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Help You Out

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Jimin didn't bulge when Jungkook walked in their shared room or when he kicked off his shoes making one of them hit the wardrobe or when he threw his backpack on his bed.

"Are you dead?" Jungkook asked at the lack of response.

"I wish." Jimin's answer was muffled by the pillow but still understandable.

Jungkook laughed and took off his shirt next, not even bothered by Jimin's presence in the room. They had been friends for so long it didn't matter  anymore.

"I just want this semester to end." Jimin whined and hugged his pillow closer.       

"Do you need anything?" He asked as he stretched and Jimin finally opened his eyes.

"Some cuddles?" Jungkook snorted at the way Jimin tried to sound cute.

"I don't cuddle, hyung." Jimin groaned and closed his eyes again. He heard Jungkook shuffle around before the bed tipped beside him. "I can blow you, though."

Jimin's eyes shot open so fast he saw stars. The way Jungkook was staring at him was indecipherable but it still sent a shiver down his spine.

"Don't you have stuff to do?" He squinted suspicious and the younger leaned in closer, one hand tracing the patch of skin that had been exposed when Jimin's shirt rose up.

"Yeah... Do you want to be one of them?" Jungkook stared right into Jimin's eyes as he asked it and the older couldn't help but laugh.

"Smooth." He shivered when Jungkook's fingers moved further up inside his shirt.

"I am." Jungkook scratched lightly at the soft skin of Jimin's back and smiled when his hyung sucked in a breath. "Offer is still standing... Don't pretend you don't want it."

"Kookie..." Jimin sighed and pulled away, sitting up and leaning against the wall as far from the younger as he could.

"Jiminie..." Jungkook said and Jimin didn't think his name could sound so seductive. 

There was a moment when they just sat there looking at each other. Jungkook moved first, inching closer until he was right in front of Jimin; and he didn't miss the way the older licked his lips when he noticed his bare chest and abdomen.

"My eyes are up here." Jungkook muttered with a smirk. "If you don't want me, at least act like it."

"You're my best friend." Jimin said as he tried to clear his mind of the thoughts swimming around. 

"And you're mine." Jungkook leaned in and Jimin thought he would pass out at how close they were now. He brushed his lips against Jimin's neck as he went up to whisper in his ear. "I'm just helping you out."

"We shouldn't..." Jimin's answer was weak and he rested his hands on the other boy's waist.

"You've been so stressed, hyung." Jungkook bit Jimin's earlobe and the older let out a whimper. "I'll take care of you, you know..." He moved to start planting wet kisses down Jimin's neck and he could tell whatever resolve his hyung had was about to break. "I'll fuck you so good you'll forget all your problems."

"Shit." Jimin moaned when Jungkook bit him and let his head fall back against the wall to give him better access.

"Is that a yes?" Jungkook pulled away to look him in the eyes.

"Yes." It was the last thing Jimin breathed out before pulling the younger in for a kiss.

It was hot and desperate and in a moment Jimin's shirt was flying across the room and he was being pushed down on the bed, Jungkook hovering above him as he settled between his legs. They kissed again as Jungkook unbuttoned Jimin's pants and started pulling it off, breaking away to completely get rid of the piece of clothing before letting his lips wander down his hyung's chest and stomach, leaving a trail of blossoming bruises behind.

Jimin's mind was spinning with the way Jungkook's mouth felt on his body and he was getting unbelievably hard unbelievably fast. Though Jimin would never admit it, he had thought about Jungkook like that, kissing and marking him, making a mess out of him with his touch; to have it come true now was almost overwhelming.

"You seem pretty desperate..." Jungkook teased when Jimin whined and pulled at his hair to go lower. "How long has it been, hyung?" He was staring straight at Jimin's eyes from between his legs and the older hated the way there was a smirk dancing on his lips.

"Shut up, Jungkook." Jimin rolled his eyes but didn't protest when the younger came up to kiss him again.

"That long, huh?" He muttered against Jimin's mouth.

"You know there are better ways for you to use that pretty mouth of yours." Jimin shot back and Jungkook merely smirked before moving again to mouth at his still clothed erection, shutting whatever complain he had.

Jungkook switched his position again so that he was now palming Jimin's dick while his lips worked on his thighs. It had been a thing the younger had been wanting to do for the longest time, touch him like that and mark down his skin as the muscles Jimin built over years of dancing twitched in response. 

"Are you going to keep teasing me like that?" Jimin breathed out.

Jungkook stopped and stared at his hyung for a moment, taking in the fact that he already looked wrecked and they weren't even naked yet. He smirked then and sat up to pull what was left of Jimin's clothing off, leaning down to bite his prominent hip bone before sucking lightly at the head of his dick and earning a hiss from the other boy. He continued with the teasing for a while more, doing not much more than licking at his length until Jimin started whining and gripping at his hair tighter than he had before. Jungkook kept his eyes on his hyung as he took him in his mouth completely, relaxing his throat and working his tongue around him. It was quite the sight, the way Jimin moaned with his lips parted and let his head fall back on the pillow completely immersed in the amount of pleasure he was feeling.

Jimin was a lot more vocal than Jungkook thought he would be. His already high-pitched voice was even louder as he drowned in the sensation of Jungkook's mouth around him, trying not to move his hips too much so the younger wouldn't choke. 

"Fuck, Kook..." A gasp cut his sentence in the middle, followed by a shudder. "That feels so good."

Jungkook hummed and the sound vibrated through Jimin's skin making yet another moan escape his lips. The younger increased his pace then, causing Jimin to spill out a string of curses as his fingers made a mess of Jungkook's dark locks.

"Shit, hold on." Jimin gasped and got up on elbow. "Stop, I'm gonna come."

Jungkook pulled away and licked his lips, breathing hard as he met Jimin's eyes. "That's the point, hyung."

"Yeah, but..." Jimin bit his bottom lip and Jungkook sat up frowning. "Didn't you say you were going to fuck me?"

"I did." He was smiling now, confusion and worry gone as his mouth turned into a mischievous grin before he kissed Jimin again, the older now using his hands to undress Jungkook so that they were both with no clothes left.

"Bottom drawer." Jimin said when Jungkook shot him a questioning look and the younger breathed out a laugh.


"Oh, shut up."

Jungkook was still smiling as he spread Jimin's legs and poured some lube on his fingers to warm it up. He placed a pillow under his hyung's waist with his free hand and started the process of prepping him.

He was surprisingly gentle and Jimin couldn't help but watch him as he did it: the way his brow furrowed in concentration or how he drew invisible soothing patterns on Jimin's thigh as he stretched him up. The uncomfortable part didn't last long and soon Jimin was gasping as Jungkook moved three fingers inside of him, pleasure already starting to build up.

"I'm ready, Jungkookie. Come on." Jimin whined and something the younger saw in his face must have convinced him because he pulled his fingers out and rolled on a condom. 

Jungkook settled in between his legs and shot his hyung one more look before he pushed his dick in and they both moaned at the feeling.

"Shit, Jimin." Jungkook groaned against the soft skin of Jimin's neck and then leaned in to kiss him hard as he moved his hips, their sounds lost in each other's mouths.

"Stop, stop." Jimin suddenly pushed Jungkook by the shoulders and the other boy did as he was asked.

"You okay?" They were both breathing hard already and Jungkook was itching to move but he couldn't until he was sure his hyung was fine.

"I want you to fuck me from behind." Jimin blurted out and Jungkook's breath hitched.

"Okay." That was his only answer and he pulled out, waiting for Jimin to position himself however he wanted and trying to put his thoughts together.

Jimin moaned at the better angle when Jungkook pushed in for the second time and grabbed onto the pillow under him. He moved his hips back to meet his thrusts and heard the other boy groan above him.

"Faster." Jimin said after a moment because he could feel Jungkook holding himself back. "Fuck, Jungkook, you won't break me!" He added when his request went ignored and after a second of hesitation he felt the younger starting to comply.

Jimin shifted in place again and rested his head on the mattress, holding onto whatever he could as he felt Jungkook slipping in and out of him.

"Jungkook..." He whined. "Harder." Jimin moaned when a particularly sharp thrust met his prostate. "Is that all- shit, all you can do?" He provoked even though his brain was already starting to go hazy.

Still, he got what he wanted. Jungkook started snapping his hips forward so fast the bed was rocking and hitting the wall and he was starting to find it hard to keep his own moans in.

"Shit, Jungkookie, just like that." Jimin mumbled but it was barely understandable.

Jungkook continued to pound into him, pace so merciless it had Jimin sobbing against his pillow. He was gripping the older's hips so tight he was most likely going to leave his handprints behind, not that either of them cared. 

Jimin had long given up on trying to think coherently, the way in which Jungkook was fucking him having sent his brain into short circuit, and was now a blabbering mess, barely managing to get out curses and the younger's name in an intelligible way. 

"You look so pretty from up here, hyung." Jungkook said, voice shaky but still clear unlike Jimin's. "Look how well you're taking my cock, fuck-" He groaned and grabbed Jimin's arms to pull him flush against his body, not once stopping his hips.

The new position made Jimin's eyes roll back with pleasure and he had to support himself on the wall behind the bed before he collapsed against it. Jungkook bit hard into his shoulder and the older cried out, trying to muffle his sounds in the crook of his elbow but giving up when he felt a tug at his hair.

"Let them hear you." Jungkook all but growled in his ear. "Let them know how much you love being fucked like this." He punctuated his words with sharp thrusts and Jimin was having a hard time focusing on what he was saying.

He moaned Jungkook's name loud enough to be heard by all their neighbors with the way the walls were thin and the younger groaned at that, hips stuttering for a moment before picking up the pace even more.

"You like me being rough, huh?" Jimin could tell, somewhere in the mess that was his mind right now, that Jungkook was just as close as he was. His voice was strained and his hips were losing rhythm every now and then, it wouldn't take long before they both reached their orgasms.

"Holy shit." Jimin moaned, trembling from head to toe and completely overwhelmed by pleasure. "Fuck, I love it." He sobbed and closed his eyes when one of Jungkook's hands left his hip to start stroking him.

"You're gonna come, hyung?" Jungkook whispered it in Jimin's ear and the older reached back to tangle a hand in his hair once more. 

"Jungkookie, I can't..." He trailed off but Jungkook knew what he meant.

"I got you." He wrapped an arm around the older boy to hold him in place since his knees seemed to be so close to giving out, still using his other hand to stroke him. 

A few more thrusts and Jimin was coming all over his sheets, body tensing up and Jungkook's name escaping his lips like a prayer as the other boy's own orgasm hit him like a train, and he had to use all that was left of his strenght to hold them up as they came out of their high. 

Jungkook pulled them down to lie on the bed as soon as he regained some control, though his arms and legs were still shaking, being careful to stay away as much as possible from the mess Jimin made. 

"Are you dead?" He asked the same thing he did an hour ago after Jimin didn't open his eyes for a while and the older laughed.

"If I am then this is definitely heaven." Jimin took a deep breath and stared at the ceiling, chest heaving and sweat making his skin glow.

"I take it you liked it then..." Jungkook smirked when Jimin side-eyed him.

"Understatement." Was everything he said and then he was frowning as the younger hovered above him.

"Was I too rough?" Jungkook asked as he traced the bruises on his hyung's thighs and hips and Jimin felt his chest tighten at the evident worry in his voice.

"No, Kook. It's fine." Jimin watched as his best friend nodded and then averted his gaze, only to groan when he noticed his dirty sheets. "I'm gonna have to wash those now."

"Oh yeah, you made a huge mess there, hyung." Jungkook teased.

"And whose fault is that?" They exchanged smiles and Jimin felt at ease that things still felt normal between them even though they had crossed a lot of lines with their previous activities.

"Not mine." Jungkook said and got up, picking up his clothes and heading for the bathroom.

"Yeah, it is. I'm sleeping with you tonight since I'll have nothing to warm myself with." Jimin sat on his bed just in time to see Jungkook turn around to stare at him and laughed out loud at the look on his face.

"Fine." He agreed. "But I don't cuddle." Jungkook warned.

"Sure thing, Jungkookie." Jimin said to the closed bathroom door and let his body fall back on the bed again.