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There was ten seconds left on the clock. Jungkook had the puck gliding as he moved around bodies, trying to avoid getting knocked into. He crashed into a large guy but gritted his teeth as he went for the puck and kept it moving towards the goal. He was so close, could feel the seconds ticking down before he went to shoot , the buzzer going off exactly as Jungkook got crashed into, making him not really see if he made the shot or not.

His head throbbed a bit as he took the hit but he must have made the shot as his teammates came up to him, patting him on the back.

"Good job Jungkook !" Someone of them said as they skated off the ice with smiles on their faces.

"Jungkook ! My office after clean up." His coach shouted, not happy. Jungkook's smile faltered as he took of his skates and made his way towards the shower.

"Jungkook-ah ! That was a great shot. Too bad you completely ignored the fact that Shinwon was open and could have helped." Namjoon, Jungkook's captain, teammate, and friend said.

"Yeah well, I didn't need his help as I still made the shot." Jungkook said cockily making Namjoon shake his head in disapproval.

"Shower up kiddo. You're in for a talk." Yoongi, Jungkook's other friend said as he patted Jungkook's shoulder on his way out of the locker room.

Jungkook showered quickly, knowing their coach didn't like to wait. He stuffed his uniform in his bag and threw his pads into his locker before jogging to his coach's office. He knocked on the door before coming in.

"You wanted to see me Coach Lee ?" Jungkook said.

"Have a seat." Coach Lee said. Jungkook did as he was told, looking at his elder curiously.

"Do I look happy Jungkook ?" The coach asked. Jungkook took in his face, eyes solid, lips straight.

" ?" Jungkook said, unsure.

"Do you wanna know why I'm not happy ?" He asked.

"Sure ?" Jungkook said.

"Because of your ability on the ice. Your attitude, how you play, everything. It's not making me happy." Coach said.

"Coach I-"

"Shh. I know what you're thinking. Honestly you're a good player Jungkook. A great one even. It's just, how you move on the ice makes me cringe. How you are too aggressive with it and I know this is a aggressive sport but, you're using your aggression on all the wrong things. Your turns aren't really accurate and you can barely control yourself."

"Coach..." Jungkook didn't know what to say. No one had ever told him this. Was he really that sloppy on the ice ?

"Now I personally think you need help. You need to see the ice from a different perspective. So, starting Monday, you'll be taking a couple weeks off to be one with the ice again." Coach Lee said.

"How will I do that coach ?" Jungkook asked.

"I talked to Coach Song. You'll be taking private lessons with one of her best figure skaters." Coach Lee said smiling. Jungkook's eyes widened. Figure skater ?!


"You'll be practicing with the figure skaters ?" Yoongi blinked, shocked.

"No. We can't have you around those annoying little ice fairies." Namjoon cried. They were all at their dorm. It was thankfully the weekend and the young men could finally relax their muscles, play a few video games, eat terrible but delicious food and sleep. But Jungkook couldn't relax as he couldn't come to terms with his new fate.

"Ice fairies indeed. Have you ever tried to talk to Kim Seokjin? If anyone has ice shoved up far in their ass it's him." Yoongi said.

"You seniors scare me hyung." Namjoon said.

"Guys can we get back to me ? What am I going to do ? How should I convince coach to reconsider?" Jungkook asked.

"Well honestly you are a bit wild on the ice." Namjoon said after a moment of silence. "Maybe one quick lesson won't hurt."

Ugh Jungkook whined, shoving his face back into his pillow.

"You guys aren't any help. I'm going to sleep. Get out of my room." Jungkook said.

"Wow we are your respectable elders and this is how you treat us ?" Yoongi said.


"You know what, let the ice fairies have you."

Jungkook sighed. One practice wouldn't hurt right ? And if he miraculously got better from that, maybe his coach would put him back on the ice.


Jungkook felt out of place. He didn't know why. This was the same ice rink he always practiced on when their rink was getting renovated and same stands he saw and same everything. It was just instead of the musky smell of hockey players, there were the figure skaters. The ice skaters. They were basically done their practice as most were leaving but Jungkook still got a sight of a few twirls and glides and moves he didn't know the names of.

"Ah you must be Jungkook-ssi!" An older woman caught Jungkook's attention. "I am Song Younghee but you can call me coach Song like everyone else." She said.

Jungkook bowed, introducing himself to his elder.

"I bet you're excited to get on the ice. Did you bring skates ?" Coach Song asked and Jungkook nodded holding up his bag.

"Good put them on and meet me on the ice in five. I have to go get your personal coach." She said smiling and Jungkook nodded. He tiredly unlaced his sneakers before putting on his skates. He glided on the ice skating towards the middle before waiting. After a few moments of skating in circles, he saw Coach Song skating towards him with a boy around her height.

"Jungkook-ssi I'd like you to meet one of my best skaters and your new teacher, Park Jimin." Coach Song said.

Park Jimin was a short boy. Thin with strong legs and a blinding smile on his face. His hair was black and his eyes a bright brown. This eyes were pretty interesting, wide in a way but attractive. He had a tiny nose and plush lips, cheeks a bit squishy and hair fluffy. Over all he was everything Jungkook was expecting in a ice fairy.

"Nice to meet you." Jungkook said bowing.

"I'll leave you two to get to know each other. Jimin-ah, please be nice." Coach Song said before skating off.

"So..." Jimin started. "I heard you need to learn how to be graceful."

"Yeah. Look, I don't want to be here and you probably don't want to either so let's just get this over with." Jungkook said already tired. Did he even sleep last night ?

Jimin's face scrunched up at that. "Don't be rude kid. I'm here to help you. So let's teach your ungrateful ass how to skate."

Jungkook blinked at the sudden change in Jimin. It's like something switched in him and it had Jungkook appalled.

"Start off by doing a few laps." Jimin commanded. Jungkook glared at the shorter but did as he was told. He knew how to skate obviously a few laps would be nothing. As he was doing them Jimin's eyes followed him, his unique gaze sharp as Jungkook finished and skated up towards him.

"Hmm let's see something." Jimin said. He skated over towards the edge of the rink and grabbed a few cones. He placed them about three feet from each other.

"Skate through these. Like you have a stick and puck ready to shoot." Jimin said and Jungkook did as he was told. Pretending to get ready to score, he did sharp turns around the cones before shooting.

"Wow. I can see why you're here." Jimin said skating up towards Jungkook. "You have no grace at all. Your formation is sloppy and it looks like you are trying to crave the ice with your skates."

"I didn't come here to be offended." Jungkook said.

"But you came here to be taught. Now unless you want to be on the bench forever, you'll listen to me." Jimin said.

"I don't need you. What do you even know about hockey anyway you little fairy." Jungkook hissed.

"What did you just call me ?" Jimin glared.

"You heard me. A little, ice, fairy." Jungkook retorted.

"Whatever. I won't teach you. Have fun being on the bench for the next three years." Jimin said skating off.

Whatever, Jungkook thought. Jimin was asshole. He didn't need lessons and he damn sure didn't need them from a rude ice fairy.


"What do you mean you won't go to the lessons? Coach won't like this." Namjoon said.

"Look hyung I'll just prove to him that I don't need them. I can't stand that guy. He was such a asshole." Jungkook grumbled. They were walking to the ice hockey locker room.

"Are you sure you weren't a asshole ?" Yoongi asked and Jungkook gave him a look of of course not.

"Coach can we talk ?" Jungkook asked as he walked into the elders office.

"Jungkook ? What's wrong ?" Coach Lee asked.

"I can't do the lessons with the skaters. Not just that, it's just... I don't need them."


"No seriously coach. I'll practice more. I'll put more effort into the ice but I know I don't need the lessons." Jungkook said.

"And I know you do. My word is final. Coach Song told me her skater said he didn't want to work with you because you were rude. Jungkook-ah people are trying to help you here. I know you'll learn from this experience. It might be hard and uncomfortable now but just wait until you get back on the ice and actually see yourself improve." Coach Lee said.


"Give it two weeks. If you don't see any improvement after then we will try a different method."

"...okay." Jungkook sighed. His coach seemed really interested in helping him and the emotion in his eyes made Jungkook feel bad.

"Well since you're here you might as well come to the rink. I wanted to talk to the whole team." Coach said and Jungkook nodded, following the older.

The rink was filled with boys practicing. They were doing drills, shoots and other things and Jungkook and the coach walked down the steps.

"Team come in !" Coach shouted as he blew the whistle three times. All the players skated over and those who weren't on the ice moved closer towards them.

"Today I wanted to tell you guys some good news. We're getting a new player. He just transferred from Gwangju. Hoseok come in here." Coach Lee yelled and a average size male came into the stadium.

"Hello everyone. I'm Jung Hoseok. I hope you'll all accept me on your team." Hoseok said. Voice tinged with his accent but his smile was welcoming.

"Nice to meet you. I'm the captain and the goalie. Namjoon." Namjoon said shaking Hoseok's hand. "What position do you play."

"Center." Hoseok said and Jungkook froze. He played center too.

"Cool why don't you show us a little something on the ice." Namjoon suggested.

"Yeah we gotta see if you're good or not." Yoongi said.

"Boys be nice." Coach warned. "But please, show us something Hoseok."

Hoseok nodded and went to the ice. A few boys followed him ready to play defenders while Namjoon went up to the goal.

Hoseok was fast. Jungkook shouldn't have blinked as one moment he was skating with the puck and the next he was twisting around the defenders, blocking their rough pushes and sticks. He skated around them with such fluidity that a few boys awed. He didn't hesitate to shoot. The puck was a centimeter away from Namjoon as he tried to block it but it brushed past him, making a goal.

"Wow." Was all their coach said. Jungkook couldn't help but envy. Wow indeed.


"Am I getting replaced ?" Jungkook asked.

"You're not getting replaced." Namjoon said.

"Eh you might be getting replaced." Yoongi said.

"Hyung you're not helping at all." Namjoon hissed. Yoongi shrugged.

"Listen don't even worry about Hoseok-ssi."Namjoon said.

"How can I not worry about him. He plays my position and everything. He's great and likable. Have you seen him smile ? I want to hate him but I feel like a asshole." Jungkook said, crushed.

"Well one, you are a asshole. Two, you're right he's such a nice guy. I saw him helping old ladies across the street the other day." Yoongi said.

"Aww." Namjoon cooed.

"I thought the same thing as he saved a kitten from being hit by a kid on a bike, it was wonderful." Yoongi said.

"Hyungs you're not helping." Jungkook moaned.

"Sorry." They both said.

Jungkook had to go back to practicing with Jimin today. He said goodbye to his hyungs who gave him smiles before departing. As jongkook entered the ice stadium he heard music playing. It was something soft but powerful, catching his attention immediately. He looked to see a guy skating by himself. Odd, Jungkook came specifically after the ice skaters practice was done, so why was this guy still here ?

Jungkook was about to say something but his words stopped as the guy moved with grace. His legs moving with ease as his eyes was closed and Jungkook could tell he was in the music. He did one of those twirls then jumps and landed with a loud sound but was flawless none the less.

Jungkook didn't even notice he was staring until the guys wide brown eyes looked directly into his. The music ended and Jungkook finally realized what he was doing.

"Ah I'm sorry." Jungkook bowed. "Just I usually use the ice around this time."

"Oh my bad." The guy said, voice deep. He skated easily and Jungkook got a better view of the thin male. Maybe it was a ice fairy thing but the skin tight clothing was almost unbearable as he got a perfect image of the slim figure.

"I just wanted to practice one more routine." The guy said.

"It's okay umm..."

"Kim Taehyung but most people call me-"

"Tae-Tae ! I thought you went home what are you-" Jungkook almost groaned at that voice. "Jungkook-ssi?"

"Jimin-ssi." Jungkook said.

"Oooo I smell tension." Taehyung giggled. "Is this the kid you were telling me about ? He's cute."

"Tae !" Jimin squeaked as Jungkook blushed. "You get out of here. Don't you have an test to study for ?" Jimin said.

"Ugh don't remind me. It's honestly the not even a month into school and it's my fifth test." Taehyung said coming off the ice to put on his shoes. He was around Jungkook's height now and he gave Jimin a smile.

"Let's eat dinner tonight okay ?" Taehyung asked and Jimin nodded, letting the taller pull him into a hug. Jungkook cocked an eyebrow at that before pulling out his skates.

"See ya." Taehyung said waving and Jimin nodded before looking at Jungkook.

"What ?" Jungkook blinked at the stare.

"Are you actually going to listen to me this time and not be a asshole ?" Jimin asked.

"Are you actually going to teach and not be a criticizing dick ?" Jungkook retorted.

"Wow guess not. Get on the ice." Jimin said.

"Listen you can't keep telling me what to do." Jungkook said as he got into the ice.

"Uh technically I can since I'm supposed to be teaching you." Jimin said. Jungkook watched him tie his black skates carefully, his nimble fingers tying tight loops before we got into the ice as well.

"I didn't come back for you to just teach me. I need to get better." Jungkook said.

"I know that's why we are here." Jimin said. "So are you going to attempt to get better this time or are you gonna sulk on the ice again ?"

Jungkook glared but didn't say anything. God he hated this guy. Jimin pulled out the cones again.

"Go around these." Jimin commanded. "Five times."

Jungkook almost said something but he saw the skating coach walk by and bit his tongue. Jungkook skated around the cones. On his third round Jimin had slid up next to Jungkook almost making the latter crash into him.

"What the fuck ?" Jungkook hissed.

"I was thinking you need obstacles in your way. You won't turn as swiftly with anything making you turn so you need a sort of block. And what better way to use a human as one." Jimin said. "We'll end practice when you don't hit me."

"You know, I don't like you." Jungkook said.

"The feeling is mutual ice troll." Jimin hissed. Jungkook was appalled for a moment. No this fairy did not just call him a troll. Jungkook almost crashed into him and Jimin snorted. Oh it was on.


"What do you mean Hoseok wants to eat lunch with us ?!" Jungkook squeaked.

"Exactly what I said." Namjoon said.

"Why ?" Jungkook asked.

"Well he's new here and I'm the captain so I will treat my teammates with care. Besides he's cool." Namjoon said.

"I don't like him." Jungkook huffed.

"Yeah yeah but you're just jealous." Yoongi said. They were walking to the cafe to get something to eat and spotted Hoseok at a table.

"Hello Yoongi-hyung. Namjoon-ah and uh..I don't recall your name." Hoseok greeted.

"This kid is Jungkook-ah. He's on the team as well just practicing with a personal teacher for a few weeks." Namjoon said.

"Hi." Jungkook bowed. "I'm gonna get in line. Be right back hyungs." Jungkook said quickly going to the buffet line.

He grabbed a tray, some chop sticks and a spoon. As Jungkook was waiting he didn't expect to see that figure skater from the other day.

"Oh Jungkook-ssi was it ?" The guy said. Jungkook blinked. If he thought the guy looked attractive on the ice he was beautiful off it. Dressed in a white shirt tucked into black pants and a jean jacket with yellow circle glasses that were pushed onto his head. His brown hair a bit off center and he looked great.

"Yeah um Tae Tae ?" Jungkook tried to remember. The guy laughed, it was deep and made his grin wide.

"Oh no we aren't that close yet. It's Taehyung but if you want to call me Tae Tae I get to call you Kookie." Taehyung said.

"I'll think about that offer." Jungkook said making Taehyung smile.

"You're more interesting off the ice. Too bad you're a troll." Taehyung said pouting.

"What's that supposed to mean ?" Jungkook asked, a bit of offense.

"Trolls and fairies don't get along kiddo." Taehyung explained.

"I know but you don't seem too bad." Jungkook said honestly. "Maybe we could be friends."

"Being my friend comes with many requirements, like greetings and hugs." Taehyung said.

"And nicknames ?"Jungkook asked.

"Especially nicknames." Taehyung grinned.

Jungkook thought about it for a moment but Taehyung seemed cool. Way cooler than Jimin.

"Okay hyung." Jungkook smiled back.


Jungkook and Taehyung got closer. To the point where Taehyung would stay and watch Jungkook practice with Jimin sometimes. Or well, more like argue. Jungkook told the older he didn't have to stay but Taehyung insisted that it was much more entertaining than what we would do if he left so he didn't mind. Jimin didn't mind either as him and Taehyung were best friends. Jungkook didn't know why he frowned every time he saw the two walk in together all happily and giggly but he did.

They were doing a different set of practice this time. Jimin was teaching him how to spin. Jungkook at first thought anyone could spin and that wouldn't be really helpful on the ice but Jimin insisted that it was a method of control. Jimin showed him a simple one, skating around first to build up momentum before he turned. His body was graceful in a way that Jungkook knew he wasn't. His eyes couldn't help but trail down to Jimin's legs. They were nice and strong from years of skating and looked powerful but he moved them so tenderly.

"Jungkook-ssi?" The sound of his name pulled him out of his thoughts.

"What ?" Jungkook snapped though there wasn't much bite.

"You're staring." Jimin said tone teasing and Jungkook heard Taehyung's snort in the distance.

"N-no I wasn't shut up and teach me what you did." Jungkook said, feeling his cheeks heat up as he looked down. He missed the amused look on Jimin's face but the older showed him. It wasn't easy. Jungkook didn't know how to stop himself or would do too many turns he would get dizzy.

"I don't like this." Jungkook said as they took a break. Jimin was skating by himself on the ice while he was next to Taehyung.

"It's not about what you like you silly troll." Jungkook glared at him. "It's about if you can improve and incorporate this in your hockey stuff."

"It's just it's.."

"Hard ?" Taehyung suggested and Jungkook bit his tongue as he would never willing say something like that out loud. He wasn't a quitter or a complainer but he sure felt like he was doing that a lot ever since he met Jimin.

A hand met Jungkook's hair and Jungkook turned to Taehyung.

"You're cute."

"S-shut up hyung !" Jungkook snapped pulling Taehyung's big hand out his head before stomping back on the ice. He wasn't a quitter.


It was finally the weekend and Jungkook's hyungs decided they wanted to enjoys Seoul's night life for a bit and dragged Jungkook out. He barely had time to put on a nice button up and loose jeans before he was pulled out of his dorm.

"Yes I love street food." Yoongi said happily as he stuffed more food in his mouth.

"I thought you loved sleep ?" Namjoon asked.

"I can love both. I'm not a picky man." Yoongi said.

"That is a lie." Jungkook said because Yoongi was the definition of picky.

"Hey guys Hoseok-ah just texted me where are we, he's bored." Namjoon said.

"We're home studying." Jungkook said not wanting to see Jung Hoseok's stupid "good at everything and a blessing to the human race" face today. But luck was not on his side as Hoseok showed up ten minutes later looking like he stepped out of a magazine or something the way his orange hair shined along with his smile.

"Hey guys. How dare you have fun without me." Hoseok said laughing and the others, excluding Jungkook joined in.

They ended up going to the mall and Jungkook and Namjoon were bickering about which type of jeans were better when someone called the younger's name. Jungkook looked up to see Taehyung in a loose green shirt and dark loose pants and smiled.

"Tae Tae hyung !"

"Kookie my cute friend what are you doing ?" Taehyung asked as he pulled the younger into a hug.

"What do people normally do in malls hyung ?" Jungkook said rolling his eyes as Taehyung pouted at him. Taehyung was about to say something when the high voice of Jimin was heard.

"Tae-Tae how could you leave me when I-oh." Jimin stopped at he caught sight of the four taller boys next to Taehyung.

"Hello." Jimin bowed.

"Hey." Namjoon said bowing back and Yoongi nodded. Jungkook just glared while Hoseok bowed back with a smile.

"Why don't we join you guys ?" Taehyung asked.

"Sure the more the merrier." Namjoon said.

"Tae I don't think it's a good idea." Jimin whispered to his taller friend and Taehyung pouted.

"Why not." Taehyung whined.

"You know hyung will be upset." Jimin said his eyes sliding over the four males. "He doesn't like trolls."

"What did you just call us fairy ?" Jungkook hissed.

"Tae Tae. Minnie. Why'd you guys leave so quickly. Oh." All eyes slid to a very handsome and tall male. His hair was blonde and his brought out the tan color in the males skin. Everyone gulped as they knew who he was. Kim Seokjin, the head figure skater.

Namjoon's eyes immediately turned into a glare.

"What are you two doing ?" Seokjin questioned.

"Nothing hyung we were just-"

"I was greeting Kookie." Taehyung interrupted making Jimin glare at him.

"You two know the rules. We don't associate with trolls. Not even cute baby ones. Jimin-ah is an exception on the ice but off of it, no." Seokjin said.

"Hyung I wouldn't dare hang out with him." Jimin said and Jungkook looked offended. "I was trying to tell Taehyung-ah to come on but he wouldn't listen." Jimin said.

"Wow way to throw me under the bus." Taehyung said. Not like he didn't sell himself out earlier.

"It's okay Jiminnie, Taehyung-ah just wants practice to be worse this Monday." Seokjin said.

"Aww hyung." Taehyung whined. "He's not even a bad troll though. He let's me hold him and he laughs at my jokes." Taehyung said wrapping his arms around Jungkook's head and holding him close like he was a toy.

"He's the devil reincarnated." Jimin implied.

"It's okay we don't want to associate with you ice fairy scrum either." Namjoon said and Seokjin looked up to glare at him.

"Say that again troll." Seokjin said stepping closer.

"Okay we should go. Come on." Jimin said tugging Taehyung arm and Taehyung agreed because no one wanted to see Seokjin when he was angry.

"Bye Kookie. I'll text you." Taehyung whispered the last part making Jungkook nod before the ice skaters dragged their head away before he clawed Namjoon's eyes out.

"Wow who were they ? And what's with the whole Fairy-Troll thing ?" Hoseok asked.

"It's kind of a long story but the ice skaters and hockey players have never gotten along in our school. It stared fifty years back when Moon Eunmi the best figure skater at our school dated the captain of the hockey team Song Hyungsook. It wasn't until Hyungsook found out that Eunmi was only using him for his fame as the best player and her parents wanted him to marry him for money that the rivalry started. Thank god it did because the ice fairies are nothing but snobby bitches." Yoongi explained.

"Wow this is the most I ever heard you talk hyung." Hoseok said and Jungkook snorted at that.

"But it is true. Ever since then they all seemed to end up being jerks or bitches. Sucks that Jungkook-ah has to see one every day let alone associate with one." Namjoon said.

"Hey that hyung isn't bad. He's a bit weird but not bad. It does suck he's a fairy otherwise I'd introduce you guys to him." Jungkook said.

"Could you ?" Hoseok asked and Jungkook cocked an eyebrow at him.

"Why ?" Jungkook asked.

"I don't know...he was cute." Hoseok said an Namjoon looked like he died right then and there.

"No. That is an official unspoken rule on this campus. Hockey players do not date the fairies. We don't want you to end up like our great leader Hyungsook. It's best you stay away from him." Namjoon said.

"But Jungkook-ah is close to him." Hoseok whined.

"Jungkook-ah is kind of forced to be in their environment. You though, you're not. Besides they're way more cute guys in this campus. Have you seen Jackson Wang ?" Namjoon said.

"But my type isn't muscles and puppy eyes. It's thin frame, puppy eyes and a pretty smile." Hoseok said and laughed when Yoongi gagged.

"I have to get away from this kind of talk, it's ruining my ears." Yoongi said and grabbed Jungkook by the wrist. "Let's go check out the beds."

"Okay hyung." Jungkook laughed. He tried not to think about Hoseok having a interest in Taehyung. Fairies and Trolls don't mix.


Jungkook was expecting to have practice with Jimin every weekday until one day he wasn't. It was a Wednesday and Jungkook had a essay to start writing in three hours and Jimin was no where in sight. Jungkook had waited a good ten minuets but the shorter didn't show up.

"Hyung where's Jimin-ssi?" Jungkook texted Taehyung.

"Jiminnie isn't with you ? He might be at practice." Taehyung responded.

"This is practice." Jungkook sent confused.

"No silly. Jiminnie isn't just a ice skater. He dances as well. He might be working overtime for dance or something's keeping him up. Go drag him to the ice. Or maybe to bed. He's been stressing all week."

"Dancing...thanks hyung. I'll see what I can do to the little fairy."

"Text me later ! Don't hurt my baby." Taehyung sent and Jungkook rolled his eyes before heading to the performing arts center.

He had never been there before. Never needed too as he was a anthropology major. He found cultures interesting but he also like ice hockey. Entering the building, he asked a random girl walking by where the dance studio was and she directed him to the third floor. Jungkook could hear music as he moved closer towards a certain studio. He peaked through the door to see Jimin moving. The music was slow and had a R&B tune to it and Jimin moved to it perfectly. Jungkook could see his expression through the mirror and the older's eyes fluttered closed as his hands trailed down from his neck to his pelvis. They reopened as Jimin's hand laid flat on his stomach as he did a hip thrust. Jungkook watched as the small boy glided against the floor, his feet twirling and arms moving powerfully in beckoning motions.

Jungkook slowly opened the door, glad the loud music blocked the creaking of the door. Jimin didn't see him yet and Jungkook took this as a perfect chance to jump out at Jimin making the smaller yelp and stumble over his feet, falling onto Jungkook. This didn't turn out well as Jungkook wasn't ready for Jimin's body weight and they both crashed to the floor.

"Ow." Jungkook groaned as he landed with Jimin on top of him.

"Jungkook-ssi what the heck ?!" Jimin snapped and hit Jungkook on the chest.

"What the heck to you too ! You're skipping out on practice just to be dancing like some frilly ballerina ?" Jungkook teased and Jimin glared.

"I'm not a ballerina you jerk. And I wasn't skipping, just lost track of time." Jimin said.

"Whatever. Can you get off of me ?" Jungkook asked and Jimin face turned pink as he pushed himself off of the younger.

Jimin let out a sigh as he sat cross and legged on the floor. His tiny hands coming to his face as the music finally stopped.

"What's wrong with you ?" Jungkook asked. "Not that I care but Tae-hyung says you've been over working and I need you in tip top shape to make me better."

"Gee thanks, nice to know you care." Jimin spat out negatively, hands still covering his face. "It's nothing."

Jungkook could tell a lie when he heard one. "Look at me." He said but Jimin didn't budge. "I said look at me." Jungkook said tugging Jimin's tiny hands away in one of his while the other cupped Jimin's chin.

"What's bothering you ?"

"Why do you care ?"

"I don't but I can't have you skipping practices. Now don't make me ask a third time." Jungkook said and Jimin managed to wiggle one of his hands away just to smack Jungkook.

"I'm still older than you kid. But since you care so much," Jungkook rolled his eyes at the sarcasm. "I'll tell you. I've just been stressed. You're not the only one who needs to get better you know ? We have a competition coming up and I'm no where near ready. I also, thanks to both of our coaches, have to make sure you're presentable for your first game. None of this is fun and it's all time consuming." Jimin gushed out.

Jungkook didn't say anything for a while before he grabbed Jimin's face again. "When's the last time you've slept properly ?"

"Before I met you."

"Aww you're dreaming of me sweetheart ?" Jungkook mocked and Jimin shoved him away. "But if you're serious then follow me." Jungkook said getting up.

"What ?" Jimin blinked.

"Follow me. Come on, get your stuff." Jungkook said and Jimin sighed as he grabbed his phone and bag before being dragged out of the room.

"Where are we going ?" Jimin asked as that were now outside. It was cold and Jimin's sweat was chilling his skin. Jungkook could have at least let him take a shower.

"Somewhere to help you relax." Jungkook said as they entered a building. Jimin was a bit skeptical about everything.

"You're not trying to kill me or something right ?" Jimin asked as they walked through the dark halls.

"Of course not. I'm saving that joyous moment if I don't improve before my game." Jungkook said before grabbing Jimin's wrist. "Now hurry, you're wasting precious sleep time."

Jimin didn't get a chance to say anything as Jungkook opened a door to a room. It was dark until Jimin heard a click and a bunch of decorative lights that hung around the wall lit up. They were shining down gently on a gigantic pile of blankets and pillows.

"What is this ?" Jimin asked as Jungkook plugged his phone up and played soft music.

"A place I come to sleep. No one really comes down here so we won't be bothered."

"We ?" Jimin squeaked.

"Uh yeah if you think I'll pass up the opportunity to get some sleep then you're wrong. Now take your shoes off and lay down." Jungkook said. Jimin huffed but did as he was told. He flopped down on the pile and practice sunk in.

"Woah what is this ?" Jimin asked again.

"A therapeutic water bed." Jungkook said laying down a good space away from him.

"These things still exist ? Feels like I'm floating." Jimin giggled.

"Good now sleep." Jungkook said throwing a pillow at Jimin's head.

"Who will wake us up ?"

"If we're lucky, no one. But I set a alarm just in case. Now rest ice fairy. You need to relax." Jungkook said and Jimin laid there with a pout. He yawned, taking in the gentle music and the way the water bed moved under his muscles, making his eyes flutter.

"Shut up troll." And like that, snuggled in blankets of fluff and pillows, he fell sleep.


Jungkook woke up to his phone going off. He reached out and hit 'stop' before settling down. He buried himself deeper into the bed and felt it move gently under him. He rolled over on his stomach and blinked as he felt his arm came in contact with something solid. Jungkook opened his eyes to see soft, thick, black hair on the blankets. He could see the long length of Jimin's eyelashes and the tiny slope of his nose. His tiny hands curled up near his lips and he just looked like the most squishiest thing ever.

Jungkook didn't know why but his hand moved to those thick tresses and marveled at the softness. Jimin practically preened into his touch, nimble fingers twitching as he did so.
'Aww' Jungkook thought. This was cute. Jimin was like a baby or maybe a puppy. No, definitely a kitten.

"Kitty wake up." Jungkook said poking Jimin's squishy cheek and wow, was this guy soft everywhere? His cheek felt like dough. Jimin shuffled a bit, groaning in annoyance at Jungkook's intruding hands. It was only until Jimin used a lightening fast grip and grabbed Jungkook's fingers, stopping them from touching him that the younger stopped. Jungkook thought he woke up but Jimin's grip loosened and he settled back down, Jungkook's fingers now in his tiny grip.

Okay, no matter how much he disliked Jimin, he could admit a sleepy Jimin is an adorable one. Jungkook grabbed his phone with his free hand and snapped a picture. Or maybe three but who was counting. Done with his antics, Jungkook moved to place a hand on Jimin's back to shake him.

"Jimin-ssi wake up." Jungkook said but Jimin just whined.

"Don't wanna." Jimin grumbled, sleep talking.

"Jimin-ssi you need to go home. It's getting late." Jungkook tried again. Jimin denied again.

"Come on kitten wake up." Jungkook said taking his hand back as he stood up. The bed sloshed under his movements and Jimin moved in annoyance. "I'll take you to your bed." Jungkook said and Jimin opened his eyes to glare at Jungkook.

"What ?" Jungkook asked.

"My body aches." Jimin said.

"Whose fault is that ?" Jungkook asked.

"Your's for not letting me stretch properly after a dance." Jimin hissed.

"You're so much cuter unconscious." Jungkook said and Jimin's glare deepened.

"Do you want to be unconscious?" He threatened.

"Sure baby hands. Do your worst."

Jimin wanted to lunge at him, he really did, wanting to punch Jungkook right in his stupid face, but as he tried to sit up he winced.

"Ouch." He hissed, falling back down.

"Damn you weren't joking." Jungkook said and Jimin gave him a face that screamed 'does this look like a joke ?!'

"God you're such a child. All tiny and full of anger. You fairies really know how to treat someone." Jungkook said as he reached for Jimin's legs.

"What are you doing ?" Jimin asked confused as Jungkook stuffed his shoes back on his feet.

"Since you keep complaining, and since I don't want to hear you complaining, I'll help." Jungkook said before his hand slid up under Jimin's knees and the other his torso and picked him up. Jimin let out a yelp and quickly clung to Jungkook.

"Let me down." Jimin said.

"Do you honestly think you can walk ?" Jungkook asked.

"I could but it would be very slow and painful." Jimin said.

"All the more reason to let me carry you." Jungkook said.

"But why are you carrying me like this ? Like some girl." Jimin said almost sounding disgusted.

"Do you wanna get on my back ?" Jungkook asked and Jimin nodded. After carefully putting Jimin down and picking him back up, they left the secret room. It was dark outside, the moon up high and very few people walking around campus.

"What time is it ?" Jimin asked.

"Almost midnight."

"Midnight ?! You mean we were asleep for six hours ?" Jimin half shouted.

"Yup." Jungkook said simply. He repositioned Jimin, holding his thighs tightly making Jimin squeak.

"You know you make a lot of girly noises for a boy." Jungkook said.

"Shut up asshole." Jimin said, hiding his flush by laying his head on Jungkook's shoulder.

"Hey don't go back to sleep. I don't know which hall you live in." Jungkook said.

"Not sleeping and I live in Seokryu hall." Jimin mumbled.

They were both silent for a moment, Jimin listening to Jungkook's footsteps as he walked while Jungkook was trying hard not to think about the light body on top of him. They reached his hall shortly and Jimin swiped his keycard to open the door.

"Which floor Jimin-ssi?" Jungkook asked.

"Third." Jimin yawned.

"Which room ?" Jungkook asked.


Jungkook nodded as the elevator opened and they stepped in. Jimin leaned over to pressed the button '3' and Jungkook stiffened as Jimin's hair brushed his cheek. When the door finally opened, Jungkook walked off and down to Jimin's room. Jimin used his card again to unlock his door and Jungkook walked in. He took of Jimin's shoes and then his own before making his way through the livingroom.

"Which room ?" Jungkook asked.

"The right but can you take me to the bathroom ? I need to shower." Jimin asked and Jungkook nodded, following Jimin's finger to the bathroom.

As Jimin was showering, Jungkook looked around the older's dorm. It was suite styled, two private bedrooms, one bathroom, a living space, a kitchen and dining space. Jungkook didn't need to know who Jimin was rooming with as Taehyung's name was written in large block stickers on his door. Their dorm was nice. Taehyung had left the light on for Jimin so Jungkook could take in the sight of their warm earth tones and cool colored house. Their walls were decorated with paintings and Jungkook blinked at the self portrait of Jimin. The ice skater looked younger in it but Jungkook could tell it was him. The picture was dark, in shades of black, gray and the darkest of blue. The only color that stood out where Jimin's eyes. They were like color of the sky or maybe the sea. Jungkook couldn't really tell but they were filled with so much emotion he couldn't look away.

"Oh, you're still here." Jungkook turned around to see Jimin holding onto the wall. His hair damp and pajamas a size too big.

"What are you doing ? Go lay down." Jungkook said.

"I'm trying." Jimin said taking a step on wobbly legs. Jungkook rolled his eyes before coming to help him. He wrapped an arm around Jimin's waist and picked him up. The small yelp from Jimin's mouth was satisfying.

"You're so stubborn. Learn how to ask for help okay hyung ?" Jungkook said as he placed Jimin on his bed.

"What did you just call me ?" Jimin asked.

"Oh uh I meant Jimin-ssi." Jungkook corrected.

"No it's okay. You can call me hyung. At least it's better than your mocking "Jimin-ssi."" Jimin said.

"Then you have to drop the honorific as well." Jungkook said.

"Oh who am I to give up the chance to call you Kookie ?" Jimin mocked and Jungkook flicked his head. Jimin flicked him back and soon they were all out war until Jungkook used too much strength and Jimin let out a cry.

Jungkook would have called him a faker but the flick was close to his eye and the way Jimin held his own face looked serious.

"Oops hyung let me see." Jungkook said, grabbing Jimin's face. He pried Jimin's hands away and looked at the reddening part of his face.

"Do you even know how to apologize?" Jimin asked but his harsh tone died out as their eyes connected.

"Hyung..." Jungkook's hands slid down a bit to Jimin's cheeks. He could feel them heat up as his thumbs rubbed over them.

"W-what are you doing ?" Jimin sputtered.

"You're so soft." Jungkook marveled. "Like dough."

"Shut up." Yeah Jimin was red now. He looked away from Jungkook, finding interest in his walls as he shoved the taller's hands off. "You're being weird. It's hard to dislike you when you're not being normal."

"What's normal ? This is how I am to all my hyungs." Jungkook said which was kind of a lie because Yoongi did not like physical contact but lately he was all up on Hoseok but Hoseok was an affectionate person. Anyways, Jungkook was kind of lying but he wasn't.

"I don't believe that for a second. You hate me." Jimin said.

"I don't hate you. You're just asshole." Jungkook said and Jimin glared at him.

"So are you."

"You don't even know me."

"You don't know me."

They stopped for a moment and Jimin sighed.

"Okay this is getting no where. Can you leave now ?" Jimin said and Jungkook stood up. He was almost near the door when Jimin let out a small wait.

"Unlike you, I know how to thank someone when needed. So thanks." Jimin said and Jungkook snorted, taking a step towards Jimin's bed to ruffle Jimin's head but also shove him down into his bed.

"Go to sleep hyung. You'll need energy for tomorrow." Jungkook said leaving.

"Yeah yeah yeah." Jimin grumbled, rolling his eyes. What a brat.


"Hey Jungkook-ah." Said boy was in the library. Being a social science major wasn't easy so he took almost every chance when he had to study a bit. He looked up at the sound of his name to see Hoseok.

"Oh hi hyung." He grumbled.

"How are you ?" Hoseok asked and Jungkook sighed.

"Trying to study."

"Oh I won't bother you too long. Just wanted to know about your ice fairy friend." Hoseok said.

"Taehyung-hyung ? What about him ?" Jungkook asked.

"Well how old is he ? What year is he ? What's his major ? When does he have free time-"

"Woah woah woah pause." Jungkook said holding a hand up. "Why are you interested in him."

"I think he's attractive." Hoseok said honestly.

"No. We don't date fairies." Jungkook said.

"I've only been here for two weeks. I feel like I can be a anomaly for that rule." Hoseok said.

"Nope. You're a hockey player. We don't associate with them if we don't have to. Especially romantic ways." Jungkook said.

"But you're associating with him. And you don't even like him...unless you do." Hoseok said and Jungkook gave him a look.

"Of course not."

"So why are you an exception ?"

"I don't...I'm not. It's not like we hang out everyday. And he talked to me first. He's just..too nice to say no to." Jungkook sputtered, not really helping himself.

"Listen, I don't care about the fairy troll thing at all. Just want to make friends you know. If he's a nice fairy then let him be the one who ties us two together. This hatred has been going on for too long I think." Hoseok suggested.

"Eh I don't know hyung. Even if I'm cool with Taehyung-hyung most of the team looks down on me for it. Most of them if not all, hate the fairies just as much as they don't like us." Jungkook said.

"Well I -" Hoseok got cut off by someone practically flinging into Jungkook. The younger almost fell out of his chair but steadied himself.

"Kookie." It was Taehyung. "I knew that was you from your cute little bowl cut." Taehyung gushed, arms wrapping around Jungkook's neck as he hugged him tighter. He somehow ended up on Jungkook's lap and didn't seem to mind.

"Hyung. You're embarrassing me." Jungkook said and Taehyung giggled ruffling Jungkook's hair.

"Oh who's this ?" Taehyung asked, eyes meeting Hoseok's.

"Hoseok-hyung. He's a new center on the team. Just transferred." Jungkook explained.

"Oh a new troll." Taehyung pouted. "Your team is growing."

"Soon we will double in numbers and get rid of your fairies." Jungkook said.

"But then you'd miss me Kookie. You're lovable hyung." Taehyung said cuddling closer to Jungkook.

"Hyung please sit in your own seat." Jungkook said and Taehyung pouted before standing up.

"I actually have to print out some papers but I couldn't help but stop by and say hey to my favorite dongsaeng." Taehyung said pinching Jungkook's cheek.

"Isn't Jimin-hyung your favorite dongsaeng ?" Jungkook asked once his cheek was let go.

"Jiminnie is actually older than me by two months. But did you just call him hyung ? Aww are you actually starting to like us skaters more baby troll ?" Taehyung asked.

"I'd rather die."

"Funny. Well I'll see you later. Nice meeting you." Taehyung waved before walking away.

Hoseok immediately looked at Jungkook.

"I want to be on your level of closeness with him." Hoseok said.

"Ugh you don't understand." Jungkook said. He'll just let Hoseok get in trouble by himself then.

"Then help me."

"Help yourself." Jungkook said. Not forgetting he fact that Hoseok had basically stolen his position while he was gone. Man could he hold a grudge.


"Again." Jimin said. "You can't force the movement. You have to let it come to you."

They were doing turns again. This time Jimin combining the cones and the spins together. He demonstrated first, gliding easily in and out of the the cones hitting a spin after each but not missing a step.

"You say that but I'm not like you hyung. I don't see the rhythm on the ice like you do." Jungkook pouted.

"You're not supposed to see it, you're supposed to feel it. If you can't get this right you won't ever be able to dodge a player." Jimin said. Jungkook just looked at him.

"How about we try something else for a while. This will probably be the last thing I teach you." Jimin said.

"Most likely since we only have two weeks left till I can come back on the team." Jungkook said.

"Two weeks to make you as graceful as a-"

"Fairy ?"

"You're pushing it Jungkook-ah." Jimin gritted out. "But we will try strength."

"I have a lot of that." Jungkook said proudly.

"Please don't boast. It's not attractive." Jimin said skating over to the edge to grab his bag. He pulled out his phone and quickly typed something. "We're going to do something like this." Jimin said skating up to Jungkook. Jungkook looked at the screen and watched two skaters, a male and female skate identically. The girl circled around the boy before he caught her by the hand, basically swinging her in circles before they moved closer and he lifted her up bridal style, around his shoulders and back then down again.

"Are you asking for death ?" Jungkook asked.

"You got this. You've improved so much. We just have to get you moving more fluidly. Your coach told me you don't like to rely on others but you play a team sport and that's what teamwork is. You rely on each other. This is what our last practices will be about. Teamwork." Jimin said.

"Easy enough for you to say. You're a single skater." Jungkook huffed.

"I wasn't always but that's another story for another time. Let's practice."

"Can we not practice on ice first ? I'm scared you might cut my head off or something." Jungkook said and that's how they ended up in a dance room. Jimin was still in his tight shirt covered by a jacket and pants and Jungkook watched as he bent over to plug his phone up. Jungkook's eyes almost trailed down to Jimin's butt, almost but he looked away before they could get that far.

"Hey do you want to do this with or without music ?" Jimin asked.

"With ? Maybe it will get us in the mood better." Jungkook said and immediately wanted to take his words back.

"The mood?" Jimin cocked an eyebrow as he turn on some music. He took up and walk slowly towards Jungkook, like a lion circling its prey.

"You want a mood Kookie ?" Jimin asked, voice smoother than it was a second ago as his hand touched Jungkook's shoulder and said boy was flabbergasted.

"Uh no i- I didn't mean it like that hyung." Jungkook said a bit flustered.

Jimin laughed. His cute little giggles coming out heartedly. Jungkook just stood their silently as Jimin took his hand off of Jungkook's shoulder. "I know you silly troll. Now let's get to practice."

It wasn't hard to lift Jimin up but it was a bit difficult to swing him over his shoulder without getting kicked or elbowed in the face.

"Uh hyung I'm going to have a bruise." Jungkook complained.

"Well maybe if you did it right, you wouldn't be getting hurt." Jimin said.

"Maybe if you lifted your leg right, we wouldn't have this problem." Jungkook huffed right back.

"Look, just shut up for a moment." Jimin said turning off the music. He sighed heavily while looking at Jungkook.

"What ?"

"Shh." Jimin hissed and Jungkook's lips snapped shut. It felt odd to have Jimin's unwavering gaze on him and he began to move around a bit.

"Okay I got it." Jimin said.

"Got what ?" Jungkook asked.

"We're so terrible because we aren't used to each other's bodies. So let's get familiar with one another." Jimin said.

"Are you serious ?"

"Dead serious. It's to help you." Jimin said confidently.

"But want us to touch ?" Jungkook tried not to squeak.

"You can touch me first if that makes you feel less like a 14 year old boy asked to touch a girls boob." Jimin joked and Jungkook wanted to say something snarky but he just nodded.

Jimin stepped close to him, grabbing Jungkook's larger hand and placed it on his cheek. Jungkook immediately cupped the squishy skin. He slowly trailed down to the base of Jimin's neck and paused.

"Uh...take your jacket off...please ?" Jungkook didn't know how to ask that without it seeming like a weird command but Jimin did. He could fully see Jimin's black shirt that was a huge contrast to his pale still. Jungkook's hands went down his arms, bending the limbs before going to his hands.

"So small. You're so small." Jungkook said and Jimin flushed but rolled his eyes. "Shut up." Jimin said as Jungkook played with his fingers. Once he was done he slid back up his arms and walked around to touch his shoulder blades. His finger trailed down the curve of Jimin's spine and he watched in interest as Jimin arched up at the touch.

"Tickles." Was all he said and Jungkook gulped. His hands went lower, grasping Jimin's hips before he paused at what was next.

"Don't touch my butt you troll." Jimin said turning around.

"Hey you said body."

"Yeah but not the useless parts."

"Your butt could be very useful."

"Jungkook !"

"Okay I'm shutting up." Jungkook said and trailed his hands down to Jimin's thighs.

"Wow." He said feeling the strong muscle. He rubbed them up and down before squeezing into the flesh.

"Ah Kookie !" Jimin squeaked. Jungkook smirked as he grabbed one of Jimin's legs at left it higher and higher until it settled on his shoulder.

"Okay how flexible are you ?" Jungkook asked.

"I'm a dancer and a skater. Why do you think I'm flexible ?" Jimin asked.

"Ah true." Jungkook said putting the leg down.

"Okay my turn." Jungkook didn't like the grin on Jimin's face as the older said that.

Jimin started with his face. Standing on his tippy toes as he squished Jungkook's cheeks before giggling. He strained down to the younger's broad shoulders and felt his chest.

"What this ?" Jimin asked, tiny hands slipping down Jungkook's abdomen. "Are these abs I feel ?" Feel he did, fingers tracing the lines of his abs and going down the prominent V line when Jungkook grabbed his wrist.

"Don't make me break these." He said lowly.

"If you do, you'll never skate again." Jimin smiles innocently a Jungkook let him go. He felt Jungkook's arm muscles, hand barely gripping one bicep.

"You're such a muscle pig."


"At least you aren't ugly so that makes up for your lack of brains." Jimin teased and Jungkook decided he had enough teasing and immediately began ticking Jimin. The smaller tried to pull away but Jungkook grabbed him by the nape and he eased up quickly.

"You're such a kitten." Jungkook teased.

"Ah Kookie let me go." Jimin whined, trying to escape but his body literally just shut down on him. It took him a moment to comprehend what Jungkook just said and eyed him weirdly.

"A kitten ?" He squeaked.

"Yeah all tiny and fluffy and mean." Jungkook explained.

"The only person I'm mean to is you because you're mean to me." Jimin said.

"Whatever kitten." Jungkook said stroking Jimin's hair.

Jimin's cheeks were pink. The color of sky when the sun was setting or rising. Jungkook smirked.

"You like that name."

"Shut up." Jimin said immediately. He pushed out of Jungkook's hold and punched him in the chest.

"Hyung that hurt." Jungkook said.


They were silent for a moment, Jimin staring at the wall, cheeks still flushed while Jungkook was looking at him.

"Let's practice again." Jungkook said deciding not to tease Jimin anymore for today.

"Okay." Jimin said walking over to his phone to turn on the music. Okay.


It was raining. Jungkook had just gotten out of a class with probably the hardest test he had taken in his nineteen years of life but whatever. He rushed to the ice rink, grabbing his bag from his hockey locker and tried to make it to the other ice rink carefully so that he didn't slip and kill himself.

He almost reached the door as a loud clap was heard in the sky and the rain poured harder. He saw a small figure there standing in the rain and stopped.

"Jimin-hyung ?"

"Jungkook-ah ! Never have I been glad to see you."

"Well damn." Jungkook said because that kinda hurt.

"The doors are locked. I totally forgot today they were fixing the stadium up for our up coming performances. I left my bag and basically my whole life in there earlier thinking I would be able to get it back when we practice." Jimin explained.

"So why don't you just go find one of your friends." Jungkook said.

"Do you honestly think I'm walking in this type of weather for fun ?" Jimin said and Jungkook finally took in notice the boy was shivering.

"Uh okay come with me." Jungkook said grabbing Jimin's arm. They made a run for it, Jungkook tugging the smaller boy towards his resident hall. He swiped his key card and they entered the building soaked.

"Follow me hyung." Jungkook said opening the door and they climbed to the second floor. His door was the second one down and Jimin cocked an eyebrow.

"You live in a triple dorm ?"


"Oh god no this was a mistake. You're leading me to your troll lair and is going to sacrifice me to the gods." Jimin said.

"Hyung be quiet. I told you I'm not going to kill you." Jungkook said.

"You won't but your friends might." Jimin whimpered. "I've never been around a bunch of trolls alone before. Jin-hyung would have a heart attack."

"Hyung listen. No one will touch you okay ? Just stay by me. Positive they're all scared of me anyways." Jungkook mumbled the last part to himself. He unlocked the door and talking was heard. Jimin immediately grabbed the back off Jungkook's shirt as they took their shoes off.

"Jungkook-ah is that you ?" It was Namjoon, they sounded like they were playing video games. Good, maybe they wouldn't spot Jimin. They walked into the living area and Jungkook saw Namjoon and Hoseok surrounded by a bunch of snacks and basically sucked into a game. Jungkook took that as a good sign and tip toed to his him. He almost made it when a voice stopped him.

"Hey isn't that one of those ice fairies?" Dammit Yoongi-hyung.

Jimin squeaked and buried himself further into Jungkook's shirt as Namjoon and Hoseok turned around.

"Why is there a fairy here ?" Namjoon asked standing.

"Uh one second hyung." Jungkook said opening his door and shoving Jimin inside. He locked the door behind them and tried to block out the banging.

"Oh god I'm going to die. You can't kill me like this. I'm still single and a virgin." Jimin was talking to himself but Jungkook could hear him.

He turned to look at Jimin who was on the floor and hulled him up.

"Come on let's get you changed or something. You're shivering." Jungkookk said opening his closet to get Jimin some dry clothes. He then began taking his wet clothes off and throwing them into his bin. He heard a squeak and Jungkook looked up to see Jimin red faced and covering his eyes.

"Hyung are you serious ? We're both boys. Don't you fairies see each other's bodies ?" Jungkook asked.

"Yeah I know but like you're totally built different. We are all slim and lithe while you look like you're apart of the 1000 weights club." Jimin said.

"Hyung." Jungkook walked over to Jimin and grabbed his hands away from his face.. "Think of this as practice you know ? Getting to know each other's body."

"Oh god don't say that so seriously." Jimin said looking everywhere but down. Jungkook laughed.

"I never really noticed this before but you're so cute." Jungkook said patting Jimin's damp hair. "Such a cute little kitten."

"Oh my god I'm changing in your closet." Jimin said and shut the closet doors behind him. He came out a few moments later, after Jungkook was done getting dressed and rubbing his hair with a towel. Jungkook turned to him and grinned.

"Shut up." Jimin said.

"I didn't say anything."

"I know that look. You were about to say something."

"Maybe. Just you should always wear loose clothes." Jungkook said taking in the white tshirt that hung off of one of Jimin's shoulders, showing his collar bones.

"Your pants are kinda long though." Jimin said pulling the strings and trying to keep the pants up without tripping over them.

"Hmmm try these." Jungkook said pulling out some joggers. Jimin slipped them on and pulled them up with it all bunched up at his ankles.

"Better." Jimin said.

"Are you warm now ?" Jungkook said taking the towel from his hair and draping it on Jimin's. He rubbed Jimin's hair gently and the older looked up at him.

"Thanks." He said, cheeks seeming to be always pink these days.

"Are you sure you're older than me ?" Jungkook asked.

"Pretty positive kiddo." Jimin said smiling.

They stood like that for a moment until Jimin's stomach growled.

"Ah sorry. Usually I eat before you come to practice." Jimin said patting his flat stomach.

"Well let's feed you then." Jungkook said walking to the door.

"But- your friends." Jimin said.

"Don't worry. Just don't look Yoongi-hyung in the eye." Jungkook was dead serious and Jimin grabbed the back of his shirt again as the door opened.

"Yah ! How dare you ignore us !" Namjoon was ready soon as the door opened.

"Hyung calm down please you're scaring him." Jungkook said and Jimin yelped as a dark haired boy popped up next to him. His glare was so menacing that Jimin felt that he would die.

"Why is a fairy here ?" Namjoon asked.

"He's the one that teaches me." Jungkook explained.

"Okay but why is he here ?" Yoongi asked.

"Because they locked the rink and his stuff was locked in there and if you don't back away from him hyung I'll make you." Jungkook said glaring at Yoongi who glared back but stepped away.

"He has to go." Namjoon said.

"Joonie you can't just kick this kid out in the middle of a thunder storm." Hoseok said.

"Also he's my guest so I say whether he leaves or not." Jungkook said walking to the kitchen area. The older three did not follow. They didn't have a real stove or oven because fire hazards but they had a microwave and a shit ton of counter space so Jungkook made Jimin sit down while he made his hyung some ramen.

"You're Taehyung-ssi's friend right ?" Hoseok asked Jimin who nodded carefully.

"I'm Hoseok. But you can call me hyung." Hoseok said holding out his hand. Jimin looked at it wearily. "Come on I don't bite." Hoseok said and Jimin shook it.

"Wow your hands are like babies." Hoseok said.

"Hoseok...hyung don't make fun of me." Jimin pouted and Jimin could see something light up in Hoseok's eyes.

"You're so cute. Oh my god why are the others so mean to you." Hoseok said not helping himself and squashing Jimin to chest.

"I heard that !" Yoongi shouted.

"Good !" Hoseok shouted back.

"Hoseok-hyung what are you doing to Jimin-hyung ?" Jungkook asked placing Jimin's bowl of ramen down before tugging Jimin out of his hold.

"I'm just being nice." Hoseok pouted. He walked out of the kitchen and Jungkook sighed, sitting next to the figure skater.

"Sorry about them." Jungkook said and Jimin nodded. He slowly slurped up a noodle and immediately opened his mouth after swallowing.

"Wah it's spicy." Jimin said but kept eating anyways. Jungkook just watched him, watched his cheeks squish and fill with food as he chewed and swallowed. He watched his pink lips get redder and fuller as the heat got to them. He ate it all though and asked for some water afterwards.

"You're messy." Jungkook said wiping Jimin's face with his thumb and licking it.

"That's dirty." Jimin said.

"You're so soft I want to eat you up." Jungkook said and leaned forward to bite Jimin's cheek. The older squeaked and laughed as he tried to pull apart from Jungkook's hold of suddenly blowing raspberries at his cheek but the feeling made him laugh.

"Kookie stop." Jimin giggled. He tried to pull away but Jungkook had a tight hold around his waist. Jimin only stopped giggling when he caught someone staring at him. Jungkook noticed his lack of laughs and looked over to see Hoseok with a camera.

"I'm sorry but all of that is going on Snapchat, instagram, snow, you name it." Hoseok said already adding it to his snap chat story.

"Hyung don't !" Jungkook said but it was already too late.

"It's okay, you two are adorable." Hoseok laughed. Jimin sneezed.

"Ah hyung are you suddenly getting sick ?" Jungkook's attention immediately went back to Jimin.

"Don't know but can we go back to your room ? You trolls are weird." Jimin said.

"Heard that too !" Yoongi shouted. "You're so lucky Jungkook-ah is protecting you." Yoongi said and Jimin sighed. Why is he always in these crazy situations.

"Okay. But sooner or later I'll have to tell them to ease up on you. Rivalry or not you're still a person."

Jimin ended up playing on Jungkook's tablet while the younger was doing a bit of his homework. Jimin was on Jungkook bed sitting cross legged while Jungkook was at his desk. It was probably an hour later before Jungkook closed his books and flopped down next to Jimin.

"I'm so tired. Having practice with you and then hockey practice plus work outs plus school kills." Jungkook said. "My back kills from lifting you."

"Sorry." Jimin said. He then got an idea and moved to sit on Jungkook's thighs. He lifted Jungkook's shirt up.

"What are you doing ?" Jungkook asked.

"Apologizing." Jimin said and placed his hands on Jungkook's back. He rubbed up and down, fingers pressing into the light skin of Jungkook.

"Ah hyung right here." Jungkook moaned as Jimin pressed into the dimples of his back. He did it again, easing out the knots in his muscles and Jungkook moaned a bit deeper. Jimin flushed at the heavy tones but he could feel Jungkook relax under him. Once he was done Jungkook looked about ready to sleep.

"It's only six. You'll be awake at like 1 am." Jimin said and Jungkook hummed.

"Hmm. Jungkook-ah wake up." Jimin said laying down on Jungkook's back. His head resting below Jungkook's shoulder as he did so.

"Let's stay like this hyung." Jungkook mumbled and Jimin snorted.

"Aren't I crushing you ?" Jimin asked.

"You're a light little fairy of course not."

"Even half asleep you're a brat." Jimin said, sliding next to Jungkook. His back pressed up against the wall and Jungkook reached out to run his fingers through Jimin's hair. He did it once, twice, a third time and his hand slipped down to Jimin's cheek before he went limp. Jimin just sighed. Jungkook was a troll but he was only a baby one.


They woke up to Jungkook's phone ringing. Jimin woke up first and grabbed the device.

"Tae Tae hyung." The phone said.

"Hello ?" Jimin whispered.

"Jimin ? Jimin !" Taehyung shouted first confused then happy.

"Ah my best friend where are you ? I've been calling your phone all night." Taehyung said.

"What time is it ?" Jimin asked rubbing his eyes.

"Past midnight. Why are you answering Jungkook's phone ?"

"My stuff got locked inside the locker room and I got caught in the storm but then Jungkook-ah came and took me too his dorm." Jimin explained.

"You're in the trolls territory ?!"

"Seokjin-hyung ?" Crap. What was that hyung doing in their dorm.

"I'm coming to get you right now." Seokjin said.

"Hyung I'm okay. Jungkook-ah protected me." Jimin said flushing a bit at those words.

"Aw." Taehyung cooed.

"Nope. That stupid Kim Namjoon I don't trust is there. We'll be there in five." The call ended.

"Fuck." Jimin hissed.

"Kookie. Jungkookie wake up." Jimin said shaking the younger's shoulder. Jungkook grumbled before reaching out to grab Jimin by the waist, tugging him down to his chest.

"Kitten go back to sleep. You're cold." Jungkook was sleep talking because if he was awake he would have noticed how hot Jimin was from the name calling and strong arms around him.

"Jungkook-ah please. We don't have time for this." Jimin said patting Jungkook's cheek. Jungkook just reached up and pinned his arm down.

"Bad kitty."

"Oh my god I'm going to die if he keeps calling me that." Jimin said. His chest felt weird and he was pretty sure his heart was going to explode. Then Jimin heard banging on the front door. Oh no Seokjin was here. He could hear shuffling from outside and the door open.

"Where is he ?" Was all Seokjin shouted.

"If it isn't the head fairy bitch." Yoongi's voice was low and full of venom.

"Jungkook." Jimin kneed the other in the stomach making Jungkook groan and eyes pop open.

"Hyung what the heck." Jungkook said tired and confused. He poked Jimin in the side making him squeal.

"Jungkook-ah ahaha haha stop hahaha." Jimin started laughing as Jungkook leaned over top of him, ticking him.

"Nope since you kicked me in the stomach I'll tickle yours." Jungkook said and Jimin began to feel breathless.

"Ah please I can't- Kookie fuck." Jimin was at the point in where tickling wasn't fun anymore. His fist naturally went to swing out at Jungkook but the taller caught him and pinned him down. Thankfully he stopped but Jimin had tears coming out from laughing too hard.

" jerk. I was...trying... to tell you that-" Jimin could barely get his words out before the door burst open.

"What is this ?!" Seokjin shouted.

"My baby !" Taehyung ran in and shoved Jungkook off of Jimin, pulling the smaller into his hold. "Oh god are you okay ?" Taehyung asked taking notice of the tears on Jimin's cheeks.

"Baby did he hurt you ?" Taehyung asked and Jimin flushed at the nickname and shook his head as Taehyung wiped just tears.

"Where is that stupid troll captain of yours." Seokjin asked stomping out of the room. He went to the closed door and banged on it. Namjoon came out confused as he took in Seokjin's figure.

"Why are there more fairies in our dorm Jungkook ?!" Namjoon shouted and Jungkook flinched him his room.

"Why is my Jimin here with you trolls. What do you think you're doing capturing him ?" Seokjin asked.

"Capturing him ? I want him gone." Namjoon said. "I want all of you gone."

"I don't trust you Kim." Seokjin said. "You stupid trolls are good for nothings and a bunch of liars."

"You're one to say." Namjoon said brushing past Seokjin to walk to Jungkook's room.

"He leaves now." Namjoon said looking at Jimin who flinched in Taehyung's hold.

"Hey don't talk to my friend like that." Taehyung said, letting Jimin go as he stood up and looked at Namjoon. Namjoon was pretty tall though so Taehyung had to look up a bit.

"You're leaving too." Namjoon said.

"We will gladly leave." Seokjin said coming up to pull Taehyung back. "Come on Jimin."

"B-But hyung." Jimin sputtered. This was all happening too fast.

"Jimin." Seokjin said sternly and began walking to the door.

"Oh my god and you're wearing shoes in my dorm !" Namjoon shouted, following the two taller fairies. Yoongi trailing behind glaring.

"Uh I guess I'll go now." Jimin said standing up.

"Yeah I guess I'll see you at practice or whatever." Jungkook said before looking outside. It wasn't raining but the wind was blowing harshly.

"Wait, before you go." Jungkook shoved a blue hoodie on the smaller. He lifted the hood up and patted Jimin's head.

"Thanks." Jimin said fingers fumbling behind the large sleeves. "Um..."

"Jimin-ah !"

Jimin jumped before wrapping his arms around Jungkook, pulling him into a quick embrace and then he was gone. Jungkook didn't move until he heard the front door shut.

"Fucking fairies." Jungkook heard Yoongi hiss.

Fucking fairies indeed.


Jungkook didn't know where he and Jimin stood anymore. At first he hated him. It was like a natural reflex to not like the guy but now he would be lying to say the little guy hadn't grown on him. He didn't like all ice fairies per say but Jimin was making him change his mind about some. Sure he was a jerk sometimes but so was Jungkook. He especially didn't know how to bring this up to Jimin. Not with the other fairies keeping a close eye on him.

They were practicing the lift. Jungkook had gotten better at the cones and spins and was pretty okay with holding Jimin as the boy spun on the ice without flinging him into the wall or something. Now he just had to pick him up, do a few rotations without getting his head cut off and he would be good.

"Don't look so nervous Jungkook-ah. I won't kill you." Jimin said.

"I know. Or well, I hope." Jungkook said.

"Just do as we practice." Jimin said and Jungkook nodded. He spun Jimin around again. He pulled the smaller closer before using the momentum to pick Jimin up. Jungkook almost had him over his shoulder but he saw the blade of Jimin's skate coming close and Jungkook dropped him.

"Ow." Jimin groaned as he hit the ice.

"Crap hyung I'm sorry are you okay ?" Jungkook asked, leaning down to help Jimin up.

"I'm fine." Jimin said rubbing the shoulder he landed on.

"You're such a terrible liar." Jungkook said, rubbing Jimin's shoulder.

"Am not." Jimin huffed.

"Are too. You're crying." Jungkook said and true to his words Jimin's eyes were watering up. Jimin stared up at him, giving a blink before tears pooled out. Jungkook hands down thought that was the saddest thing he'd ever seen.

"Oh my god please don't cry you looked like a kicked puppy." Jungkook said wiping Jimin's cheeks.

"I thought I was a kitten."

Jungkook froze for a moment and Jimin took in what he just said. His cheeks bloomed red and he quickly looked away.

"Fuck Jimin-hyung you can't joke like that." Jungkook half whispered and Jimin's eyes looked back at him.

"My bad. Sorry for crying." Jimin sniffed changing the subject. "Just my shoulder really hurts now."

"Can I see ?" Jungkook asked and Jimin nodded, letting the younger pull his shirt down his shoulder and reveal reddish skin.

"Ouch !" Jimin yelped when Jungkook poked the throbbing spot. "That hurt." Jimin said, he couldn't stop his eyes from watering again.

"Okay I'm sorry I'll stop hurting you now." Jungkook said pulling Jimin's shirt back up carefully. "Let's get you some ice."

"But you still need to practice. We have like five more days till your game." Jimin said.

"Let's just make sure you didn't fracture anything first." Jungkook said pulling him off the ice. They walked to the sports trainer who looked at Jimin's shoulder before deeming it not broken or fractured and gave him a ice pack.

"Take it easy Jimin, you have a skate coming up." The trainer said and Jimin nodded shyly. Jungkook helped him back to the ice and Jimin made him sit down.

"I've been meaning to talk to you but you are always so caught up in other things I forgot. So I guess now is a perfect time." Jimin said.

"About what ?" Jungkook asked. Hopefully it was about what he wanted to talk about.

"Well..." Jimin suddenly grew shy, his eyes staring at the bleachers they sat in. "You've been so nice to me lately, it makes me question if you really hate me and are just playing with my emotions or if you're actually being nice. I thought about it for a while and thought, he couldn't be that mean and came up with all of this just to be a jerk in the end, could you ?" Jimin peaked up at him through his lashes at the question and Jungkook gulped.

"I'm glad you brought this up because as much as you fairies hate us trolls, I understand people have emotions and would never do something that terrible. Besides, I think your snarky attitude is growing on me kitten." Jungkook said and marveled in the blush across Jimin's cheeks.

"Shut up." Jimin grumbled, immediately looking down at those words. They were silent for a moment until Jimin let his hand touch Jungkook's.

"You're growing on me too you giant baby troll." Jimin said shyly and Jungkook smiled an equal shy smile.

"I've been meaning to tell you this since you've slept in my bed but you're really cute." Jungkook said and if Jimin was avoiding eye contact before, he straight up wasn't looking at Jungkook now. He couldn't even say anything, just his eyes turning the same color as his cheeks doing the taking for him.

"Let's get back on the ice." Jimin said suddenly standing up.

"You sure ?" Jungkook asked and Jimin nodded putting the ice pack down.

"Yeah. We got to put you back on the ice don't we ?"


It was two days before Jungkook first game back from his break. He was more nervous then anything, not for the game but because his coach decided to evaluate him before the game. If he didn't exceed expectations then Jungkook might as well become one with the bench. His coach wanted him to show what Jimin and him have been doing his past month.

Jimin showed up at the ice skating rink dressed in all black. His skates completing his outfit but his hair was now silver.

"Oh my god your hair." Jungkook said walking up to the older. He tugged on the longer silver locks and noticed they had a bit of purple in it.

"Is it ugly ?" Jimin asked, hand nervously going through his hair. "I got it done for my skate next week."

"No of course not. You just look different." Jungkook rushed out.

"Bad different ?" Jimin squeaked and Jungkook shook his head. Man Jimin had a lot of insecurities he needed to fix.

"No you're very pretty hyung." Jungkook assured and Jimin giggled. He fucking giggled and did the whole hand covering his mouth thing and his eyes smiled and it was all just too squishy for Jungkook.

"Ah my heart." Jungkook said and Jimin blinked at him. Before he could say anything their coaches came in.

"I hope you're ready Jungkook-ah." His coach said and said boy nodded, skating to the edge of the rink. Jimin had already set everything up.

"Just like we practiced okay ?" Jimin said. "But better."

"But better." Jungkook repeated. Jimin skated away from him and Jungkook took a deep breath. He did the cones with ease, moving in and out of them as if they didn't exist. His spins weren't perfect but they were better than when he first started. Jimin was on the other side of the rink and Jungkook skated to him to do their small couple skate.

Jungkook could hear the music in his head once Jimin's hand touch his. They skated identically, skating around each other until Jungkook turned around to skate backwards and Jimin skated around him. He grabbed Jimin's hands and they held tightly as Jimin was swung around the ice before he pulled him up. Just like practice Jungkook used the momentum to lift Jimin up.

'Be better be better be better' Jungkook shouted in his mind as he put Jimin on his shoulder and lifted him around, rotating him to his other shoulder before placing him down gently. The music stopped in his head as his eyes met Jimin's. The elder had a huge smile on his face and Jungkook could'nt help but give one back. They heard clapping and broke eye contact and Jungkook moved a bit towards his coach.

"Congrats Jungkook. You'll be starting in the upcoming game."

"Yes !" Jungkook shouted happily. He was so happy that he skated back to Jimin, picked him up and spun him into a hug. Jimin laughed at the sudden rush into the air before hugging Jungkook back.

"Thank you so much hyung. I couldn't have done this without you." Jungkook whispered into Jimin's ear who shook his head.

"You just needed the right push." Jimin said and Jungkook smiled again. He gave Jimin a sudden peck on the cheek before placing him down and skating off the ice.

"I'll make you proud hyung. Your teachings won't be in vain." Jungkook said but Jimin barely heard him as he was still caught up in the moment. His cheek burned.


It was the day before Jungkook's game and he was feeling odd because usually at this time, he would be practicing with Jimin but now, that was all over with. Jungkook was sitting at one of the schools cafes when he had an idea.

"Hyung what's Jimin-hyungs number." Jungkook asked texting Taehyung. He just not realized he didn't have the older's number.

"You won't kidnap him again will you ?" Taehyung asked.

"No promises." Jungkook said. Taehyung sent him the sighing emoji before sending Jimin's contact.

"Hyung it's me Jungkook." Jungkook texting immediately. He saved Jimin's number under "Mini Kitten" before waiting. A few moments later his phone buzzed.

"What's up Kookie Dough ?" Jimin asked. Jungkook phone buzzes again. "That's definitely becoming your contact name."

"Are you busy ?" Jungkook asked.

"Nope." Jimin sent.

"Meet me at the secret room in fifteen."


It took Jimin twenty minutes to meet him but Jungkook didn't complain because those extra five minutes gave him time to think. Jimin came in and this was probably the first time Jungkook really looked at him outside of his training clothes. Jimin was wearing black overalls with a white long sleeve shirt and match and white shell tops. He had a black had pulled back covering his silver hair.

"Hyung do you ever wear color ?" Jungkook asked.

"Do you ?" Jimin asked pointing to Jungkook's white tshirt and black jeans.

"Okay. You got me there." Jungkook said.

"So what did you want ?" Jimin asked moving to mess with the water bed.

"Um so you know how tomorrow's the game right ?" Jungkook started.

"Of course."

"Umm." Jungkook knelt down in front of Jimin whose eyes went wide.

"Please don't be proposing to me I don't think I'll be that good of a husband." Jimin said and Jungkook laughed.

"Hyung if I were to ever propose to you it would be more sentimental than this." Jungkook reassured.

"Oh okay." Jimin said.

"But I wanted to ask you if you would do me the honor of coming to watch me play." Jungkook said taking Jimin's tiny hands into his. "You helped me out a lot this month and even though I was a jerk you didn't back down. I think it would be great for you to see your methods in action so...would you come to my game tomorrow ?" Jungkook looked up at Jimin who was smiling dearly towards him.

"Of course I would Kookie." Jimin said pulling Jungkook into a hug, his arms wrapping around Jungkook's shoulders and Jungkook held him back. They were like that for a moment before Jungkook pulled apart.

"You'll want these then." Jungkook said and pulled out two tickets.

"Two ?"

"I think it's best if you come with sometime else. I'd be freaking out the whole time if I knew you stepped on our turf alone. What if someone says something to you or worse ?" Jungkook said worriedly.

"Oh Jungkook-ah you're forgetting just how bad this mouth can get." Jimin said smirking and Jungkook bit his lip at the thought of how bad Jimin's mouth really could get. He suddenly shook those spontaneous thoughts away and nodded at Jimin.

"You're still too sensitive-"

"Hey !"

"And cute. What if someone tries to flirt with you ?" Jungkook didn't even realize how his words sounded and Jimin laughed.

"Is my baby troll jealous ?" Jimin said ruffling Jungkook's hair. "You shouldn't worry, I'm pretty sure since I'm probably going to bring Taehyung , he will get all the attention not me."

"You underestimate yourself."

"What are you trying to say Jungkookie ? Am I so attractive that people can't resist ?" Jimin asked before sliding down into Jungkook's lap. "Can you not resist ?"

Jimin was joking. He had to be. But as Jungkook's arms slid around Jimin waist and pulled him closer, Jimin gasped. Jungkook leaned in closer, mouth close to Jimin's ear.

"Maybe I can't." He said and Jimin's breath hitched before Jungkook's lips placed on his cheek. They moved to his other cheek and then his nose and chin and forehead and soon Jungkook's hands around his waist began to tickle Jimin and the boy squealing was such a delightful sound that Jungkook wanted to hear more.

"Jungkook-ah s-stop !" Jimin tried to push away but Jungkook was stronger than him.

"Nope. I'll only stop if you do one thing." Jungkook said.

"W-what ?" Jimin tried to stifle his laughs.

"Meow for me."

"What ? No."

Jungkook tickled him harder.

"Ow-ow ahaha okay !" Jimin shouted and Jungkook stopped. Jimin collected his breath for a moment before opening his mouth.

"Wait do it like this." Jungkook said holding his fist up.

"Ugh Jungkookie." Jimin whined.

"Come on it'll be cute." Jungkook said and smiled when Jimin raised his fist. They pressed to his squishy cheeks adorably and Jungkook's smile widen.

"Meow." Jimin said softly, cheeks going pink.

"Louder." Jungkook commanded.

"Meow." Jimin said louder and when his and Jungkook's eyes connected he covered his face, burying it in Jungkook's shirt.

"You're so cute." Jungkook said patting his head. "Such a cute little kitten."

"You're so weird." Jimin grumbled in Jungkook's chest.

"You like it. Also this is another reason you shouldn't walk alone. You're so pretty someone might steal you." Jungkook said.

"Can we stop talking about my looks for a moment ?" Jimin asked.

"Nope. You need to be told how good looking you are." Jungkook said.

"But can't you comment on something else ?" Jimin asked.

"Of course. Like how amazing your dancing skills are, your skating, how shy you get when people compliment you. How you curl up in your sleep and it's the cutest thing ever. How small your hands are, how small you are. I could comment on a lot." Jungkook said.

"Oh god. Is this what becoming your friend is like ? I don't think I can handle it." Jimin said but laughed as Jungkook gave a mock hurt look.

"Too bad because you're stuck with me." Jungkook said and Jimin smiled. Their friendship was forbidden but as of right now, they didn't care.


"Hurry up Tae we'll be late." Jimin said. Both boys were walking to the ice hockey dome. When Jimin told Taehyung the taller looked shocked. He was more worried about Seokjin finding out but Jimin told him by the time he does, they'll already be there. They had never stepped foot on ice troll turf and kind of didn't really know where the entrance but they made it.

They took their seats and were surprised at the good seats Jungkook gave them.

"Are you nervous ?" Taehyung whispered. They had gotten snacks and drinks and the taller was already opening his food.

"A bit. But hopefully he does well. I don't want all my teaching to be in vain." Jimin said and Taehyung smiled at him.

Soon the ice hockey players came out. Jimin watched then set up and his fingers twisted nervously together.

"What number is Jungkook-ah ?" Taehyung asked.

"24." Jimin said remembering what the younger told him.

The whistle was blown and the Hawks (Jungkook's school) got the puck first. Jungkook could hear the crowd roar but he tuned them out in games. He was nervous. A player saw that he was open and gave him the puck. He skated with it a bit, remembering Jimin's methods as the opposing team came after him. Pick up speed, Jungkook spun around a guy headed strait for him and aimed for the goal. He didn't see it go in as he was hit but he head the cheers.

"That was Jeon Jungkook probably the youngest on the team scoring the first goal after his month long break." One announcer said.

"What a great way to come back." Another said.

The team repositioned themselves, Hoseok getting the puck this time and skating around a few guys before passing it to Yoongi. Yoongi was a great player because he was small and fast. He darted around the other guys and tired to find someone open. Jungkook was too busy getting blocked but he noticed his hyung needed help and used his strength to push the away from him. The team had stolen the puck from Yoongi so Jungkook slammed into one guy. This probably wasn't the smartest thing to do as another player hit both of them and Jungkook banged his head on the wall. The crowed "ohh'ed".

"Woah that didn't look good." The announcer said.

Jungkook blinked as the ceiling spun.

"Hey are you okay ?" It was Hoseok.

"I'm good just give me a moment." Jungkook said as Hoseok helped him up.

"You're a little light on your feet out here huh ?" Hoseok said patting Jungkook's shoulder before skating off.

They went another round. The other team almost scoring but Namjoon used his long limbs to block the puck and shooting it far away from his end of the ice. They took a quick time out before scoring another point before the half time alarm went off. The team skated off the ice and went to the back.

"You guys are doing great. Namjoon-ah good jump on the blocking. Yoongi-ah keep diverting between them, they never expect you popping through them and not around." Coach said as the players drank some water.

"Jungkook-ah you took a big hit are you okay ?" Coach asked and Jungkook nodded.

"If I bruise maybe it'll look cool." Jungkook smirked and the other guys laughed.

"Good to have to back bud. We're doing great but they're slowly starting to see through our plays. We have to switch it up. Namjoon-ah what's your call ?" Coach asked.

"I think since Jungkook-ah is back we should do our best play in the end." Namjoon said smirking.

"You don't mean..." Hoseok trailed off.

"I do. We're doing Wings formation." Namjoon said all boys gulped.

Soon halftime was over and they went back into the ice. Everything was a bit hectic as they were now tied so the coach pulled Jungkook off the ice to save energy. As Jungkook sat on the bench he scanned the crowd. He looked up around to spot a head of silver hair. It took him a while but he saw Jimin and Taehyung whispering to each other. Taehyung's eyes connected with his though and the taller poked Jimin and pointed at Jungkook . Jimin looked at him and waved. Jungkook waved back.

Jimin gave him a pouty face while making the "TT" sign with his fingers before pointing to the side of his face. Jungkook laughed because he could feel himself bruising there.

"I'm okay." Jungkook mouthed and Jimin gave a look like he didn't believe it but nodded.

"Okay Jungkook it's down to the final quarter." Coach said and Jungkook stood up. He skated back on the ice and his eyes met Namjoon's as he got in position. The whistle blew and bodies moved. Wings was a dangerous play. It was one where you had to sacrifice a few members, potentially get hurt and risk losing the game. It was a play that required fast reflexes and just pure athleticism. They called this play 'Wings' because a skater had to move so fast on the ice, they weren't gliding, they were flying.

Sadly Jungkook had to be the man flying. When the whistle blew their was twelve seconds on the clock. Two players immediately blocked the guys charging at Jungkook as he grabbed the puck. He dipped around one guy as his other team mates were like his moving wall of defense. Where ever he went, he needed a clear path. He was moving at a superb speed and didn't have the time to stop himself. Hoseok took the puck from him as a guy game rushing towards Jungkook and the younger did something he saw Jimin do on the daily, he jumped.

"Wow." The crowed went in awe as Jungkook landed and Hoseok passed the puck back to him. He had three seconds left and with all his speed, Jungkook shot. He didn't hear anything as he had just enough time to move from the goalie and go flying into the wall.


"Yes !" Namjoon shouted as the game was over all all players were stripping out of their uniforms.

"Whose nest ?" Namjoon shouted.

"The Hawks nest !" The boys shouted.

"Whose nest !" Namjoon shouted louder and the response was livid. Jungkook laughed and smiled with his hyungs until he got a pat on the shoulder.

"Get Jungkook-ah, two fairies are looking for you in the hall." One player whispered in his ear.

"Thanks hyung." Jungkook said and snuck out. When he reached the hall he wasn't expecting Jimin and Taehyung to be basically fighting some kid.

"What's going on here ?" Jungkook asked and both boys paused mid punch.

"This asshole called us tight little ice fairies and wanted to see if he could and I quote "melt the ice in our tight holes." " Taehyung said voice full of disgust.

"Wow okay um..let's go somewhere safer." Jungkook said and they moved to the bleachers, not before dragging the guy to security. Once the three were alone, Jungkook smiled at his hyungs.

"So how was I ?" Jungkook asked and he didn't get a second to brink as Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook's shoulders.

"You stupid troll. This sport is so bad for the heart. Every time you got hit I thought you wouldn't get back up. And that jump oh my god ! You landed terribly where was that ice skater grace I've taught you this month ! Why would you make me go through this ?!" Jimin said. Jungkook was momentarily stunned before he chuckled and wrapped his arms around Jimin.

"I'll give you two a moment." Taehyung mouthed before winking. Once the two were finally alone, Jungkook pulled apart.

"I'm fine hyung I swear." Jungkook said and Jimin looked into his eyes before the bruise right next to his left one. His small thumb hovered over it before he leaned up and kissed it gently.

"So it can heal better." Jimin said softly as Jungkook gave him a questioning look. When Jungkook didn't say anything Jimin panicked.

"O-or not I'm so weird sorry !" Jimin squeaked. He let go of Jungkook as he fumbled with his fingers. Jungkook smiled, then grinned. That grin grew wider and he started laughing making Jimin blink.

"You're adorable." Jungkook said before cupping Jimin's face and pulling him into a kiss. Jimin let out a small noise but it was muffled by Jungkook's lips. He was frozen for a moment before he began to kiss back. Jimin's hands went to Jungkook's nape and the younger pulled him closer by circling his arms around his waist. They leaned more into the kiss because yes yes, this is what suddenly made everything clear. The looks the touches, everything.

"Mmm." Jimin moaned and Jungkook pulled away.

"If you're going to make those sounds we're going to need a smaller room." Jungkook said pecking Jimin's lips. "One that doesn't echo."

Jimin laughed before pecking Jungkook back.

"Take me somewhere where I can be as loud as I want." Jimin whispered, lips grazing the younger's and Jungkook felt something stir inside of him. Jungkook's hold tightened as he looked at Jimin's kissed gaze and gulped.

"We're going now." Jungkook said and Jimin laughed as Jungkook tugged him out of the stadium. They stopped in the hallway when they saw Taehyung talking to a flustered looking Hoseok.

"Let's not go this way." Jungkook said and Jimin nodded, smiling at his friend. Oh what a interesting night this turned out to be.


"Why are you wearing a troll jersey ?!" Was the first thing Seokjin said as he spotted Jimin in the cafeteria eating by himself. Jimin didn't have a chance to swallow the rice in his mouth as Seokjin inspected him.

" smells" Seokjin looked at Jimin in shock.

"Um do you want me to explain ?" Jimin asked.

"Do you think I'll be ready for your explanation ?" Seokjin asked.

"No but it's worth the try." Jimin said and Seokjin sat down with a sigh.

"Spill." He said.

"Well..Jungkook-ah and I are dating. Have been since a few days ago." Jimin said.

" mean the baby troll ?! Oh god and a few days...a few days was their hockey game but you were at your dorm studying...unless you lied." Seokjin eyes squinted as he looked at Jimin accusingly.

"Aha...about that. Jungkookie gave me tickets to his game to see how he did with the help of our practices." Jimin said and Seokjin just out right died.

"Jungkookie ?" He squeaked out and his head flopped onto the table.

"Oh babe hey." Seokjin looked up just in time for Jimin to be pulled into a kiss by the baby troll.

"Oh god I'm going to puke." Seokjin whispered before getting up and leaving. Jimin giggled. Jungkook gave him a look before turning back to Jimin.

"Look what I found." Jungkook said and pulled out a box from his bag. Jimin opened it and paused.

"You didn't." Jimin said.

"You said you were running out of inspiration so maybe this will help." Jungkook said and Jimin held up a pen.

"But it's a 3D pen. Aren't these expensive." Jimin said.

"Anything for you kitten. You know money isn't a issue." Jungkook reassured and Jimin blushed.


"No buts, now draw something. Anything that comes to mind." Jungkook said.

"Okay." Jimin said pulled out a piece of paper. Jungkook watched curiously as Jimin took his time drawing something but the older hid the drawing from Jungkook's view. A few moments later he stopped and looked up at Jungkook.

"What is it ? Let me see." Jungkook said and Jimin turned around.

"It's a..a pair of wings." Jungkook said and Jimin smiled shyly.

"It might have been the day that you carried me back to that room to sleep or maybe the night you saved me from getting blown away from a storm but you've been protecting me, even if it's subconsciously. You've might have been mean at first but slowly you've opened up and spread your wings around me. I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you Jungkook-ah." Jimin said and the hockey player immediately pulled him into a kiss. When they broke apart Jungkook pinched Jimin's cheek.

"Honestly Jungkook-ah, you're the greatest."


"Are you sure this is a good idea ?" Jungkook whispered to Jimin.

"It'll be fine. Besides do you have a better idea ?" Jimin whispered back.


"Then shut up and let's start." Jimin hissed and Jungkook stuck his tongue out at his boyfriend before looking at all his hyungs.

The two boys had dragged their friends to the ice hockey rink and now they all were standing on the ice confused.

"Why are we here ?" Seokjin blinked.

"Yeah why are you here ?" Namjoon asked and Seokjin glared at him.

"Honestly we are both tired of this rivalry and we have decided to bring two opposing sides together." Jimin started.

"If you think I'll get along with that, then your wrong." Taehyung said as he pointed at Yoongi who opened his mouth to retort but Jimin interrupted.

"That is exactly what I'm talking about. You don't even know each other and yet you hate one another." Jimin said.

"We don't need to know a fairy to know they're a bunch of bitches." Namjoon said.

"If you say one more thing I won't hesitate to bury you in this ice." Seokjin gritted out.

"Try it princess." Namjoon said.

"Okay you two are getting paired up." Jungkook said and both boys paused.

"What ?" Namjoon blinked.

"Jimin-hyung and I decided to show the best of both worlds. We will do a quick mini game of hockey and then Jimin-hyung will demonstrate a few moves that the other figure skaters will show you guys." Jungkook explained.

"And if we deny ?" Yoongi asked.

"Well you can't because we stolen all your key cards and hidden them so if you want them back you do as we say." Jimin said smiling.

"Damn brats." Yoongi hissed.

"Okay let's start with the game. I think it would be fun to do something new so we will have one person be the goalie while both teams try to score up to three points. Who ever gets three first wins." Jimin said.

"Since Namjoon-hyung and Seokjin-hyung have volunteered to be on the same team they need one more player." Jungkook said.

"I'll be on their team." Jimin said. "Those three can be a team then and you be the goalie." Jimin said pointing at Yoongi, Hoseok and Taehyung.

"Jiminnie ! What kind of best friend are you ?" Taehyung squeaked. "I don't want to be anywhere near this asshole."

"The best, now deal with it. Just think of it like this, I used to think the same about Jungkook-ah and now look at us." Jimin said and Jungkook smiled at him.

"That's because you're cute and no one can resist you." Taehyung said. "This guy here could be dying with a disease only I have a cure for and I wouldn't give it to him."

"Damn." Was the first word Hoseok had said since he got sucked into this thing.

"Like the many bridges that you will face in life, you'll just have to get over it hyung." Jungkook said and Taehyung looked attacked. "Now grab a stick and hyungs please teach the skaters well because the team that wins gets a hint to where their key cards are."

Namjoon grumbled as they all set into position. Taehyung and Seokjin looked awkward with the sticks but skated like they were one with the ice. As the puck was stolen from Namjoon to Hoseok, the ice skaters just watched.

"Oh come on guys, you won't have fun this way." Jimin said as he skated a loop around his friends before chasing after the ice hockey players. Yoongi had the puck this time and he tried to shoot but Jimin skated up just in time to shove Yoongi and bit and make him miss.

"Do you want trouble fairy ?" Yoongi growled.

"Hyung please keep your hands to yourself." Jungkook said before pushing the puck back into play. It went to Seokjin who blinked. He tried to move with it but Hoseok stole it.

"Come on fairy don't you want to get out of here ?" Namjoon said and Seokjin glared at him.

"Shut up ! It's not like I know how to play." Seokjin said and Namjoon sucked his teeth.

"Well for one you're standing too straight. Bend down a bit." Namjoon said and pushed Seokjin's back down gently. Seokjin flushed at the large palm on his back before nodding silently.

Going back to the game, Taehyung had the puck and he was going against Jimin. Both boys kept pushing one another giggling until Taehyung used his height to his advantage and hit the puck making it into the goal.

"Yes !" Hoseok said high giving Taehyung who smiled. Yoongi just grunted at him.

When the puck was back into play Namjoon told Seokjin to defend while Jimin shoot. Seokjin blocked Hoseok and Namjoon Yoongi.

"Well well well babe if it isn't us two. Can you even shoot fairy ?" Jungkook teased and Jimin narrowed his eyes at that. He skated closer to Jungkook, faking left before moving to go right, Jungkook saw that so he went right and Jimin smirked and he spun and moved left before making the goal.

"I don't know babe can you even defend ?" Jimin mocked in the same tone Jungkook used on him.

"You're on shorty." Jungkook said packing Jimin's cheek and the shorter giggled.

"I'll get back at you for that remark." Jimin said.

Surprisingly though, Hoseok scored the next point and all they needed was one point. Him and Taehyung seemed to have the same idea as they both knocked into each other trying to go for the puck. Used to getting hit, Hoseok fixed himself but Taehyung stumbled. Hoseok immediately grabbed his arms to steady him and Taehyung flushed.


At the end it was actually Jimin's team that won and Jungkook gave the hint by pointing to a section of the stands.

"Okay figure skating time !" Jungkook said happily while the boys grumbled.

"Since we have a odd number I guess. I'll double up." Jimin said. "Who wants to be on my team that isn't already a figure skater ?" Jimin asked and no one moved.

"Guess that lucky person is you hyung." Jungkook said pointing at Yoongi. "You four can split however." Jungkook said looked at the other four.

Once they were all in groups, Jimin moved to the center.

"This one is simple." Jimin said doing a quick spin before landing in a pose. "Now teach." Jimin said at his friends who grumbled but turned to their partners.

"Okay just grab some momentum and then spin." Seokjin explained to Namjoon but little did he know that Namjoon is a walking disaster and tripped over his feet and crashed into the ice.

"Oh my god." Was all Seokjin said.

Taehyung was having it a bit easier as Hoseok was more graceful than he let on. He could tell Taehyung was giving him a weird look and he smiled.

"I dance." He explained.

"Really ?" Jimin overheard. "What style ?"

"Basically pop, and street style." Hoseok said.

"Really ? Could you show me sometime ? I know a bit of street but I'm more contemporary and pop." Jimin asked.

"Sure kiddo." Hoseok smiled.

"Do you wanna trade partners or something Jimin-ah since you two are so chummy." Taehyung asked.

"Of course not Tae Tae." Jimin smiled. "He's all yours."

After a half an hour more of the hockey players basically embarrassing themselves in moves that they could never possibly achieve, it was time to go. Jimin told them where they hid their keycards and the boys practically scrambled off the ice though not as fast as Jimin thought they would have as Taehyung and Hoseok were talking to Yoongi about something and Namjoon had Seokjin laughing as he skated into the wall instead of the exit opening.

"That was fun." Jimin said as they were walking to Jimin's dorm. Jungkook smiled wrapping his arm around his smaller boyfriend's shoulder.

"I think the next step of "Getting this rivalry shit to go away" is actually letting them hear both sides of the story to find the truth in it." Jungkook and Jimin nodded.

"That might help but it will take more for that for your whole team to lighten up a bit." Jimin said.

"Yeah and I don't see the ice melting out of your skaters asses anytime soon." Jungkook said earning himself a punch. "Ow okay I deserved that."

"Just think Jungkook-ah with the rivalry reducing, we'll become the greatest school yet and it will be all thanks to us." Jimin said and Jungkook smiled.

"The greatest couple ever ?" Jungkook said and Jimin laughing, moving to link his hands with Jungkook.

"The greatest couple ever."