I'm not sure it's gonna make it this time," Keith replied.

"Well, no one said being the editor-in-chief was easy. Just think about how long it took you to get an article through," Barbra reminded him. Keith nodded.

"You have a good point," he murmured in to his mug and then took a sip.

"You could probably just not finish editing it and tell him to try again. There's no point in correcting and checking something that's not gonna make it anyways."

"Another good point," Keith said and set his mug down.
"You can tell him at today's meeting here soon."

"That's probably a good idea," he agreed and picked up something else from his desk to focus on. Barbra sighed.

"I'll let you get back to work then," she said. Keith nodded and read through the paper.

"Mm-hm," he hummed and sipped his coffee again. His assistant rolled her eyes and shook her head with a smile.

"You're such a workaholic," she mused out loud and turned around to exit Keith's office. Just as she opened the door she was startled by a tall figure immediately outside the door. Keith looked up at her sound of distress and furrowed his brows.

"Everything okay, Barb?" He called.

"Y-yes! I was just surprised by this…visitor," she replied. Keith struggled to make out who it was through his office door and Barbra's body. He could tell the visitor was definitely male and definitely tall.

"Hello, how may I assist you today?" Barbra asked the stranger as she closed the door. Keith tried to look through the little window of his door, but eventually convinced himself that his work was more important. His eyes returned to the page he was reading through when there was suddenly another knock.

"Uh…come in," he said. Barb peeked her head in with an impatient smile.

"Sorry to bother you, Mr. Kogane, but there's a gentleman out here insisting that he knows you from high school. Should I call security?" She asked. Keith's heart skipped a beat.

"High school?" He questioned. Was it…no. It couldn't be. The last time Keith saw him was two Christmases ago when he said he still needed to go to school. Since then they lost touch and…it was busy.

"Yeah, he's telling me you were good friends. I can just-"

"Y'know I can hear everything you're saying, lady. Just let me see Keith, he knows me!"

     Keith's heart skipped another beat as a familiar voice pierced the air. He swallowed hard and instantly felt a thousand thoughts rush through his head. What was he doing here? How did he find Keith? Damn he missed that voice. Did he still have those freckles? We're his eyes still as blue? Did he have the same effect on Keith that he did in high school? How fucking long has it been since high school? God when was the last time he brushed his teeth? Why didn't he shower this morning? Because he took showers at night, that's why, but still.

"Sir, I already told you. Mr. Kogane is busy-"

"Let him in," Keith said snapping back to reality. He was already standing up and walking around to the other side of his desk. Barbra blinked at him.

"Are you serious? Do you even know him-"

"Yes, now let him in, Barbra," he ordered in a stern voice. His assistant sighed and stepped aside. She held the door up and Keith almost passed out from the breath of fresh air that was Lance McClain.

     The tan boy was now most definitely a man. He had grown even taller, and he was currently wearing an annoyed expression pointed at Barbra. When those blue eyes connected with Navy for the first time in years Keith couldn't hold back the ridiculous grin that was undoubtedly on his face. He nervously gripped the edge of his desk with his hands behind his back, and Lance stood there dumbfounded. Almost starstruck. He was gaping at Keith as if he was a piece of art hung up especially for Lance. 

     The editor bit his bottom lip to try and hide his smile a little and ended up giggling nervously and looking down. He pushed some of his hair over his ear and glanced up to find Lance blushing.

"Hey," he spoke first. Lance blinked and returned to reality finally. He smiled and breathed a laugh.

"Hey," he replied. Barbra stood awkwardly holding the door open.

"So…are you gonna go in? Because I have a job to do and holding this door open is not it," she sassed. Lance quickly looked to her and blushed deeper.

"S-sorry," he stuttered and stepped inside.

"Yeah yeah," she muttered and closed the door behind Lance.

     Silence filled the room as Lance realized they were now alone. They had barely exchanged two words and he was sweating. Keith looked just as amazing as the last time he saw him on his couch snuggled in a Christmas sweater. Lance smiled at the memory and smiled at the man in front of him. He was wearing what he envisioned most editors wore. Dark slacks held up by suspenders and a deep blue button up completed with a red tie with white polka dots. His shiny shoes and rolled up sleeves completed the look as he crossed his arms and fiddled with the fabric.

"It's been a while," Keith said. The sound of his voice made Lance want to jump him right then and there. Scoop him up in his arms and carry him out so they could start their new life together.

"Yeah…it has," Lance nodded.

"So how have you been?" Keith asked. Lance hesitated and sighed.

"Crazy. I mean…its been crazy. I'm not…crazy," Lance stammered. Keith raised a brow as he tried not to smile. "B-but I'm still crazy about you…uh…" Lance blurted. Keith laughed.

"Same old Lance. You're always trying to smooth talk me," he said shaking his head with a grin. Lance smiled back.

"What can I say? It works, doesn't it?" He asked coming a little closer. Keith blushed a little and looked down.

"You never had to smooth talk me to make me fall for you," Keith replied. "You know that."

"Maybe, but the smooth talking was probably the reason you stuck around," Lance said. Keith chuckled and looked up in time to find Lance much closer than before.

     It was like he was suddenly back in high school. Barely nine months in to his transition and a slave to the way Lance made him feel. His brain went a little numb as he remembered graduation. He did his best to block out the sad parts and focused on how good Lance made him feel. Just seeing him this close and feeling his presence and smelling his scent again made Keith desperate for his affection. 

     Keith had never ever met anyone who inspired his desire like Lance did. All through college and his time as an author, and now an editor, he never met anyone else who swept him away like Lance did. Like Lance currently was doing with one look and less than five feet between them.

"No…I stuck around for a lot of reasons," Keith murmured. Lance glanced down at Keith's lips. He wetted them as he noticed Lance's gaze.

"Do those reasons apply now?" Lance asked. Keith smirked.

"Mm…perhaps. It's been a long time since we've seen each other, so you might have to jog my memory," Keith replied. Lance grinned and leaned his palms on the edge of Keith's desk. Those familiar bony hips were between Lance's still lanky arms as he leaned closer.

"I think I can do that for you," he whispered. Keith smiled and accepted Lance's soft warm kiss against his lips.

     Despite never kissing anyone for two and a half years, Keith picked it up again like he was kissing Lance only yesterday. It took less than a second for his pale fingers to return to their rightful place in Lance's roots, and less than five seconds for Lance's tongue to venture in to Keith's mouth. The editor gave a shy moan of approval and cupped the tan cheek in front of him. Memories came flooding back and with each second of contact Keith felt himself become needier and more desperate for Lance's affections.

     Hands found their way against Keith's waist and there was suddenly no more room between them. Lance could feel every inch of Keith's body pressed against his own. His nimble fingers cradling his scalp and his cheek as Lance expressed just how much he missed this through his lips. He broke off only once for air and Keith merely resumed against his neck and Lance gave a content sigh.

"I missed you," Lance said.

"I missed you too…you have no idea," Keith breathed.

"Mr. Kogane, the twelve o'clock meeting is…uh."

     Keith looked over Lance's shoulder and turned bright red. He instantly put some space between them and looked at Barbra with wide eyes. She stood there with a surprised look on her face, and when Lance turned to see what was going on he blushed as well. He took his hands away from Keith's waist and stepped away.

"T-tell them I'll be there in a minute," Keith stuttered. Barbra nodded.

"Okay…um…" she glanced at Lance and then back to Keith. "Should I tell them you have a visitor?" She asked. Keith paused for a moment and then nodded.

"Yeah. You can tell them…that," he confirmed.

"Okay," Barbra said and then closed the door. Lance let out a sigh of relief and Keith leaned back against his desk.

"Wow. That was awkward," Lance muttered.

"Yeah. It was less awkward when my mom walked in during high school," Keith agreed. Lance smiled and found his way back in front of Keith.

"I miss those days," he said and wrapped his arms around Keith's waist. The editor smiled back and smoothed the wrinkles in Lance's shirt.

"I take it you graduated finally," he spoke softly. Lance nodded.

"Literally. Just now. I came here as soon as I could after the ceremony," Lance confirmed. Keith giggled and wound his arms around Lance's neck.

"So you're a lawyer now, huh?"

"Yup. I get to argue for a living."

"Mm, I heard that comes with a fat paycheck," Keith hummed. Lance chuckled and rested his forehead against Keith's.

"Yeah. I'll be able to buy us a nice big house, and I'll take you on vacation to the Bahamas," he said. Keith laughed.

"How about we focus on the house first. Where were you thinking?" Keith asked.

"Mmm…somewhere nice and quiet. Maybe the suburbs? We could get a dog…or maybe a couple kids," Lance suggested. Keith blushed a little at the mention of kids.

"You mean…like start a family together?" Keith murmured shyly. Lance grinned and nodded.

"Yeah. We could start a family together."

"But…the testosterone. Lance, I can't have kids anymore. I lost that chance," Keith told him.

"That's why we'll adopt."

"What about…what about getting married?" Keith whispered, almost embarrassed to suggest it. Lance paused for a moment, but before he could speak Barbra was knocking again.

"Mr. Kogane, the meeting-"

"J-just another moment, please," he said. She sighed and closed the door again.

"Do you wanna get married?" Lance asked. Keith looked away and nodded shyly. "Because we can."

"Can we?"

"Well…your birth certificate says female, right?" Lance asked.


"Then we can get married," Lance told him. Keith looked back up at him.

"That works?"

"Yup," Lance said. Keith let out a deep breath and smiled.

"We can get married…" he murmured. Lance nodded and was surprised when Keith suddenly hugged him. He laughed and then returned the embrace.

"We can get married and start a family and move in with each other and…" Keith trailed off and pulled back to grin at Lance. "…we can spend the rest of our lives together."

"We can," Lance nodded and leaned in. Keith kissed Lance first as he came closer and hugged him tighter.

"God Lance…that makes me so happy," he sighed. Lance grinned.

"I told you I'd never let you go," Lance reminded him. Keith nuzzled against his neck.

"Fuck…fuck you. I haven't felt this way since high school," Keith murmured. Lance laughed.

"I love you," Lance said.

"I love you too, asshole."